Sea of Light

noopy Moony stood at the shoreline and stared out at the ocean. Once again, her friends had gone off to a battle, and she was left behind with her soulmate Truly Dooly, her ivory fang who never leaves her side. She felt sad as she once again had been told that she could not take part in the fight. All because of this one time when she had set a friend on fire instead of healing him. It had only been an accident. She had mixed up words. Big deal... She was so certain that she would do well in battle, but her friends no longer trust her with their lives. So she had to remain in Stonehome. "How very adventurous!", she defiantly thought. She loved Stonehome, but when it comes to adventures, Stonehome is really not the place to find much excitement.  

She decided to ride into Edron, to visit her friends in the ivory towers. Noodles Academy of Modern Magic was her favourite place. She was fascinated by the magic she was taught there. Doing homework, however, and practicing the spells she learned was not something she enjoyed much.
She went all the way to the top to the astronomy room to meet with Spectulus. She really liked him. Around him she felt accepted. He did not seem to mind that she was rather accident-prone. He was not scared of her. He accidentally blew things up as well, sometimes. His ideas were brilliant, though.

Spectulus had this one idea that really appealed to Snoopy and she wanted to know more about it. One time, he had told her that he was certain that there was a way to venture out into the sea of light. She was fascinated by that thought. So when Spectulus mentioned that he suspected the Shoddy Beggar in Edron to have some secret knowledge about this, she joyfully volunteered to try to find out more, already picturing herself to be on a journey to the stars soon. With the help of Truly Dooly, she would find the beggar quickly, talk to him, and would be back in no time, she promised Spectulus.

She swiftly rode through town, and actually found the beggar. Unfortunately, he was not very talkative. She tried bribing him with money. First, the beggar did not want to spill his beans, but persistent and bugging as she was, he finally admitted that he had indeed been a scientist once. His memory seemed to come back more clearly with some more money.
He told her about a magic device called the "lightboat" and that it had been destroyed because of a small crack in a vital element of his construction. His entire laboratory had actually been wiped out along with it. Back then he had lost everything, he had kept the plan for his invention, though.
Hesitating and considering the possible consequences, he finally decided that maybe Spectulus could indeed be the right person to fulfill his former dreams of travelling into the sea of light, and handed the plan over to Snoopy.

Proudly, document in her hand, she mounted Truly Dooly, returned to the ivory towers, ran up the stairs past a bewildered Sinclair, and stumbled into Spectulus' office. He seemed amazed that she actually received the plans from the beggar and immediately started studying them. She sat down in the green chair in the astronomy room, staring out in the sky with one of his huge telescopes, dreaming about what adventures would await her there, hardly daring to breathe. She did not want to make any sound. Under no circumstances did she want to disturb the concentration of Spectulus.

It took ages before Spectulus finally exclaimed that he had found the error in the plan. The solution would be a mirror crystal, and he even knew where to get one. He explained to Snoopy that he was certain that there was one in the lair of the Collector, a creature that collects crystals of all sorts. In order to enter the lair, though, a donation in form of a very rare crystal to a secret well would be needed. Even though it did not make much sense to Snoopy, he easily convinced her to help and as a first step, sent her to the Lost Mines to get one of these very rare crystals they would need for the donation.

While she was on her way, the last sentence of Spectulus echoed in her head: "Beware, people say the mine workers who died there years ago in an horrible accident are still digging...". "How could they...?", she thought. She did get worried a little bit. But, Spectulus had told her exactly where to go, and had even reminded her not to forget a pick. It would not be that hard.

In the mines then, she experienced first hand that the stories about the undead mine workers were all true. Before she finally saw the crystal shimmering among the rocks, she actually had to fight some of them and wished that she had indeed practiced some of her spells. In the end, she succeeded though, and returned to her friend in the ivory towers with the crystal in her hand. Actually, she once again stumbled through the door, throwing the precious crystal high up in the air, but Spectulus caught it before it shattered on the floor.

He sent her off to Carlin next to convince the Collector to hand over the mirror crystal. She was so fascinated by the idea of travelling into the sea of light, that she was certain that just hearing about the plan would easily convince anybody to hand over whatever was needed, so she was not worried about this task at all. Very excited and feeling close to being part of something really big, she started her journey to Carlin. The well she was looking for was on one of the isles near the city, Spectulus had said.
She paid great attention to the special carrying device Spectulus had handed her in order to carry the crystal back from the Collector. He had warned her that he had no second device of this sort, and that she must not break it. So she was really careful. Also, the rare crystal that she was supposed to donate to a well was in her bag, for now safely wrapped in some warmer clothes she took along, since she heard stories about the ice cold winds on the islands north-west of Carlin.

She finally arrived in Carlin and headed to the Nordic Tibia Ferries. She decided to first search for the well on Senja. She and Truly Dooly bravely searched the cold island, but did not find what they were looking for. So they travelled to Vega next. The colder it got, the less interested Snoopy remained in the sea of light. She started dreaming about the nice warmth in Stonehome, when suddenly Truly Dooly stopped without any command in front of an ancient looking stony pond. They had not even travelled far from where they had landed by boat. Snoopy wondered: "...is this the right place?". She took the rare crystal from her bag and set it onto the ice cube and.... "whoaaaaaaaaa!" - She suddenly found herself in a cave, feeling dizzy and very insecure. Fear crept up inside her. Suddenly she was wide awake and repeated in her head over and over again: "exura is for healing - exori for attack! - exura is for healing - exori for attack! - exura is for healing - exori for attack!...".

She looked around and slowly began to move forward. Careful not to make any noise. The cave itself was beautiful. There were red, green and blue crystals and the light in there was just amazing. She could not avoid being noticed by the wildlife in the cave, though, and defended herself bravely against some frost trolls and polar bears. And suddenly, she saw it. The Collector. She quickly realised that talking to him might not really be an option after all. The icy blue creature immediately started moving towards her as it had seen her. She knew right away that it wanted to kill her. She was terrified and luckily her instincts dictated her to keep a distance. So she walked backwards, pointing her necrotic rod at the monster, and desperately throwing some light magic missiles that she found in her bag at it, too. She was ready to shout "exura gran" if necessary, and was trying not to forget that she actually had some potions in her bag, too. Just in case. Her panic slowly decreased when she noticed that her fight seemed to be successful. The Collector tried to turn around in order to flee. But she didn't let him. She was the winner of the fight! She hardly believed it, she felt so powerful.

Catching her breath, and full of pride from the victory, and also with relief that she actually survived this all on her own, she remembered that she still needed the mirror crystal for Spectulus. She had not expected that this trip would go that way, and actually felt a bit at loss. She had no idea what the mirror crystal looked like, and she had no idea where to look. She decided to search the Collector's corpse and - thank God! She found a crystal in which she actually could see her reflection. It also fit the carrying device miraculously. She was certain that this was the right crystal.

Quickly, she looked for a way out of the cave, and returned home immediately. Spectulus actually took a second to greet her, but then only had eyes for the crystal. He took the carrying device from her hands. "Ah yes, slowly, carefully, careful... and how shiny it is, almost there... now wh- no, NO, NOOO!".

It just... slipped. And cracked. Spectulus was just as clumsy as Snoopy! "Don't look at me like that!", he said, when he noticed that she was staring at him, mouth open.

Obviously, Spectulus was quite embarrassed. He allowed Snoopy to take some of the remains as a keepsake. From the way he acted, she could tell he wanted to be alone. So she left her friend in the ivory towers, assuring him first, though, that she would not say a word about this accident to anybody. She also promised him that she would still assist in any further adventures in case he came up with any other brilliant ideas.

Now she eagerly waited for her friends to return home, wanting to tell them all about her day - but then she remembered her promise. She was torn between wanting to tell them so badly about what she had experienced and protecting her secret with Spectulus. Thinking about and knowing exactly how he must be feeling, though, she decided not to rat on Spectulus' clumsiness, with the intention of preventing that the others would make fun of him. Satisfied with her decision, she sat down quietly at the shoreline, waiting for the boat with her friends, getting ready to hear their stories instead, putting an arm around Truly Dooly, who would be the only witness to her bravery.



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