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Knowledge! Monsters, items, spells, NPCs - in Tibia's own Wiki you find information to practically everything that exi... More
BomDiaTibia.com is a fansite in Portuguese, with a strong emphasis on podcasts and guides. Apart from these features, ... More
Tibia Magazine is like a real magazine, in Spanish. Each month a new magazine gets published. In it, you can read stor... More
Você fala Português? Interested in Tibian mysteries? In legendary items? Old stories? Then TibiaMisterios.com is your p... More
¿Necesitas completar un quest? Tibialatina.Wikia.com is an encyclopaedia for Tibia in Spanish. You can find information... More
Are you interested in Tibia wars? Do you want to know what is happening during a war and stay updated on battles and f... More
Ever wanted to create a nice picture with all the loot you have collected in your hunt? Try out the lootpic generator,... More
TibiaRoyal.com is a place where Tibians can gather and share their experiences, thoughts and knowledge. They offer nif... More
Mówisz po polsku? If you do, you will most certainly enjoy a visit on this Polish fansite. Besides news articles and a... More
Você fala Português? Are you looking for information on Tibia? Then TibiaWiki.com.br is the right place for you. This ... More
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Annual Autumn Vintage
The second round of collecting and stomping winterberries starts now!Hope you are not to tired from ...
Beatrix Oct 17, 10:00AM
Halloween is right around the corner and the Mutated Pumpkin will appear west of Darashia again to s...
Beatrix Oct 31, 10:00AM
The Lightbearer
The nights are getting darker and darker! It is on you to brighten the sky or evil forces will break...
Beatrix Nov 11, 10:00AM



Annual Autumn Vintage

The Lightbearer

A Piece Of Cake

Colours of Magic

Demon's Lullaby


Rise of Devovorga


Many years ago I saw the end of the game, with s... more
tavekor Mar 16, 02:02PM
Tibia is ranked among the greatest games in the MM... more
alexanderleytan Apr 3 '15, 08:44AM
Hi to everyone, is my first post here on the blog ... more
Lii Oct 10 '14, 07:16AM


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