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Teranzo Leader
Apr 23, 06:36AM
You have until today 23:59 to submit your house!
Teranzo Leader
Apr 15, 12:51PM
Always read the rules twice so you dont miss a thing we cannot judge your entrie if it doesnt follow all rules.. if u have a doubt u can always ask one of the team members to help you out! :-)
Teranzo Leader
Apr 6, 09:35PM
Real-life Tibia Weapon And Shield Craft Contest winners will be published on monday :-)
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testApr 17 2019 - We need you!

Always wanted to be a part of a team? then this is your chance,
TibiaEvents.com is currently searching for new team members.

We are in need of staff for the following positions:

- Event Managers,
- Artist's,
- And Video creators.

What do you get?

To be part of one of the best Tibia fansites around, be part of a lot of events, get to know new people, participate in challenges to your own creativity, new experiences and the satisfaction of bringing fun to a lot of Tibians!

Free Premium time if you are a winner of our internal contest
A Memory box if you are active for longer then 2 years in our team!

More information about how to apply can be found on the application page.

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testApr 8 2019 Real-life Tibia Weapon And Shield Craft Contest winners!

Dear TibiaEvents Participants,
we are happy to announce you the winners of Real-life Tibia Weapon And Shield Craft Contest 2019!
Thank you for participating,we have enjoyed all entries!

1st place winner:
Char: Sylarmash
World: Belobra
Points: 5 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 5
Total: = 21
Prize: Hero's Medal + Memory box

2nd place winner:
Char: Moonluvie
World: Antica
Points: 1 + 3 + 5 + 5
Total: = 14
Prize: Hero's Medal + Bronze Necklace

3rd place winner:
Char: Tynusiiaa
World: Antica
Points: 1 + 3 + 1 + 3
Total: = 8
Prize: Hero's Medal + Pirate boss items (4)

4th place:
Char: Arrim Fende
World: Antica
Points: 3 + 3
Total: = 6

5th place:
Char: Jeoveor Antica
World: Antica
Points: 3
Total: = 3

Please tell us your char name and world where the prizes should be send to.

Your TibiaEvents Team.

testApr 2 2019 - THE RENTLESS HOUSE Contest!

Eventholder lives peacefully in the amazing Event City. He was happy decorating his house when he read the news:
Next month all rental prices are rising up. Since Eventholder has no money to aford rent, he is going to be homeless!
We need you to create a beautiful house so our little Eventholder don't have to live on the streets.

How it is going to work:

You'll need to build a rent-free house using parcels to Eventholder.
You know that saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth"?
Yeah, Eventholder never heard about that so he will be picky!
After you build and decorate the house, take a screenshot and post here!

(Click on the pic to see the change)

The full information can be found inside the topic.

Let's get down to work!
Your TibiaEvents Team.




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