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admin Admin
Jan 4, 08:43PM
Happy new year!
admin Admin
Dec 28 '16, 10:45AM
you to
elyluvzya Manager
Dec 28 '16, 05:11AM
Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all had a a wonderful time with your loved ones! <3 I hope you have an amazing New Year too! :3
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Post the screenshot in the other thread please!
admin Dec 21 '16, 08:56PM


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Happy Birthday Tibia



testDec 22 2016 - A Christmas Giveaway lottery

Dear fans,

We are nearing the end of this year!
we like to thank all of you in trusting us
also a thank you for holding up the rpg spirit!

We hope to see you again next year!
Our team is taking a break from Dec 23 until Jan 6 2017!

The link of the lottery can be found HERE

The prize list looks like this
1 Memory box donated by ourselves
2 Dragon goblet donated by Tibia Venezuela
3 Lucky Clover donated by Tibia Lottery
4 Assassin Doll donated by Tibia Brasileiros
5 The Epic Wisdom donated by Tibiawiki.com.br
6 250 tibia coins donated by Portaltibia
7 250 tibiacoins by TibiaBR.com
8 250 tibiacoins by TibiaBR.com
9 250 tibiacoins by TibiaBR.com

Prize Winners
1 name Anita Dark Lady - Ticket nr 232 - Prize: Memory box donated by ourselves
2 name Czarodziejski Rondel - Ticket nr 38 - Prize: Dragon goblet donated by Tibia Venezuela
3 name Xiindio - Ticket nr 270 - Prize: Lucky Clover donated by Tibia Lottery
4 name Suddenly Dark - Ticket nr 15 - Prize: Assassin Doll donated by Tibia Brasileiros
5 name Yozxy - Ticket nr 66 - Prize: The Epic Wisdom donated by Tibiawiki.com.br
6 name Knight Mimmi - Ticket nr 21 - Prize:250 tibia coins donated by Portaltibia
7 name Santy Ziinho - Ticket nr 176 - Prize:250 tibiacoins by TibiaBR.com
8 name Plasticine Sculpture - Ticket nr 7 - Prize:250 tibiacoins by TibiaBR.com
9 name Knight celestran - Ticket nr 111 - Prize: 250 tibiacoins by TibiaBR.com

Note Aneesha has been disqualified for having 2 chars in the lottery so ticket 211 doesnt count

More information can be found in our topic!

Have a Merry Christmas,and a happy new year!
Your TibiaEvents Team.



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