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Jan 22, 02:53AM
Hola soy nuevito
Umbra Leader
Dec 18 '19, 01:36PM
Thank you, Krisph!
Dec 18 '19, 11:13AM
Happy Birthday TibiaEvents!
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Hear me! Hear me! King Tibianus the Third is hosting a costume party! Queen Eloise of Carlin is invited and will attend to impress us all, Emperor Kruzak of Kazordoon is also coming, brandishing a pick like a real dwarf from the mines! And we could not miss the leaders of the three great castes of Ab'Dendriel; Eroth, Faluae and Elathriel with their fine costumes!

Have you thought about your costume? Do you know what you will wear for such a magnificent event? Don't forget to impress the royals of the entire continent of Tibia!

Eventholder is also invited, but he doesn't know what to wear, he needs all the help he can get! It is the first major event of the year and it cannot be taken lightly, as a representative of TibiaEvents he must show his ability to socialize with royalty and impress everyone with the most original, creative and magnificent costume.

So help him out, and win the very first event of the year!

The full information can be found inside the topic.

Dress up!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

testDec 25 2019 - A Christmas giveaway 7th edition

Hohoho, Everyone!
Welcome to TibiaEvents seventh edition of:

"A Christmas Giveaway!"

We believe that Christmas is one of those perfect seasons for sharing and so, in collaboration with dozens of players and our friends at Portaltibia.com.br, TibiaRoyal.com and BomDiaTibia.com we've gathered a lot of great presents for you, our audience.

When is the event taking place, and on which world?
- Celesta is doing it on Dec 15, 18:00 Cet. (8 hours after ss)
- Calmera is doing it on Dec 21, 7 pm GMT -6. (8 hours before ss)

Lottery Link:» online

11 Prize's
The Lottery is drawn. Congratulations!
1 - Shield of Destiny Kratos Hunter Ticket nr: 62

2 - Shield of Destiny Skorana Diku ticket nr: 39

3 - Shield of Destiny Qosi Pal ticket nr: 16

4 - Shield of Destiny killua zoldyc ticket nr: 143

5 - Shield of Destiny Percs ticket nr: 127

6 - Journal Shield Dragon Detax ticket nr: 123

7 - Memory Box Snorihad ticket nr: 40

8 - Epaminondas Doll Crusix ticket nr: 93

9 - Snow Globe Danielflipe ticket nr: 103

10- Snowman Doll Zamegwyr ticket nr: 44

11- Santa Doll Knight christof ticket nr: 31

Please show us your ticket nr on screenshot here on forum

You will receive your prize in the week of Jan 2, 2020

Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!
Your TibiaEvents Team.


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