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The contest ended! goodluck and thank you to...
Umbra Aug 18, 10:53AM
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No contest running atm. ...

Check it out on forum


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Umbra May 16, 08:57PM

A Picture.. or maybe a very nice decorated house is worth a thousand words

Choose a way to tell an experience is through a good and well narrated story, an accurate and detailed description, the choice of the right words, a well-placed and clear sequence of facts, great content, are fundamental elements to hold attention. of the reader or listener.

Another way to arrive at a great observer story is not to understand it well, go through the guards, admire the construction of King Tibianus' castle and in its construction in construction of King Tibianus' castle and in its construction easier to understand all the stories that makes up his life as well as the entire city of Thais.

When entering the mountains of Kazordoon, admiring the colossus at the entrance and the entire fortress, a fertile ground is created in the mind of the listener of stories more incredible than the years with Emperor Kruzak.

In this way we can extend it to other places, such as the harbors and the stories of the residents of Liberty Bay, the vastness of the jungle and the inhabitants of Port Hope and other places.

Imagine how good it is to organize your home well, create a cozy atmosphere, but at the same time inspire your pleasures to really feel the emotion of your adventures and tell an exciting story and entertain them for hours? This is your chance!

So read the rules, gather decorations, and write your story!


- You must post your entry on this thread. We will only accept 1 entry per contestant.

- Your entry must be composed of the story and 3 pics of your decorated house, 2 of those pics have to be from the making process, and the finished decoration.

- Your story must be about you, having a rest after an adventure, and the decoration of your house has to be about the Spring.

- Your story must be written in English, be related to Tibia, and follow the Tibia rules.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification, if two or more people post the same entry, the first one to be published will be taken into account.

- Your story may not have more than 300 words.

- You must write the name of your character and world in your post in the following format:

Character Name: (Here goes your name)

World: (Yeah, you guessed, here goes your game world)

Entry: (Here goes your entry)

- Please remember, this is a family-friendly site, therefore, any entry that has obscene, violent, sexual, or drug-related content will be removed immediately and without warning.

- Our team and Cipsoft won't be judging your English level/grammar, but your creativity.

-Staff members can not and will not participate, on the other hand, friends/family of staff members are allowed, but their relatives can't vote in the contest at all.



1ST PLACE: Golden warrior trophy + choice between memory box / blessing charm set / teddy

2ND PLACE: Silver warrior trophy + choice between the remaining items

3RD PLACE: Bronze warrior trophy + remaining item


This contest starts May 17 and ends Jun 8 at 11:59 pm. (CEST)

Please remember, we are using the Central Europe Time, so the contest might not end at the exact date for you, check your timezone to be sure that you are posting in time, (for further reference, in this timezone, the Tibia server save is at 10:00 am)

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Zalamones May 20, 02:18AM
Hello I've got a question... 

"Your entry must be composed of the story and 3 pics of your decorated house, 2 of those pics have to be from the making process, and the finished decoration."

Sorry but I don't understand what do you mean with that, do we need to take a photo of our empty house first? Please be more detailed because I don't get it, haha! Sorry :<

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Umbra May 20, 06:30AM
yes, you must empty it and decorate so 2 of the making progress when you are decorating it and 1 of the finished decoration you also may upload more finished pictures if you want.
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Gosiaw_w May 21, 10:53PM
Hello everyone,

Char: Lady Shinaa
World: Thyria


In process, picture number 1

In process, picture number 2

In process, picture number 3

Final version

My story:

This month which is beautiful May,
I have some free time, I mean today.
Real husband watching telly,
eating junk food, filling belly.
I've logged in depot Thais,
I can't believe my eyes,
thoughts go through my head 'what a lol'
I've sold a voodoo doll.
I've earned a nice amount,
a million gps fund my account.
Since I have a nice sum,
sorry for the chewing gum,
I thought maybe I'll go somewhere,
asking myself 'yes but where?".
In my mug I'm brewing green tea,
suddenly I had such an idea,
I should go to kill giant spiders,
they are good spider silk's providers,
their price is now quite high,
so why not, I can try.
I've bought some mana potions,
I can fell my emotions.
On my way NPC Havel,
hi>passage>yes, I travel.
I would like to also add,
my distance skill fighting is not bad,
my EQ is also quite good,
my name Lady Shinaa, understood?
So I am walking through the havoc plains,
the blood's racing through my veins,
from the distance I can see my target first,
so I reach for the arrow burst,
and I aiming with the pride,
sudden I feel something by my side...
I look shyly incredulously,
I can see a few PKs, seriously!
My hands are shaking beyond my control,
I feel that I am their goal.
I'm looking for the healing potions in a hurry,
I'm sweating like I'm eating a curry,
could't press a hotkey on time,
so PK's commited a crime,
they have killed me so quickly,
now I am felling kind of sickly.
This is how my adventure ended,
unfortunately it was for me today intended.
To relax I need to do something creating,
so I back home to make some painting.

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Zalamones May 25, 02:29AM

Character Name: Zalamones

World: Peloria

Entry: Whistles, drinks and pigeons!

Well well, another sunday! It's time to take a rest, or maybe not? I'll grab my sandals, my fishing rod and time for some fishing through the window! <Oh nooo, please don't tell to the queen shhh...>

Damn! My neighbour caught me I must hide my fishing rod quickly, he's always jealous of me, arghhhh I MUST DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!

Hey Timmy! Come here I want to ask you something, please come closer... 

Did you catch me fishing from my window? *whispering*

Timmy: Yes! You already know the Carlin rules Zalamones!, I'm going to tell the queen right now!! God damn these young people, the same history over and over and over!!! ENOUGH! *yelling*

Oh Mister Timmy I'm so so sorry, please come inside my house I'll offer you some drinks, but please don't tell the queen, I can be banned from Carlin for ever...

Timmy accepted the deal :winkwink: I'll prepare some crazy spicy cocktail haha! It's called "Blank mind juice"-

<After some minutes Timmy is KO... sleeping time>

Good now I can continue fixing my house so quick, Timmy's wife will come for sure asking for his husband *whistles*

Shhhhhh now this parrot making noises goshhhhh! 

Alright alright everything is fixed now, this apartment looks now like a serious student/worker guy, haha!

I'll wait some minutes eating some cherries and taking some drink, this is my first time here in Carlin with my house so clean! Who needs a broom having spells? Muahaha!

Everything looks so beautiful, what a peace... The sea, the smells, the wind... Ahhh, good old times *tears leaking*

I'll take a picture to remember this for ever! But first I must hide Timmy in the wardrobe!! *laughing hard with an evil face*

Ohhhhhhhh noooooooo! These pigeons again, WHAT A MESS!...


Thank you for reading and for your time, hope you really enjoy my history.

299 words and 1279 characters.

Rule was 300 words max, right? not characters ^^

Thank you again and good luck everybody!

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Umbra May 25, 06:24AM

300 words, thats right! :-)

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Psykeeh Jun 8, 03:38AM

Character Name: Psykeeh

World: Havera

Entry: The Spring House of Wonders


█                                                          The Spring House of Wonders                                                          



 ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴇɴᴛʀᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ Ͳ-ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ


It’s been a very long day, a very long journey of exploring the wonders of this magnificent world. It’s crazy how I lose the track of time while collecting wonders for my small library and my garden. But it is time to write it down on my Encyclopedia.

It was lovely today! From the moment I entered my home I could smell it, a scent of Spring coming from my garden was filling every corner and every book from my library. From bugs, to plants, from plants to rocks, every little piece fills me with warmth. After discovering so many marvels, it’s time to put them in place, and maybe just maybe add a little painting of them on my wall.

Being surrounded in my little home filled with magic, promise, nature, makes a end of a day peaceful, I sit in my chair and I grab every little things to catalog an update in order for the next generation be fulfilled with knowledge.  Species are added to the garden to recover, and now I can finally paint the little butterflies caught in Port Hope, of course they will be back to nature, after all the plan is to care of the wounded and release them into to their habitat.

Wonderful, isn’t it? The best part was yet to come, I’ve had this camera (Memory Box) passed from generation to generation, and the captions I’ve recorded today will be in a special album on my small but lovely library.




█                                                                 Process                                                                                        

 █                                                                 Final                                                                                          

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vane Jun 8, 10:19AM

Character Name: Vannexy


Entry: In Ticuanda

Back home after a hard day of looking for boses I am about to rest, when suddenly there is a knock on my door oh who will it be?? Fence surprise is a friend, "whenever I return from my adventures he visits me to hear the stories that have happened to me on my travels! The anetota who lived at the beginning of spring in the Ticuanda forest, being on the trail of the weird boss called The Welter or as many locals call him (black hydra). Something fantastic happened to me, while I was camping near the mountains that divide the great Darama desert and the great forest, I heard the roar of one of the most fantastic animals in that forest, very rarely seen, my excited friend asks me what it is that animal and I told him smiling, "calm down everything in its time" continuing my story... I only managed to see some very bright eyes in the darkness of the forest and only the image of the panther came to my mind, without fear I tried to capture it but it is very agile and veils, I decided not to waste energy chasing it so I went to rest. The next morning I woke up to a very peculiar aroma, there were quantities of flowers that were on that mountain, I only understood that it was time to return home with no sign of the boss but with a great memory of the first day of spring in the Ticuanda forest. This is how my story ends, my excited friend decided to accompany me on my next adventure...

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Camilla Jun 8, 07:38PM

Character Name: Ca milla

World: Havera

Entry: Spring Day

08/06/2022 - Liberty bay City

Dear Diary,

Today was a really busy day for me, I had to fight against alot of monsters and after it I travelled to  alot of cities to sell creature products, after a couple hours I was really tired and ready to go home, before I got the ship to liberty bay, I bought a Venorean Ice cream, the weather asks for something cold!

When I arrived at my house I felt a huge relief, I took off my sandals and was ready for a good bath in the small river that I have in my yard, I've waited the whole day for this moment, I picked an orange from my plantation and went to the water, everything was so ethereal at this moment, the wind blowing, the afternoon sun in my cheeks, the birds singing, the smell of the flowers, what a beautiful and relaxing moment.

After my relaxing bath, I grabbed a beautiful dress at my wardrobe, watered my plants and went to my bed, Im ready to sleep, tomorrow its a new day, a new chance to discovery new things and have new adventure's.

Ca milla

Process 1

Process 2

Final Photo

Extra photo (only decoration, without char)

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Jaosoka Jun 8, 10:44PM

Character Name: Dhizola

World: Xandebra

Entry: Spring Weapons!

This story focuses on my adventures after the double loot event, and the lazy day I had in the quiet of my spring home in Carlin: Nautic Observer.The first day of double loot started and my goal was to rescue a cute Holy Scarab from the clutches of that Pharaoh and take it to a place where it felt more comfortable, a place full of flowers and plants to play. I prepared everything I needed, both in-game and in real life, and set out on my adventure. This was how Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon passed, he was already tired, after having killed at least 500 Ashmunrah. But I would not give up, I continued with my goal, until 10 minutes before the Server Save, the precious object appeared! I could not believe it! So I took him to my spring house, where now he shines along with all the other plants, he feels like home! The next day, I rested next to all my plants that adorn my home, making it a magical place to spend the wonderful days of spring, with an incredible view of the Tibian Sea.

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Umbra Jun 9, 05:48PM
Thank you all for participating! :-)


we'll be back with the results as soon as possible!

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Thank you all for participating! :-) we'll... More
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