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No contest running atm. ...

Check it out on forum

Tibian Bakery | Forum

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Umbra Jan 19, 06:15AM

Are you ready for the flour?

Throughout our journey in Tibia we had contact with the most different types of food, whether to maintain the character's regeneration, decorate our house, be part of a mission, or who knows, save us from trouble (right cupcakes?).

Some meals are available in shops with our NPC friends, others drop from creatures, but there are some that we must make with our own hands. Imagine having the experience of feeling like a Jean Pierre inside your own “Hot Cuisine”? This is your chance!

And nothing better than in this birthday mood, more than special, after all, it's been 25 years of Tibia, the dish of the day is a delicious cake. Time to harvest the wheat in the fields of Kazordoon, prepare the flour, get milk from Carlin with Dane, some fresh fruit from Ab'Dendriel with Brasith (or maybe chocolate), and create the most delicious cake in Tibia... or in the case of going to the nearest supermarket, since the cake has to be real, right?

Be taken by the spirit of “A Piece of Cake” and help us in this great party! We look forward to seeing your cooking skills, but don't forget to do all the dishes afterward!

It's been a long way, some of us have been here through all this time, some have just started, but what brings us together is the love for Tibia and all it implies.

So, in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary, we want to throw a big party, and we all know what parties need. yep, you guessed, C A K E, everybody loves cake, right?

So, your task this time is to bake a cake, a real cake in your home, with the ingredients you like, celebrating the anniversary of the game, and the community.

Give a careful read to the rules, turn on the oven and get ready to bake.


- You must bake a really cool cake for the 25th _Anniversary of Tibia.

- You have to decorate it with buildings, creatures, or items from the game, you can use fondant, fruit, meringue, or whatever you like to do it.

- You must post 3 photos of the making process, where you show us how you made the bread and the decoration, and 1 photo of the cake finished.

- In every photo there has to be a paper, with the words "Happy 25th Anniversary from Tibia Events" handwritten, and it has to be the same paper for the 4 pics. So don't lose it!

- It's obvious to say that, if we detect that you bought the cake, copied someone's else idea, or plagiarized any aspect of your entry, you will be disqualified.

- Cipsoft and our team will be judging.

- Staff members, can't participate, for obvious reasons, but family members, friends, or team of staff members can, but the related staff wouldn't be able to vote.


1st Place: Golden trophy of Excellence + blueberry cupcake + choice between memory box, yellow rose and blue sphere

2nd Place: Silver trophy of Excellence + strawberry cupcake + choice between the remaining two items

3rd Place: Bronze trophy of Excellence + lemon cupcake + the remaining item

The contest starts on 19 Jan ends 16 Feb 23:59. CET.

Keep in mind, we use CET/CEST, so you should check the timezone for Amsterdam just to be sure.

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TamusaSata Jan 28, 06:32PM
Where is the link to upload the photos?????
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Umbra Jan 29, 09:20AM
click on the camera where you post your reply
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Azolla Feb 8, 06:36PM

Hello fellow Tibians and bakers!

My name is Azolla, an EK hailing from Vunira.

Here is my submission to the bakery contest. My inspiration was the 25 year layer birthday cake decorated with handmade old and modern creatures and items from our beloved game. 

This was a lot of fun and I appreciate the opportunity to share my creation. 

Steps shown below.

Happy baking!


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Drakeri Feb 14, 03:08AM

I'm Drakeri from Descubra. =)

I hope you like it!

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AstronKing Feb 14, 04:09PM

Hello Tibian Bakers! 

I am Aeohn from Ferobra.

My inspiration for my cake was the cake from the event A piece of cake and  RUNES! I love craft runes in real life :3! 

I made the runes with marshmallow!

Also i made a video with the creation process of my cake, enjoy n.n!

Link to the video:
Tibia Cake 2022, Hail Tibia Events

The process:

Now its time to make the decoration!
Now i put all together
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limonvil Feb 15, 09:53PM
Hello Fellow tibian Bakers!

Here is my cake, inspired by my favorite runes, items and monster, I hope you like it!

Thanks for this event!

My name is Limonvil from Calmera

The proccess:

Now the making of the decorations and setting it all up!

And the final Product!!

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Darkeyeking Feb 15, 11:09PM
Char: Milaaneso

World: Quintera


Final Result

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Kriizs Feb 16, 04:08AM
Char: Kriiz Meow

World: Havera

I baked a Maple&Bacon Cake to celebrate the "25 Years of Tibia", as decoration i decided to use the items from the  new "anniversary event" including items like Balloons, the #25 from the site, some TibiaCoins&Presents, the cutest Lucky Dragon, the New Wind Up Mount, some skulls and of course i added Morshabaal's fingers & dripped the cake with some Morshabaal's Extract!

Process :

Final :

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robertaf Feb 16, 05:48PM
I decided to get inspired by the prize board that was the coolest dynamic of the 25th anniversary event.
Time to get your hands dirty! I made a cocoa cake.

Duly greased form let's bake the dough.

I dyed the fondant in the colors I used in the decoration.

Giving shape to our Lucky Dragon.

Finishing the cake decorations.

Cake ready and stuffed, time to grease to decorate with fondant.


Thanks, Kisses and until the next!
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Amandaays Feb 16, 09:29PM

The final result : 

Inside the cake : 


Char : AMandaays

world : Batabra

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carolinef Feb 16, 10:56PM
Final result: 
Explanation: I initially decided to make a red velvet cake, but I didn't think it would match the decoration I wanted to make, so I decided to keep the creamcheese by adding jelly candies on the first floor, and keeping only the creamcheese on the other two. Instead of making it red, I decided to make it in colors that matched the external decor and that the flavor would go with it (so I colored and added flavor by putting powdered gelatin on the dough before baking: the first floor is strawberry and for that turned pink, the second is from grapes and that's why it turned purple and the third from tutti-frutti and that's why it turned blue.As for the decor, I decided to pick up elements that, for me, represented the 25th anniversary event the most, so on the first floor I used the new decor rugs; for the second floor I was inspired by the face that appears in Morshabaal's Extract and for the third floor I was inspired by the blue present and, from inside it, I placed some themed balloons of the 25 years.The decorations (including the 25 year old rainbow balloon) were made by me with the exception of the candle.
Hope you like it!

More photos (and video of the candle lighting):  https://imgur.com/a/36zgQHo?s=wa

Name: Griggi
Character: Belobra

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Umbra Feb 17, 06:19PM
Thank you all for the delicicious cakes!! to bad i cannot taste it :/

It might take a week or a bit longer for us to vote! 

it will be as always published on the front page :-)

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