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Thank you all for participating! :-) we'll... More
Umbra Jun 9, 05:48PM
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Sir_Xancis May 13, 11:09PM
Character: Sara Sedentaria World: Zenobra...
saratibiana Apr 7, 12:03AM
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Azolla Feb 26, 05:58PM


A Picture.. or maybe a very nice decorated house is worth a thousand words ...

Check it out on forum

Christmas Spirit | Forum

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Umbra Dec 13 '21, 06:43AM
Santa Claus is coming, get ready!

We finally arrive at the best time of the year, where everyone gathers to renew their energies for the next adventure season. Time to put differences aside, send a letter to that annoying uncle of yours who doesn't leave Edron for nothing, who you're fighting over because of the dummy you accidentally broke on his last birthday, time to reserve a nice ham from the farm of the MacRonalds and prepare the rest of the festivities.

Were you a good Tibian? The Eventholder told me that this year Santa Claus is preparing a special surprise for those who behaved and did good deeds, but for that, we need to please the good old man from Vega with one last detailIn addition to the good table with delicious cookies and a glass of milk, by the way, Santa Claus is more demanding and has his eye on how careful and creative we are with the Christmas decorations, in this way the reward will be proportional to our whim.

What are you waiting for? Time to stock up on decor items, either with your Hireling or a local NPC, use all your creativity and who knows, maybe you'll have great luck? Get to work!

The year is nearly over, and with it, a lot of things came to an end, and a lot more came to be, so, let's just relax, decorate and enjoy what is left of this year!

This contest is all about Christmas, so let's prepare for this by decorating our homes ^^


- You must post a screenshot of your home in Tibia, with decorations related to Christmas.

- Store, rare, unique or that kind of items won't affect the judging process, we will select the home with the best Christmas spirit.

- You must say "Christmas with TibiaEvents 2021" and it must appear in the game window (not only in the local chat).

- Needless to say, you must follow the Tibia Rules.

- Edited images, OT Server images, Test Server images are not allowed.

- As always, plagiarism leads to immediate and unannounced disqualification.

- If two players post the same house, the one who posted first will be taken into account.

- You can send several pics, but can only win one prize.

- Please remember, this is a family-friendly site, therefore, any entry that has obscene, violent, sexual, or drug-related content will be removed immediately and without warning.

- You must write the name of your character and world in your post in the following format:

Character Name: (Here goes your name)

World: (Yeah, you guessed, here goes your game world)

Entry: (Here goes your story).

-Staff members can not and will not participate, on the other hand, friends/family of staff members are allowed, but their relatives can't vote in the contest at all.

- The most important rule; Have tons of FUN! ☺



1ST PLACE: Golden trophy of excellence + dragon figurine + choice between: memory box, bronze necklace, 20xsilver raid token

2ND PLACE:  Silver trophy of excellence + dragon figurine + choice between remaining two items

3RD PLACE:  Bronze trophy of excellence + dragon figurine + remaining item


This contest starts on Dec 13  and ends on Jan 7 at 11:59 pm. (CET)

Please remember, we are using the Central Europe Time, so the contest might not end at the exact date for you, check your timezone to be sure that you are posting in time, (for further reference, in this timezone, the Tibia server save is at 10:00 am)

It's time to decorate!

Your TibiaEvents Team! 

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KaldEwabro Dec 13 '21, 03:22PM

Character Name: Easy Fullbox

World: Famosa

Entry: Christmas is the time of peace, love and joy.. well, not for everyone as it appears. Check out what some evil minions of Zathroth are up to. I leave their success rate to your imagination, obviously not all followers of Zathroth are as vicious as they appear to be..

I hope my entry is correct, please let me know if anything should be wrong  

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Picture Dec 13 '21, 04:21PM

Character Name: Picture

World: Antica

Entry: It's cold outside. Luckily, although simple and small, I'm fortunate to have this house to warm me up. I can hear a fox screaming outside and all I can think of is how I could help it go through this freezing weather. Oh man, it's so cold outside. If only that poor creature could have cozy fox fur coat like min-... oh?

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Hades_Impossible Dec 13 '21, 08:33PM

Character Name: Hades Impossible

World: Gentebra

Entry: It's very cold outside! I need to rest after a long day searching for the Yeti. Wow! Apparently my wife has dinner ready! Although small, it is a very cozy house.Covered with the Christmas spirit, good music...What about the food?! Hmmm... Join me, enjoy this supper!

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Wingush Dec 13 '21, 10:23PM

Character Name:Wing Saberek


Entry:Christmas in Tibia always makes me go back over a dozen yeras. When everything was much more simpler, easier and holdays were more magical, fulfilled with love and kindness.Hours with my friends waiting for Goblin raids will remain forever in my memory and will always make my heart warmer.

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MagiskaMalin Dec 14 '21, 01:35PM

Character Name: Magiska Malin

World: Antica


Friends, family, and holiday cheer,

Make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year!

I decided to decorate the most important room in my guildhall! It's the little room in the basement where we have the depot chest. This is a place everyone runs to when they need to refill their supplies before a hunt or any other adventure! I decorated it with a cozy fireplace, a soft couch to sit, and some cookies and presents for my guests! I hope all my friends will come here to chat, hang, and appreciate each other <3

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MagiskaMalin Dec 14 '21, 03:50PM

Character Name: Magiska Malin

World: Antica


I wanted to create another christmas decoration with santa and a heart filled with gifts! The meaning behind it is that the love you give and surround yourself with is stronger and more important than any gift! They say that the giving is more important than the actual gift. So enjoy the holidays and give the gift of love to everyone your care about <3

The holidays is about love and cheer, let's have a good time and enjoy the new year!

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Zmeczony Dec 15 '21, 02:07AM

Character Name:Najbardziej Zmeczony Magik



After the difficult year in which we live due to the pandemic, I wish you all health and love.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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Rihslash Dec 16 '21, 09:08PM

Character Name: Rihslash

World: Collabra

Entry: It's almost Christmas Eve and Santa Claus is right next to my door! I have to find some cookies and milk to the good old Santa Claus! I'll be celebrating this one with my newborn child, there I can see that he brought some packages to our happy little Bella..

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Smucker Dec 21 '21, 05:23PM
Character Name: Smucker

World: Gladera

Entry: We are ready for our Christmas Dinner!

Have you been good? Have you helped other Tibians? Maybe gave some money to a new joiner? Helped someone trapped with no rope? ... if you have been goodfor sure you will have a place on the "Good Side" of our dinner! Enjoy a warm dinner, lots of fun and of course, presents for everyone!

Have you been bad? Power abusing? KS/Spawn claiming? Enforcing 'Dominado' rules? Complaining non stop about the winter update? ... if you have been bad, sadly this time you will have a place on the "Bad Side" of our dinner. Maybe the food will not be that good or you'll get only coal as present this year.

Nevertheless, there is room for everyone in our Christmass celebration! Remember, Santa knows everything!

He's making a list, And checking it twice;

Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice. 

Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you're sleeping

He knows when you're awake 

He knows if you've been bad or good 

So be good for goodness sake!

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AlianaGlande Dec 22 '21, 07:39PM

Character Name: Lexasn

World: Gladera

Entry: After a very giving mission, trying to end the reign of a frozen queen, I came to my house to check if I already had a little present under my Christmas tree, right, every year I've been telling the good old man that one Ball Gown or one put a pair of Bunnyslippers to warm my little feet this winter, but I've been curled up by him every year I just get, sweets, apples and snowballs, anyway this year when I came home I noticed myself with a gentleman a little different from the occasional one, he had a more serious expression, less fraternal than usual, he even seemed a little worried, so I made him some hot chocolate and we talked, he told me that Christmas made him very sad, because he always remembered the daughter that he lost, that he didn't, that they took him, he made a point of punctuating that, I knew that Santa Claus was a daddy, but I didn't know specifically that he had a daughter, I thought he was like a father at all world, but he said that his was called Fortinbrae, that he loved her a lot and that they took her from him, he said that he still doesn't deal well with this situation, and it made me think of all of us who in recent years have also lost loved ones, people who we loved and already shared a table at a Christmas dinner, and today they are no longer here, can you believe he even managed to make my cry? It must be very sad for a father to lose a daughter, and I was only sadder to realize that his heart was more full of rancor and revenge, than with good memories and gratitude, anyway he's not a big talker, different from the other old man who used to come, he said he was in a hurry and that he had unresolved issues with some of Edron's magicians, pending issues from the past, but he did a beautiful spell and turned one of my snowmen into a similar version to him, in addition to giving me two little dolls, one that I found very similar to himself, and another that already resembles the usual Santa Claus. Anyway, I don't know who this gentleman really is, and where he really came from, I just know that this year I didn't just get candy, apples, cookies and snowballs, and what did I give him? Maybe a little affection, attention and welcoming, I think we all need that nowadays!


Outside the contest: I would like to wish everyone a healthy and safety Christmas and New Year, because we need it, a lot of peace, a lot of love, a lot of light, as these last few years have been very complicated, I hope everyone is safe and secure , and for those who lost a special someone, I wish all the light in the world, and that you manage to transform this longing into light, into good memories, not darkness and revenge like old Ferrumbras!

Merry Christmas!

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Tibyasula Dec 23 '21, 12:53AM

Character Name: Tibyasula

World: Kalibra

Entry: Christmas is a time where we renew our hopes, that's right, hope for a better future, for new times.

  Wishes for peace and joy.

The party is part of this whole context and the Christmas spirit is already with us.

As in the SS below: music, gifts, food and Santa's illustrious Cosplay. I love Christmas.

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Tynka Dec 25 '21, 11:42PM
Character: Tynusiiaa

Server: Antica

Entry: My idea was ... simplicity. A classic house, with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, lots of gifts, delicious food. Warm is sponsored by the fireplace, it's nice and cozy. We have built a fence in front of the house so that Santa (and his assistant) can put up their sleigh there. Of course, we have little snow this year.

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Loreffy3 Dec 26 '21, 02:07AM

Character Name: Norelli

World: Premia

Entry: Christmas is a magical time. Each of us has our own habits, traditions and memories. I decided to put my Christmas memories in a frame. Each window is one moment. Something that will remain in my memory forever is writing letters and then handing them over to Santa Claus. The next moment is when we are waiting for the first snow and build the biggest snowman in the city. While waiting for the presents...did you also leave cookies and milk for Santa to thank him for his hard work? And finally, decorating the Christmas tree! I love that each house is different and unique. Mine is colorful both in Tibia and in real life ;-)

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Rawiin Jan 1, 09:20PM

Character Name: Rawiin Kipson

World: Bona

Entry: It's warm in here, it's cozy, it's safe. But it's cold there, I'm staying here today, soon things will get better outside. We must have positive thoughts, and we cannot be afraid, fear make us weak.

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Pyzaa Jan 5, 12:11AM

Character Name: Pyzaa

World: Antica

First Entry: In a warm house with a festive atmosphere, a large green Christmas tree, we spent this time in a friendly group, giving each other a gifts. There is also a place for Santa Claus to comfortably seat and eat freshly baked cookies.


                                                                            ...Ho ho ho! Jingle bells.. jingle bells..

                                                                   ...It was a Santa who parked his sleigh in the garden? 

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Pyzaa Jan 5, 12:19AM

Character Name: Pyzaa

World: Antica

Second Entry:   Santa, along with helpers and reindeers, parked his shiny huge sleigh with huge bells in the garden, where there was always one reserved parking space waiting for him. Of course, he didn't forget about gifts for those  who behaved and did good deeds.


                                                                ...Ho ho ho! Jingle bells.. jingle bells.. Merry Christmas... 

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Yo_Zy Jan 5, 05:44PM

Character Name: Yo Zy

World: Nefera

Ho Ho Ho! What´s better to celebrate the Christmas Spirit than a big banquet, surrounded by friends, family and the ones we love. We are cheerful and happy about celebrating to birth of Jesus Christ with our friends in Tibia lands. Merry Christmas!

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TallesWallace Jan 5, 11:25PM

Character Name: Noether

World: Yonabra

Entry: Christmas is a time of love and harmony.Where we must enjoy this Christmas banquet, and glorify ourselves with joy.Because Santa Claus is coming with all our presents

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Mikhelle Jan 7, 10:10AM
Character Name: Mikhelle

Server: Solidera

Entry: I decided to participate with my own version of a Poinsettia, also known as Christmas Flower. For me, Christmas is all about the pine and apple cinnamon smell and bright red big poinsettias decorating the environment. Also, in spanish we call the poinsettias "Noche Buena" flower which means "the night before Christmas". Hope you enjoy my regional twist on Christmas 

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