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A Picture.. or maybe a very nice decorated house is worth a thousand words ...

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Umbra Sep 20 '21, 06:12AM

And he goes on a new journey... now accompanied!

Our mascot always gets into trouble, it's amazing how our little friend can't lead a quiet life, just yesterday he arrived at our meeting tired and scared, he must have gotten into some trouble.

It wasn't enough, he got a girlfriend! I couldn't find someone who better matched your personality, the adventures are now doubled, can the Tibian continent support this pair?

Just yesterday, passing through the room I saw them preparing equipment and supplies, some food, potions, and a little armor. What will be the next adventure they will embark on?

Well, we know they get along very well and understand each other, they may be planning an excursion to the frozen lands of Svargrond, embark towards the center of Tibia digging the warzone inside with the gnomes, pilgrims through the eternal sands of Darama... anyway, Tibia is the limit!

This month's contest is about that, we want you to write a story about the life as an adventurer of our fellow friend Eventholder, now that he has a girlfriend.

Are you ready? 


- You must post your story on this thread. We will only accept 1 story per contestant.

- You must write the name of your character and world in your post in the following format:

Character Name: (Here goes your name)

World: (Yeah, you guessed, here goes your game world)

Entry: (Here goes your story)

- Your story must be written in English.

- You must talk about the daily life of an adventurer with his new girlfriend, the protagonist is our mascot Evetholder.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification, if two or more people post the same entry, the first one to be published will be taken into account.

- Your story may not have more than 300 words. You can add some illustrations in order to gain creativity points.

- The story must be related to Tibia and follow the Tibia Rules.

- Please remember, this is a family-friendly site, therefore, any entry that has obscene, violent, sexual or drug-related content will be removed immediately and without warning.

- Our team and Cipsoft won't be judging your English level/grammar, but your creativity.

-Staff members can not and will not participate, on the other hand, friends/family of staff members are allowed, but their relatives can't vote in the contest at all.



1ST PLACE: golden trophy of excellence + choice between: memory box, yellow rose, and a set of blueberry / lemon / strawberry cupcake

2ND PLACE: silver trophy of excellence + choice between the remaining two items

3RD PLACE: bronze trophy of excellence + the remaining item


This contest starts Sep 20 and ends Oct 10 11:59 pm. (CEST/CET)

Please remember, we are using the Central Europe Time, so the contest might not end at the exact date for you, check your timezone to be sure that you are posting in time, (for further reference, in this timezone, the Tibia server save is at 10:00 am)

It's time to write!

Your TibiaEvents Team! 

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Umbra Sep 20 '21, 06:12AM


Y ahí va en un nuevo viaje... ahora acompañado!

Nuestra mascota siempre se mete en problemas, es impresionante como nuestro pequeño amigo no puede tener una vida tranquila, apenas ayer llego a nuestra reunión cansado y asustado, debió haberse metido en algún problema.No fue suficiente, se consiguió una novia! No puedo pensar en alguien mas compatible con su personalidad, las aventuras ahora son al doble, puede el continente Tibiano apoyar a este par?Solo ayer, pasando por la habitación los vi preparando equipo y suministros, algo de comida, pociones, y una pequeña armadura. Cual será la próxima aventura en la que se embarquen?Bueno, sabemos que se complementan y se entienden el uno al otro, podrían estar planeando una excursión a las tierras congeladas de Svargrond, podrían embarcarse al centro de Tibia, cavando la Warzone con los gnomos, peregrinos a través de las eternas arenas de Darama... de cualquier manera. Tibia es el limite!

El evento de este mes es acerca de eso, queremos que escribas una historia sobre la vida de aventurero de nuestro amigo Eventholder, ahora que tiene una novia.

Estas listo? 


- Debes publicar tu historia en este post. Solo aceptaremos 1 historia por concursante.

- Debes escribir el nombre de tu personaje y servidor en tu publicación en el siguiente formato:

Character name: (Aqui va el nombre de tu personaje)

World: (Adivinaste, aqui va tu server)

Entry: (Aqui va tu historia)

- Tu historia debe estar escrita en inglés.

- Debes hablar de una historia sobre la vida de un aventurero con su nueva novia, el protagonista es nuestra mascota Evetholder.

- Como siempre, el plagio conlleva la descalificación, si dos o más personas publican la misma entrada se tendrá en cuenta la primera en ser publicada.

- Tu historia no puede tener más de 300 palabras. Puedes agregar algunas ilustraciones a tu historia pares ganar puntos por creatividad.

- La historia debe estar relacionada con Tibia y seguir las Reglas de Tibia.

- Recuerda, este es un sitio familiar, por lo tanto, cualquier entrada que tenga contenido obsceno, violento, sexual, discriminatorio o relacionado con drogas se eliminará inmediatamente y sin previo aviso.

- Nuestro equipo y Cipsoft no juzgaremos tu nivel/gramática de inglés, sino tu creatividad.

-Miembros del equipo no pueden y no participaran en el evento, familiares y amigos pueden participar, pero los miembros del equipo no podran votar.



1ER LUGAR: golden trophy of excellence + choice between: memory box, yellow rose, and a set of blueberry / lemon / strawberry cupcak

SEGUNDO LUGAR: silver trophy of excellence + A escoger entre los dos items restantes

3ER LUGAR: bronze trophy of excellence + el item restante


El concurso comienza el 20 de Septiembre y termina el 10 de Octubre a las 11:59 pm. (CEST / CET)

Por favor recuerda, estamos usando la hora de Europa Central, por lo que es posible que el concurso no termine en la fecha exacta para ti, verifica tu zona horaria para asegurarte de que estás publicando a tiempo (para más referencia, en esta zona horaria, el server save de Tibia es a las 10:00 am)

¡Es hora de escribir!

¡Tu equipo de TibiaEvents! 

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Shawtay Sep 21 '21, 12:08AM
Character Name: Shawtay
World: Pacera

The Eventholder has a special day filled with adventure that he's planned for him and his girlfriend. Although they just met about 10 Tibia days ago, he knew she was the one. He realized he was very scared to let the words come out of his mouth so he decided to place hidden messages in their favorite spots.

The first location they went to was Feyrist, as his girlfriend always loved the peaceful fairy gardens. As they admire the gardens you cannot find anywhere else in Tibia, his girlfriend spotted the first word that spelled out "will." She thought nothing more of it as she thought it barely looked like the word anyways.

Rushing onto the next location the Eventholder took his girlfriend to their secret swimming spot, the Waterfalls. The Eventholder's girlfriend pointed out the next letter, "U." She thought it was funny how those strange rocks weren't there the first time they swam but shrugged it off to them being tired as they swam for hours that day.

Tired from swimming, the Eventholder persuaded his girlfriend to take a walk with him just outside of Venore. As they arrived at their final destination the Eventholder is shocked and screams, "Nooo, why me!" Shocked his girlfriend says, "What is this? It smells like Trolls...let's leave." The proposal was supposed to happen in this heart! The trolls destroyed his picnic and the words never came out of his mouth or on the floor that day. He thought to himself it must be a sign and will rethink his proposal for another time.

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Veroodie Sep 26 '21, 07:30PM
Character Name: Veroodie
World: Damora

Eventholder and his girlfriend, bathed in sunshine, were visiting the desert city of Darashia, when suddenly Eventholder saw a large strange stone. It's a meteor! His girlfriend was very impressed with the find, and from what she remembered from the teachings of the Traveler Guild, it is said that the most meteorites can be found on the icy islands.

Eventholder did not have to think long, he grabbed her hand and they headed towards the icy islands where there is a lot of snow and there is a high probability of finding more magnificent specimens.

They were both stuck in deep snow near Svargrond suddenly they both heard a loud bang and a glaring flash. Watch the falling meteor! Then they went together towards the icebergs where a meteor probably hit.

While traveling on the icy trails, the ice suddenly burst under his girlfriend and she herself disappeared into the icy, frosty abyss.

Eventholder, not thinking much, threw himself into the dark deviation behind his girlfriend.

While in the dark tunnel, he lit a torch and it turned out that there was a horde of Ice Golems around them. He did not have time to fight the monsters, he had to help the girl as soon as possible and get out of there. While escaping through the frosty tunnels, they saw a strange red light. Look, this meteor we saw melted the ice and it has already cooled down, put it in your backpack and we run away.

When they managed to get to the surface, they quickly went to the travelers' guild to show this beautiful meteorite. It was so unusual that everyone decided it would be best to stay in the travelers' guild as a trophy for the fearless adventurers Eventholder and his girlfriend.

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Lenorettn Oct 4 '21, 02:01AM

Character name: Lenorettn

World: Solidera


Eventholder and his girlfriend were in the Liberty Bay tavern enjoying a bottle of rum when they heard someone sitting next to them talking enthusiastically about a mission, it was about traveling to different cities and finding pieces of a map that would eventually lead to a fantastic treasure.

The mission began in the largest port of all Tibia, Venore, there among the barrels and boxes of the old ships it was necessary to find the first part of the map and the clues to gather the other pieces.


He and his girlfriend got ready and began their treasure hunt through the cities of Tibia, not without enjoying the most wonderful things in each place, eating Venore's delicious ice creams, petting the friendly huskies in Svargrond and seeing their cute seals...

Visit the majestic pyramids of Ankrahmun, taking a camel ride through the Darama desert...

They went to the magic academy in Edron, they even see the amazing castles of Thais and Carlin, and many more famous places.

It took them 3 months to travel all over Tibia and gather all the parts of the map.

When they finally reached the place marked by the map, there was a small cabin, they knocked on the door and an old woman opened it, that woman asked why they were there, when they answered that they were looking for a fantastic treasure she laughed and told them that she had invented that story when she was a child and that there was no treasure.


Eventholder and his girlfriend were initially disappointed, but then they realized that while they were on this mission they had had a great time, so they returned home happy and more in love than ever.

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kczar Oct 6 '21, 02:23AM


Character Name: Pyredon

World: Solidera



Our story begins when our little friend and his girlfriend were in the library of the Edron Academy reading books to complete a quest.


They had been reading for several hours when suddenly Eventholder's girlfriend's attention was caught by a golden colored book with gems embedded on the cover, when she took the book and opened it he swallowed her!


Eventholder got very scared and tried to pull her out of the book without success and started screaming for help.


The wizards who were near them and had witnessed everything told him that it was a magic book that swallowed whoever tried to read it and that to rescue her he had to go to Isle of the Kings, find the secret entrance that led to the dimension of the magic books and defeat the boss, but on the wall of the entrance there was a riddle which he had to solve in order to pass.


It took Eventholder 4 days to reach that entrance. After several hours solving the riddle he discovered that to open it he had to touch the wall with a scythe, as soon as he did he was swallowed by the wall.

Then several enchanted books attacked him! He defended himself and suddenly in front of him there was a giant book that looked stronger than the others so he assumed that was the boss he had to defeat.


After a long battle Eventholder defeated him, as soon as this happened he and his girlfriend appeared in the library where all this started.

They both learned not to judge a book by its cover, no matter how beautiful and eye-catching it was, and returned home tired and determined to continue their research another day.

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balmung36 Oct 6 '21, 07:05PM

Character name: Valiryas

World: Gladera


Jungle Camp

-Just one more night, honey, we'll be home tomorrow.

She didn't answer, closed her eyes and fell asleep immediately. I opened the tent and looked out, the jungle of Tiquanda was a cold and noisy place, in the darkness of the night bright eyes stalked the camp, the murmur of different creatures that watched us, we were strangers in their land. She, my girlfriend, was attacked by a ferocious carniphila the day before, and she still had not recovered from the poison. The potions helped a bit but the fever did not go down, we had decided to cancel the expedition and return, but the night fell on us untimely and we decided to camp once more. "I wish I could have accomplished the mission" I thought bitterly, in the last few days I felt her somewhat distant, perhaps disappointed or scared.

 I closed the tent and lay down beside her, deep in thought, I didn't know when I fell asleep.

I woke up with a pleasant tingling in my neck, I opened my eyes in vain as the darkness was impenetrable. I froze and let her continue. She ran her lips over my arms and my chest slowly, his breathing was calm for moments and intense for others, my heart accelerated. I reached out my hand to touch her face, but I found something unusual. Hair, and fangs. The panther's growl made my skin crawl, at the same time a light came on and I could see everything. The night-colored beast had burst into the tent ready to tear us apart, and my girlfriend, standing in the middle of the tent, with a lamp in one hand and the whip in the other, said "maybe we won't come back empty-handed after all."

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Psykeeh Oct 7 '21, 06:33AM
Character name: Psykeeh

World: Garnera

Entry: The Future Event

Once upon a time

In a land so far away

Two lovers decided

That today was the day.

Under the starling lights

A journey was planned on detail

They packed equipment and supplies

And in the morning, they would sail.

The sun started to lift, and the little Eventholder could not wait anymore, with a whisper he woke up his beloved girlfriend and told her the journey is about to start, they both grabbed all their supplies and equipment, not to forget their memory box to record each moment.

This was a type of adventure like no other, both of them wanted to plan for a better and safer future, so they went on a journey to gather materials for a future event they had in mind, one that could gather communities from all over the continent.

The journey had a lot of places in mind but the goal would be to gather everyone in a city available for all players.

They started by going to Svargrond to gather silky fur, one of the ingredients needed for the creation of masks, one of the important items, but many more came after this one (Venore, Darashia, Issavi and Oramond, Carlin).







The journey was long, but in order to put all this to test they had to transform all the items.

Eventholder and his beloved girl were done with the process and so excited for what would come ahead.

One more thing needed to be done, they wanted to have an idea how the event spot would look, so nothing better than a team effort, two inloveholders working for a common good.


They couldn’t wait for the next event.

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Jaosoka Oct 7 '21, 12:17PM
Character: Dhizola

World: Xandebra

Entry: Mystery Seeker Couple and a big reward!

Our story begins at Arito's tavern, where our hero EVENTHOLDER, was selling loot to Rashid. It was there that he met his girlfriend, a pretty dragon lord hatching, who was doing the same.

Then, with all the money raised, they had a nice feast while chatting about today's adventures, and guess what ... they both loved the Tibian mysteries!

The first place they visited and taking advantage of the fact that they were close, was the serpentine tower.

Then, they went to the mines of Kazordoon, to try to hunt down the dreaded Basilisk.

Later, they tried to solve the greatest mystery of the Jakundaf desert: The body with the golden helmet inside.

It was there where his girlfriend tells him that very close to here, some evil fire devils had their parents locked up through some magic walls!!

It was then that our hero steeled himself and defeated all the fire devils, thus freeing his parents.


They all returned home: VENORE DRAGON LAIR. And it was then that our enamored protagonist, very excited and nervous, asked his girlfriend to marry him and guess what ... SHE SAID YES!!!  FCHHHHH!!!

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carolinef Oct 8 '21, 04:16AM
Name: Griggi
World: Belobra



Eventholder and Lady Wisp had planned an adventure around Thais. They taken their backpacks with supplies and left. There, they discovered that the King would give a big event at the museum the next day. Our mascot and his girlfriend were taken by curiosity and decided to participate. But the King said that unfortunately all the tickets had already been over. But they decided to go to the museum and pass the night there, so on the day of the event, they would already be inside.

They went to the reception with their clothes, for the day of the event and bought two common museum tickets and find a place to hide. They found a statue of a Guzzlemaw at the Roshamuul exhibition and decided to hide with their backpacks in it. It was almost night when the museum was empty. So they took their clothes to change, letting their backpacks in the Guzzlemaw. 

However, when they returned from the locker room they noticed something strange: the statue of Guzzlemaw was gone… There was only the base of the statue! They heard some noises when they realized that something strange had happened: the museum's creatures came to life!!! They decided to run to the scenery of Oramond when a Moohtant appeared...! They hide in some pyramids when a Mummy appeared...!

Cornered, everything seemed to be lost, when the sun appears: the day was dawning. The creatures quickly became immobile again and everything seemed normal.

They runway, it was a lot of adventure for one day.

Eventholder told everyone what happened, but no one believed him... A few weeks passed when the king published a photo of the event in the newspaper. Everything would be a imagination of Eventholder if it wasn't for a detail...

Thank You! 

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Diisoul Oct 8 '21, 04:25PM
Character: Dii Soulz

Server: Quintera


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Suzie Oct 9 '21, 12:50AM

Character Name: Kinandy

World: Unisera


This enloved couple were strolling near Thais, chatting and laughing, when an incredibly old witch appeared in front of them and told that they were disturbing her peace with their noises and as punishment she turned them into piggies.

They begged her to disenchant them but she told them there was only one option, they must find her sister who lived in the swamps of Venore and retrieve a teddy bear that she had taken from her when they were just little girls.

So Eventholder and his girlfriend went there.

When they found the witch's sister she told them that if they wanted the teddy bear they had to bring her a rare herb that only grew in that area, but it had to be "perfect".

They both began their search with great care because dangerous creatures lurked there, including giant spiders.

They started to bring her the herbs but she rejected them saying: 

"Too big", "Too red", "Iugh! That smell", "It has many leaves", "Meh"....

They had already taken all the herbs of that type they had found and their options were gone, they were even resigning themselves to live like pigs for the rest of their lives. 

When they gave her the last herb she stood examining it for several minutes until she exclaimed, "This one is perfect! I haven't seen one like it in many years. Here is your reward" and handed them an old torn teddy bear.

They went as fast as their piggy little paws would allow them to deliver the teddy bear to the incredibly old witch who was overjoyed to see her old childhood friend, so she undid the spell returning Evenholder and his girlfriend to their original forms, but not without warning them never to come back there again.

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hardead Oct 9 '21, 06:55PM

Character: Sacros Arturt

World: Quintera


Almost a year ago, an Eventholder had an encounter with an evil prospector, and since then, he suffered recurring nightmares. They decided to seek help, and that is how they ended up consulting with Thaian. Thaian was famous for his knowledge about these beings.

Thaian explained to them that the encounter with the evil prospector had unleashed a curse and that they had to gather certain elements to cast a spell to undo it.

This is how the couple set out on a long journey to obtain the following elements:

Three Bonelord Eyes

Strand of Medusa Hair

A Red Silk Flower and

Vampire Teeth

On their way back from collecting the elements, something curious happened to them. A woman of careless aspect approached them, telling them again and again "The bearer will defeat evil, the bearer will defeat evil." while she placed a necklace on the Eventholder's girlfriends neck. Although the necklace was in poor condition, the Eventholder's girlfriend kindly accepted it and wanted to give some gold coins in return, however, the woman did not wait for payment. She walked away repeating the same sentence "The bearer will defeat evil.".

Once they returned with all the necessary elements and with Thaian's help, they began with the incantation.

However, they realized that everything had been a deception. The spell was to free the evil prospector that was captive inside the body of Thaian and release the evil in Tibia. Our adventurers had been deceived and were at the mercy of this terrible being. 

Surrounded by dozens of evil prospectors and without any hope of getting out alive, the necklace began to emit a strong light. The light disintegrated the evils prospectors, one by one, they all perished.

And that was how the couple escaped unharmed, thanking the woman, eternally grateful.

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OldSkooler Oct 9 '21, 09:40PM

Character Name: Brilliant Sniper

World: Lobera


Eventholder was drinking a beer at Frodo’s, thinking about what to to tomorrow. 

Suddenly he heard a loud scream; “STOP!” “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

It was a girl that needed his help, so Eventholder went for it!

Eventholder: “Excuse me.. Orc Berserker, could you leave her alone?” 


The orcs around the table, -all very drunk- stood up to fight Eventholder.

Eventholder grabbed the girl and ran to Greenshore. “Come, quickly!”

They sat down behind a barn, our of the orc’s sight for now.. Tired of all the running, they noticed their hands were touching. They looked each other in the eyes, and there was a spark. Eventholder: “W-what is your name, m-my lady?”

Sidanna: “My name is Sidanna, I come from Ankrahmun. I went here for the Orcsoberfest festivities, but those drunk orcs were having a bit too much fun. Thank you for rescueing me!”

Eventholder put his jacket on her shoulders, and decided to grab a horse to escape. They walked carefully towards the horse stable, when suddenly an Orc Leader saw them: “ULDEREK FUTGYR HUMAN! GURLLL, TAKE GURL!!” 

!!WAAAAHH!! THEY BLOCKED THE HORSESSS! Eventholder and Sidanna ran for their lives, into the cyclops cave.

Eventholder: “Mr. Cyclops, a group of drunk orcs is trying to capture us.. can you protect us please?”


-After 5 minutes- 

Cyclops Leader: “WE PROTECT. BEHOLDER!!”(you mean Eventholder?). “LET DA SMASHING BEGIN!!”

The Cyclops smashed all orcs.. -pfew!- our adventurers thanked them alot, and walked home together.

Eventholder: “I, I think I love you Sidanna <3” 

Sidanna: “I feel it too, I really do! <3”

And they kissed. A kiss to seal their adventure. 

What will love bring tomorrow?

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juansev Oct 10 '21, 12:11AM
Character name: Juansev
World: Gladera

The perfect date

It was the perfect date, the streets of Carlin were covered by a colorful layer of Autumn leaves from the red maples of harbour lane. It was a sunny and cool day, they walked hand in hand without taking their eyes off each other, they skirted the small pond and walked together smiling, in love. She wore a beautiful crimson ribbon on her head, and her emerald fur highlighted her green eyes, Eventholder's heart was leaping with happiness. It was his third or fourth date, touring the old cities of Tibia, and he hoped each day to tour the next. They turned onto Magician’s alley and reached Central Plaza just as the sun was setting and the hues of orange filled the captivating romantic atmosphere that surrounded them. They threw coins in the fountain and asked for loving wishes so that they could be together forever. Then continued on their way until they reached Carlin's depot, entered between giggles and sweet words that they said among themselves, and approached the bank employee on duty. Without letting go of her hand, she drew her crossbow and aimed at the frightened Eva's chest, at the same time Eventholder drew his sword and put the sharp blade on her neck, and they both said at the same time "this is an assault!". Another adventure together, the perfect date.
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Tributino Oct 10 '21, 01:46AM
Character name: Almofadiinhas
World: Serdebra

Eventholder and his girlfriend walked from Kazordoon to Venore. There was a large trade in precious jewels. He intended to present his beloved with some of them...

It was a calm and relaxed trip with several stories and laughs until they heard a tremor in the ground: “Hurrrrr, Hurrrrr”.

They took shelter and soon noticed a large Orc army marching towards the Plains of Havoc. There were some Orcs riding on big wolves, others seemed to be in a kind of trance with eyes red like embers racing at an astonishing speed.

Eventholder and his girlfriend were scared but their adventurous spirit led them to find out why the orcs were there. Knowing the shortcuts, they arrived at the center of the plain first and saw a human settlement with several flames with the letter "T" of the King Tibianus of Thais. There were many tents and a white marble temple built into a rock.


Eventholder and his girlfriend noticed a young couple who was there. The boy was clearly a great warrior, his stature and beauty were unique and the girl had beautiful long hair and a charming smile, they both looked at each other with passion in their eyes just like Eventholder and his loved one. They ran to warn the couple about the danger until a spear is hurled at one of them.

Then they ran looking for their armor and weapons, an effort almost in vain. The greater numbers and sneaky attacks of the orcs surprised them, so the human warrior says goodbye to his girlfriend and makes a request for Eventholder and his lover to take the girl to a safe place. Reluctantly, the girl follows them towards the secret ducts of the plain. Was this the last time she saw her love?

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Camilla Oct 10 '21, 04:43AM

Character Name:Ca milla



Im gonna tell a history about the day that I've almost lost my precious girlfriend.

  After alot of adventures all over the tibia, we decided to visit the famous Noodles Academy of Modern Magic in edron, my girlfriend was

excited to see the place where Ferumbras used to teach magic!

We Arrived in a saturday, so we decided to have some beers at Mirabell's tavern, while we were drinking we noticed alot of warriors and mages coming and going all the time, probably because a famous trader was in the tavern this day.

 Right beside the tavern there was a garden so I decided to went there and grab a flower to my beloved

When I came back she was not there anymore so I started to ask to every single person in that tavern if they saw her, a warrior screamed:

        -  Hey fur ball, I saw mistery hunter putting a creature like you in her backpack, if you need to talk to her, she lives in the central circle 1.

 I immediately went to her house, but unfortunatelly, she was not there, I was desperate and started to cry.

 After hours crying, a mage sat by my side and started to cry, so I asked her:
           - Did you also lost your beloved? sniff 

And she answered crying:

         -No, I've been trying to resolve a big mistery, The Chief Grarkharok asked me to bring him a wife, a troll lady, with alot of hair, I thought I finally found his wife, but I was mistaken, now I feel bad, cause this little thing doesn't stop to cry. 

She opened her backpack and my girlfriend was there crying.

The mistery hunter apologized and asked for help. 
Since this day, we've been helping  her to find Troll Lady.

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Davi05 Oct 10 '21, 09:01AM

Character Name: Darkaio

World: Unisera


Eventholder was buying flowers for his girlfriend when he saw the most beautiful flower he had ever seen, immediately asked the seller for it, but she told him that the flower was not for sale because it was a very rare that was only available in a place called Grimvale and on very specific dates.

So Eventholder planned a romantic picnic for him and his girlfriend at that place on those dates in order to give her the flower.

Finally the day arrived and they were there enjoying their company until nightfall, then were attacked by furry creatures with fierce fangs and giant claws! They ran as fast as they could without hardly seeing where they were going.

When they realized that those creatures were no longer following them they stopped and looked around, apparently they were in some kind of cave, when Eventholder lit the torch he realized that there were hundreds of those beautiful flowers he saw in that flower shop so he told his girlfriend the reason why he had taken her to that place. 

Suddenly they heard a terrifying howl! At the entrance of the cave was the fearsome creature they had ever seen, Feroxa! a being they thought only existed in legends.

Eventholder and his girlfriend took courage and fought against that creature until defeated it, they spent the night there and when dawn broke they left the cave, imagining that outside there would be more creatures but it was not so, then they hurried to get out of that place.

When they were safe, still not believing what had happened, Eventholder said he was sad because it had all been in vain, his girlfriend smiled and took one of those flowers out of her backpack, "Of course not" she said.

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Character name: Eternal Hunger

World: Antica

Entry: Eventholder with his Girfriend visiting "Spa" Salt Caves

They both felt heat of desert breaching through the window into their chamber. Scorching sun was still high on the horizon, but it was already the time to start their trip. Most of the items were already packed- Water, Mining Helmet, Rope. Eventholder looked around to make sure that his girlfriend is not watching him, then secretly hidden freshly cut wild desert rose with one purpose only- to be gifted to his beloved once they get into their destination. 

It was Moe who told them about this mysterious place. Unique and intriguing. Caves with eatable crystals… Who would have thought of this?! As the trip to the caves was dangerous, they decided to hire some adventurer’s to join them. Recruitment appeared to be quick and easy – within the hour they had team specialised in everything what they needed.

They all met at the bridge, where, just yesterday his love was feeding  hippos. They were ready to face Sphinx and Guanas who will always protect the secrets of the desert.  

When they enter the peaceful cave… beauty of the crystals taken their breath away. Excitement was growing every single minute.

Scream broken silence of the cave. They looked in the direction of the scream and saw Eventholder’s girlfriend curled into stony wall. Next to her was monstrous snake – with wings and two legs on the front! Eventholder without hesitation, jumped between both to protect his dearest. Monster did not step down- it was his territory and they were now his prey! In the blind vicious attack, monster did not notice dagger in Eventholder’s hand, and this was his doom. Body slummed in front of Eventholder and even dead, monster’s scales where shinning in their beauty. The same scale-leather was used later to create new bag and boots for Eventholder’s girlfriend. 

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