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Umbra Jun 22 '21, 08:49AM

The world of Tibia offers an incredible diversity of choices for each one to make their own destiny, you can follow the path of a brave hunter who seeks more and more strength, train your skills to master your conjurations, be a cunning explorer who solves the biggest mysteries, be a skilled trader, among other situations.

However, one of the few things that are somewhat limited in the life of an adventurer is the choice of vocation, with the exception of those in love with Rookgaard, every new adventurer must choose, right at the beginning of his journey, one of the four vocations, a resistant Knight, a versatile Paladin, a powerful Druid or an incredible Sorcerer.

Well, but what if, after reaching enough experience to leave Dawnport, Odessa indicated a new door, with a new vocation, full of novelties and alternatives, having to discover other ways of hunting? If when you land on the Isle of Destiny, in addition to Hykrion, Narai, Yandur and Estrella, there was a new guild offering you teachings for a new way of life?

Imagine a new Tibia, new ways to fight creatures, duel in PvP, perform your quests and form a party with 5 different classes. What would this new vocation offer to the game? How would you perform playing alone on your own? What new plots could be developed with a new type of vocation? What items could this vocation use, which items should be forged by Tibians to meet it?

Tibia has always been an amazing game full of opportunities, unpredictable and dynamic. Let your imagination run wild and tell us about this new type of adventurer!

So, read the rules, sharpen your pencil and start to think of how you would like to play the game 


- You must create a brand new vocation, we don't want you to add spells or skills to an existing vocation.

- You must provide a short description of how this vocations came to be, give us a little taste of the lore behind your idea (150 words max) 

- You must provide level ranges for skills, spells, abilities and so on

- You can use Tibia information (books, documents, etc) or create it from your imagination in order to sum up the entirity of your vocation. 

- You can use existing NPCs to create the lore, just make sure that this doesn't interfeere with the actual vocation of those NPCs (when applied)

- You must provide item names for weapons/supplies used by your vocation.

- You can add illustrations/drawings to your post, but we will judge creativity of the vocation, not the drawing itself.

- Kids, please, don't add the "Gamemaster" Vocation.

- Submissions must be in English only.

- Please note that CipSoft will not implement or change any vocation based on this contest. In case similarities with one of the ideas presented here should come up in any future updates, it is merely coincidental.

- Your submission must contain your character name and game world at the top of your post on this topic.

- The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification.

- Using multiple accounts to post entries will earn you a permanent ban from our site.

- Staff members can not participate for very obvious reasons


Our team and Cipsoft will be judging 


The contest starts June 22 and ends on July 13 23:59 CEST.


1st Place: golden trophy of excellence + choice between a memory box, a teddy bear, and a unicorn figurine

2nd Place: silver trophy of excellence + choice between the remaining two items

3rd Place: bronze trophy of excellence + the remaining item

Choose your path!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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Puddingman Jun 22 '21, 02:50PM

Little spearmen - Astera - PART 1

New vocation: Vampire 

Short description: After years of living secluded in the dark and being slain by the brave adventurers in Tibia, the vampire court has decided it is time to strengthen their ranks by allowing adventures to be turned into vampires. Although the elders within the court were originally against this idea, the constant raiding of their castle in Vengoth, the slaughter of their brides and the complete domination of the vampire viscount lair in Edron by adventures made them realize their own strength is not enough. Fresh blood is needed!  

Adventures who see themselves fit to fight for the dark lords and who want to feed on their enemies are asked to pass by the graveyard in Dawnport to get converted to a Vampire.  

Main idea behind the vocation: 

A real glass canon vocation, with a high-risk high-reward playstyle.  


A Vampire can be promoted to a Vampire Lord, not by gaining levels, but by feeding on enough enemies. Feeding on 1500 enemies will give you the right to be promoted to a vampire lord. This promotion will open up new spells for the vampire to wield against his feeble enemies. 

Stats distribution and resources used 

1 level adds: 

30 hp 

15 oz cap 

A vampire has no passive life regen.  

A vampire's main skill is "blood control", similar to magic level, it helps their dmg scale and progresses by the HP used by spells and the DMG dealt by the vampire.  

Vampires cannot consume health nor mana potions of any kind, but have passive life leech, scaling with %hp left. This affects all blood spells as well.  

100-80% HP left: 5% life leech 

80-50% HP left 15% life leech 

50-25% HP left 25% life leech 

25-1% HP left 50% life leech 

To help in their survival, they are capable of storing excess life leech HP into a "blood shield"; scaling with their max hp (15% HP max), similar to how a mana shield works. This shield will decrease overtime if not refilled by new, fresh "blood". 

Due to not having mana, they are also incapable of using runes, but have "blood magic" to aid in their survival. 

Main gold drain:

A vampire does not use runes nor potions, so their waste would be zero, giving them an unfair advantage over other vocations. To address this, the following disadvantages are present:

A vampire can only get temporary blessings, since the gods of tibia are not shining bright on them.

These blessings will only last for 20 hours (in combat) and their price keeps scaling with level. They can however buy all blessings from one of the vampire lords present in all major cities, including the enhanced blessings. 

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Puddingman Jun 22 '21, 02:50PM

Little spearmen - Astera - PART 2

Spells (not including an array of already existing support spells like 'cure poison' and 'levitate') 

Level 8: Drain blood.  

The Vampire bites its target to drain a portion of its health 

Range: 0  

CD: 4 sec 

Resource used: nothing 

Effect: Deal dmg to the target. DMG scales based on missing health of the target. The closer to death and enemy is, the higher the dmg of the spell. 

Level 15: blood wave 

The vampire creates a dmging torrent of blood 

Range: a wave with the same range as fire wave 

CD: 4 sec 

Resource used: 10% of current hp 

Effect: Dmg dealt in the range of the wave 

Level 20: Dark cleave 

The vampire claws at its targets infront of him 

Range: the three squares the Vampire is facing 

CD: 2 sec 

Resource used: 5% of current hp 

Effect: DMG dealt in three squares in front of the Vampire, the middle square will also bleed for 50% additional dmg over 5 seconds 

Level 40: great blood wave 

The vampire creates a dmging torrent of blood 

Range: a wave with the same range as fire wave 

CD: 4 sec 

Resource used: 20% of current hp 

Effect: Dmg dealt in the range of the wave 

Level 50: blood explosion 

The vampire creates a dmging torrent of blood 

Range: Double the range of an EK's exori (so 2SQ around the vampire) 

CD: 4 sec 

Resource used: 25% of current hp 

Effect: Dmg dealt in the range of the explosion, enemies in the inner circle (exori range) will get an additional 50% dmg bleed over 4 seconds 

Level X: Blood strike (replace the weaker drain blood after getting your promotion) 

The Vampire drains the enemy for a portion of its health 

Range: 3 

CD: 2 sec 

Resource used: nothing 

Effect: Deal dmg to the target. DMG scales based on missing health of the target. The closer to death and enemy is, the higher the dmg of the spell. 

Level X: Bat transformation (after getting your promotion) 

The vampire transforms into a bat, gaining speed. 

Range: self 

CD: 2 sec 

Resource used: nothing 

Effect: Increased speed by 100%, but increases dmg taken by 35%. Any other spells used will cancel the effect.  

Level 250: Blood transformation (requires promotion) 

The vampire releases all restraints to focus purely on destroying his targets, increasing dmg dealt, but no longer feeding on the dmg dealt and receiving reduced healing. This will also increase dmg received during its duration. 

Range: self-support spell 

CD: 60 sec (starts after the spell finishes) 

Resource used: no resources used, but only lasts while the vampire is above 25% hp 

Effect: DMG done increased by 35%, healing received is decreased by 50%, passive life leech is disabled during the spell duration. After the spell ends, the vampire is healed for 100% of dmg dealt during its duration. 

The DMG received of the vampire increased by 1% per second this spell is active.  

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Puddingman Jun 22 '21, 02:51PM

Little spearmen - Astera - PART 3


For the head, chest, legs and boots, they will align with “updated” versions of druid and sorcerer equipment. These existing pieces will receive +blood control stats and + blood shield stats

The vampire will use a new item in the weapon slot called “staffs”.  

Staffs will auto attack at 0 range, with their dmg scaling with blood control. Their attack value is lower than a knight's equivalent at that level and a defense value of 0. 

The added value of the staff is that dmg dealt by it will be life leached by a % depending on the staffs extra “life drain” value and the + blood control stat it may/may not have. 

They cannot have life or mana leech imbued.  


Low quality staff 

Level: 0  

Attack: 14 

Life drain: 75% 

Blood control: +0 

Engraved diamond staff 

Level: 100 

Attack: 45 

Life drain: 125% 

Blood control: +3 

Imbuement slots: 1 

Demonic skull staff 

Level: 250 

Attack: 50 

Life drain: 175% 

Blood control: +4 

Imbuement slots: 2 

Description: A normal skull staff to the untrained eye... if only they could see the potential! 

The vampires dream 

Level: 400 

Attack: 50 

Life drain: 250% 

Blood control: +5 

Imbuement slots: 2 

Description: This staff could drain the biggest of enemies in a sigle hit! 

The vampire will use a new item in the shield slot “goblets” 

The goblet's main goal is being a stat stick for blood shield, blood control and general resistances. 


Wooden goblet 

Level: 0 

Blood shield: +5% max size 

Blood control: +1 

Imbuement slots: 0 

Hunter’s skull 

Level: 50 

Blood shield: +15% max size 

Blood control: +2 

Imbuement slots: 1 

Res: +4% phy protection 

Description: Did it just wink at me? 

The witches miniature kettle 

Level: 250 

Blood shield: +25% max size 

Blood control: +3 

Imbuement slots: 2 

Res: +6% earth protection +6% fire protection +6% ice protection 

Effect: Periodically changes your appearance to that of a witch 

Description: Size doesn’t matter! 

The unholy grail 

Level: 400 

Blood shield: +40% max size 

Blood control: +5 

Imbuement slots: 2 

Res: +10% phy protection +3% earth protection +3% fire protection +3% ice protection –15% holy protection 

Description: The stories of the holy grail were partially right, yet so very wrong. 

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Tamarizz Jun 22 '21, 09:56PM
Tamarizz - Solidera

This is my time to shine, for real I have think about this many many times and and I'm proud of this 5th vocation in my head.

I even imagine this 5th vocation coming from a new continent, a new continent at the southern east part of Tibia, with a biodiversity similar to a rain forest, with a new family of monsters and a settlement of humans who fled Tibia many many years ago who are now fighting to keep their territory secret and at peace.

Many years ago, when the first humans followed Banor into war, there were some that refused to be instructed by the gods and decided to stay off, they were looking for peace tranquility, they decided to flee by boat in search of new lands to inhabit, away from war. No one noticed their escape and no one knew about them until now... when a fleet from Liberty Bay lost their route and ended up finding new lands, a jungle inhabited by half-human half-serpent beings who wants to eradicate the humans who live at the top of the mountains, the human settlement: Linapaun home and school for the monks who swear to protect their temple from the evil forces of the world.

New Vocation: Monk

Time to give an use to an old skill, the FIST FIGHTING.

Tibia currently has 3 shooters and 1 melee class, with the entrance of the Monk I present to you the second melee vocation.

The fleet from Liberty bay who were the first contact with the monks of Linapaun are trying to stablish a relationship with them trying to learn more about this new region. From now the monks are worried about an incoming war with the Nagas, the human snakes who want to overtook this continent. The fleet offered to seek for the braves heroes in Tibia to help with them as a prove of their alliance, even so they send a recruiter at the Dawnport isle in case someone wants to come directly to Linapaun to learn the monk training.

This new melee class, uses the fist fighting introducing a new variety of Fist Weapons and short blades.

Like the one handed: Battle gloves, the two handed plate knuckles, the Katar Dagger, Deer horn blades, Chakram of destruction, Crystalline fist dagger.

The monks who reach level 20 can domain their vocation by promotion to High Monk.

As said before Tibia has 3 shooters and 1 melee class. But also there's only one "support" class.

The Monk is a class who attacks melee, can tank better than a paladin but worse than a knight, but in exchange the monk has more spells than a knight, mostly supportive spells, the most important of the High Monks: the Hit Rate Spell the first and only vocation who can accelerate the hit of basic attacks, learned at level 35.

Once the High Monk reaches level 60, you can use the Healing Touch Spell the firs melee healing spell, which you have to cast specifying the name of the player you want to heal, only if the character is one sqm next to you.

This new vocation is a mix from previous vocations, with a health and mana regeneration similar to the paladin, but a skilling rate like the knight with the Fist fighting and Magic Level.

A high level monk must work as a secondary tank or even a replacement for the knight. A secondary healer but mainly a buffer to the team and himself. I imagine this class with many supportive spells to improve a fight. I've thought about this vocations many many times and I focus more imagining the lore for it than the numbers in combat.

In my heart the Monk exists along with the official Rookstayer vocation haha, Tibia update 13.5 "the introduction of two new classes: the Monk and the Rookstayer" with a new continet, new monsters, new weapons and a revamped rookgaard.

A man can only dream...

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Fist_Of_Talera Jun 23 '21, 08:36AM

Fists Of Talera - Talera

No Vocation/ Brawler

Why create a new vocation when you have ther starting of one already just build off that 

Gains by Level

10 oz of Capacity;

5 Hit Points;

15 Mana Points.


1 Hit Point every 12 seconds;

2 Mana Points every 6 seconds.

Brawler regenerate

1 hitpoint every 4 seconds

2 mana every 2 seconds

Main Stat

Fist Fighting

Progress as fast as a No Vocation

Will you Mana to attack (as a sort of Stamina)

Secondry Stat

Magic Level

Progress as fast as a Paladin

Damage will be a combonation of Player Level, Magic level and Fist Fighting Level

3rd Stat


Food is the main part of healing for a Brawler 


High single target damage

Food heals more over time (larger amount than other classes)


Low defence

Cant use Potions

Must always remain Fed to stay alive

All weapons a Two Handed

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Brighid_Grand_Explorateur Jun 23 '21, 03:44PM

The Chemists


Character: Brighid Grand Explorateur

World: Gentebra

Lore (150 words max)

With the power of chemistry and alchemy, a new vocation arises in Tibian lands. Its development came from experiments and research carried out by Spectulus and Sinclair, and its inspiration, in part, was in the abilities of paladins and also mages. Chemists, as they are called, are the union of a being skilled in distance fighting and a considerable and powerful knowledge of magic, which surpasses their fellow paladins.

Chemists dominate elements that other vocations have never dreamed of, with their knowledge of chemistry, they can drown their enemies (Drowning damage), in addition to mastering a new element, the wind (Wind damage), caused by different chemical reactions.

Its damage in the area is based on cannons that shoot several capsules, in order to use it, it must be equipped together with chemistry bags, which is an analog to the quiver. This vocation has important area spells, such as waves.


About the vocation (Technical)

Before promoted: Chemist. After promoted: Mythical Chemist.

Health Points: Lower than paladins, but higher than mages.

Mana Points: Higher than paladins but lower than mages.

Capacity: Less than paladins, but greater than mages.

This vocation has the ability to increase their Soulpoints in a rate of 10 per second. (20 seconds to make it full).


·      Magic level advances equal to mages.

·      Distance fighting advances like paladins. (His ammo has a low attack compared to Paladin's Diamond arrows, except for the void capsule, which has a single target attack similar to a sudden death rune).

They cannot use spellbooks, shield space is reserved for different types of chemistry bags.

They don’t have mana shield, also they cannot use sudden death runes.

This vocation uses runes. (except for paralyze, wild growth, sudden death, and holy missile runes).



New elements

·      Drowning element: In Latin we can say Praefoco, so I decided to put just “praef” on the spells.

·      Wind element: In Latin we can say Ventus, so I used all this word “ventus” on the spells.

·      A spell uses an association between drowning and Wind, in order to make it possible, I created another word “rowd” for this spell, it’s come from rowdy, or something turbulent.






·      Exura

·      Exura Gran

·      Exura Vita

·      Exura Ventus (New healing spell for this vocation) [Level 300+]



·      All vocations support spells like [Find person, lights, levitate, magic rope, haste and Strong haste etc.]

·      Summon Familiar {utevo gran res rowd} (some kind of twister, similar to the knowledge elemental, hits drowning and wind) [Level 200+]

·      Wind forcefield (prevents creatures from touching him for few seconds, consumes a variable amount of soulpoints for each creature that tries to touch the player, this doesn’t work if the creature is touching the player already) [Level 250+]

·      Wind carrier (increase the speed of 5 creatures in the range of this spell, helping to lure of slow creatures) [Level 300+]



·      Void manifestation {Exori praef} (Single target, drowning element, similar damage to the exori san) [Level 20+]

·      Wind blow {Exori ventus} (Single target, wind element, similar damage to the exori san) [Level 25+]

·      Wind expansion {Exevo ventus hur} (Wind wave, similar damage and area to the Terra wave) [level 50+]

·      Void wave {Exevo praef hur} (drowning wave, similar damage and area to the Great ice wave) [level 60+]

·      Last Hope {Exevo gran mas rowd} (Powerful spell, like the Hell’s core from sorcerers, but on a small area, just 3x3 (the sqms around the player). This spell Works like a mosaic of a random elemental damage of drowning and wind). [Level 100+]




Well, this is a bit complex, but I did a sample of a mid-level Chemistry set, that I have drawn.

On this image we can see:

Helmet: Chemistry hat (level 250+, magic level + 3, Distance fighting + 2, imbuement slots: 2)

Armor: Void cape (level 300+, magic level + 4, Distance fighting + 3, imbuement slots: 2)

Legs: Windcaller legs (level 220+, magic level + 1, Distance fighting + 1)

Boots: Magic cloth boots (level 100+, magic level + 1, imbuement slots: 1).

Bag of ammunition: Chemistry bag (vol 6).

Cannon: Reinforced Iron Cannon (Level 220+, Distance Fighting + 2, %Hit: +5%, Attack + 2, imbuement slots: 3).



All the ammunition of this vocation are capsules, here I present my idea of some mid-level or high-level capsules. (from left to right).

Condensed Wind capsule(causes wind damage, area attack, moderate damage) (first image) [Level 130+]

Void capsule (causes drowning damage, single target and high damage) (second image) [Level 45+]

Explosive capsule(causes physical damage, area attack, low damage) (this capsule can be affected by imbuement on the cannon, changing its elemental damage) (third image) [Level 200+]



This vocation can use Ultimate mana potions, and great spirit potions (not the ultimate in this case) as maximum.

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Hugao Jun 23 '21, 04:39PM

Character: Arctic Camaroes

World: Talera

New vocation: Cosmos

Short description: The minority who do not find the favorite vocation for most solicited

The first promotion is paid for 20k, the second promotion is 250tc in store (Wherein you can choose one of the four vocation's: "Elite Cosmos, Royal Cosmos, Elder Cosmos, Master Cosmos").

Your Skills:

Equality Fighting (12 hours to change hability fighting) after paying trade.

Your Itens:

1 - Slap Shoes: Travel with boat by right click on mouse in protection zone.

Your spells

1 - Stamina Stun: (3 to 1) Minutes  Stamina Regenerator. (3 Minutes hunting for 1 Minute regenerated).

2 - Utura Plan: Recovery life of party players.

3 - Full Food: 20 Minutes Full Food (1 soul point).

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Nyamia Jun 23 '21, 11:16PM

Character: Nyamia

World: Vunira


The citizen


The citizen may not seem like the most threatening among the human race on Tibia. But looks may deceive. They rather not fight their wars with weapons or magic. Instead they use their hands and tricks. They manipulate items and grounds to catch their prey and hurt their enemies. I mean, who wouldn’t like to see their enemy stumble across a wire?

They learn their tricks from barkeepers, who again learned these tricks from drunken tails of customers who’d brag about it. The craftier a citizen is with his hands and fists, the better his tricks get. And the better he understands his opponents, the better his tricks work. Which makes the citizens the most cunning vocation among the human race. Also they seem to handle alcohol a lot better than the other vocations, this may be due to their frequent visits to the bar.



A citizen can be promoted to a scholarly citizen. However, the promotion comes at a cost (the ceremony with appropriate beverages aren't cheap after all).



As a citizen is as skilled with a melee or distance weapon as a mage. However, they are also as skills with magic as a knight. However, they are much better fighting with their fists. (Seems like those bar fights are good for something.) But also their fishing skills are much better. Who knows what you can use that skill for. Their shielding is better than the shielding of a knight. They have to be able to take a punch at the bar after all. They are real tough cookies to take down.

With each level they gain 20 hitpoints for each level and 5 mana. They might be blunt, but not strong like a knight. Which is why they gain 20 oz with each level.



Citizens can use all the available health potions. They can only use a regular mana potion. Their magical abilities are limited, but they do have some tricks up their sleeve.


Instant spells

Bruise Bane – Exura Infir Ico – Level: 1; Mana: 10 (Healing)

Find Person – Exiva “[x]” – Level: 8; Mana: 20 (Support)

Light – Utevo Lux – Level: 8; Mana: 20 (Support)

Wound Cleansing – Exura Ico – Level: 8; Mana: 40 (Healing)

NEW Pick Pocket – Exani Carus – Level 8: Mana: 30 (Support)

Effect: Performs a pick pocket action on the selected target, lifting either some gold or valuables from their backpack or pocket. You can even steal the loot of creatures without having to kill them. The higher the fishing skill, the more you’re able to fish out of your target.

Magic Rope – Exani Tera – Level: 9; Mana: 20 (Support)

NEW Pigeon Attack – Exeta Avem – Level 10; Mana: 40 (Attack)

Effect: As you throw massive amounts of seeds around, a flock of pigeons fight their way to the food. Attacking and scratching everything that’s in their way.

Levitate – Exani Hur Up|Down – Level: 12; Mana: 50 (Support)

Haste – Utani Hur – Level: 14; Mana: 60 (Support)

NEW Spike – Utori Vocatus – Level: 45; Mana: 150 (Support)

Effect: As you spike anything your target drinks your target will become heavily intoxicated.

NEW Food Poisoning – Utori Toxicon – Level: 90; Mana: 340 (Attack)

Effect: Your targets health will be reduced by 10% due to feeling quite unwell after you gave him food poisoning.

NEW Living Statue – Adana Calx – Level: 250; Mana: 1000 (Support)

Effect: You change into a random stone statue. You can not move for 2 seconds. All targets on you will change target.


Object spells

NEW Extinguisher – Sparga Aqua – Level: 15; Mana: 70 (Support)

Effect: Turns a regular vial of water into a water bottle spray. The water bottle spray can remove 9 tiles (3x3) of fire. However, if you use it on energy fields, it reflects energy damage on anything that is on the energy fields instead of removing them.

NEW Sabotage – Teredo – Level: 40; Mana: 115 (Support)

Effect: All wooden items within range of you (circular range with a diameter of 3 sqm) are inflicted with woodworm. After 3 seconds all those items are damaged. If anything steps on either one of those wooden items they will break, making the opponent fall on the ground and dealing physical damage. The woodworm can’t stand the dry air of buildings, so once the wooden items are within a protection zone, the woodworms flee.

NEW Beehive – Alvarium – Level: 50 Mana: 170 (Support)

Effect: Turns a honeycomb into a beehive. The beehive can be thrown at any target and has a circular effect with a diameter of 5 sqm. The bees will attack any target within that range inflicting poison damage. Some of the bees chase the target to attack the target after 2 seconds with a second wave, but less strong.

NEW Stumble – Casus – Level 55; Mana: 200 (Support)

Effect: Removes the rod from the fishing rod. Leaving the thin line which can be used to span 5 sqm long. If anything crosses that invisible thin line, they will stumble and fall. Making them unable to move for 2 seconds and dealing physical damage.


Special abilities

With a hammer and a piece of wood, you can use the hammer on any wooden trash to convert it into a wooden item. The more rare the item is, the harder it is to craft. It is random, but the higher your fist skill, the higher the chance of crafting something special.


With a saw, a hammer, 20 nails, a drill, 20 chicken feathers and 1 random piece of cloth, you can craft furniture for your house. By going to any furniture shop and asking them to use their workshop. Just like the other crafting skill, the better your fist skill, the more special the furniture will be. This furniture can be sold on the market.


With a fishing rod and an iron loadstone, you can fish for metal objects in the sea such as money, weapons and other types of equipment. They might be a bit rusty. There is a chance you will lose the iron loadstone if the object is quite heavy.

As citizens are quite familiar in and around the bar, they are immune to drunkness. The only way they might get a bit tipsy is when they drink a lot of rum.

Specialised equipment

You see a purse (Atk:14, Def:10+1).

Imbuiments: (Empty Slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 8 or higher.

It weighs 15.00 oz.


You see tape (Atk:18, Def:18)

Imbuiments: (Empty slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 12 or higher.

It weighs 3.00 oz.


You see gloves (Atk:20, Def:20)

Imbuiments: (Empty slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 15 or higher.

It weighs 7.00 oz.


You see extended nails (Atk:28, Def:18+1)

Imbuiments: (Empty slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 25 or higher.

It weighs 10.00 oz.


You see boxing gloves (Atk:40, Def:22)

Imbuiments: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 40 or higher.

It weighs 8.00 oz.


You see a pointy ring (Atk: 42, Def:5)

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 10 or higher.

It weighs 5.00 oz.


You see a metal plated glove (Atk: 45, Def: 30)

Imbuiments: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 100 or higher.

It weighs 48.00 oz.


You see a camouflage net (Arm: 3)

Imbuiments: (Empty Slot).

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 80 or higher.

It weighs 15.00 oz.

Notes: Creatures can’t target you until you are closer than 2 sqm.


You see a wetsuit (Arm: 4 + Speed: normal speed under water)

It can only be wielded properly by citizens of level 180 or higher.

It weighs 25.00 oz.

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karmi Jun 28 '21, 12:01AM

Character: Flower Queen

Server: Refugia

New vocation name: Bard

Name with promotion: Virtuosic Bard

Lore: Forbidden love of Tahmehe and nobleman bore fruit and a child was born. Her father, sentenced her and her baby to death. Luckily the flying carpet swept down from the sky and save them. It took them far to the north to the Fermor Hills, from where after few hours of wandering to the north they have reached Ab'dendriel. But pharaoh cursed them and they have died shortly afterwards. Only the child for unknown reasons survived. Since then, a child brought up under the watchful eye of elven teachers and priests. Already in his youth manifested high sensitivity to poetry and music. Therefore, when he grew up, he was given the name Lindaro. Lindaro went into the world to know other cultures and types of magic. Using his passion for music and the magic's knowledge gained during the journey, he created a new kind of magic.


None. He uses only fist fighting. He uses his own fists and voice to create elemental sound and fight.


The same like knight has. Of course without weapons.


The same like paladin, but Berserk Potion instead of Bullseye Potion.

Health points increase:15 hp

Mana points increase: 20 mp

Capacity increase: 15 cap

Health points and mana regeneration: The same like paladin.

Skills increase for the profession: Like paladin.


He can't create any runes, but he can use all of them if he's got required magic level.

He has spells available for every profession like cure poison, levitate, magic rope.

He has spells to heal players the same like druid.

He can cast Food like druid.

He can use Protector and Train Party spells like knight.

He can use Cure Poison, Cure Burning, Cure Bleeding, Cure Electrification on someone else. For example Cure Bleeding - exana kor sio "Flower Queen".

He has also additional spells:

Conjure Poison Voice: voce con pox, 15 lvl, 100 mana

Conjure Flame Voice: voce con flam, 25 lvl, 200 mana

Conjure Ice Voice: voce con frigo, 25 lvl, 200 mana

Conjure Energy Voice: voce con vis, 15 lvl, 100 mana

Conjure Death Voice: voce con mort, 30 lvl, 300 mana

Conjure Holy Voice: voce con san, 30 lvl, 300 mana

which have 10 minutes duration and makes your fist damage elemental and can be cancelled by cast:

Unconjure Voice: exana voce, 15 lvl, 100 mana

Conjure spells take 2 soul points, Unconjure takes 3 soul points.

Sum up: The profession doesn't have attacking spells (but can use runes), it's mainly tanky support. It has healing spells (like a druid) and can cure if somebody needs help. It also has defense spells (like a knight).

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ChciwyLucek Jul 1 '21, 02:32PM

CharacterChciwy Lucek 

World: Karna  

A new way of magic – Summoner 

Part 1 

Years of research on magical creatures made by Edron Magic Academy allowed mages to learn a lot of interesting and useful facts about creatures that adventurers met all around the Tibia. This information, combined with knowledge of many other researchers and reports stolen from necromancers by spies led The Academy to create many new controllable summons, which had unique properties and abilities. Thus a new vocation was created – Summoner, a mage who is leading a own squad of way more powerful creatures that any regular sorcerer or druid ever managed to summon.  

About the vocation 

Summoner’s magical abilities are weaker than sorcerers or druids, but still way better than paladin’s. Summoner can summon up to five creatures (it’s also limited by ranks of summons, starting from 2 ranks and ending at 10 on high level). This mage is a bit tougher than other mages, but gains less mana per level. The upcoming specialised magic levels would increase the power of summons which base on the same element. To prevent PVP abuse, summons would take more damage from players if their master is an aggressor, but if other players attacked first then summons would be durable as usual. The summons can be healed by druid’s Mass Healing and healing runes. Some of summoned creatures would have unique abilities, such as taking less damage from AOE attacks, healing other summons or players (still weaker than druid) and giving buffs to allied creatures.  

Promotion and stats per level 

Summoner has two promotions – Necromancer and Elementalist. The Necromancer mainly focuses on damage and has +2 summon rank cap when summoning creatures which base on death, life drain, earth or physical elements. The Elementalist is more supportive than Necromancer and also gains additional ranks for summons, but only when summoning creatures based on ice, fire, energy or holy elements. Necromancer can be acquired from a new NPC near Drefia, while the holy-prefering summoners can become Elementalist in Edron Magic Academy. Also few unique summons for both promotions. 

Gains 6 HP, 20 mana and 5 cap per level. 


Summoner has most of basic spells shared with druid and sorcerers (basic healing spells, elemental strikes, most unique part about this is possibility to own both of some spells unique to each mage, such as Physical Strike and Death Strike, also can use mana shield which is weaker due to summoner’s lower magic level and make most of runes available in game, expect Sudden Death, Paralyse and Wild Growth). Doesn’t have any waves or other AOE attacks, but has a lot of summoning spells with creatures that mostly can be only seen as servants of summoners. 


Level 5: Summon Lesser Servant 

Summons a weak physical creature that acts like regular summon and attacks marked target. Isn’t affected by promotion bonuses. 

Rank of summon: 1 

Mana: 20 + 0,01*player’s level 


Level 10: Summon Lesser Elemental 

Summons a weak creature that attacks both physically and with a magical strike. The element is determined by incantation of spell. 

Rank of summon: 1 

Mana: 50 + 0,05*player’s level 

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ChciwyLucek Jul 1 '21, 02:42PM

Part 2 (more spells) 

Level: 20: Summon Myrmidon 

Summons physical creature that attacks in close range or on distance. The style of fighting can be determined by incantation of summon. Isn’t affected by promotion’s bonuses. 

Rank of summon: 2 

Mana: 100 + 0,1*player’s level. 


Level 20: Summon Undead Mercenary (Necromancer only) 

Summons a creature that uses physical, life drain and death attacks. Similar to Demon Skeleton, but tougher and stronger on higher levels. 

Rank of summon: 2 

Mana: 150 + 0,2*player’s level. 


Level 20: Summon Elemental Spark (Elementalist only) 

Summons a creature that uses physical, ice and energy attacks. Similar to Fire Elemental, but better. 

Rank of summon: 2 

Mana: 150 + 0,2*player’s level 


Level 25: Summon Elemental 

Summons a elemental. The element is determined by incantation of spell. Summoned elementals are different from monster versions. 

Rank of Summon: 2 

Mana: 150 + 0,3*player’s level. 


Level 30: Summon Deaththirster (Necromancer only) 

Summons a strong death-elemental creature which takes less damage from AOE attacks if target is not focused on it. Can be summoned in close-range or ranged versions. 

Rank of Summon: 3 

Mana: 200 + 0,5*player’s level. 

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ChciwyLucek Jul 1 '21, 02:43PM

Part 3 (more spells) 

Level 30: Summon Lightslasher (Elementalist only) 

Summons a strong holy-elemental creature which takes less damage from AOE attacks if target is not focused on it. Can be summoned in close-range or ranged versions. 

Rank of Summon: 3 

Mana: 200 + 0,5*player’s level. 


Level 50: Summon Meatbag  

Summons a physical creature that doesn’t deals a lot of damage but has a lot of health. If target haven’t been challenged by knight in last 15 seconds, then Meatbag have a chance to challenge it and force monster to attack it instead other summons or players. 

Rank of Summon: 4 

Mana: 400 + 0,7*player’s level. 


Level 60: Healing Spirit (Elementalist only) 

Summons a creature that heals chosen player. Can be linked to other player – this will make the spirit heal that player only. 

Rank of Summon: 5 

Mana: 400 + 0,1*player’s level 


Level 70: Summon Rotgut (Necromancer only) 
Summons a powerful creature that uses physical, earth, death and life drain attacks. Can inflict poison and curse on enemies. Also it’s more intelligent and if monster has a weakness to one of Rotgut’s element, then the summon will use spells related to that element more frequently. 

Rank of summon: 6 

Mana: 700 + 1*player’s level. 


Level 75: Summon Frostshard/Sparky/Flamesoul (Elementalist only) 

Summons a powerful ranged creature that uses ice/energy/fire attacks. Can inflict freezing/electrify/burning on target.  All of these summons also use holy attacks and if target is weak to one of elements, then summon will use spells related to this element more frequently. 

Rank of summon: 6 

Mana: 850 + 0,9*player’s level. 

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ChciwyLucek Jul 1 '21, 02:47PM

Part 4 (strongest summons and equipment) 

Level 100: Summon Strong Elemental 

Summons a powerful elemental which knows the weaknesses of it’s target. The element of creature can be determined by a incantation of spell. 

Rank of summon: 7 

Mana: 1000 + 1,2*player’s level. 


Level 200: Summon Plaguewielder/Necromancer Familiar (Necromancer only) 

This summon is a mighty familiar which can challenge monsters. It uses all necromancer-related elements. It’s affected by summoner’s level and magic level, so at high levels it will be stronger than other vocations’ familiars. To control this creature, Necromancer must sacrifice two summon slots instead of one. It also buffs offensive abilities of other summons. 

Rank of summon: 8  

Mana: 2500 + 2,5*player’s level. 


Level 200: Summon Soulpurifier/Elementalist Familiar (Elementalist only) 

This summon is a mighty familiar which can challenge monsters. It uses all elemntalist-related elements. It’s affected by summoner’s level and magic level, so at high levels it will be stronger than other vocations’ familiars. To control this creature, Elementalist must sacrifice two summon slots instead of one. It also buffs defensive abilities of other summons. 

Rank of summon: 8  

Mana: 2500 + 2,5*player’s level. 

Equipment and supplies 

The Summoner uses the same supplies as other mages. Equipment is a bit more defensive than other’s mages and it has more specialised magic levels (healing magic levels would improve the Necromancer’s life draining creatures), but also can use most of mages’ equipment. Summoners use a new weapon – magical orbs and staffs (orbs are one handed, and staffs are two-handed). Here’s some examples: 
 -Beginner Orb (starting weapon on Dawnport) 

Required level: 1 

Dmg: 3-7 

Element: energy 

Imbuing slots: none 

 -Glass Orb  

Required level: 6 

Dmg: 9-15 

Element: Ice 

Imbuing slots: none 

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ChciwyLucek Jul 1 '21, 02:48PM

Part 5 (more equipment) 

-Sparkling Orb 

Required level: 13 

Dmg: 11-25 

Element: Fire 

Imbuing slots: 1 

-Root Staff 

Required level: 20 

Dmg: 25-40 

Element: Earth 

+1 mlvl, +2% earth protection 

Imbuing slots: 1 

-Magical Crystal Orb 

Required level: 36 

Dmg: 50-70 

Element: Holy 

Imbuing slots: 1 

-Infernal Staff 

Required level: 50 

Dmg: 76-115 

Element: Fire 

+2 mlvl, +4% fire protection, +1 physical protection 

Imbuing slots: 2 

-Orb of Illusion 

Required level: 140 

Dmg: 90-120 

Element: Death 

+2 mlvl, +3 healing and death mlvls, +5% holy protection 

Imbuing slots: 2 

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ChciwyLucek Jul 1 '21, 02:52PM

Part 6 (hlvl equipment) 
-Staff of Destruction

Required level: 200 

Dmg: 120-165 

Element: Holy 

+ 3 mlvl, +1 mlvl for every element expect holy and death 

Imbuing slots: 3 

-Plated Robe 

Required level: 180 

Armor: 14, +5% physical protection 

Imbuing slots: 2 

-Spellbook of Astral Beings 

Required level: 250 

Def: 22, +4% physical protection, +10% protection for holy and death, +4 mlvl, +1 healing mlvl 

Imbuing slots: 1 
-Soulholder (staff)
Required level: 400
Dmg: 180-280
Element: Death
+6 mlvl, +5 holy and death mlvls, +5% physical protection, +12% life drain protection.

Imbuing slots: 3

-Soulrags (legs)
Required level: 400
Armor: 10, +3 mlvls, +4% physical protection, +1 earth, ice, energy, fire mlvl.

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Salidam Jul 10 '21, 12:54AM

Character Name: Salidam
Game World: Estela

New Vocation: Ranger  

Short Description: Rangers are guardians who have sworn to protect the world from the ruthless evil, the very evil that the Guild of the Rangers is partly founded on. The guild’s forefather Almur, a high-ranking Knightmare Knight, formed the guild during the times of despair, after the Ruthless Seven surfaced on the Plains of Havoc.   
                Almur who was severely injured in the great battles against evil but managed to make it to the Well of Life. The well’s power kept him alive despite the strong presence of the Seven. After enduring years of torment and despair inflicted on him by the arch demons, Almur managed to harness part of the ruthless powers. These powers are now wielded as a weapon by the Guild of the Rangers in their never-ending fight against the Ruthless Seven.

Gameplay: The Rangers are primarily melee fighters who wield lances in combat. They also harness some demonic powers of the Seven, using exclusive conjured weaponry, akin to some runes, allowing them to deal significant damage also from afar, some conjured weapons, also known as “Weapons of the Presence” are also capable of inflicting life drain and mana drain damage on their targets. Similar to paladins, rangers also use spirit potions. They advance in lance fighting at a similar rate to paladins in distance fighting, while their magic level progression is closer to that of a mage’s. Rangers gain 10 hit points and 10 mana per level.

Lances are two-handed-weapons with high defensive capabilities. Rangers’ itemization curve reminds that of the paladins; rangers’ first weapon is the iron lance [Level 8], which isn’t particularly superb in any parameter. Lance weapons fall into two categories: offensive lances, such as the ripper lance of the dworcs [Level 25], the yalahari lance [Level 80], the crystalline lance [Level 95] or demonslayer [Level 150]. The more sturdy, defensive lances offer less damage output, but far greater protection against incoming damage, examples of defensive lances are the behemoth [Level 65] and the spectral lance [Level 180], which also offers elemental protection, a trait of which many of the defensive lances offer.


Weapons of the Presences:
Rangers can buy throwable kunai that inflict magical damage. These weapons are exclusive only to rangers and largely replaces usage of runes known to other vocations. The most powerful kunai can only be obtained by conjuring them yourself.
                At lower levels, very small portion of rangers’ damage and utility comes from the kunai as the weak kunai, such as the fang kunai [Level 15] (which are made from carrion worm fangs), inflict very minimal damage. Thus, rangers can sometimes benefit more from using offensive runes, like the other vocations.
                More advanced seconds however surpass the regular runes as they inflict greater damage and can also hit multiple targets. Seconds such as the demon horn kunai [Level 80] also inflict life-drain damage on its targets. So called end-game kunai deal significant damage and it is common phenomenon that notable majority of rangers’ damage come from their kunai rather than their lances.

Rangers have the regular spell arsenal such as the light healing [Level 8] and the intense healing [Level 20]. Rangers, as the guardians of the Seven, and fighters of the good, have access to so-called ruthless healing, which damages enemies at the close-range. Exura mort [Level 40] andexura gran mort [Level 120] heal rangers while also damaging (life drain) creatures within the range of one and two squares respectively. It is however noteworthy that the healing intensity scales with the damage inflicted by the same spell. In addition to these healing spells, rangers can also cure poison, bleeding, and curse.
                In the offensive sector rangers mostly utilize the conjured kunai: exevo ico hur [Level 35 – Conjure Ranger Kunai] and exevo gran ico hur [Level 80 – Conjure High Kunai] can be used to conjure physical-damage-inflicting kunai (richer players may want to buy them directly from the shopkeepers), while exevo ico mort [Level 100 – Conjure Spectral Kunai], exevo max ico hur [Level 120 – Conjure Master Ranger Kunai] and exevo gran ico mort [Level 150 – Conjure Death’nai] can be used to conjure the deadliest of rangers’ weapons that also inflict life drain damage. Rangers are rather introverted society and the stronger spells are only admitted to those with high enough reputation within the guild. The higher-ranking members (promoted) are also known as the High Rangers, or the “awaken”.
                Outside the conjuration spells, rangers have a few direct offensive spells at their hands. Rangers can cast curse and inflict bleeding to a direct target. More immediate damage can be inflicted by exori moe mort [Blood Strike – Level 45], which damages enemies within the range of two squares with physical damage, while exori gran moe mort [Great Blood Strike – Level 95] deals half of the damage as life drain, while also covering a greater area.

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marcosm Jul 13 '21, 12:07AM

Valiryas (Gladera)

Part 1

New vocation: Engineer

Lore: Beneath the town of Rathleton, there are the ruins of a civilization built and powered by science and engineering. Some say that their accesses were sealed because of their evil and dangerous origin, but the truth is that what they really wanted to hide was an emerging growth of laws of physics, chemistry and science, documented in vast libraries, that explained in a rational way what they we know as "magic." The authorities could not allow this truth to come to light, and they used all their power to seal them off. But there were survivors, engineers who seek to recover that knowledge, rejecting magic, increasing their ranks little by little, under the secret tutelage of someone Settled on Oramond sewers.


-Explosives and short ranged gunpowdered based weapons makes engineers greatest DPS among vocations

-Distraction maneuvers that allow to escape dangerous situations

-Damage-absorption-based equipment, which maximize defense

-Maximum capacity to bring equipment and loot due their special storage equipment which maximizes item weight balance.


-Equipment requires regular maintenance to avoid them to get broken (with no defensive effects at all)

-Costs of maintaining equipment can be high for certain items

-Explosive-based attacks deal friendly damage, so positioning for controlled explosion is key for solo and team hunts

-As Engineers don’t cast magic, their healing is based entirely on health potions, and chemistry-altered potions with longer cooldowns

-Engineers cannot cast death or holy damage on any way

Advancement and regeneration:

Engineers gain per level:

-35oz capacity

-15 hitpoints


Engineering (Same advance rate than magic level)

Fist fighting (this skill prevent a % of setback damage from explosives)

Engineers can train their skill on labs across Tibia as other vocations do on trainers


Can upgrade to Specialized Engineer at level 20 at Oramond sewers


Name: Steady aiming

Level req: 12

Group: Attack

Effect: Use your gun to steady aim at weak points from the enemy, dealing a higher amount of damage than base attack

Cooldown: 4s

Name: Distraction spark

Level req: 25

Group: Support

Effect: Draw the enemies attention away from the caster for 2 seconds. 

Cooldown: 30s

Name: Electrified wire

Level req: 45

Group: Support/Attack

Effect: Set a 6 sqm wire on the ground, enemies stepping on them will be dealt energy damage plus a high chance of paralyze effect 

Cooldown: 12s

Name: Plant Claymore

Level req: 55

Group: Attack

Effect: Plant a claymore that will explode if any mob-player step on the 3 sqm (front, left and right from where its pointing), dealing physical+fire damage

Cooldown: 4s

Name: Sticky bomb

Level req: 60

Group: Attack

Effect: Sticks a bomb to an enemy that after 3 seconds deals physical+fire damage to the 8 sqm around the affected enemy. This can also deal damage to the caster.

Name: Armor protocol

Level req: 75

Group: Support

Effect: Increase damage absorption by 75% for 6 seconds

Cooldown: 20s

Name: Chained Explosion

Level req: 90

Group: Attack

Effect: A 4 sqm wide wave that will start right in front of the direction the engineer is pointing to, and continue with successive waves (2 waves per turn) decreasing damage as it goes far away from the caster. 

Cooldown: 8s


Level req: 100

Group: Attack

Effect: A bomb that deal 9 sqm of ice damage, with a slow chance of freezing enemies 

Cooldown: 8s

Name: Smoke Bomb

Level req: 100

Group: Support/attack

Effect: A 9sqm bomb that confuses enemies, changing their target with a high chance of attacking another monster for 4 seconds

Cooldown: 30s

Name: Something from nothing

Level req: 100

Group: Support

Effect: Engineer uses a compressor device that creates 100 bullets from the environment. Depending on the environment, it can create:

-Sand bullets

-Ice bullets

-Magma bullets

-Dirt bullets

-Soil bullets

Cooldown: 120s

Name: Stun grenade

Level req: 120

Group: Support

Effect: Grenade that will cause enemies to stop attacking the caster and nearby players for 4 seconds

Cooldown: 120s

Name: Ornithopter attack

Level req: 150

Group: Attack

Effect: Send a mini-flying device that will slowly find selected target and dealing a massive amount of single target damage

Cooldown: 4s

Name: Armor Cage

Level req: 150

Group: Support

Effect: Covers a friendly with an Armor cage that will absorb 70% of their full hp bar, and deflect enemies back attack by 4%.

Cooldown: 60s

Name: “Summon Familiar”

Level req: 200

Group: Support

Effect: Engineer will activate its robotical companion, that will deal energy and poison damage. It will last 900s (if not destroyed)

Cooldown: 1800s

Name: Double barrel

Level req: 220

Group: Attack

Effect: Attaches the double barrel perk to the engineer shotgun, increasing damage for 50% for 10s. Range: 3sqm. No other support abilities can be casted during this

Cooldown: 10s

Name: Enhanced Sticky bomb

Level req: 240

Group: Attack

Effect: Same that sticky bomb ability. The enhanced version will deal more damage in a radius of 3 sqm. Caster can be dealt damage with this effect

Name: Radioactive bomb 

Level req: 250

Group: Support/Attack

Effect: Cast a bomb with effect 85sqm around the caster, dealing massive poison damage once and add a damage over time effect on mobs, casters and players that will hit 100dmg during 10 seconds

Cooldown: 40s

Name: Ultimate exo-armor

Level req: 300

Group: Support/Attack

Effect: For 6 seconds, the caster will absorb 80% and deflect 20% enemy damage. Also it will cast fire and physical damage on a radius of 3 sqm twice each 3 seconds. Caster cannot move during this effect

Cooldown: 150s

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marcosm Jul 13 '21, 12:10AM
Valiryas (Gladera)

Part 2

Weapons and equipment examples:
Weapons: All non-explosive engineering weapon can be loaded with a variety of different bullets



It weighs 55oz

Has a range of 6 sqm

Calibrated Revolver


it weighs 50oz

Has a range of 8 sqm

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 30 or higher.



it weighs 110oz

Has a range of 4 sqm

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 45 or higher.

Balanced Shotgun


it weighs 100oz

(Range:5, Atk+2, Hit%+3). If fired from next to the monster, it will deal 40% damage to the 2 closer enemies as well

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 60 or higher.

Engineering Certified Shotgun

It’s a carefully built weapon, in the pursuit of the perfect gun


it weighs 95oz

(Range:5, Atk+4, Hit%+4) If fired from next to the monster, it will deal 40% damage to the 4 closer enemies as well

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 90 or higher.

Rustic Shotgun

This weapon blueprint was found beneath a landslide area on Oramond sewers. It was not certified by any degree engineer.


it weighs 130oz

(Range:6, Atk+4, Hit%+8) If fired from closer distance, the damage has a chance of dealing +240 fire damage to 4 enemies around target.It also can hurt the user on the setback

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 120 or higher.

Perfected Carbon Shotgun

Light materials and millimetric balance, has a safety certificate from Edron science academy


It weighs 85oz

(Range:7, Atk+5 Hit%+5). If fired from closer distance, it will fire damage 50% to all mobs around the target.

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 200 or higher.

Soulgun(Atk:8 physical + 60 fire, Def:45, Engineering +5, (Range:7, Atk+7, Hit%+6) critical hit chance 10%, critical extra damage +12%) 

Only obtainable by Bag you desire.

It weighs 110ozIt can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 400 or higher.

Equipment examples:

Insulating polymer armor

Arm: 18 (Protection fire +12%, ice +4%, Engineering +2)

Durability 4 hours.

It weighs 120oz

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 250 or higher.

Resistant Metal Alloy helmet

Arm: 12 (Protection physical +3% earth -3%, Engineering +1) (Empty slot, empty slot)

it weighs 90oz

Durability 4 hours

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 130 or higher

Polished Aluminium legs

Arm: 9 (Protection ice +4% fire -4%, Engineering +2) (Empty Slot)

it weighs 78oz

Durability 4 hours

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 130 or higher.

Kinetic energy propulsed boots

A fine piece of technology created by the most ambitious engineers

Arm: 6 (Speed +30, underwater movement +15)

Durability 10 hours

It weighs 90oz

It can only be wielded properly by engineers of level 180 or higher.


Potions: same as Knights

Instead of runes, engineers combined attacks relies on explosives. They rely elemental damage on their abilities explained above
Hand grenade: It shoots a fire+physical attack that covers a small circular area around objectiveIt can only be wielded properly by Engineers level 20 or higher.

Great fire explosive: It shoots a fire+physical attack that covers a medium circular area around objectiveIt can only be wielded properly by Engineers level 80 or higher.

Ultimate fire explosive: It shoots a fire+physical attack that covers a large circular area around objectiveIt can only be wielded properly by Engineers level 150 or higher.

Dynamite: It explodes after 2 turns dealing massive physical damage. It can deal damage to the caster.

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Tarr Jul 13 '21, 05:18AM

Character: Rey Knight

World: Pacera

Alura’s Vicar


They intended to erase Alura from history due to her great contained power. Fardos, Uman, and Zathroth feared greatly. Tibiasula knew that she would soon be killed and kept her power in a single point. Alura, the goddess of the moon, woke up and created herself in a great tremor around the cosmos. The gods tried to find her, but Alura was in a Void Capsule that repelled all kinds of power, even from the first gods. The gods found her and kept her to  be a servant.>>

 Suddenly the memories of Tibiasula appears and she exploded into an infinitesimal point of energy, seeding her vitality in every corner of the universe. The Druids picked up  this cosmic roar and hid it from  king Xenom. Elorana received this spark from the Druids to destroy Xenom and save Carlin. Now Alura lives inside her and trained her new alura’s vicar militia.


About the vocation (Brief):

Before promoted: Alura’s vicar.

After promoted( at level 35): you can choose between three promotion:

Alura’s doom(yellow moon): ATTACK

Chaotic Bringer(purple moon): MAGIC ATTACK

Alura’s lament(blue moon): SUPPORT/ATTACK

Health Points: depending on wich promotion you choose.

Mana Points: depeding on wich promotion you choose.

Capacity: depending on wich promotion you choose.

**This vocation has the ability to use rather a meele or distance weapon. The alura’s doom has the posibility to use dual weapons by doing a special quest**


*    Magic level is combined with the skills you want to choose  (axe, sword, mace, distance or fist on the purple and and blue moon)

* All three promotion has the ability to use runes depending on his magic level.

*  +2 stats in every skill during night and -1 when its day or natural light


·      Due the origin of this vocation, has the ability to change Elementary properties in his equip or weapons by doing a special quest.

Example for Spells:

-        Exe lunari(Force strike) YELLOW MOON

-        Caelo extremis(Desintegration) PURPLE MOON

-        Luna extremis con(Tear arrows) ALL THREE PROMOTIONS

-        Luna vita mas(Alura’s healing divine) BLUEE MOON

-        Caelo dom extremis(Final sight from the divine) PURPLE MOON

Example for quest(ALL PROMOTIONS):

-        250+ Tragic Tears of the origin(by doing this quest you must sacrifice 5 levels in order to get a massive power up during the full moon)

-        150+ Under the arms of Alura (by doing this quest you have the ability to charge a cape to bring the darkness of night upon you, but you must charged when its empty)

-        50+ By the two of my arms! (by doing this quest, you have the ability to use dual weapons. For example, two swords, two maces or two axes)

-        75+ I know my power! (by doing this quest, you have the ability to combine dual weapons. For example one sword and one axe or one axe and one mace)

-        350+ Alura resides on me (by doing this quest, you can bring the night on a place that is under the sky for a momento draining life from you but giving you extra power)

Example for weapos and equip(depending on the promotion)


Helme/Hat:  Selene crystal

Armor/Robe: Chaotic void carbon


Legs: Plated night


Boots: Selene cristal

Rings and amulets: Tibiasula’s tears

Depending on wich promotion you choose the extra characteristics will improve some of your skills and stats.


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