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Nyamia Mar 31 '21, 08:31PM

(It didn't seem to work the first time I posted?)

Character: Nyamia

World: Vunira


The rumours about Lake Amros are yet to be solved. Many brave adventurers have entered the Jakundaf desert trying to figure it out. Some perished, some flourished. Whoever ended up on Lake Amros, most likely, died a tragic death and is yet to be discovered. How could he get on, but not off the island in the middle? It must have something to do with the ability to cross the water, but what’s the secret? Do you swim, elevate the surface or simply walk over the water? With the help of some specialists and the Gods you can give the deceased on Lake Amros a proper burial.


-          - A shovel (or equivalent)

-          - A rope (or equivalent)

-          - 1 lock pick

-          - 1 crowbar (or equivalent)

-          - 32 small sapphires

-          - 1 fishing rod

-          - In service of Yalahar quest up until mission 2

-          - 500 oz. capacity later in the quest

-          - Travel money

1. Lake Amros

Travel to the library within the Jakundaf Desert. You will need key 4009 to open the door in case someone left it locked. Go to the far north-west bookcase and retrieve the book about Lake Amros.

2. Finding Othmor

Take the book to a Bearded Woman east of Northport in The Cave. He might be able to tell you more about the Othmor and a certain hidden treasure.

3. Finding Tibiantis

In the library of Carlin you can find more information about Tibiantis. One book speaking of the tale of Tibiantis sinking and one about the possible whereabouts of the city.

4. Sunken tail

1.       Travel to Yalahar and make your way to the sunken quarter. Ask the shipper Tarak about the sunken quarter and the hidden treasure.

       5. Final resting place

        When you head over to the Isle of Kings, talk to Costello the monk. He will tell you about Othmor’s grave. Go down the crypt and look for Othmor’s grave. Use a lock pick on the gate to access the grave. In the chests you will find a map and a key.

You see a treasure map.

It weighs 4.30 oz.

It shows Tibiantis and two red crosses in the north-east and north on the map.


You see a trunk key.

It weighs 1.00 oz.

Be aware: After breaking into a grave of the royal family Captain Jack won’t sail you back to Tibia unless you pay 100k gold and promise to return the items to the grave. Don’t agree to pay with them items in your backpack! You will lose the map and the key. Either put the items on the ground when you pay or take the dungeons to return to Tibia.>>

6. Fitting the key

Travel to Liberty Bay and find the trunk on the top floor of the warehouse south-west of the depot.

The reward of the trunk are a parchment, a book, a bag with a few gems and a statue of Bastesh.

You see a Statue of Bastesh.

It weighs 15.90 oz.

Her beauty was touched by Fafnar, but you can see the beauty that once was.

Content of Parchment

During my traveling north of Carlin I encountered a wizard who claimed he could raise the sea bed. But maybe he just tried to lure me into a trap… Because as soon as he showed me his hide-out east of Northport he disappeared into thin air. And I was surrounded by pirates who took me as a prisoner.

I managed to talk myself out of the jail by telling them about a hidden treasure. Luckily they weren’t the brightest bunch, so I managed to make a run for it when they let me out of the cave. I took the boat north of the port of Northport and made my way to Yalahar. Maybe raising the city isn’t the way to go. I should just dive and see if I can locate the hidden treasure. I’ll take the map with me with possible locations. I’ll make sure this trunk will be shipped to the warehouse in Liberty Bay for safekeeping until I’m back.>>

Content of book

Tibiantis water research

According to research dry ice will cause bubbles under water. Also will extremely cold steel become brittle and break. All you need is a object which you can use as a lever to break the steel. Just make sure you are favoured by the seagods before messing with their elements. To please the seagods you will have to sacrifice 32 gems.

Recent research shows that we have managed to get some controle over the surface of water. We created boots that allow you to cross a narrow watersurface. Strange enough, ever since this discovery there have been a lot more storms. The seagods don’t seem to be pleased. We hid the boots just outside of the city and told the Gods the boots were destroyed. Unfortunately people started talking to look for the boots again. Will it anger the seagods again if they find the boots?

7. Please the seagods

Bring the statue of Bastesh with you to the following missions.

Go to the sunken quarter, don’t forget to bring a fishing rod, helmet of the deep, the statue of Bastesh, 32 small sapphires and the map from Othmor’s grave. Go down to the main floor of the sunken quarter and make your way to the north gate. Use your crowbar on the gate. A message will appear.

Whenever you try to place the crowbar a strong current prevents the crowbar from reaching the gate. It seems you haven’t pleased the seagods yet.

When you enter the destroyed building east of the north gate, you see a picture of a seagod on one of the remaining walls. Use the statue of Bastesh on the wall. The text of the statue will change and your 32 small sapphires are gone.

You see a Statue of Bastesh.

It weighs 15.90 oz.

Her beauty was touched by Fafnar, but you can see the beauty that once was. Bastesh was pleased with [players]’s sacrifice.

8. Put in some weight

Now being blessed by the seagods you return to the gate in the north. You use the crowbar on the gat and a message will appear.

You can’t seem to put enough weight on the crowbar to crack the gate. Find something heavy to push the end of the crowbar down.

You will need to go to the north-east. There you find a graveyard tucked away. Use the middle grave. Make sure you have 500 oz. capacity. Else you can’t take the gravestone.

9. Squeeze through

Go back to the north gate. Use the crowbar on the gate. The gravestone will disappear from your backpack. A message will appear as you are teleported to the other side of the gate.

The gravestone cracks just as you manage to break a bar from the gate. You manage to squeeze through the small opening in the gate.

Walk north and enter the building to the west. Go up one floor. In the north you see a chest hidden some skulls. Open the chest.

Your reward: Boots of waterwalking.

You see boots of waterwalking.

It weighs 7.70 oz.

(This item has 2 charges left).

10. Stand your ground

As you jump down the stairs a raid will be spawned after you collected your reward. If you are with a team, your team has to jump down within 1 minute or the raid will spawn twice.

Kill the sea serpents, massive water elementals, quara’s and crabs. After 3 waves The Spirit of Bastesh will spawn. After you killed the boss, quickly use a fishing rod on the body. The first time you kill the boss, you will always loot a Spirit of the sea. You can’t loot it twice on the same character.

Once you have taken the item and pass through the gate, you won’t be able to pass through the gate again.>>

You see a Spirit of the Sea.

It weighs 0.70 oz.

You do not know what it does.

11. The art of walking on water

Make sure to bring the Statue of Bastesh with you. Travel to the Jakundaf desert and go to the east of Lake Amros. Put your boots of waterwalking on and pass the most narrow part of the shallow water.

       Open the body. You will find a scroll and a book.

       You see a scroll.

        It weighs 0.20 oz.

       It contains the secrets of charging waterboots.

       Content of the book

       I was asked by a specialist of Ankrahmun to teach him how to walk on water. He wanted to controle all elements, especially the element of water. So I invited him to Lake Amros to practise the art with him. I put on my boots of waterwalking and showed him how it's done. It was such a hot day, I decided to carry him over the water so I could sit under the palmtree and enjoy the shadow and a sly breeze. I gave him my boots of waterwalking. The first few steps he tried were a disaster, I once had to drag him out of the water. As I can't swim, I basically dared to my getting him out, trying to stay on dry land. So once he got the hang of it he walked to the other side. He took the boots off, he thanked me and just took off! Just like that. Leaving me here at the middle of Lake Amros. Little does the fool know boots of waterwalking don't last forever. You need to recharge them every now and then. You don't just need to know how to, but you also need the statue of the water Godess Bastesh. I hope he drowns somewhere on open sea, just what he deserves. For now, I'll just wait here for someone to come and rescue me. They have to miss me at some point right?

        When you use the scroll the scroll disappears.and you receive an achievement.

        Congratulations! You earned the achievement "The walk of Bastesh".

        When you look at your statue of Bastesh the text has now changed for the final time.

You see a Statue of Bastesh.

It weighs 15.90 oz.

Her beauty was touched by Fafnar, but you can see the beauty that once was. Bastesh was pleased with [players]’s sacrifice and now let's you charge your boots of wasterwalking.

You can now charge your boots of waterwalking to 10 charges by using the statue on your boots and get off the island.

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Meadek Mar 31 '21, 08:42PM

Character: Meadek

World: Nefera


Level:  Recomended 80+

Quest needed Helmet of the ancients complete

Items needed:  Demonic Essence, Magic Sulphur, Vial of Blood, Crown Armor, Dragon Shield, Devil Helmet, Giant Sword, White pearl, Black Pearl, Small Ruby, Small Emerald.


In the Serpentine Tower library  we find some curious research papers, all of them with failed attempts at experiments that were carried out. Each of these documents have some strange numerical and letter codes at the beginning. What do they really mean?

One of these documents draws our attention, which is an investigation that was forbidden by the Pharaoh. In addition, this document is crossed out in some keywords, which appear to have important information to discover what really happened or is happening in this place.

Without rushing to draw conclusions, we proceed to go down to the experimentation laboratory. There we found another research paper on the table. This document tells us about the results of the  “Divination Spell”, to specify the gender of an unborn child. With the knowledge acquired over the years in the history of Tibia, we know that this spell corresponds to the innate ability of the Teshial elves, who once inhabited the lands of Tibia.

                                                                                    Elves - Serpentine Tower, what’s the relation between this?

But before we dig into this story, we check out a suspicious drawer found in the corner of the lab. Inside this drawer, another research paper is apparently hidden from the public. This research paper tells us about a spell to see in the dark, so as not to be interrupted by an unwanted presence. Also many explorer say that you can hear creatures noises behind the walls!
What’s it’s going on here?

Let’s find it out!


The pharaoh has decided to ban one of the investigations to the scientists of this place, but nevertheless, they continue trying to secretly reproduce that spell. This would explain why the research paper "Cat-eye spell" is hidden in the drawer of the laboratory. 

It’s for this very reason that behind these walls some creatures can hide as some adventurers have previously reported. Since if Pharaoh visits this place again, he would only see walls. Therefore, there must be mechanisms that are capable of opening these walls to discover the secrets behind this tower.

So our first mission is to think outside the box. 

To discover the secrets behind an experimentation laboratory, we must act like a true scientist. In this way, analyze the forbidden spell document in detail. This research paper tell something about the plasma leak in one of his attempts, from which we can deduce that it is an experiment related to blood.

For this we must delve into our knowledge of the game and the books that we have read so far. Thus we take as a reference the book “Shadows of Vampire”, which gives us the information about the spell they were trying to do in this place. 

By this way, complete the crossed out words in research paper 88-04 F, which would look like this:

Save this information, and now return to the experimentation laboratory. We see a pot of water that would fit perfectly in the campfire. Move it to the campfire and now we are able to enter the only room without light in the tower. 

We immediately realize that this place is the one referred to in the research paper “cat-eye spell” it’s here where the scientist have been working behind the Pharaoh’s back.

Inside we find a White Pearl and other objects that seem to be items for the realization of rituals.

As the place is very dark, we decided to try to light a torch hidden behind the furniture in this room, and by surprise we realized that it was a secret mechanism that opens one of the walls of the basement, releasing a Fire Elemental.


Now we begin to reproduce the spells forbidden by the Pharaoh. With the help of the Fire Elemental, set fire to the tiles marked on the floor. Now pull the lever that was behind the wall and open the Magic Wall that opens the way to the trapped Green Djinn.

Take the White Pearl that can be found in the dark room, and imitating the rituals in Drefia, we put the following gems in the Basins:

We enter the Djinn’s room, which is there to fulfill 3 wishes. Therefore, killing him would only ruin your quest.



Now our wishes that the Djinn has to grant you are:

1. Free your “Akh”, which would be to leave your physical body

2. Free your “Uthun”, which would be forgetting your memory

3. Free your “Rah”, which would be burning ourselves to free your soul

The Djinn, hear your prayers and proceed to:

1. Transforms you into a rat (frees your physical body)

2. He makes you drunk (you lose your memory)

3. He burns you (sets your soul free)

Only when you are in these 3 states,  put on your Helmet of the Ancient enchanted with a small ruby and pull the lever.


Suddenly, we appear in a strange but beautiful place, full of trees and warm lights. In the middle we see a long path, where at the end a woman dressed in white awaits us. 

She is a beautiful elf, surrounded by a glittering aura. 

Never before in your life have you seen so much beauty in someone and you are even a little shaky because she seems so powerful.

Player: Hi

Priyla: You finally here, player. I never imagined that a human would be the one chosen to fulfill this mission until I saw you in my dreams, many years ago. Now I am very happy that this day has finally arrived. I hope you are ready for the mission that destiny has given you.

Player: Name

Priyla: Oh dear, sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Priyla, the daughter of the stars, mystery and magic. I’m one of the seven celestial paladins, but it is not worth going into more details, you would not understand anyways. The only thing you need to know, is how to complete your mission.

Player: Mission

Priyla: An ancient legion formed in Corpse War has deceived and corrupted one of my elven sisters, through dark rituals. This legion has several names, but is generally known as Shiron’fal or Legion of Slaughter. It was an alliance formed by various races in order to create a war against the Gods of Tibia themselves

Priyla: They have turned my sister and other powerful entities into guardians of ancient temples, transforming them into undead creatures. I need you to find my sister and release her from her undead state and return her to a celestial being. Are you ready to fulfill this mission?

Player: Yes

Priyla: I knew you would accept. Now I will give you two potions that I've created with my power during this time to carry out this mission. You must first find the Inner Sanctum somewhere in the Ankrahmun desert. There will be a wall sealed by magic, but with a physical dematerialization potion, you will be able to cross the wall without having to open it.

Priyla: Then you will meet Nera, my sister. She will probably look hideous, but don't be afraid. His powers haven’t been preserved so it shouldn’t be a big deal for you. I need you to use this magical elven potion on his body once you kill her. Don't worry, the cure potion that I will give you will bring her back to life and she will give you the instructions to follow to stop the evil plans.

Priyla: Once you finish the mission that she will give you, return to me. I will give you access to this place, you just have to touch the sacred tree that my elven brothers have built in the vicinity of Mount Sternum. I wish you luck, dear player. May Crunor light your way.

Priyla will gives you 2 potions:

Flask of Hallucinogen.gif 

You see a potion of physical dematerialization. 

It weighs 1.00 oz. 

It can only be used once.

Sweet Mangonaise Elixir.gif

You see a magical elven potion.

It weighs 0.40 oz.

It only works on elves.

Accept her mission and she will teleports you to Ab'Dendriel temple.


Now go to the north side of Ankrahmun desert, there you will find a large sealed wall. 

Use your physical dematerialization potion and go through the walls. 

Now entered the teleport and you will arrive at Jakundaf Desert.

There you gonna appear next to a trapped banshee.

Kill the Banshee and use the magical elven potion on her corpse.

This way the dead body disappears and another elven NPC appears from it.  

Now talk to the NPC Nera:

Player: Hi

Nera: Finally...Thank you for bringing me back to my celestial state, dear player.

Player: Mission

Nera: I guess Priyla sent you to save me. Well listen... Some alliances that have been formed in the past has spread and created dark cults through the world of Tibia. I need you to finish the ritual to create the cure for the undeads. In this way, we can delay the evil plans that are coming. Do you accept this mission?

Player: Yes

Nera: Great!. So now, head to Ankrahmun and find the unholy place of experimentation, try to find the clues on how to create a potion for the symptoms of undead. Also, pull this lever next to me before you leave, It will open a sealed wall in that laboratory.

Nera: I warn you that you have to be very careful, some rituals could bring into our plane of existence powerful creatures that you will have to defeat. Unfortunately, I've lost strenght and I cannot help you in this matter. I can only wish you luck and let Crunor guide your way.

Accept the mission and then pull the lever next to Nera and enter the teleport.

You will appear outside the walls in Ankrahmun desert again. 

Go quickly to Serpentine Tower again, this time, the Vampire wall has opened and the Vampire is free. 


Now we return to the information that we deciphered from the research paper 88-04 F and proceed to do the first part of the ritual.

Now we distill the blood of the undead.
So quickly kill the vampire and push his corpse to the experimentation room and put blood in the pot along with the vampire corpse. 

Now we go down to the basement again, we pull the vampire’s lever and a NPC will appear inside the locked door.

Player: Hi

A Ghost Scientist: Ahh... the eternal suffering...

Player: Name

A Ghost Scientist: My...name? I can't even remember...my name. It has been...so many years, since me... and 2 other mages... died in the process....

Player: Process

A Ghost Scientist: An attempt to summon... the son of evil... to stole...the undead spell... so we can free ourselves...from this eternal suffering. The son of our beloved Pharaoh... went totally mad... There is only one option left... and your mission should be... to help us... and help all the people.... of Ankrahmun.

Player: Mission

A Ghost Scientist: I can't remember... the mechanisms we made... I can only give you... the key to this room. Just... finish what we couldn't. For now... I have no more time... on this plane of existance...

                                                            - Suddenly the NPC disappear, and you get a key in your backpack -

Chayenne's Magical Key.gif

You see an old key.

It weighs 0.40 oz

Its shape and colours seems like a scarab.  

As a good explorer, you realize that the meaning of the shape of this key  is "scarabs are the key"
Not that hard right?

So go inside the room and use the scarab ornament, and the wall of the behemoth will open.

Kill the behemoth and pull the lever, the rock will break and a teleport will appear.



Once you enter the teleport, you will appear behind the walls of Shadowthorn.

There you will find interesting books talking about Teshials and their fate building a city made of dreams, which houses a prison of evil creatures.

Also you can read some books about the Elves castes called Kuridai, who lives in Shadowthorn and practice dark rituals.

Now open the chest and drawer in the room, and you will get the following items:

Now, click on the stamped letter and you will read this:

With this information, go though the teleport on the left side of the room. 

You will be teleported back to the main room of Serpentine Tower.


In this last step you will need all 4 vocations: Sorcerer, Druid, Pladin, Knight.

Everyone needs to have all the missions completed. 

Also you have to wait until a demonic invasion of any boss appear in Tibia. Could be Orshabaal, Ghazbaran or Morgaroth.

So we highly recomend to advance meanwhile all the previous mission, and be ready when the necessary negative energy gathers in the world of Tibia.

-Once this happen, put the pot whit blood, 2 skulls, a carrot, a moudly cheese , a demonic essence and a Magic Sulphur in the campfire. 

-In the altar place the “Mehrah Asram” book, which can be found in the Library and some leaves.

-And then place the 4 items that you exchange with Big Ben in the basins.

(Giant Sword, Dragon Shield, Crown Armor, Devil Helmet).

-The Sorcerer must stay in the Djinn’s room in Serpentine Tower, (Here only sorcerers can learn magic)

-The Druid must go to the highest point of the temple of Ankrahmun. (Here only Druids can learn magic)

-The Paladin and Knight must be located on the arena switches, and place a Holy Scarab in each basin and stay next to the basin. (Here, knights and Pladins can learn magic)

Once ready, the Sorcerer must pull the lever.

The Druid must pass through the flame of the temple and the 4 vocations will be teleported into the final room.


In this room the 4 vocations must face the final boss: Gha'zuul

This necromancer has built up a lot of strength over time, so be careful. 

Gha'zuul has the ability to summon Demons and Efreets.

Take your shield and be ready to face the son of evil!

Blood Priest.gif

If you succeeds in defeating Gha’zuul, he will give each player a potion to revitalize the symptom of undeath.
Also you will get the archivment: "undead slayer"

Once you take it from his corpse, head to the elven camp near Mount Sternum


Go to the north side of Mount Sternum and find the elven camp

Now you can use the holy tree by clicking on it. 

You will be teleported back to Pryila.
Now walk by the path to talk to Pryila and report your mission.

Player: Hi

Pryila: Nice to see you again, player. How can I help you?

Player: Mission

Pryila: So you recovered Nera from his undead state and performed the ritual to get the potion to revitalize the undead symptoms?

Player: Yes

Pryila: Thank you very much, player. Now I will send some elves to clean the unholy places in the lands of Tibia. Though, I'm not sure if this will end the evil plans of the legion. But for sure, it will help for now.

Pryila: For your courage and faith, I will give you the option to buy some magical items from me, every time you want. In addition, I give you the option to choose one of the three rewards that you can find to the right of this room. Choose wisely!

Now you are able to trade with Pryila. She sell some magical potions, amulets and decorative items.

Also, you can choose one of these 3 rewards:

Elvenhair Rope.gif

You see some golden hair from Pryila.

It weighs 0.01 oz

It is a priceless treasure. 

Eagle Shield.gif

You see an eagle shield (Def:32)

It weighs 62.00 oz

Heavily Bound Book.gif

You see a math book.

It weighs 4.69 oz


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miker96 Mar 31 '21, 09:28PM
Legend of The Big Old One Quest (Basilisk Quest)


Name: Mikolaj

Server: Premia

Level Requirement: 300

Items and access requirements:


-The Counterspell

-Sea of Light Quest

-Royal Rescue Quest

-The New Frontier Quest

-Unnatural Selection Quest

-Children of the Revolution Quest

-The Hidden City of Beregar Quest

-Kilmaresh Quest


-20 Iron Bars

-30 Yakisugi piece of wood

-5 Dragon Hunter Lances

Difficulty: Hard


-Possibility to reforge one dwarven item.

Reforged dwarven items:

Dwarven armor => Reforged dwarven armor (Arm:15, protection physical +8%).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot, Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 300 or higher.

Dwarven helmet => Reforged dwarven helmet (Arm:10, protection physical +6%, protection fire +5%).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 300 or higher.

Dwarven legs => Reforged dwarven legs (Arm:10, protection physical +8%, protection holy +8%). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 300 or higher.

Dwarven shield => Reforged dwarven shield (Def:40, protection physical +5%).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 300 or higher.

Achievements: "Speaking snakes" & "The Big Old One saviour"

Description: Sipping delicious ale in the dwarven tavern in the evening, you heard the story of a mythical fire serpent haunting the mines near Kazordoon. Learn the legends of the dwarven city and help the ancient creature break out of prison.

Chapter I

We start the mission in the Kazordoon tavern. When we enter it in the evening, our Questlog will be updated. NPC Torharn appears there during the night hours. He is the ex-guard of Dwacatra, a prison-island surrounded by lava. He was retired from service due to his constant muttering about the fiery serpent. The NPC will talk to us only when we have two "mug of beer" in our inventory, and we start the dialogue by asking about the "fire serpent". Torharn tells us about an island with stone statues of various creatures. Their origin is unknown, but he believes it is related to the legend of the mysterious serpent. Prisoners are thrown into the island and left to their fate. However, our old guard occasionally spoke to one of the prisoners and decided to go deep into Dwacatra on his own to check rumors of these statues and the fiery serpent. After reaching the place where the statues were located, he saw a twisting form in the lava flows. The mythical snake has haunted him in nightmares ever since. He asks us to find information about the snake. We go to the Kazordoon library to find the book.

Chapter II

In the library, when we click the appropriate locker, "Wicked Stranger" appears, which causes us a sense of fear and starts to run away from us. We kill him and take the book out of the body. We have to return with the loot to the NPC in the tavern.

Chapter III

After delivering the book, in which we can read the entry of one of the miners, who was attacked together with his kinsmen. As the only survivor, he started to write down the whole incident, but by the time ... Torharn asks to check Dwacatra and the statues. When we get into prison, the statues there remind us of the petrified animals from Kilmaresh. We go to Issavi for information to NPC Alyxo and ask about "petrification". Npc says that this is a special skill of Medusas, but she heard some legends from the continent. We return to the Npc in the tavern.

Chapter IV

We give a "report" to Dwarf. He asks us to go to the island to find the snake. On the island at night we see a basilisk moving in the sea of liquid magma. We pick up and use the "special throwing stone". They are scattered all over the island. We "throw" far apart to get the snake's attention. When the snake comes ashore, we hear strange noises. We decide to withdraw and go back to Issavi to ask Npc Alyxo about the snake’s speech. For early help, Medusa gives us the „Forbidden book of snakes” in which we can learn their language. We click book 3 times at least with hourly intervals to learn the serpent's speech. After learning the snakes' speech, we get the achievement "Speaking snakes".We are going back to Dwacatra.

Chapter V

We notice the snake again and hiding behind the rocks we shout "SSSANAHSSSSSS". The Snake starts a dialogue with us by saying that he is impressed and does not intend to harm us. Basilisk tell us story of how the evil dwarves imprisoned him in a small cave from which he can leave for a short time because the spell cast on cave takes away his life-giving energy as soon as he leaves it. He asks us for help to be a free being. We agree to help him and we go to Meriana to meet Npc Chondur, who has helped us with one barrier before.

Chapter VI

We start the conversation by asking about the “life draining barrier”. The NPC tells us that this is an ancient spell that he knows very well and for our contribution to the island he will tell us for free how to break it. We need 100 vampire teeths mixed with holy water, which we will scatter in the area under the spell and we will say those words "Odd Kerae Aktaro Momba".

Chapter VII

With the collected items, we go to Dwacatra. We perform the ritual and release the snake. Basilisk thanks us for help and says that we will meet someday so he can repay us.

Chapter VIII

When we want to visit Kazordoon again, we are immediately teleported to Emperor Kruzak. The Emperor tells us the story of how Kazordoon was created and why they imprisoned the Basilisk, which is now wreaking havoc and killing the dwarves and other creatures around The Big Old One. Emprer Kruzak begs us for help, otherwise we will banish us from Kazordoon, but if we decide to help him, he will allow us to use a special Dwarven forge. Of course, we agree to help. Emperor sends us to the dwarves who have their underground city under the island called Fenrock. To help us make a special weapon to defeat the Basilisk.

Chapter IX

In Beregar, we talk to the NPC Emperor Rehal about helping Kazordoon. He sends us to his best engineer to help us create a lethal monster weapon that will save Kazordoon. The NPC sends us for materials without thinking. We need to bring 20 Iron bars from Kazordoon, which we will get from the Emperor himself. 30 Yakisagi wood planks from Zao bought from NPC Cael and 5 dragon hunter lance bought from Npc Walter Jaeger in Thais. After bringing the materials, we wait 3 Tibia days for the Beregar dwarves to finish building the Ironforged Ballist. We return to Kazordoon to notify the Emperor Kruzak.

Chapter X

We start the conversation with the Emperor with the words "ironforged ballist". The Emperor suggests setting a snake trap in Dwacatra. Imperial Dwarf Geomancers will then take care of the barrier around the island so that the snake cannot escape into the sea of lava. We agree and as soon as we are ready we go to the island.

Chapter XI

We go to the prison island with the prepared ballist, now we have to call the basilisk in the form of a group of guards who will lure him into the middle of Dwacatra. On the island, we will have to run away from the snake and hide behind the rocks to lose the level of petrification. When petrification reaches level 10, we will turn into the stone and automatically die and the mission will be failed. When the basilisk is in the ballista's field of view, you must shoot the previously loaded Dragon Hunter Lance straight at it. We have to repeat this 5 times to slay the mythical fire serpent. After winning the battle, we go to the Emperor. 

Chapter XII

During the conversation, the Emperor does not hide his grudge, however, for our merits, he allows us to forge one part of the dwarves equipment again, after the dialogue is over, we get the Achievement "The Big Old One savior". At NPC Mudbeard Grimm near depot forge we choose our reward. 
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Name: Griggi / World: Belobra


Legend: Pharaoh's followers prepare for they ascension. Only the chosen ones are able to obtain such power.

Mission 1: Joining

Talk to Rahkem and ask about the ritual of ascension of the ritual. He will tell you that the first step is to serve the pharaó Arkhothep. Say Join and he will ask if you wanNA join the Pharaoh's royal team so the ritual can begin. Answer Yes.

He will say that the best way to please Pharaoh is to offer him a unique gift that will make him accept you into his legion.

Go to Pythius The Rotten and ask him about his Treasures. He will say that most of his treasures were obtained from the decay of the Yalahar civilization, but that not all items are from there. And he mentions that both Holy Falcon and Native Armor are treasures that originally belonged to Ankrahmun. Ask about Native Armor and he says that he could give you it to help you to join the Pharaoh's legion, but that in return he would like some gift from Ankrahmun in return.

Return to him with a Holy Scarab and he will tell you that he will deliver the item directly to Pharaoh, to ensure that you will not steal.

Go back to Rahkem and say present. He will say that Pharaoh received his gift and that he will make an exception to you, accepting you in his select group of chosen ones.

Mission 2: The separation

Go back to Rahkem and he will say that is only able to ascend the one who destroys his inner Akh, and to be able to destroy him without taking the risk of destroying his Rah and Uthun, you must be able to separate them completely. Being a human, he says the only way to completely separate Akh is to curse his soul. He will say that in the past there was a witch named Ushu who had the recipe for the spell, but that she left the kingdom a long time ago, and the last thing she knew is that she remains alive in the confines of the Green Claw Swamp. Here, Rahkem makes reference to Ekatrix Witch, who wrote a book called "How to Curse a Soul". 

Mission 3: The recipe

With the book in hand, go to NPC Wyda and say recipe, she will say that she can create the spell to divide your interior. But in return, she would like to expand her searches with plants and asks you to take her a surprising one. Come back to her with a Yellow Rose in hand and she will say that it is the most beautiful and intriguing flower she has ever seen and that she will take a sample (Here, as well as in Chayenne's Realm Quest the item remains with you, so if you don't have one, you can borrow it from a friend just for that mission). Come back after 20 hours and she will give you a Portable Hole that disappears in 60 minutes. Go back to Ankrahmun and report the mission to Rahkem.

Mission 4: The division

Rahkem will say that the item should be used in the great initiation temple: the Serpentine Tower, at midnight with all the tower's lights off. Go to the location (on any floor) at the indicated time with all lights off and use the item. You will receive an Achievement called "Cursed Soul".

Mission 5: The personification

Now, Rahkem will say that his Akh, Rah and Uthun were personified in creatures and that everyone must be freed, but only one should die, the one who alludes to Akh. Thus, each creature in the Serpentine tower will represent a unity of its interior. The akh, connected to the physical world is represented by Behemoth, the only living creature. The Uthun, related to memories transcends time, represented by the figure of the immortal vampire. And the Rah, an essential unit for our existence as fire is for the world, is represented by the Fire Elemental. Thus, the three creatures must be released and the three levers pressed. But only Behemoth should be killed.

To release the elemental fire, you must use a torch that is on the inner wall of the tower, placing under the fire a pot filled with water, which is the weakness of the fire. To release the vampire, you must place a pot filled with blood, which is the vampire's weakness, since without it he cannot survive, and then use the torch again. Finally, to release the Behemoth a pot with poison, which is the weakness of mortal beings, must be placed under the fire, releasing the last creature.

Go down the stairs and you will find all the creatures, however the Fire Elemental and Vampire will be with life in Red. You must use the following mechanics: attack Behemoth using only individual attack rune (like Sd) until the creature dies, and use Uh on Fire Elemental and Vampire to completely fill their lives. Now, press the three levers and go back to Rahkem.

Mission 6: Death

Rahkem will say that a warrior is not able to ascend, because only those who completely overcome human existence are able to ascend. So, you must go to the altar of the ancient creatures: Scarab, and offer yourself as a sacrifice, and that, after that, you will ascend not as a human, but as an undead for all eternity. Say No and he will say that it is impossible to ascend as long as you are human.

Go to Hellgate and look for NPC A Wrinkled Bonelord and speak Ascension. He will say that he has heard of the Ankrahmun pharaohs' ritual, and that he has heard of cursed souls who were sent to Hellgate for trying to deceive death, in order for them to be able to ascend while still alive. Say Death and he will say that he does not advise you to cheat death, but to overcome it.

Now, you should get an Unstable Ring of Ending and use it until you can make it a Ring of Ending (Note that this step has your luck, it is possible that you will not die in the process or die several times. Death penalties are not compensated).

Mission 6: Ascension 

With the ring in hand, go to the altar in the Mother of Scarabs Lair and you will notice that the middle SQM, where a table used to be, has a teleport in place. Try to walk on it and you will not be able to pass. To do this, you must equip the Ring of Ending. When doing so, enter the teleport and you will be teleported to the Ankrahmun temple. Talk to Rahkem and he will tell you that you are expelled from the legion and that you are now an enemy of Pharaoh, for trying to ascend illegally. Say Scarab and he will say that even though the ancestral creatures allowed you to ascend while still alive, it is impermissible for their religion that you ascend.

Mission 7: Revenge

Go to the Blue Djinn Fortress or Green Djinn Fortress and talk to Jean Pierre or Ubaid, respectively (You only need to talk to one). Ask about ascension and they will say that they have heard of this terrible ritual performed by the undead and that the only thing that could help you is the help of a Djinn, who could conceive of desires, as the old rumors say, but that they cannot do it because they are busy with the war between them.

Get a Small Oil Lamp and go to the serpentine tower. There, release the Djinn who is trapped on the top floor (for this it is necessary to release only the Fire Elemental). On the top floor, DO NOT kill Green Djinn and use the Small Oil Lamp on him. He will disappear and it will transform into a Djinn's Lamp.

Mission 8: The exchange

Go back to the Blue Djinn Fortress or Green Djinn Fortress and talk to Jean Pierre or Ubaid again, with Djinn's Lamp in hand. They will say that in exchange for freeing him, Djinn will be able to fulfill three of his wishes. Say YES and use the lamp once, a message will appear saying that Djinn thanks you for your freedom by decreasing a charge of the item. Use it again and Djinn's Lamp will disappear with a Ring of Wishes in place.

Mission 9: The sacrifice

Now, you must go to the serpentine tower. As at the altar of Mother of Scarab you did not deliver any ritual, as you won death, now you must leave part of your sacrifice for it to guide you in the final clash of the ascension. So, in the Basins present in the serpentine tower, in order, you must leave: A flask with blood, a bone, a Mutated Flesh and a Soul Stone. The items represent the text on the altar of Mother of Scarab: "Oh Mother of Scarabs, show me your secrets! I offer my blood and bone, my flesh and soul to you. Feast upon my heart, drink from my skull, disclose your darkest mysteries to me."

Mission 10: The battle

After placing the items in the correct order of the basins, you must position yourself in the Sqms next to the lever in a team of up to 5 people. Only those who are carrying their Ring of Wishes will be able to enter the final room, which will lose a charge when using the lever.

Now, in the room with Boss Arkhothep. It is recommended to have level 500 or higher to face the boss. When you defeat him, you will receive an achievement called "First Human To Ascend" and your ring will lose one more charge. Upon being killed, the pharaoh will drop a Blood Orb. To leave, you should use your last charge o Ring of Whises, that will disappear.

Mission 11: The reward

To exchange the Blood Orb for your reward, get the item and a Helmet of the Ancients and go to NPC A Sweaty Cyclops. And say Blood Orb. He will say that this magical item is a ruby ​​specimen enchanted with soul and blood, generated by your sacrifice left in the serpentine tower. He will say that he believes this item is strong enough to leave Helmet of the Ancients enchanted for eternity, but, having never done such a risky thing, he believes that there is only a 1% chance of it working. Say Yes and he will ask you to come back in 20hrs.

If it worked, you will receive a Ceremonial Mask.

If it goes wrong, it will return you a Full Helmet of the Ancients lasting 30 minutes.

This quest cannot be repeated, so despite being a questable item, the Ceremonial Mask is still extremely rare.

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