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Tell Tales

Tibia is full of great items, legendary armors, divine shields, exclusive helmets as well as weapons that are not only lethal but wonderful, these items that mostly have some curious history about them. ...

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Umbra Mar 10 '21, 07:35AM

For years many Tibia mysteries have remained dormant and unsolved, perhaps talking to a specific NPC? Use any special items? Defeat that unpretentious creature? Or maybe some lever went unnoticed?

From an early age Tibians are faced with great mysteries, right on dear Rookgaard we already find an extremely intriguing puzzle, to the north of the island a piece of land houses a powerful sword, surrounded by incessant fire that never goes out. So close, yet so far, adventurers spent sleepless nights exploring every possible corner and until then no one had the luck, or humility, as the sign in front says, to get.

As much as it does not have the immensity of Darama, the Jakundaf desert is as mysterious as it has always been and has intrigued adventurers. That unreachable islet could be the solution to some mystery, or perhaps just a fatality. What is known is that under the sands we have a treacherous labyrinth, which can shelter different paths and traps, in addition to some lost explorers who can help to better understand how to explore.

The imposing city of Kazordoon was built through a lot of hard work by the dwarfs, relentless explorations through the underground of Tibia, in order to find the necessary minerals to build one of the most admirable cities that we can visit. But even brave explorers have their executioners, in the depths of Kazordoon a threatening enemy has hidden, the Basilisk still feared by the inhabitants of Durin's admirers has not yet been accessed by any explorer, it is quite possible that this creature keeps something rewarding.

The city of Ankrahmun certainly fills the eyes of any player, home to great pharaohs, we can find many riches, mysterious and challenging tombs that still enchant those who have never met. But among all these puzzles, the biggest one is certainly within the city itself, how can a room with so many mysterious items exist just for decoration? Why are those creatures trapped? Certainly the number of possible combinations for a solution to the mysteries is enormous, not to mention the rewards.

All of these mysteries have no known solution, at least not in the game, but in the players' imagination anything can happen. Receive the blessing of Knightmare's creativity and allow yourself to propose outcomes for these mysteries!

Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower, Basilisk, Rookgaard Spike Sword, how do you dream about the solution of these quests? Choose your quest and make a spoiler for it!


- You must choose among Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower, Basilisk Rookgaard Spike Sword and create a quest of it.

- You must provide a short description of the quest, like an introduction (limited to 250 words). 

- You can provide a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 steps to solve the quest (limited to 2000 words).

- You can use Tibia information (books, documents, etc) or create it from your imagination (note that your knowledge about Tibia will be judged).

- To solve the quest you should specify the items you need, if you need a team, specific vocations, etc. All Tibia content (locations, items, npc's) can be used as long as it makes sense.

- You must reveal the reward of the quest at the end (not necessarily an item).

- You can use screenshots in the spoiler. You can edit the screenshots using graphic programmes (only Tibia screenshots and edited screenshots is allowed).

- Submissions must be in English only.

- Your submission must contain your character name and game world at the top of your post on this topic.

- The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language.

It is not allowed to use OT servers, this could lead to an exclusion from our contest.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification.

- Using multiple accounts to post entries will earn you a permanent ban from our site.

What will we rate:

Your creativity and knowledge about Tibia.

- The practicability of the quest.

- Clarity of the descriptions.

- Complexity of the solution.

- Choosen reward.


Our team and Cipsoft will be judging 


The contest starts March 10th and ends on March 31st 23:59 CET.


1st Place: Golden warrior trophy + choice between fansite item, bear doll and panda teddy.

2nd Place: Silver warrior trophy + choice between remaining two items.

3rd Place: Bronze warrior trophy + remaining item.

Can you finish it?
Your TibiaEvents Team

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Josipa Mar 11 '21, 02:28PM

Last time I posted a quest and I was eliminated due to violation of a rule of not posting my character name and world (even tho my character name was on all screenshots and world were easily checked via website). I think it fullfills all the new requirements, can I submit it again?

Thanks in advance!

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Umbra Mar 13 '21, 11:11AM

Quote from Josipa Hi!

Last time I posted a quest and I was eliminated due to violation of a rule of not posting my character name and world (even tho my character name was on all screenshots and world were easily checked via website). I think it fullfills all the new requirements, can I submit it again?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, sorry you have to make a brand new one u cannot use an old one :-)

Quote from Koostis I am new on any kind of contests or this kind of stuff.. so i wonder if i should post the spoiler right here? and how i should add screenshots etc?

Yes, everything can be posted here. :-)

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Boybarian Mar 15 '21, 06:24PM
Should the spoilers be posted to the blog? or as a reply to this forum? ive re-read the rules twice and just want to be sure i will post it in the right location
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Umbra Mar 15 '21, 07:53PM

Quote from Boybarian Should the spoilers be posted to the blog? or as a reply to this forum? ive re-read the rules twice and just want to be sure i will post it in the right location


entries must be posted here :-)



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carolinef Mar 15 '21, 08:38PM
Can I create things like Items, places or NPCs?
Thank You!!
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Umbra Mar 16 '21, 05:53AM

Quote from carolinef Hello!!
Can I create things like Items, places or NPCs?
Thank You!!
As long as it makes sense, its allowed :-)



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Kamil Mar 25 '21, 07:37PM
Hi, should it be more like a story or how to do the quest (example: start with NPC XXX, ask for something etc.). 

And where can I post it? here?! As a comment? 

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Umbra Mar 26 '21, 11:24AM

Quote from Kamil Hi, should it be more like a story or how to do the quest (example: start with NPC XXX, ask for something etc.). 

And where can I post it? here?! As a comment? 


Thats up to you! :-)

it can be posted here.

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Kamil Mar 28 '21, 05:09PM
One more question - are there any requirements on lvl of the character or how long i have to own it? I've saw similar in other events, but it seems not for this one. 


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Umbra Mar 29 '21, 07:22AM
Hi Kamil,

for this one not :-)



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KnightOwl Mar 29 '21, 09:25PM

Character: Knight Owl

World: Gladera

Rookgaard Spike sword quest

The fabled Rookgaard spike sword might just be obtainable if you know who to ask and help a few people along the way. It is rumored that one of the townsfolk owns (or maybe owned?) a spike sword. Asking around town about the sword or the other townsfolk may provide more information.

Quest name: Man of the Sword

Requirements: Rope, shovel, scythe. Completed Amber's notebook quest. Completed backpack add-on of citizens outfit quest.

Rewards: Spike sword. Achievement "Man of the Sword".

Step 1: If anyone would know about a mystery it would be Hyacinth. 

Ask him what he thinks about Dallheim. He will respond “A man of the sword.” This will update your questlog with a new quest titled “Man of the Sword”

Step 2: Ask Dallheim about a sword. He will respond “Sorry, I don't trade. Ask the shop owners for a trade instead.” If you ask him specifically about a spike sword, he will say “Best sword I ever had. I still regret trading it for food one day when I was starving.” 

Step 3:Go ask the food traders about a spike sword. Willie won’t say much, but what about his brother Billy? Ask Billy about a banana he won’t respond. But if you first ask him about a “spike sword” he’ll say, “I used to have one. I got it from Dallheim for a bunch of bananas.” Now if you ask him about banana, he will ask, “Do you have a banana? We could make a trade”.

Step 4:Go to the banana palm tree on the West of Rookgaard and use it for a banana. If you have already received a banana before then you’ll have to trade for one from another player.

Step 5:Return to Billy and offer him a banana. He will respond “Do you have a banana? We could make a trade.” Respond yes and he will say “What would you like in return?”. Reply spike sword and he’ll respond, “A spike sword for a banana? That’s a horrible trade. And I don’t even have the sword anymore. I’ll tell you who I traded it in exchange for your banana. Deal?” Respond yes and he will tell you, “I sold it to Al Dee for more worms then you would believe.”

Step 6:Ask Al Dee about a spike sword. He’ll say “I don’t sell swords.” Follow that up with “Billy spike sword” or “worm spike sword” and he will admit, “I did have a spike sword but I lost it.” Ask him where he “lost” it and he will sheepishly say, “I lost it during my adventuring days”. Ask him about “adventure” or “adventuring” and he will say, “I can tell you but I want something in return first.” Ask him what he wants in “return”. “No one believes I killed a dragon. I want you to bring me proof. A dragon head or dragon scale or dragon leather should suffice.” Ask him more about this “dragon” and he will answer, “I killed one in a cave when I was younger. But everyone mocks me when I tell the story. Here take this and see if you can’t bring me some proof.” You will receive a “Al’s knife”. It looks like an obsidian knife.

Step 7:Go to the dead dragon body in Southeast Rookgaard. Use Al’s knife on it and you will receive a green dragon leather. (You will need a shovel, rope, and scythe). 

Step 8:Return to Al and say “dragon”. He will ask, “Did you bring me proof?”. Say “yes” and he will take the dragon leather. “Thank you!”. Ask him about the “spike sword” again and he will tell you, “I lost it when I was exploring a cave with Amber.” 

Step 9:You will need to have Amber’s notebook quest AND have gotten the backpack addon for the citizens outfit from Amber prior to this step. Ask Amber about “spike sword” and she will say “What? A what sword? I don’t know what you are talking about.” Probe some more by asking “Al Dee spike sword”. She will say, “Oh yes I remember now. He used to have a spike sword.” Reply “lost” and she will say, “That’s too bad.” Ask her “found” and she will say “What are you suggesting?”. Say a combination of “you spike sword” “Amber spike sword” or “you/Amber found spike sword” and she will confess. “Ok fine. He dropped the sword and ran away when he saw a minotaur. I picked it up.” Ask her what she would “trade” it for. She will say, “It’s not for sale”. Tell her you will “tell Al Dee” and she will stammer, “You...you wouldn’t. Okay, fine. I’ll trade it but only if you get me a better light source. Torches run out too fast.”

Step 10:Kill Apprentice Sheng until you loot a magic light wand.

Step 11:Ask Amber about various light sources. She will say, “No, I don’t think that will work well” to everything except “magic light wand” or “light wand”. To that she will reply, “Yes, that would work. Do you have a magic light wand for me?” Respond yes and she will take it. She will then say, “Ok, fine you can have the sword. But you can’t tell Al! I keep the sword on an island for safe keeping. I’ll tell you how to get there for your money. Only the humble may touch the sword” Ask “money”? And she’ll say, “Are you ready to give me your money?” Respond with yes” and she will remove all the money you have on you AND in your bank (you can give your money to a trusted friend first, as long as you have 1gp it will work. She will then tell you “There is a switch on the sign by the island. Move it in the following sequence <whispers>”.

Step 12:Go to the spike sword island in Northwest Rookgaard. Use the sign and a bridge will appear. You will have to walk over the fire, but the sword is now yours!

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Kamil Mar 30 '21, 11:57AM
Character name: Lucznik Kamil

World: Karna

Story tells all plagues in cities of Tibia are connected to great mystery that happend in once filled with live, but now, almost abandonem city. Find a city build on the island bearing it's name, created in times when Carlin was a nascent thought in womens heads. Prepare yourself for countless defeats in small battles to posses the greatest rewards - knowledge and glory. Search for a tanner and start your adventure, perhaps you'll be called 'the humble one'. Almost forgotten mystery awaits to be fulfiled... 

1. Start at Tom the tanner in Rookgaard ask for mystery. He'll respond that the biggest mystery of Rookgaard is related to the Plagues. Ask for the Plagues and he'll describe that there were 3 when the city was being build (rabbits, rats and wolfs). He'll ask to bring him 5 dead corpses of each of those animals as he thinks this is the only way to prevent it from happening again. You will be rewarded 10 times more than regular sell (100 gp for rats and rabbits, 500 for wolfs). Questlog will update, Tom will tell you to visit Cipfried.

2. Ask Cipfried to speak about the Plagues, he'll share a story of mighty warrior from the past that found a way to end the Plagues. More to be shared by Loui. 

3. Go to Loui refer to Cipfried and ask for the Plague Warrior. Loui wont speak with you untill you clear nearby hole of all monsters which scared him to death. Slay all 7 rabbits that appear there. Report back.

4. Loui will be greatful and trustworthy but first you have to make a 'joke' that those were most ferocious rabbits you've ever encounter and it's good both of you survived. This will remind him old times and his friend, He will share a story of a mighty warrior who defeted mosters from the Plague and that he lost his mana healing him. He'll ask to gather moon flowers [30] as a missing ingredient. When finished- report to Loui, he'll tell you a story how the Warrior sacrified his live and sword to keep all people safe. He’ll send you to Blind Orc to ask about the sword.

5. Speak to the Blind Orc with the following: Charach, Ikem Humak [your name], then ask for the sword: Maruk Mora. He'll respond but you won't understand much, except that he gave it to the greatest warrior of all humans. The story will be long and all you understand is one name you're familiar with 'Obi' so you report to weapon seller in the city.

6. Obi will try to trick you in selling regular sword instead of Sword of Fury, after recognizing it he'll tell you a story of mighty warrior from ancient times that stopped the Plague with Sword of Fury. He'll ask you to go and pickup backpack from dead body in wasp tower apparently there's something that will help you with the quest, but first you'll be granted with Chain Armor in the store one floor above. Report to Dixi, then head to Wasp Tower. At top floor there's a body with a backpack. Inside you'll find 500 gold coins, notebook and two different swords marked with Obi's seal. Report to Obi. He allows you to keep the money and notebook. 

7. Read the notebook. It was written by chronicler from ancient times. You learn that mighty warrior died of exhaustion after compleating magic ritual to prevent from future Plagues to happen. Asralius name is mentioned - report to him. 

8. Asralius will confirm everything, he'll tell you where to find a Sword of Fury and that it has to stay there no matter what. Story tells that if it disappear Plagues happens in the other cities of Tibia, as Ancient Demons created strong connection between the Sword and portals to other cities. Go to northern part of Rookgaard island to see the Sword of Fury [screen 1]. You find a dead body with scroll inside. Read it, it says that in the past Dallheim used to own a spike sword: ‘(…)He [Dallheim] used to brag to be the greatest swordsman He even spoke „with my spikesword i slice even a cyclops in pieces” but who knows if it’s still true (…) on the day 301 I’ve found a way for the Sword to dissapear, it felt wrong as if dark forces were released, but it’s just my old mind tricking me. (…) Day 302 ’ scroll ends with bloody mark in the middle of sentence. Go back to the city find Dallheim. 

9. You ask about the Sword of Fury. Dallheim is reluctant to speak with you, you have to flatter him first. Then he responds with a story of another Adventurer who discovered that two tiles can be pushed and the sword will dissapead from it's island together with flames. But it's dangerous to do as this was last time he’ve seen the Adventurer. He ask you to proimse not to do it and to prevent he grants you with Rookgaard blessing. You figure out this is the dead body you've found. 

10. Based on the information from the scroll, travel to the spider cave on north-west of Rookgaard, stand on a secret tile [screen 2], then travel to rotworm cave and stand on the right tile at the south of spawn [screen 3]. Go and check the sword- it’s gone [screen 4]. Report to Dallheim who is mad with anger and removes the Rookgaard blessing. He speaks about great danger for all Tibia and ask to report to The Oracle.

11. The Oracle confirms that great danger is upon the cities of Tibia as this was a trap prepared by Ancient Demons and only true warrior can defeat it. Asks if you're the one. You have to choose the answer. If you reply 'no' quest is finished and you stay on Rookgaard, report to Dallheim. If you say 'yes' you move to the continent after choosing the vocation. Report to King Tibianus in Thais. 

12. Quest is finished at Dallheim with ability to buy Rookgard blessing (75% chance to keep the equipment when dying), you receive an achievement 'The humble one'. Or King Tibianus - you're granted with Sword of Fury and an achievement 'Blessed with Fury'.

Choose your path wisely, will you fight the deminic forces in various cities of Tibia or perhaps you’re forever guard the mighty Sword of Fury in Rookgaard. No matter what you choose – adventure awaits!

Ability to speak Orc language (salmon mission with Amber).
No min. Requirements – finish at lvl 8 max. if you want to leave Rookgaard


Ability to buy Rookgaard blessing or Sword of Fury (on main continent, decorative item)
'Blessed with Fury' or 'The humble one'

Screen 1:

Screen 2:

Screen 3:

Screen 4:

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Zavious Mar 30 '21, 09:55PM
I had delted my post a couple of pictures did not submit i hope thats not an issue!

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Zavious Mar 30 '21, 09:55PM
i will add them in now and repost, they are crucial to my quest, ahhhh sorry!!!!

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Zavious Mar 30 '21, 10:07PM

Character: Zavious

World: Nefera

Quest: The Crimson Sky

Reward: The Sword of Fury,  Achievement "Unrivaled" as well as the title.

Items needed: Rope, Shovel, Scythe, 600gold pieces, Vial of Slime, Orcish Coal, 10 Blueberries, Magic light wand, Horned mages lair key, Vial of Lifefluid, Sword of Fury Replica.

Dangers: All monsters and the Horned Mage.

A mysterious Crimson Sky begins to blanket the peaceful lands of Rookgaard with an uncanny resemblance to the day spoken about only in the Unrivaled saga, striking fear and terror into the hearts of Rookgaard's citizens who know this could be the end of days.

Legend has it, the blood soaked sky is an omen signaling chaos, death, and torment to everything under its shadow. Rookgaardians have seen this sky once before, when the Horned Mage initiated his ritual to destroy the quiet town - he would have succeeded, had it not been for the humble hero, Merlyn Pendragon, the Unrivaled, who slayed the Horned Mage's demonic dragon spawn with the Sword of Fury and saved the people of Rookgaard, sacrificing his own life and losing the Sword of Fury to the mage in the process. 

The grueling pursuit of saving the lands of Rookgaard is a troublesome path for any mere mortal. Only an Unrivaled hero can rise up against these apocalyptic times to stop the Horned Mage's treacherous Crimson Sky ritual from bringing ruin to the city.

No hero can do this alone. You'll need the support of all Rookgaardians, Humans and Orcs alike, to reclaim the lost Sword of Fury from the Horned Mage.


1: Explore The room with the Oracle and search for documents or leads to the unrivaled legend of past. Someone with any connection with the mighty Merlyn Pendragon may have left clues to what happened the first time the Crimson Sky covered the lands of Tibia. 

2: Discovering that Hera the Young once admired the mighty Unrivaled Pendragon, she has left a clue that the tavern owner Norma served the Unrivaled and may have some details on what took place that fearful day.  Go find Norma's Tavern and ask her about the "Unrivaled".


Player: Hello.

Norma: Welcome, welcome! Have a seat! If you like a drink or something to eat, just ask me for a trade!

Player: Unrivaled

Norma: Oh yes, what a nice fellow! He always loved our famous ale. Not much of a talker I suspect he is a bit shy to say the least!

Player: Crimson Sky

Norma: I apologize its a topic that brings me sorrow, but I can say this much. He whispered softly "Minotaurs", after that he left without finishing his drink and headed North out of the city. That's the last I seen of him. But I must go, enjoy your day and try one of our ales sometime!

3: Norma tells you that the Unrivaled was lead to believe being seen heading north out of town and never returned, Some say he was on a quest to the core of the earth to slay evil forces in connection to the cursed the skies. Explore and try to find any leads on his whereabouts where Minotaur's can be found to discover the truth of his disappearance and the ties to the crimson sky.

4: After discovering Hera's final moments written in her diary, she discovers important information on the horned mage and leaves a diary meant for the Unrivaled Merlyn Pendragon. Hera writes down her final moments of overhearing the Horned Mage saying that without the sword of fury, or a weapon of comparable strength, he cannot be killed. See if there is a blacksmith in Rookgaard capable of making such a sword to perish the evil coming forthwith. Even still, any mortal wont last long without a proper protective potion.


Player: Hello

Obi: Hello, hello, adventurer! Please come in, look, and buy! If you like to see my offers, ask me for a trade!

Player: Sword of Fury

Obi: Oh yes, I remember when that sword was forged. Our RIVALRY never paused but there was one that only had his sense of touch and a forge like no other... That coal's scorching heat is capable of superior forging.

Player: Rivalry

Obi: From what I know, the ORC and human race have never been able to interact with each other through conversation. But I have heard of those wise enough to fool one.

Player: Orc

Obi: Yes, the Blind Orc on the MOUNTAIN, his is the only other whose forge I envy, with the hottest coals capable of smelting almost any ore.

He called them Toka.

Player: mountain

Obi: Yes, head north of here into the cave and see what you can find, Don't forget to bring a rope!

5: After speaking to Blacksmith Obi in town about forging a Sword of Fury. He says he cannot forge such a sword without the scorching heat generated from an Orcish coal called Toka. The only one he knew that had the nose for such a coal is the Blind orc on the mountain north of the town. Head to the Blind Orc and find a way to retrieve the coal.


Player: Hi.(Orcish)Charach

Blind Orc: (Murmured) Hi I'm busy working what do you want.(orcish) Ikem Charach maruk

Player: Buy Coal (Orcish) Goshak Toka

Blind Orc: The Orc continues to work. bring me 10 Blueberries  for a snack and I can spare some coal.

(Orcish) Gort Tefar Bushberi Batash! Arash Toka.

Player: Ten blueberries (Orcish)Tefar Bushberi

Blind Orc: Eats a Blueberry The Orc gruntles "Coal" and bids you farewell. (Orcish) Batash Toka. Ikem rambo zambo!

You obtain Very hot coals (return quick they are cooling down and will lose their forging capabilities fast) 5 minutes to return to obi.

6: After receiving the Orchish coal from the Blind Orc travel to town and approach Blacksmith Obi about the coal used to forge the Sword of Fury. 


Player: Hello

Obi: Welcome back to my shop adventurer, have you returned with news on the Blind Orc?

Player: Coal

Obi: Obi: Magnificent! That's the same coal! I never thought you would pull this off. Even with that coal I wouldn't want to forge a new one. The Sword of Fury continues to exist, two swords of this power can never be in the same EXSISTENCE. Should thus change, I would make a replica of the Sword of Fury!

Player: Existence

Obi: If the Sword of Fury wasn't held on such a vile isle you maybe could have me convinced but those cursed lands would need a MAGIC LIGHT  to cleanse the areas. If you want to attempt such a feat and free the sword from the fate it has befallen, I've heard rumors. The rumor's say deep underground where venomous creatures reside near the Swords location and another near strong beasts that are like worm bears are the dangerous places that need cleansing. 

Player: Magic light

Obi: Would you like to purchase the magic light wand for 100 gold pieces?

Player: Yes

7: Once receiving the Magic Light Wand, seek out the tainted places to cleans the lands and return back to Blacksmith Obi in regards to the disappearance of the Sword of Fury.


Player: Cleanse

Obi: Incredible! The Crimson sky appears to have brightened slightly! It must be true. With a little time and that Orcish coal I will aid you in your quest to end the evil imprisonment of the Sword of Fury returning these lands to peace and prosperity. Will you give me the coal and give me some time to forge a replica Sword of Fury?

Player: Yes

Obi: Let me start right away! But there is one thing you should know. If your intention is to seek the Horned mage , his dark magic is beyond comprehension. You should ask Hyacinth about his SPECIAL POTION he's brewing to battle dark magic.

8:Obi mentions in the undertaking of the times ahead to seek out Hyacinth to ask him about his special potion. 


Player: Hello

Hyacinth: Greetings, traveler . As you have found the way to my hut, how can I help you?

Player: Special Potion

Hyacinth: Only Obi knows about my special potion did he send you?

Player: Yes

Hyacinth: Oh dear, this shan't be taken lightly... Hmmmm... Interesting, just like before... Oh! my apologies my mind races to many places, anyway where were we? Oh that's right my Special potion! In order to obtain my special potion I require 500 gold pieces for my personal ingredients and a rare vial of slime. If you will find the rare slime I seek its located in the depths of the undead crypt west of the continent. I can start preparations right away Are you willing to retrieve this slime for me?

Player: Yes

Hyacinth: Good luck adventurer! I shall await your safe return.

9: Hyacinth requests a rare vial of slime to complete the special potion that protects against dark magic. Head to the west and search out the undead crypt and return to Hyacinth to have the potion created!


Player: Hello

Hyacinth: Bless the tree father! You safely returned, does this mean you have acquired the slime? Will you give it to me?

Player: Yes

Hyacinth: 80% resistance! I did it! The strongest special potion to dark magic spells I've ever created! I will call it a *Life potion*! Many moons ago I had crafted a similar potion with 50% effectiveness for the Unrivaled. It was the day he disappeared, coincidently the same Crimson Sky appeared before us. 

The last I seen of his existence he was running by my shop towards the cave surrounded by wolves. If this potion would have been crafted upon the time of his request maybe he would have made it out.... Maybe you will find information or a secret passage under rocks to his disappearance. Take this potion my friend, I must go now and document each portion of this potion! Safe travels!

10: Hyacinth provides a solid lead about the Unrivaled on the day of the previous Crimson Sky. Head to the cave surrounded by wolves and look for any suspicious areas for a secret passage. Find the passage and see what you can find inside.

11: Discovering the fate of the Unrivaled and acquiring the mighty Dwarven copper shield and the key to entering the Horned Mages lair. Make way to Blacksmith Obi get the replica Sword of Fury.  Stop the Horned Mage before the truth of the Crimson Sky repeats in history yet again. Time is of the essence the dragon must be prevented from resurrecting at all costs!


Player: Hello

Obi: Welcome back I have good news for you!

Player: Sword of Fury Replica

Obi: Perfect timing the sword is complete! Take it brave adventurer, the sky darkens each second there is not a minute to lose!

12: With the replica Sword of Fury, life fluid, and key, enter the mage's lair. Slay the Horned Mage to stop the Crimson Sky ritual at all costs, before he resurrects the dragon yet again!

13: Once the Horned Mage has perished step into the teleporter. In the depths of the lair the true Sword of Fury is there. Grab the Sword and Return to Blacksmith Obi and tell him the Sword of Fury has been released from the depths of evil with the help of his replica.


Player: Hi 

Obi: You did it! The sky has cleared! I'm speechless about what the Crimson Sky meant for all of Rookgaard. The replica needs to be in my care to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands. Are you willing to give it to me brave adventurer? 

Player: Yes *grabs the sword off his back, while one remains in hand*

Obi: That sword in your hand! I thought that was the replica! It cant be! How can it be you can wield such power?! Is that truly the sword of Fury?! Hurry you must approach the Oracle at once!

14: Blacksmith Obi speechless about the true Sword of Fury and demands you to notify The Oracle. Head to the Oracle hastily!

Player: Hello 

The Oracle: This prophecy had been foreseen for some time. Without a doubt your humbleness was so overwhelming, you alone managed to return the sword into light. Most deserving of a TITLE.

Player: Title

The Oracle: From here forthwith, I declare you the title of "Unrivaled" for all ok Rookgaard to know of your courage, bravery and Humbleness. Without these traits no mere mortal could ever accomplish such a tolling journey involved with the legendary SWORD OF FURY.

Player: Sword of Fury

Oracle: Unrivaled hero, what about the sword? It can only be wielded by the purest of mortal if any even exist. I declare as the Oracle of Rookgaard, that this Sword of Fury is now an extension of the only Unrivaled in these land which stand before us.

Now Unrivaled hero, on behalf of all of Rookgaard we are in your debt. May your future be a bright one. Remember this, as long as that Sword never leaves Rookgaard you truly will be Unrivaled by anyone.

The reward is The Sword of Fury and the Achievement as well as character title "Unrivaled"

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Zavious Mar 30 '21, 10:11PM
Okay My picture is now there for mission 10 

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Meadek Mar 31 '21, 03:36AM
Wow I just posted my work and it didn't appear!!

So many hours of editing and now its gone ! 

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Boybarian Mar 31 '21, 06:05AM


~The Serpentine Tower~

The barren desert of Ankrahmun is quite unforgiving. The winds howling across the land have buried a secret. An ancient ritual for those who are willing to sacrifice everything is the key. To get to the top, you must first get past the bottom.

Step 1: Go to Edgar-Ellen in Thais, ask him about the 'basilisk'. He will tell you the following:

An ancient Preacher turned Creature,

 on his RISE to power from near death

has been locked away in the  near depths,

 With a loud Crash and thud, 

the mine walls turned to mud, 

sealing off the once preacher turned creature 

who had the key for 

ALL of the ABOVE

Step 2:Go to the Basilisk in kazordoon, and ask him for his 'blessssing' on your quest (you will have to yell to him as his hearing was damaged when they sealed the mine walls) He will give you his 'blessssing' (green sparkles around you) to enter his Laboratory and 'ascend' past his booby traps. He warns you that you will have to 'sacrifice your health and your wealth in order to acquire godhood' like he almost did.

Step 3: (already implemented in game) head to serpentine tower in ankrahmun, go down to the floor below Tothdral. Move pot of water onto middle campfire. This unlocks the portal to the right. 

Step 4:  (already implemented in game) Go through the teleport to enter the small chamber. Once inside, use the torch bearer to drop the wall holding the fire elemental in the room below. use the chest in here to get 1 white pearl.

Step 5:  (already implemented in game)Go down and kill the fire Elemental, and use the lever in his room, this will drop the magic walls on the floor below, freeing the Djinn.

Step 6: **CAUTION, YOU MUST HAVE THE BASILISKS 'BLESSSSING' FOR THIS NEXT PART TO FUNCTION** go down to the djinn room, and let him turn you into a rat, and get you drunk. Now let him kill you. (the poet in thais gives you this tip.)  If you did this properly, there is no experience or skill loss or use of standard blessings. (You have sacrificed your health now) You will spawn back inside the Intricate Cobra Shrine room in west Ank Desert.

Step 7: Return to the Basilisk and he will tell you your on the right track and half way there, you have sacrificed your health, but now to truly ascend, the Gods want more. Sacrificing your wealth is next.

Step 8: Acquire Cobra Amulet (rare drop from Scarlett Etzel) and head back to the Intricate Cobra Shrine where you spawned after dying to the Djinn, in west Ankrahmun Desert. Use the Amulet on the Shrine. Instead of a Note about Two Souls, you will now get 'a Cobra Key.'

Step 9:Take Cobra key North to the stone wall on the south side of the mountain range between Ank and Darashia. Use the Cobra Key on the Broken Obelisk. You will be teleported inside the Ruins.

Step 10: Once inside, work your way to the bottom floor. Within the Ruins, Be prepared to face hordes of Cobra Vizers, Assassins, and scouts, along with Black Cobra's.

Step 11: Once at the bottom floor, follow it south till you reach a dead end with a chest. Use Chest to a get a Cobrar. (looks like a green Crowbar.) Enter Teleport to the North (above) the chest. 

Step 12: Return to Ankrahmun and head up the Pyramid from the inside with Arkhothep. Use the Cobrar on the locked door to enter his room.

Step 13:Fight Arkhothep. He fights from a distance and summons up to 9 black cobras, which cannot be pushed. The best strategy as a knight is to  use a convince creature rune on two of the black cobras, this will allow you to avoid getting completely boxed and unable to move closer towards him to get in range to damage. 

Step 14: Once dead, move his corpse onto the sarcophagus. This will open another teleport, which leads to the reward room, located above Arkhothep's room.

In the Reward room there will be three chests under some other gems, but you may only choose one.

- Blessssed Cobra Amulet (Arm:5, Death Protection +12%)

- Holy Scarab

-Soul Ruby

Special Notes:

-starting at the basilisk, you on the lowest floor in all of tibia, and once in the ank reward room, you are in the highest standable room in all of Ank (ascension)

-Each new 'mission' in ank moves you more and more north on the map. (ascending)

-The 'note about two souls' talks about Scarlett and Galthen. Scarlett represents Wealth, with her fortress and rich eastern basement, while Galthen represents Health, as we know only of him due to his chestplate prior to this note.

-most npc's in Ankrahmun will talk to you about 'ascension' or 'ascend'

-When the basilisk tells you about his quest for 'godhood' its a hint to head to the tower. Tothdral uses the same 'godhood' phrase asked about 'ascension'

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Umbra Mar 31 '21, 08:09AM

Quote from Meadek Wow I just posted my work and it didn't appear!!

So many hours of editing and now its gone ! 

Hey Meadek,

sorry to hear that! i think you've waited to long to post then it times out.

Next time its better to copy everything and refresh the page.



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