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Apr 9, 07:19PM
Its already announced @Boybarian :-) good weekend!
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Apr 9, 03:03PM
will you guys be announcing the winner of the questlog update contest soon? E>
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Mar 31, 08:10AM
Only today left before the contest YOUR QUESTLOG HAS BEEN UPDATED ends!
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For years many Tibia mysteries have remained dormant and unsolved, perhaps talking to a specific NPC? Use any special items? Defeat that unpretentious creature? Or maybe some lever went unnoticed?...

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Relki Nov 22 '20, 12:37AM

It was in Venore, on Halloween. Eventholder arrived in search of candies, but this year was difficult for the city. A strong pandemic hit the population and dozens of people agonized in the streets begging for mercy and being healed. Eventholder decided to help the Druids who were doing their best to heal the sick. He was assigned to bring food and water to the sick waiting to be treated in the streets and there he realized that two beautiful young women were talking to a group of sick people promising to cure them in another area of the city. Naturally curious, Eventholder decided to follow the beautiful ladies who were leading the small group of sick people to the western swamp. They walked to the depths of the swamp and when they arrived, he saw a terrifying scene. The sick were being imprisoned by the beautiful young women, who after a while and after finished a spell, their true aspects of horrible witches were revealed. It was already night and the full moon was in its splendor, all those people were going to be sacrificed in a summoning ritual and something had to be done. Eventholder remembered that it is trick night, so he cast an illusion spell and transformed into a horrible demon. In a terrifying voice he came to the witches and said: “WHAT YOU HAVE DONE MAKES ME PROUD. STOP THE SACRIFICE, IT WOULD BE BETTER NOT TO WASTE TIME AND BEGIN TO CELEBRATE. " The witches stopped the ritual and went to prepare a great feast. Once distracted, he returned to his original form and led the sick back to the city. After being healed and in the form of gratitude, those saved gave Eventholder hundreds of candies. 

Character: Relky

 World: Gladera
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Cath Nov 22 '20, 04:37AM

The mirrored nightmare

It was a night like any other. Evetholder and his friends prepare to set out on a journey to the most distant and uninhabitable lands with the intention of discovering new things.They left from Thais to unknown lands. After days of traveling and finding nothing, they decided to return home tired and defeated.As they approached Thais, the weather became increasingly gloomy, as if a storm had the entire city in darkness.As soon as they arrived in the city they realized that something bad had happened. The city was so destroyed that they hardly recognized it. They prepared for it but had no idea what would happen. As they advanced they saw some people who approached them, they looked like people but in their eyes you could see death.They fought for their lives tirelessly against these creatures. Full of hope to get out of this mirrored nightmare and escape death, they approached the temple thinking about the terrible things they had gone through. Thinking that the worst was over, as soon as they arrived at the temple they discovered a creature that left them all paralyzed with fear. It was the darkest thing they had ever seen, a kind of human with many faces, something horrible!. Some screamed with fright, others ran in terror, the rest prepared to fight this creature with many faces.As soon as the many faces saw them, he ran quickly towards them leaving them unable to defend themselves. When they saw him in front of them, they realized that they had come to an end. 
King Halbert- Impera 

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FPoPP Nov 22 '20, 05:51AM

(End of Submission)


Character: Boxer Antica merchant

World: Antica


In order to help when checking the number of words that I used:


Dear Trimegis,>>

A dangerous entity might be on the loose. Last week, I was alone picking blueberries at the shadow of Mount Sternum. Suddenly, a yell. I barely had the chance to hide myself in the bushes and listen a man screaming loudly:>>


I also spotted a crossbowman running after him and saying:>>


The wounded, bolted in the leg, looked like a grizzly Wild Warrior. His voice was deep and metallic:>>

“I am Smothul, d-“>>

The paladin fired again… Smothul fell. Blood was flowing from his lifeless body. His executioner proclaimed:>>


Horrible scene…. Silently, I tried to evade from there… But I froze once I heard the assassin shouting at me:>>


Shockingly, the unnamed killer was also bleeding in the ground after a stab wound in his throat! However, who saved me?>>

… To my despair, I panicked once I understood what happened. A walking doll stabbed the throat of the unnamed killer. The thing stared at me and spoke with non-humanoid voice:>>

“Now, Smothul is a doll from the Wild Warrior… Hum… You got an interesting body as well…”>>

Horrified, I fainted… Later, a smiling old druid rescued me. He scared local scavengers looting my body and the deceased after so much noise. I was disturbed and in doubt about my sanity… I asked the elder if he saw a doll in the vicinities… He replied: >>

“Don’t worry. You can buy new dolls in the city.”>>

Trimegis, are there any magical entity capable to execute such demonic spell? If yes, discuss with the King about a decree to burn every doll in the realm.>>

Otherwise, if you think that I had a delirium, burn this letter.>>


Yours truly,>>



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nalouryus Nov 22 '20, 09:44AM

/>re"> Serpentine Tower!


The Evetholder hunter of mysteries, decides to enter the catacombs of the Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun. Entering the most mysterious tomb in the desert, the little adventurer goes down the stairs and finds a room with a cauldron and some torches. Very afraid, he continues down the flights of stairs. On the second floor he is faced with a dark room and many demonic screams, until then he sees in front of him another staircase with lights coming out of it, and then he decides to go downstairs. Upon descending, he finds 4 sacrifice tables and a Djinn with lots of equipment at his side. Then Djinn offers you all the equipment plus wealth for the adventurer's help. All the adventurer needs is to release the beasts that are above them.

Evetholder then with his intelligence, manages to decipher the mysteries with the help of Djinn! After hours and almost releasing the creatures.

Arkhothep the pharaoh who controls the entire Ankrahmun desert, descends from his very furious throne and goes against the Evetholder.

 Evetholder then hears a very loud noise from the tomb entrance:


Djinn yells to Evetholder to hide, that the nightmare is coming, he says: - Arkhothep is very furious, run for your life!!

However, even with the warning our warrior cannot escape the powerful pharaoh, when he feels that the Evetholder was close to discovering the mysteries of the tomb, the pharaoh drains his whole mind in a Mindstone, and the guard in the tomb in his room to always remain the secret kept there, together with the evil creatures.

Arkhothep with the body of Evetholder, goes to the exit of the city, taking the body without a soul to the ends of Darama. Since then Evetholder has never been seen again.

Character: Lady Lilyan Aredhel.

World: Concorda.

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Fringie Nov 22 '20, 01:53PM



Eventholder loved Halloween, the events and celebrations all over Tibia filled his heart with joy and this year was even more special not only because of the full moon that shined bright in the sky but also because he had been invited to King Tibianus’ spooky bash.

“Don't be so joyful about the full moon, little guy” said the King “don't you know it is just a beacon for lost spirits tonight?”

Eventholder shrugged and smiled, he didn't believe in such things.

The King smiled back and said “if you are so brave, why don't you climb the highest point of Mount Sternum, and light a torch so we can see it from here? If you do, I will give you the biggest basket of candy this kingdom has ever seen”

 The mascot who could never resist a good dare accepted gleefully and marched immediately to complete the task.

 As he approached the peak, he saw he wasn't the first one there.
 “Did the King dare you to come here too?” Eventholder asked the person standing there looking blankly at the moon. After receiving no answer, he asked again louder but the person didn't even look at him.
With a sudden urge to leave the wicked place as soon as possible, Eventholder pulled out his torch and lit it. The flame illuminated the scene revealing that the gloomy figure was no longer there. Eventholder felt a shiver down his spine and ran as fast as he could back to the castle.

 “Eventholder, what happened? You look frighten!” asked the King as the mascot arrived.
 “I saw... someone... wearing a Druid outfit, he was just standing there and then he was gone!”
 “Oh no! Could it be? I believe you have met the druid that died and never spawned back”

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Hawx Nov 22 '20, 02:42PM

On the north side of Thais, the ancient city,

are some abandoned ruins that from the outside still look pretty.

There are tales told about an adventurers' disappearance who was unaware,

a little bloke called Eventholder who spend his very last days there.

While shuffling through the city on a windy day,

he went to get some meat from Frodo while the skies were dark and gray.

It was so cold and became foggy, not a living soul was on the street,

he could barely see where he was walking, thus he fell and hit the concrete.

He was invited by a stranger who slowly passed him by.

Eventholder could get some shelter until the winter storm passed by.

The guy was dressed in a long black coat and left a nasty smell behind.

But he was freezing and saw the mansion where a warm log fire shined.

The door creeped open and a waitress appeared with a skin as white as snow,

She took his bag and didn’t even take some time to friendly say hello.

He was told by the stranger to heat up near the fire place.

While the guy went away, he moved down the creaking staircase.

The place was dark, so he took a candle to lighten up the room,

All mirrors were covered and the place had a scent of doom.

A shiver went down his spine when he stumbled against a chest on the floor

When he looked up, he saw more chests, not one but even four.

They reminded him of coffins from old scary stories, 

where vampire lords would lure their preys to eat them in their  territories.

We never saw the bloke again and he never said goodbye

A fuzzy bat with a little bag has since then been spotted, anxiously flying by.


Pestilent Hawk


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Loreffy Nov 22 '20, 09:54PM
Name: Norelli

Server: Premia

Thanks for Krisph for allow me to use image of Eventholder in Piñata Dragon costume created by him !


HALLOWEEN! It’s the perfect time to refill the sweets! Eventholder is the biggest fan of candies! He prepared his Piñata Dragon costume months ago.

Many dark mysteries about castle located in the Vengoth Hills are told. Eventholder decided to go there because it wasn't popular place. He got there with a ferryman, who gave him garlic cookies as a gift. They smelled terrible!

The atmosphere of Vengoth Hill was very tense. "These decorations are so scary...everything looks so real" thought frightened Eventholder. For a moment he considered turning back, but the urge to get his beloved sweets was stronger. 

The door to the castle opened but nobody greeted him. The walls seemed to whisper his name. He was losing control of his body. Hypnotized, he moved forward until...he fell.

Candlelight illuminated his face. He was at the top of the eastern tower. Eventholder peeked out the window. The entire castle was visible. The court was surrounded by undead monsters! In panic, he began to step backwards. BANG. He accidentally broke a mirror hanging on the wall. The candles in the room went out. "The monsters in the mirrors will come eat your dreams" he heard behind him. The stone figure of Vampire Lord that was standing in the room suddenly came to life! Other blood eaters accompanied him! This is the end, he thought, closed his eyes and threw his bag with all his power at the vampires. Sweets scattered on the floor and terrible smell of garlic cookies filled the room! PUFF! Vampires disappeared, only the Trapped Bad Dream Monster remained! Eventholder saw a teleport in the other side of the room. He jumped in and lost consciousness.

The ferryman found him and helped. What happen with the trapped monster? He waits for another daredevil who will wake him up.

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tirano Nov 22 '20, 11:57PM

Character Name: Tirano Flamel

World: Belobra

It was Halloween night when Eventholder was going to meet some distant family (bonelords) in liberty bay for a Halloween costume party, and because the party was in Liberty Bay, he decided to go dressed as a pirate, when his ship crossed with a strange ghost ship who started attacking them, as the main route of the ghost ship only crosses the path of Darashia and Venore, Eventholder did not imagine that this could happen. Afraid and in the middle of the confusion he ended up fleeing the wrong way, ending up on the enemy ship.He quickly climbed the stairs to escape and when he was about to enter the teleport that led to the city, Eventholder was surprised by some creatures that while holding him shouted "Captain Jones is here, we can go" celebrating.Then, the ghosts put the boat in its normal direction and headed for Darashia and he ended up discovering that the ghost ship had made a stop at Liberty Bay to pick up Captain Jones and that they ended up mistaking him for him.Afraid to tell the truth and be attacked, Eventholder went on to Drefia posing as Captain Jones with the other creatures of the underworld having the scariest Halloween party of his life, he definitely has never been so scared in his life!Before dawn and forever taken to the ship's hold, Eventholder rose silently and walked to Ankrahmun, where he launched himself into the dangerous jungle of Port Hope and reached the city safely.From that day on, Eventholder is determined to never ride a boat in Tibia again and join the good and old walk.

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Apr 9, 07:19PM
Its already announced @Boybarian :-) good weekend!
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Apr 9, 03:03PM
will you guys be announcing the winner of the questlog update contest soon? E>
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Mar 31, 08:10AM
Only today left before the contest YOUR QUESTLOG HAS BEEN UPDATED ends!
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