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Oct 11, 06:56AM
i love the creativity of all story's
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Sep 20, 07:04AM
Check out the new contest!
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Aug 25, 12:04AM
Contest ended, stay tuned for the winners anouncement ^^
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And he goes on a new journey... now accompanied! Our mascot always gets into trouble, it's amazing how our little friend can't lead a quiet life, just yesterday he arrived at our meeting tired and scared, he must have gotten into some trouble ...

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Umbra Oct 22 '20, 12:18PM

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize yawl's neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpse's shell

Cause this is thriller? Almost! It’s Halloween night! The atmosphere of Ghostlands seems to invade Carlin, the desert of Darama seems to be just an extension of the home of the creatures confined in the tombs, Rashid refused to travel to Darashia due to the fog of Drefia having extended to the limits of the city, everything is strange and sinister!

Halloween is an event that transforms Tibia, despair and fear can take over the hearts of the most naive, the best thing to do is to avoid adventures where the undead and demons reign or can live nearby. Did the Eventholder go where it should? We don't know, he doesn't tell us anything...

Our mascot is really scared, his hairs that have always been so shiny and intense in color are pale, his eyes are completely wide and open at all times, any and all sounds or bring chills, we have never seen him this way.

He probably wanted to go out just to ask for some sweets or to play with his little friends, we don't remember for sure, but something went very wrong and he saw things that a being as cute and fragile as he is not used to seeing.

Fortunately, he is fine, he doesn't seem to have suffered any injuries, we just don't know when he will go out playing Tibia again, well, after such an adventure, wouldn't you say?


- You must post your story on this thread. We will only accept 1 story per contestant.

- You must write the name of your character and world in your post.

- Your story must be written in English.

- You must talk about a scary story where the protagonist is our mascot Evetholder.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification, if two or more people post the same entry, the first one to be published will be taken into account.

- Your story may not have more than 300 words. You can add some illustrations in order to gain creativity points.

- The story must be related to Tibia and follow the Tibia Rules.

- Please remember, this is a family-friendly site, therefore, any entry that has obscene, violent, sexual or drug-related content will be removed immediately and without warning.

- We won't be judging your English level/grammar, but your creativity.


1ST PLACE: Golden Warrior Trophy + choice between: Memory Box, Nightmare Doll or Vampire Doll.

2ND PLACE: Silver Warrior Trophy + choose between the remaining two items.

3RD PLACE: Bronze Warrior Trophy + remaining item. 


This contest starts Oct 22nd and ends Nov 22nd 11:59 pm. (CEST/CET)

Plase remember, we are using the Central Europe Time, so the contest might not end at the exact date for you, check your timezone to be sure that you are posting in time, (for further reference, in this timezone, the Tibia server save is at 10:00 am)

It's time to write!

Your TibiaEvents Team! 


Es nuevamente esa época del año, cuando toda la oscuridad fluye de las cuevas más profundas de Tibia y llena la superficie de miedo y desesperación.

Y esta vez nuestro amado Eventholder experimentó el evento más aterrador de su vida, ¿puedes contarnos más al respecto?

Así que saca punta a tus lápices y trae tu papel (espera, ¿alguien todavía está usando esas cosas para escribir?), Este evento trata sobre escribir la historia más aterradora para Halloween, una historia tan aterradora que incluso el consejo de la Academia de Magia de Noodle se puso nervioso de escucharlo.


- Debes publicar tu historia en este post. Solo aceptaremos 1 historia por concursante.

- Debes escribir el nombre de tu personaje y servidor en tu publicación.

- Tu historia debe estar escrita en inglés.

- Debes hablar de una historia de miedo donde el protagonista es nuestra mascota Evetholder.

- Como siempre, el plagio conlleva la descalificación, si dos o más personas publican la misma entrada se tendrá en cuenta la primera en ser publicada.

- Tu historia no puede tener más de 300 palabras. Puedes agregar algunas ilustraciones a tu historia pares ganar puntos por creatividad.

- La historia debe estar relacionada con Tibia y seguir las Reglas de Tibia.

- Recuerda, este es un sitio familiar, por lo tanto, cualquier entrada que tenga contenido obsceno, violento, sexual, discriminatorio o relacionado con drogas se eliminará inmediatamente y sin previo aviso.

- No juzgaremos tu nivel / gramática de inglés, sino tu creatividad.


1ER LUGAR: Golden Warrior Trophy + escoge entre Memory Box, Nightmare Doll or Vampire Doll.

SEGUNDO LUGAR: Silver Warrior Trophy + escoge entre los dos items restantes

3ER LUGAR: Bronze Warrior Trophy + el item restante


El concurso comienza el 22 de Oct y termina el 22 de Nov a las 11:59 pm. (CEST / CET)

Por favor recuerda, estamos usando la hora de Europa Central, por lo que es posible que el concurso no termine en la fecha exacta para ti, verifia su zona horaria para asegurarse de que estás publicando a tiempo (para más referencia, en esta zona horaria, el server save de Tibia es a las 10:00 am)

¡Es hora de escribir!

¡Tu equipo de TibiaEvents! 

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OldSkooler Oct 24 '20, 09:58PM

Knightmare on Elm Street

As Eventholder visited his grandparents, he waved them goodbye and started walking through Venore. 

Suddenly, these narrow streets became very foggy. It got darker and darker by the minute...

He stopped walking, as he could not see anything except for a silhouette at the end of Elm Street. So he started running away, faster and faster... Untill he ran into a blightwalker, “AAAHHHH!!” he shouted, and jumped down into the Venorean swamps.

Full of rats and bad smell, he kept on moving untill the thick swamp slushed him in. The more he moved, the tighter he got stuck... He nearly drowned, when suddenly The Halloween Hare came to the rescue! Eventholder grabbed his long ear, and pulled himself out of the swamp.

The Hare turned him into a Vampire, to blend in with the monsters and make an easy escape.

At midnight, the bells rang. Eventholder turned on his watch to check the time, and ‘POOFF!’ his vampire spell cancelled immediately. 

The creatures went after him again. From every corner they approached, and got closer and closer... This Dark Torturer was about to grab him, as someone shouted: “STOP. RIGHT. THERE.” ... “I CREATED YOU, I CAN ERASE YOU ASWELL!” ... “GO BACK TO YOUR ABYSS THIS INSTANCE!”

The legendary Knightmare stepped into the moonlight, and helped Eventholder up. “B-bbb but weren’t you in prison?“ Eventholder said. “Yes, and I will go back. But as I saw this bloodmoon from the prison window, I knew there would be trouble this Halloween.” Knightmare gave him some treats and set sail for Thais.

As he was still shaking, Eventholder went to bed. As scary as this night had been, he was still proud of the adventure he endured!

Brilliant Sniper, Lobera

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g8reid Oct 27 '20, 01:04AM

It all happened the night before the Halloween festivities.

Eventholder walked to the docks in venore, boarded the ship and headed for Captain Fearless in search of buying a ticket to Darashia.


Fearless asked the reason for his trip in view of the sinister time of year they were in. Eventholder replied that he needed to get to Darashia as soon as possible, because he was invited to a costume party.

Fearless explained that during this time it is not possible to guarantee the safety of passengers on the route to Darashia, because the ghost ship of the infamous Captain Jones is more active than ever. Unfortunately, he failed and ended up agreeing to the Eventholder request.

The trip started, the boat made a few stops, but by nightfall it was halfway to Darashia, with Eventholder the only remaining passenger.

Late at night Eventholder left his cabin to enjoy the view, he stands watching the waves crashing against the ship's hull. Suddenly something emerged from the water and pulled him into the sea. Eventholder fell off the boat without having a chance to identify his attacker and pass out.

He woke up inside the ship, but soon realized that this could not be his ship, because it was in ruins. The crew was composed of profane beings who inhabit the worst nightmares.

Eventholder ran for his life, dodging the crew until he managed to lock himself in a room on the ship, but when he turned his back on the door he came across a figure wearing captain's clothes, was it the infamous Captain Jones?

The figure moved forward to attack him when suddenly ...

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Fearless was knocking Eventholder’s door warning that they docked in Darashia. Eventholder realized he had fallen asleep during the entire trip.

Hydan Aymon - Nefera

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Shawtay Oct 31 '20, 04:01AM

Character- Shawtay World- Pacera

It was Halloween night and the Eventholder decided to go trick-or-treating on his own. He picked Venore as he knew there were a lot of big houses with the wealthiest Tibians. He’s never been to Venore, so he decided to make sure he went to every house before the night was over. He went to the first houses right near the boat and got demonic candy balls and even some candy floss! The Eventholder felt safe because of the energy in the neighborhood and how the houses left candy outside for you to take as much as you wanted. He finished all the houses in the city quicker than expected, so he decided to venture outside of Venore. The Guards saw him leaving the city and told him that he needs to be careful as he isn’t protected after he leaves the city. The Eventholder decided not to listen and went off into the darkness. He got very scared when he heard Dragons roaring and ran until he couldn’t hear the roars anymore. He got really lost because he went down a hole but managed to find an exit. He saw a house nearby and decided to ask for help. As he got closer, he noticed the house didn’t feel right as it didn’t look like the rest of Venore. Just as he was about to knock a Witch named Wyda blew the door open. She was chanting words he couldn’t even understand. The Eventholder got pale and stood still. Wyda began to cast a spell but then he quickly hasted away, stomping on mushrooms on his way out. Wyda was screaming in the distance saying he would be cursed for the rest of his life for disturbing a Witch on Halloween night…

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Evandro29 Nov 12 '20, 02:45AM

Evandro da Roberta - Nefera

It's Halloween! Evetholder and his friends were ready for an adventure and nothing better than going to the Vengoth Castle!        



According to Julius, a storyteller, it is rumored that the old castle has frightening creatures and many who have ventured there have never returned.

When they arrived in Vengoth, Evetholder and his friends realized that there was a scary forest in the place.  They ran through the forest, but noticed vampires and other creatures along the way. Frightened, Evetholder remembered that he carried a stake and garlic cloves, but it was not enough to convince your friends to continue. Everyone immediately returned to the city, except Evetholder, who decided to move on. He ran without looking at what lay ahead until he stumbled into the old castle.

Evetholder noticed that the whole island had an evil energy. Inside the castle, screams of agony were heard, as well as strange noises. When he entered the castle, Evetholder noticed that creatures were everywhere. He walked a little until he suddenly fell into a trapdoor. He ended up with some sealed doors. As it was an unknown place, he decided to enter the door to the north and came across creatures terrifying. Lost inside the castle, Evetholder found what he feared most: Hellspawns!

Suddenly, Evetholder heard someone calling his name: EVE! EVE! EVETHOLDER! WAKE UP...!

All the adventure had been nothing more than a scary dream. Evetholder decided that next Halloween he would order sweets instead of adventures. The story told by Julius seemed true after all.

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Williams Nov 12 '20, 06:56PM

The Halloween night always seems to be creepier than regular one. But this time the moon was barely visible and Yalahar turned dark and quiet.
Eventholder thought that it would be a good idea to visit all quarter gates guardians to have a talk and collect some sweets.
To his surprise, all guards disappeared.

- "W…where did everyone go? Is there a Halloween party somewhere and they didn’t invite me?”

 He asked himself while walking into the last place on his list.
 The sky appeared to be darker and darker, the silence was overwhelming.

- “CLANG!”

Suddenly, the loud metallic sound resonated through the night, as the gates closed. Eventholder found himself trapped in the Cemetery Quarter.

He quickly grabbed his memory box hoping to use the flash and produce some light.

- “Nooo! It doesn’t work! Please, not now!

Eventholder slowly started to walk towards a huge building in the centre of the quarter, which looked like a cathedral. Utterly terrified he looked around and noticed that he’s being observed. More and more grim silhouettes walked to the fence that separated the graves from the pathway.
He could hear their mumble:

- “Dnnnt... cmmm... clsrrr....”

Eventholder froze in place, too scared to move.

- “Are those… z…zombies? Living dead?

Sudden whisper made his hair stand on end.

- “Mst.... klll....”

That was too much for a little mascot.

- “Leg it!”

He screamed and ran into the building, found an altar lightened by candelabra and crawled underneath.

Fortunately, he quickly fell asleep and woke up in the sunny morning. There were no undead and guards were on duty like always. Was it just a dream?
They saw Eventholder leaving the quarter, greeted him and asked:

- “Hey! Why is your hair all white?”

Bosst (Gladera)

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hardead Nov 14 '20, 12:07PM
Character: Sacros Arturt

World: Quintera

Sorry for my bad english 

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mayeg Nov 17 '20, 08:45PM

- Words: 296 words

- Character: Hercules of Fury (Knight)

- World (Server): Antica (EU Open PvP)

Sorry for my mistakes with english is not my native language.
Good luck to all guys and girls!.

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adrianom Nov 19 '20, 05:22PM
It was late at night, Eventsholder over extended his journey that day. On his way back home, guided by a single light pole some steps ahead him, he started to feel very tired and sleepy. The air around him was hotter and denser. He felt as something was just starring at him. He turned over, but there was nothing. The light pole started to blink. He was sweating cold. He thought of running, but when trying to take the first step, his feet barely moves as if weighing a ton. A hot breath from his back made all his hairs sway forward... One... Two... Three times. He was too afraid to turnover again. The ground around him started to exale a green smoke. He tried to scream for help but doesn't matter how hard he forced it, his voice didn't came out. When he looks down, worms and bugs started climb him. The hot breath now was closer. He smelled a rotten smell approaching. Huge teeth appeared in his peripheral vision, surrounding him. The smell was so hard that he fainted. Falling on the tongue. Lucky while falling his body pressed his magical cube inside his backpack. Lucky Eventsholder.

Character: Albus Dumboltada
World: Ferobra
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miker96 Nov 19 '20, 05:29PM

November 1 year unknown

My recognition in the Tibian world earned me an invitation to a fancy Halloween party in the castle of Queen Eloise. Of course I accepted the invitation and started looking for the right outfit. It was my first Halloween party in Carlin, which has terrifying Ghostland. I just wanted to drink a punch and dance with my friends. When midnight came, I wanted to breathe fresh air. Climbing the stairs, I began to hear strange sounds, like whispers of a woman, which at first were incomprehensible. When I got to the top of the great castle tower, I felt as something had entered me and my furry body was paralyzed. Dark figure appeared in front of my eyes. She was the ruler of those who herald death. I felt as it was draining my soul whispering in my head. Suddenly I felt a huge ominous power and my senses came back. Raising my head in front of my eyes revealed the Queen of Banshee in all her glory surrounded by her servants seeking to steal my soul. However, there was nothing they could do. She asked me to find her by explaining to me how to solve puzzles to be able to enter her great hall. When she finished speaking I felt a choking in my chest, and suddenly woke up coldly. As it turned out, my friend Ana saved me from delusion. When I talked to the castle mages, they explained to me that on Halloween night the evil creatures grew stronger, so that the queen banshe could go as a ghost beyond its ruins to charm a traveler. In the end, I was safe and didn't do anything stupid thanks to the friend I came back with and enjoyed the ball!

Character: Mikolaj
World: Premia

Words: 296

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RicardoLima Nov 19 '20, 06:32PM
Something was disturbing the citizens of the continent of Tibia! Where was Yasir? He hasn't shown up for weeks, but on Halloween night, not even the strongest people venture to look for him. Unlike Evetholder, who goes on his search traveling by boat from venore to carlin, when something bizarre happened; He was transported to ghostship, terrifying beings appeared, living dead leaving at his feet, ghosts flew by the sails, and demonic beings chasing him. Fear took over him, he could barely breathe due to the strong odor of demonic beings, opening his eyes was difficult because he never encountered such terrifying beings, and his heart seemed to stop beating, so little did he know what to do, terrified he thought he was end and was sorry for not wasting time making his blessings! Should he jump in the water? Would facing be the best option? When you least expect it and your hopes are over, a strong wind takes you off the ground, throwing you to another boat making it incredibly transported to Darashia. Was it all just a dream? Evetholder was frightened but thanked the goddess Tibiasula for still being alive; and he wondered, would he still have the courage to look for Yasir? He was unable to continue in his search, as he could barely walk with the tremor of his legs, following the temple to calm down and wait for the opportune moment to try to discover Yasir's disappearance.

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SonicSteven Nov 19 '20, 11:09PM

It was a cold, November morning

The mist outside; a forewarning

Our beloved hero Eventholder

Readied to fight the Beholder

Or perhaps the name of bonelord

It matters not to our noble lord

Potions and runes aplenty

We hope he won't go empty

On the muddy path he set

His haste; now a silhouette

Armor on and sword in hand

Our hero heads to the promised land

He chants “I will have your eye”

Though there was no reply

For alas, disaster struck!

A rotten bit of luck!

“Servers will go down in five!”

But they were just live?!

For he may not play

At least for another day...

Sonic Steven - Antica

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CristianBrum Nov 19 '20, 11:21PM

                                           On a beautiful Halloween night, the little Eventholder put on his costume and decided to 

                                                                go out in the neighborhood to ask for treats or treats.


                                                                                        "scarecrow". hello Eventholder.

                                                                                        "Eventholder". hello sir scarecrow, trick or treating!

            after touring his village and getting a lot of treats, he wondered how happy his grandma would be to receive some sweets.


                                            only for that he would have to cross the terrible swamp, where horrifying creatures lived.

                                                                              Even so, there he went with great courage.

                                                                                 when he finally got to the house, safe and sound.

                                                                   he immediately entered, and ran into a very suspicious girl, and then asked.

                                                                  "Eventholder". who are you? where is my grandma?

                                                                   "mysterious girl". your grandmother? yes, she is up there, go up, she is waiting for you!

                                                        Eventholder soon suspected, looked behind the girl and saw the eyes of creatures, 

                                                                                       and already realized that it was a trap.

                                           -Eventholder ran like there was no tomorrow, and it was never the same.

                              "The girl was nothing less than a collector, who would exchange her eyes for new clothes."

                           no one knows what happened to Eventholder grandma, but Eventholder believes she managed to escape as well.

                                                                                                         THE END!

Character: Niix Insanity
World: Dibra

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Valenterh Nov 20 '20, 01:32AM

Darashia was my favorite city; I always felt safe here. The city is far away from Drefia, Dark Pyramid and that dangerous dungeon full of dragons, only that tomb by the ship that always scares me; the sound of the skeletons and the yell of ghouls are enough for me to keep away from that place.

But right now, I hope someone help me, I hid here because of a mutated pumpkin was jumping through the city when I was trick-or-treating, I ran away from the city and got into this hole close the city, but now, I’m deep inside and surrounded of violent creatures, never heard or saw them before, they look like humans, but they are not, their smell is like death, have huge teeth and fur… they look like hyenas but… they walk i two legs…  are they lycanthropos? Never thought to find these creatures in Darashia… and tonight is not full moon…

“Grrrr!” I Hear them closer!  

They have a rite… Am I their next sacrifice? Are they going to eat me? I think is over for me… i'm Hidden behind a stone... only bones from dead bodies are around this place… Nobody can help me

They are smelling something… are they smelling my candies? No! They are smelling me… I count them… one… two… three... they saw me!

I’m running and scream for help… but seems that this is my end…

-Exeta res

I heard these words and saw the creatures turned around to chase someone else....

“Now leave Eventholder” the last words I heard, I won’t look back… I never will come here again…

My worst night, my worst Halloween…

Character: Valenterh
World: Kenora


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Thorvik Nov 20 '20, 01:43AM

EVENTHOLDER GAZED AT the entrance of the cave. “Weird”, he thought. “I’ve been here thousands of times before, but this was never here.”


Maybe his mind was playing tricks after uncountable hours of hunting. He couldn’t forget what he overheard back in Carlin, about a mysterious cave that only appears during Halloween. “A kid’s tale”, he thought at first. But his adventurous spirit made him inspect the Ghostlands.


Every step into the cave echoed, as if Eventholder was inside the stomach of a monster. The air became damp, the passage was narrow and suffocating. Even after casting a Light spell, the dim radiance couldn’t break the creepiness of the darkness. He took slow but long steps, making the least amount of noise possible. He was shivering.


Then he heard it, from around a corner. The closer he got, the louder it was. A pattern: Clack. Clack. CRACK. Splash.


He took a deep breath and walked forward, but he was not prepared to face what he saw.




Skeletons. Hundreds of them. Performing rituals, drawing symbols on the walls, floor and themselves. The clacking of the bones was deafening.


In the center, a Witch controlled them, cackling. Flicking her wand, she drew them closer; then, they would break their own bones and toss them into a giant cauldron.


Eventholder had to stop that madness. Casting Haste, he bolted and pushed the Witch into the cauldron. She struggled helplessly amidst the bubbling liquid. The moment she stopped, all Skeletons crumbled into dust; from the cauldron emerged a powerful entity - the ritual made the Witch a powerful goddess. Eventholder was terrified.


She pointed upwards: “You fear me, but it’s the gods above who control your fate.”


For the first time in his life, he looked up. And what he saw…




…was YOU!

Words: 299

Character: Pacifist Assassin

World: Secura

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Idhock Event
Idhock Nov 20 '20, 01:47AM

Quote from mayeg - Words: 296 words

- Character: Hercules of Fury

- World: Antica

Sorry for my mistakes with english.
Good luck to all guys!.

Hi Mayeg, can you help us by making your images a little bit larger, so we all can read the text in it? 
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candangoek Nov 20 '20, 07:18AM


The day before Halloween, our friend Eventholder was looking his recently received letters when he found something interesting. It was an envelope that only said “EVENTHOLDER”. When he opened it he could read: “Tomorrow, the Halloween night, come meet me in DrefiaArachir”. It was Arachir, The Ancient One. One of old vampire lords. He asked an old assassin to help him in this journey, but the man refused: “Nobody comes back after meeting Arachir. I’ve been there one night and I’ll never be there again. Never”.

Eventholder decided to go alone. He went through the desert and the mountain, passed the nomads and scorpions and finally arrived. He brought an old map with him, which indicates where the room is. When he was walking to the stairs he could feel a presence, like someone was stalking him. He then goes down the first stairs. Ghouls came fast to attack him, but he avoided the creatures with a torch and ran to the next stairs. There was necromancers conjunring people from the dead and despite all the voices he heard, he ran faster to the Arachir’s room, after passing some other place with a hand that walks alone by itself. He arrives. After a long hallway he can't see Arachir anywhere. But there’s a presence. A cold hand grabs Eventholder’s head something bites him. Instantly Arachir appears and starts to run away. Eventholder is using a garlic necklace, which repeals and weakens the vampire lord. Now he’s too weak, he just disappears, leaving behind his token. Our friend grabs it and starts to walk away. Now all vampires come closer to Eventholder and walks protecting him from every creature there, until our friend arrives the first stairs to leave. He travel back home. He spent a night at the ruins.

Character: Candango de Menera

World: Menera

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Antheia Nov 20 '20, 11:14AM

300 words exactly, Char-  Drinkosz, World: Damora

Here is the story of Evetholder brave escape from Drefia and annihilator room


arty ran  with terror on their faces.  Loud roars, clatting of bones, unhuman wailing  was getting closer and closer . 

-Hurry - cried Eventholder, we’ll join  dead soon if we cant find safe place to hide.

Faint reflection of  Blood  Moon  revealed a gap in rocks.

-Here – cried Eventholder   pointing his finger in direction of  narrow opening  of small  cave  which  could  offer them  a  chance to survive this night.

One after another , pushing each other they entered the cave.

„Utevo lux” whispered Eventholder and faint light brighten the surroundings. Evetholder looked at them – knight and  2 sorcs , all young , unexperienced. He agreed to find them when they got lost  and found themselves in  Drefia .

-Drefia -  Eventholder  shook his head with disbelief.

Something was wrong  here  -  A teddy bear on the floor . And  smell of burning. He grabbed last 4 teleport scrolls from his bag.

-Look - a teddy bear , someone left it here – cried young sorceress. I want it.

-Don’t touch anything -  cried Eventholder , but it was too late.

-Gods, look - his eyes are glowing red !   whispered young knight with fear in his voice.

A loud crack  came from the entrance and  gap  disappeared. They were trapped.

With loud thunder cave walls collapsed ,  Hot fire filled the cave. 4 giant demons stepped inside.

Blue light of 4 small portals could’ve  been seen for  a second, then gone.

Fire burnt out .Cave looked like nothing happened here, 4 pieces of used scrolls  could be seen flying with wind blows from outside. Small teddy bear lied on the floor. Red light in his eyes was fading and fading and fading.

From outside the cave new voices were heard.

- Look – a shelter – maybe we can rest here

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carlosv Nov 20 '20, 07:50PM

Part of a horror story, Evetholder used to walk through any city or forest anywhere he is welcome to take a break and a hot drink, reason for our friend trusted the wrong person or maybe it wasn't a person...


On the way to Venore strange noises were heard in the middle of the swamp, it could be described as many people laughing and having fun but what were they doing there? It's a fun way to spend Halloween I guess, these places are not safe especially at night ... Evetholder loved the parties and without hesitation approached the origin of the fun event.


When he was nearby, he noticed the smell of food, music in the place and voices were heard, laughter, some screams ... but those screams did not seem very funny ... they were surely telling a horror story, thought Evetholder to follow the path to a party that he would never forget, and indeed I doubt that I can forget it.The host of the party observes his arrival and announces that the most anticipated of the night arrived, Evetholder blushed agrees to go to what seemed a normal costume party but when he approached the other guests he began to feel cold, nothing normal, the music stopped, the smell of delicious food changed to a rotten smell, the laughter of the guests increased ... - Are they not costumes? Evetholder asked- Of course not! Before running to where he came from, he listened, Cry for help he had never used Utani hur's so many times, I can't stop hearing that he was being chased until he saw the city lights and people waiting for him at the entrance worried about his delay, when we saw him we noticed a happy Halloween

Kyle dark - celesta

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carolinef Nov 21 '20, 02:48AM
Name: Griggi
World: Belobra

Text: Eventholder received an invitation from the King of Thais to a halloween event. He was arriving when a storm broke out, his hellhound got restless, and him lost his consciousness. When wake up, he was already in Thais...

But a different Thais. Around him, all he could see was people dressed as citizens, and when they approached, their change.

Eventholder, afraid, decided to camouflage himself. Walking around the city, he found a strange robe on the ground and put it on. Ahead, he found a head on the floor and, using his utensils of events on his bag, he mad a mask identical and put it on. Now camouflaged, Eventholder tried to escape without being noticed, when he bumped into a lever that transported him to another location leaving his shoes behind.

There was a strange green phantom and other creatures. When they were getting ready to chatch him his mount quickly jumped on the room's teleport and suddenly Eventholder was back in real Thais. There, re noticed that his partner was carryng a strange bag in one of mouths, which he must have stolen on the escape, and when he opened it, he found a beautiful pair of shoes, wich he dressed, since he lost his shoes.

At the event, Eventholder reported his great adventures, which everyone believed to be part of the history of his fantasy and did not believe in him.

Then, he remembered his new shoes and showed to they. "It's impossible!" They shouted when saw that Eventholder was wearing an original Pair of Soulwalkers!

The adventure was such that the next day all newspapers reported the incredible adventure os Eventholder.

Yeah. It was great! But we don't know when our friend will have the courage to walk around Thais again!

Thank you!

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