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Feb 18, 06:30AM
Maybe today maybe tomorrow it depends f i got all votes today
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Feb 17, 02:18PM
when tibia got talent results?
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Feb 16, 07:18AM
Its rlly hard to just chose 3 but i got mine!
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Tibia Got Talent

What is your talent? Of course, we know that every adventurer has to have combat skills, business and a little persuasion, right? But what about letting your artistic side speak louder? Percybald and the man who plays Bearded Woman are proud of their roles as actors and certainly rock the stage...

Check it out on forum


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Umbra Aug 17 '20, 08:00AM

From the simplest bag that accompanies adventurers from Rookgaard, with only 8 slots and a red apple inside, to an imposing holding backpack, with lots of space, found as a reward in one of the most sinister and hostile places in Tibia, every adventurer carries a backpack in order to store your essential equipment and items collected during your journey.

Shovel, rope, potions, runes, scythe, gold, creature products ... how many different things can be put in a backpack, eh? Well, an interesting fact to discover would be how many so many backpacks fit inside other backpacks, resulting in a capacity close to the infinite number of combinations, all in a single slot!

It is possible to find an incredible diversity of backpacks, with basic colors, for those who are more discreet, even for those who have a cheerful and festive personality, with different colors. For those who like a tropical climate, there are backpacks with marine ornaments, or for a wild adventurer, camouflaged backpacks, to hide better among the jungles. For scholars, there are backpacks of books (to store your books, how's that?), Even for the lazy ones, who live dozing off, they can have their own pillow backpack!

When talking to Gorn, he says that the secret to a good backpack is in choosing a quality fabric, resistant, firm, yet light. Sarina values ​​the internal lining, so that all items can be safely stored, maintaining adequate spacing. While Bezil and Nezil, brothers who are always diverging, finally agree on something, that the backpack must have very strong handles, to resist all the strength that the adventurer makes while using it, besides, of course, it must be fire resistant.

With so much diversity you still haven't found an ideal backpack for your personality? Why not craft an original? Inspiration exists from over in the world of Tibia, and you certainly have creativity like any good adventurer. Get to work!

Another year, another crafting contest! 

And, since this summer update didn't brought us any new backpack we want you to craft a new one, yep, that's right, a brand new backpack, it doesn't have to be related to the last major update, just be original and creative with it.


How often it is that we here at TibiaEvents have to discard some wonderful contest entries because people did not follow ALL the rules.

Please read and follow all the rules and save us all the heartache!

- Craft a brand new backpack that isn't in the game. 

- Use spare materials like scraps of wood, cardboard, paper-mâché, or anything you have, in full life-size!

 You must photograph at least 2 images from the process of creation and 1 of the finished backpack.

All photos must contain a visible piece of paper with the writing “TibiaEvents – 2020” on it. You need to write this paper by hand. You cannot computer print it, and the paper must be the same in all photos. So, take care of that piece of paper!

You cannot edit your photos. You cannot use Paint, Photoshop or anything similar.

Your post must contain your character name and world server.

 Multiple submissions are allowed, but each backpack must be submitted individually. Note that only one prize per person can be won.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification

- This is a family friendly site, so any content related with drugs, sex, offensive or xenophobic content won't be tolerated.

- Your post and backpack must follow the Tibia rules.

- You must name your backpack, it’s your creation after all, and you should be proud of it.

Keep in mind that winning this contest does not mean, in any way, that your backpack will be implemented in-game, there is no intention to do so.

- Staff members of TibiaEvents, can not, under no circumstance, participate in our events, for obvious reasons.

- We will validate or invalidate the entries so you can see if your submission is OK, so please keep checking to correct eventual mistakes, if you receive a like from the staff, means your entry is valid 


The contest Starts 17/08/2020, and ends 07/09/2020 - (23:59 CEST).

Our team and CipSoft will be judging creativity.


1st place: Golden warrior trophy + memory box + rune embleme of choice

2nd place: Silver warrior trophy + Cornucopia + rune embleme of choice 

3rd place: Bronze warrior trophy + dragon figurine + rune embleme of choice

Please, keep in mind that we are using CEST (Timezone), so your entry might look in time for you, even if it's not.

Its time to craft!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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Umbra Aug 17 '20, 08:00AM

Desde la bolsa más simple que acompaña a los aventureros de Rookgaard, con solo 8 ranuras y una manzana roja en su interior, hasta una imponente backpack of holding, con mucho espacio, y que se encuentra como recompensa en uno de los lugares más siniestros y hostiles de Tibia. Todo aventurero lleva una mochila para guardar su equipo esencial y los artículos recolectados durante su viaje. 

Pala, cuerda, pociones, runas, guadaña, oro, productos de criaturas ... ¿cuántas cosas diferentes puedes poner en una mochila, eh? Bueno, un dato interesante por descubrir sería cuántas mochilas caben dentro de otra mochila, esto  que da como resultado una capacidad cecana al infinito, ¡todo en un solo espacio! 

Es posible encontrar una increíble diversidad de mochilas, con colores básicos, para los que les gusta la discreción, hasta mochilas para los que tienen una personalidad alegre y festiva, con diferentes colores. Hay para quienes gustan del clima tropical con adornos marinos, o para un aventurero salvaje, están mochilas camufladas para esconderse mejor entre las selvas. Para los estudiosos, hay mochilas de libros (para guardar tus libros, ¿cómo es eso?). Incluso para los perezosos, que viven dormidos, ¡pueden tener su propia mochila de almohada! 

Al hablar con Gorn, dice que el secreto de una buena mochila está en elegir una tela de calidad, resistente y firme, pero ligera. Sarina valora el revestimiento interno, para que todos los artículos se pueden almacenar de forma segura, manteniendo un espacio adecuado. Mientras que Bezil y Nezil, hermanos que siempre están divergiendo, finalmente coinciden en algo, que la mochila debe tener asas muy fuertes, para resistir toda la fuerza que el aventurero hace mientras la usa, además, por supuesto, debe ser resistente al fuego. 

¿Con tanta diversidad aún no has encontrado una mochila ideal para tu personalidad? ¿Por qué no crear una original? La inspiración existe en todo el mundo de Tibia, y ciertamente tienes creatividad como cualquier buen aventurero. ¡Ponte a trabajar! 


¡Otro año, otro concurso de manualidades! 

Y, dado que esta actualización de verano no nos trajo ninguna mochila nueva, queremos que crees una, sí, una mochila nueva, no tiene que estar relacionada con la última actualización, solo que sea original y creativa, con eso. 

¡LEE Y SIGUE TODAS LAS REGLAS ANTES DE COMENZAR A CREAR O SERÁS DESCALIFICADO DEL CONCURSO SIN AVISO! Con qué frecuencia es que aquí en TibiaEvents tenemos que descartar algunas entradas maravillosas del concurso porque la gente no siguió TODAS las reglas. 

¡Lee y sigue todas las reglas y ahórranos toda la angustia! 

- Crea una mochila nueva que no esté en el juego. 

- ¡Utiliza materiales de reciclaje, como trozos de madera, cartón, papel maché o cualquier cosa que tengas a la mano, la mochila es tamaño real! 

- Debe fotografiar al menos 2 imágenes del proceso de creación y 1 de la mochila terminada. 

 - Todas las fotos deben contener un trozo de papel visible con la leyenda "TibiaEvents - 2020" en él. Necesitas escribir este documento a mano. No puedes imprimirlo en la computadora, y el papel debe ser el mismo en todas las fotos. ¡Así que cuída bien ese papel! 

- No puedes editar tus fotos. No puedes usar Paint, Photoshop ni nada similar. 

- Tu publicación debe contener el nombre de tu personaje y el servidor. 

- Se permiten envíos múltiples, pero cada mochila debe enviarse individualmente. Ten en cuenta que solo se puede ganar un premio por persona. 

- Como siempre, el plagio conduce a la descalificación. 

- Este es un sitio familiar, por lo que no se tolerará ningún contenido relacionado con drogas, sexo, contenido ofensivo o xenófobo. 

- Tu publicación y tu mochila deben seguir las reglas de Tibia. 

- Debes nombrar tu mochila, es tu creación después de todo, y debes estar orgulloso de ello. 

- Ten en cuenta que ganar este concurso no significa, de ninguna manera, que tu mochila se implementará en el juego, no hay intención de hacerlo. 

- Miembros del Staff de TibiaEvents no pueden, bajo ninguna circunstancia participar en ninguno de los concursos, por obvias razones. 

- Validaremos o invalidaremos las entradas para que puedas ver si tu participación está bien, así que revisa constantemente para corregir posibles errores, si recibes un me gusta del staff, significa que tu participación es válida 

Fecha y hora: 

El concurso comienza 17/08/2020 y finaliza 07/09/2020 - (23:59 CEST).Nuestro equipo y CipSoft juzgarán la creatividad. 


1er lugar: Golden warrior trophy + memory box + rune embleme de elección 

2do lugar: Silver warrior trophy + Cornucopia + rune embleme de elección 

3er lugar: Bronze warrior trophy + dragon figurine + rune embleme de elección 

Por favor, ten en cuenta que estamos usando CEST (zona horaria), por lo que tu entrada podría verse a tiempo para ti, incluso si no lo es. 

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Jess Aug 17 '20, 09:47PM
Can we use cloth/tissue/tape?
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Idhock Event
Idhock Aug 18 '20, 08:10AM

Quote from Jess Can we use cloth/tissue/tape?
Yes, that's permitted
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Alesandro Aug 18 '20, 10:36PM

Skill Backpack
The Forum post is edited by Alesandro Aug 18 '20, 10:54PM
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BijouKidi Aug 20 '20, 11:20AM

Bijou Kidi / Antica

Name of backpack: Sensoric Backpack

Description: I made sensoric backpack so every little Tibian-baby will be busy with it when parent will be hunting or making tasks. It has a little abacus, so your kid can count demons that you have slain. Also, it can learn colours thanks to unicorn hair (no unicorn were harmed during the process!). As you can see, there are little red runes (baby-safe, they make no harm) with real runes insignias, so your kid can already learn about magic. Marshal stalker feathers give a nice fluffy piece to grasp.

With that many surfaces to touch and to discover, your kid will be busy the whole time (almost).

I hope you like it!

It was as always a pleasure to take part in such an event.

Here the process:

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rajhana Aug 21 '20, 03:32AM
Fofozinha / Lobera

Mochila Mouse
Nombre de la mochila: Mochila Raton

Nombre de la mochila: Mochila Raton.Descripción: fabricado con cartón, cinta adhesiva y mucho color.Inspirado en esos pequeños roedores que comen queso, que se encuentran debajo y cerca de todas las ciudades de tibia, y que cuando se enfurecen salen y toman el control de la ciudad de thais, y que muchos de nosotros tenemos recuerdos con ellos,esperamos que evolucionen en este mundo y nos pongan muchos más retos.

The Forum post is edited by rajhana Sep 5 '20, 07:05PM
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javiers Aug 21 '20, 06:34PM
Quote from rajhana Dajhana / Garnera

Mouse Backpack
Nombre de la mochila: Mochila Raton

Nombre de la mochila: Mochila Raton.Descripción: fabricado con cartón, cinta adhesiva y mucho color.Inspirado en esos pequeños roedores que comen queso, que se encuentran debajo y cerca de todas las ciudades de tibia, y que cuando se enfurecen salen y toman el control de la ciudad de thais, y que muchos de nosotros tenemos recuerdos con ellos,esperamos que evolucionen en este mundo y nos pongan muchos más retos.

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ahdyn Aug 25 '20, 04:10AM

Name of the backpack: Lion Backpack

World: Wintera

Character: Mooga

Spare materials: Old Trousers, Gold/Silver/Black Paint Pens and Cardboard

Time to Create: Over 12 hours

Make an actual backpack: Challenge accepted

Description: Share the spirit and heart of the golden lion with the scars of battle. The lions are the king of kings of the animal kingdom, they are majestic creatures and top predators of their kind, the lion is the symbol of courage, nobility, royalty, strength and valour, a lion backpack is the least we can do for this endangered creature.

Lion Backpack

Testing the Backpack's Capacity, Weight and Size! 

Process of Making

Don't underestimate a Mooga!

Thank you for the event!

Enjoy :)

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Kriizs Sep 6 '20, 10:14AM
Character: Kriizs

World: Talera

Ítem: Falcon Backpack

I spend my hunt time in falcon with my bf  so i decided to create a backpack, i have bad luck looting falcon items at least now i've one RL




The Forum post is edited by Kriizs Sep 6 '20, 10:17AM
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Psykeeh Sep 7 '20, 03:03AM

Character: Psykeeh

World: Talera

Item: Dragon Scale Backpack

Tibia is made of memories both past and present. In this contest I wanted to create something that brought me back to the old school stories people used to hear. Dragon Scale Set was always part of the myths of tibia, who doesn’t remember the first Dragon killed, the first drop of a DSM (Dragon Scale Mail). To complement this magnificent set, I decided to add a little touch with my backpack.

You see dragon scale backpack. (Vol: 28).

It weights 15.00 oz. Imbuements slots (1).




The Forum post is edited by Psykeeh Sep 7 '20, 05:17PM
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Vannsz Sep 7 '20, 03:09AM

Character: Vannsz

World: Gentebra

Backpack name: 4 Elements Backpack

Materials: Felt, glue, sewing thread.

Time: 24hrs

This backpack represents the four basic elements that constitute life on tibia. When you look at it you can see a 4 elements backpack (vol. 16). It contains the ancient power of the 4 elements (elemental protection +2%). it weighs 13.50 oz. Imbuement slots: 1.

Hope you'all liked it 

The Forum post is edited by Vannsz Sep 7 '20, 02:41PM
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GlockWeeping Sep 7 '20, 07:46AM
Name: Glock Weeping

World: Talera


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MilkyBear Sep 7 '20, 08:56PM
Name: Milky Bear

World: Antica 

Name of backpack: Snowy backpack

Materials: kids hoodie, christmas tree decorations, white material, warm glue, christmas lights / for the final photo: polystyrene balls, cotton wool 

Description: this backpack is made of snow and icy and yeti’s fur.  Frost trolls created it in their caves on the Folda. It’s a symbol of Winter. Be careful! Don’t let him melt.  It’s really rare.

The Forum post is edited by MilkyBear Sep 7 '20, 08:59PM
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Margaretta Sep 7 '20, 08:58PM
Character name: Margaretta
World: Secura
Item name: Mercenary Backpack


Final product

Kind regards,


PS This is my first contest. I really enjoy this kind of events. I hope there will be more of that

PPS This is not a Camouflage Backpack

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Kielins Sep 7 '20, 10:30PM

Character: Queen Miia

World: Torpera

Item: Warrior Backpack

A backpack designed for those warriors who venture to the greatest handles in the game, resistant and impenetrable as a chainmail, with enough capacity to store all kinds of weapons.

creation process:


Thank you for the opportunity to enter a great contest.

Hope you like!!

Good luck to everyone.

The Forum post is edited by Kielins Sep 7 '20, 10:40PM
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Loreni Sep 7 '20, 11:09PM

World : Talera

Character name : Loreni

You see yeti backpack (vol.30.)

It weighs 17.oz.

I decided to create this backpack since every character always needs a backpack with a higher capacity. This backpack adapts perfectly to the needs of every player, while also being adorable... This item is a very rare loot that is dropped by the scary Yeti that is located in Folda. I hope you enjoy it!  

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carolinef Sep 7 '20, 11:39PM
Name: Griggi
World: Belobra

Item: 18:26 You see a event backpack (Vol:20).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot).

It weighs 18.00 oz.

Description: This backpack is ideal for those who love events and don't like to miss any! It comes equipped with a whacking driller of fate, ready to assist in the creation of anything related to events and with a mini memory box, so you are always ready to record any cool event you saw!



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Idhock Event
Idhock Sep 7 '20, 11:59PM
Thank you very much for participating, the event is officially closed, we will publish the winners soon, stay tuned! n.n
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Feb 18, 06:30AM
Maybe today maybe tomorrow it depends f i got all votes today
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Feb 17, 02:18PM
when tibia got talent results?
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Feb 16, 07:18AM
Its rlly hard to just chose 3 but i got mine!
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