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filipeb Jun 26, 09:08PM
Character: Bomdrax

World: Calmera

This store sells potions before you enter Thais. It is a dangerous city, you need to be protected!



3- finished

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Kielins Jun 27, 06:44AM
Char: Queen Kiesz

World: Garnera




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FPoPP Jun 27, 09:39PM

Character: Camarluk

World: Kenora

Location: Lone island with Polar Bears reachable from Folda caves.

Polar Bear Paw Shop

- The best prices that you can find in all Ice Islands! Now you don't need to travel back to the continent in order to replenish your expedition supplies while exploring the caves of Folda!

- Buy the best barbarian gear for Mages, Druids, Paladins and Knights! Take your time and check our products in the shop! Don't forget our Blue-barian Ice Cream!

- Our shop is also a licensed one for banking!

- You can buy special books about the history of the Ice Islands here!

- Eat here the best of the northern culinary... All of it for a fair price! Our dishes are all special! Our fresh sushi is made with the best fish in the region! We also got the Vega recipe for Gingerbreadman!

- Stay here for a chat with other adventurers or rent a fishing rod and fish peacefully inside our shop! My hound is taking care of us along with our strategical traps for wild Polar Bears! This region is also good to catch some shrimp! You can also rent a Helmet of the Deep, jump in the water in our special designed exit to the sea and explore the depths of the sea near the island... Watch out for Sea Serpents down there!*

- Practice some mountain climbing or abseiling over the Polar Bear Cave now with me as a certified instructor!

- What about your aiming and axe throwing abilities? Do your best in our game, destroy 5 bottles in a row and get a special lottery ticket! The prize is this special gargoyle displayed charged for one year!

- What about your muscles? Try our "Smash the Firebug" game! In this game you need to smash the firebug! You can burn a little bit but if you smash the right jar containing the golden firebug, you can trade it with me for an exclusive Polar Bear Mount!*

- You can also feed and play with our Polar Bears inside the cave! Some people might be tempted to hug one after some meads...*
* Healing potions needed during this activity should be purchased separately!

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Mandy Jun 28, 06:00PM
If you are in need of rare magic items, you will only find them here.

character : Arendella

world : firmera

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Chellsz6 Jun 29, 04:53AM
Name: Chellmi Bittersweet

Server: Talera

Rare Shop ;D

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selixdias Jun 29, 11:53PM
after fighting a lot with a demon skeleton that insisted on respaw and destroy all parcels i finally managed to finish my shop xD

character name: Selix Dias

World: serdebra

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Loreffy3 Jul 2, 11:21PM
Name: Loreffy

Server: Antica

Our parcel shop is placed in Ab'dendriel +1 west of depot.

The shop is splitted for three different parts. In the northen part you can buy all stuffs necessary for hunt, in the western part you can find fishes and delights and the eastern part is dedicated for people who love flowers and give them to loved ones. Parcel shop is decorated in forest and wood style with many leaves, stools and boxes. In our shop everybody will find something for yourself.

First screenshot:

Second screenshot:

Final screenshot:

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Flamyy Jul 3, 03:08AM
That's all what you need

Name: Au Flamyy

World: Antica

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Loriska Jul 6, 06:53PM
CHARACTER: Dumon Von'terryer

SERVER: Talera

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Loriska Jul 6, 08:31PM
Character: Dumon Von'terryer

Server: Talera 

I thought of something that could be useful for charms.

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Bloodybunny Jul 6, 09:21PM

Character: Bloodybunny

World: Nefera

Parcel Shop: Rarerock ( Sculpture shop ) 

Welcome to Rarerock store, here you'll find a wide variety of sculptures and handcrafted objects made of the purest rocks.

Come and visit our store, take a closer look at our masterpieces, such as the ultra realistic Stone Golem sculpture.

 #1 Building

 #2 Building 


 #3 Sculping

 #4 On the counter

 #5 Final

 #6 Enlarged Image ( Final )


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Bloodybunny Jul 6, 09:37PM

Character: Bloodybunny

World: Nefera

Parcel Shop: Bloody Runner ( Shoe Store )

 Welcome to Bloody Runner Shoe Store, we can fix your boots, greaves and even your lovely slippers in no time.

 We also have a wide variety of shoes for sale.

 Stop wasting time and visit our headquarters east of the ghost lands. We can raise your 

 beloved shoes from the dead, almost for free.

 #1 Building 

 #2 Building


 #3 Final

 4# Enlarged Image ( Final )


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RicNexus Jul 6, 10:14PM

Nexus Jewel's the best jewelry shop in Venore has expanded. Due to popular demand a new location has opened in the Venore-Thais expressway!

Character Name: Ric Nexus

World: Nefera


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carolinef Jul 6, 11:54PM
Nome: Griggi
Mundo: Belobra
This is Cobra Shop

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carlose2 Jul 7, 01:05AM
Name: Peluzhito

World: Solidera

Delights of the sea Parcel Shop

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Kat1 Jul 7, 02:51AM
Character: Kat Slayer

World: Talera

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Kat1 Jul 7, 02:58AM
Character: Kat Slayer

World: Talera

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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jul 7, 08:03PM
The contest ended on Jul 06, 23:59 CEST. the ones which posted after that time are downvoted.

We will be back as soon as possible with the winners :-)

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