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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jun 10, 12:07PM
Dear Tibiaevent users,

We cordially invite you to comment on Sacred potion winners mentioned in the thread title here.

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.
Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

(the winners are always posted on the front page).

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jun 10, 12:07PM
Char: Kriiz Weeping
World: Talera
Points: 5 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 5
Total: = 20
Winning Entry: » Click here
Prize:Golden trophy of excellence + 1 blessing charm set + memory box

Char: Marvelous Paola
World: Gladera
Points: 5 + 3 + 3 + 5
Total: = 16
Winning Entry: » Click here
Prize:Silver trophy of excellence + a blueberry, a lemon and a strawberry cupcake + a frozen starlight

Char: Dumon Von'terryer
World: Talera
Points: 3 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 3
Total: = 15
Winning Entry: » Click here
Prize:Bronze trophy of excellence + a blueberry, a lemon and a strawberry cupcake

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vitorjsilva Jun 10, 07:40PM
I would love to know what means those number 1+3.... 
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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jun 10, 07:43PM
its the point system we use 
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vitorjsilva Jun 10, 08:03PM
But, how work those points?
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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jun 10, 08:10PM
the first one gets 5 points second 3 points and the third 1 point 

so for example:

i like kris her entrie she gets 5 points

an other team member likes Marvelous Paola's entrie so she gets 5 points

my other one i like gets 3 points and so on... 

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Shawtay Jun 10, 08:32PM
eh better luck next time for me xD good job all the winners..
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Bloodybunny Jun 12, 06:55AM
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