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Umbra Leader
Umbra May 6, 08:12AM
A mysterious illness begins to spread across the continent of Tibia, it is not yet clear where it arose or how it appeared, it is suspected that it is some joke by the incredibly old witch involving some bats that she kept in her house, as several guards de Thais presented the symptoms at the first moment, but a more threatening origin cannot be ruled out.

Patients were diagnosed with the mysterious illness have symptoms ranging from an unwillingness to hunt, failing to challenge creatures in knights, blindness in paladins, lack of mana in sorcerers, and inattention in druids to heal their friends.

The mysterious illness quickly hit the city of Venore, due to the intense flow of merchant trips to the most populous port city. From navigations it reached several other cities, greatly increasing the concern of all kings, emperors, and leaders. Emperor Kruzak has already declared a state of emergency and suspended all mining activities, Arkhothep ordered the closure of the walls of Ankrahmun, while Marvin called a referendum on which diplomatic procedures will be followed in Rathleton.

So far no effort has brought a definite result, Thais' sorcerer guild has carried out several experiments, but none has been effective. Edron's magic academy cannot dedicate itself so intensely due to the intense demand for potions and spells they have received. Carlin's druids made a drink that even seems to offer a certain fight against symptoms, but the taste and smell are so bad that few brave people were willing to drink it. The shamans of Vandura and Nibelor joined forces and are in the testing phase, applying their potion to Tortoises and Chakoyas, but the fall of hooves and hair on guinea-pigs ended up discouraging the experiment...

Our fried Eventholder also wants to help, but he is very clumsy, in addition to not having so much knowledge in magic, we urgently need someone with a good idea for an experiment to help the whole Tibia, someone who also has a culinary talent, to make sure that the potion has a flavor that is at least minimally pleasant to patients.


- Create a potion that cures a mysterious illness. Use real world ingredients, but present them as Tibia Items, for example, you can use avocados as Rorc Eggs, but, ofc, you can use grapes as well, grapes xD. Use your creativity to make to most of it. The most important point to be judged will be your creativity

- Write a short history about your potion, it must not exceed the 100 words limit, and has to be written in English, you can use a translator to help you with this, we won’t judge grammar.

- Your potion must be a medicine! 

- You must prepare your potion RL, present it the way you like it, make it looks nice

- You must send at least2 pictures of your potion creation process, 1 picture of your finished product and 1 picture of the ingredients. All pictures must show a paper with a written sign with the sentence: “Tibia Events 2020”. The same paper has to be in all pictures, different papers won’t be accepted.

- Edited pictures won’t be accepted.

- Accepted formats of images (.jpg .png and .bmp).

- You must name the potion, it’s your creation after all, and you should be proud of it!

- You must post your entry on this thread.

- The name of the character and world game must be on the post.

- Participants can send more than one entry, but can win only one prize, different entries have to be posted in different posts.

- As always plagiarism leads to disqualification.

- We will validate or invalidate the entries so you can see if your submission is OK, so please keep checking to correct eventual mistakes, if you receive a like from the staff, means your entry is Ok 


The contest Starts May 6, 2020, and ends Jun 3, 2020 - (23:59 CET).

Our team and CipSoft will be judging.


1st place: Golden trophy of excellence + 1 blessing charm set + memory box

2nd place: Silver trophy of excellence +  a blueberry, a lemon and a strawberry

cupcake + a frozen starlight

3rd place: Bronze trophy of excellence + a blueberry, a lemon and a strawberry


Its time to cure!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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Zahiz May 8, 09:54PM

Druid Zahiz quickly came to realize the severity of this illness and started working with Eventholder. 

They started collecting herbs and liquids to create an antidote. 

To fight this illness they had to look at the symptoms.

This is what they found:

- Grave Flower to take away the pain, which caused the unwillingness to hunt.

- Bug Milk to strengthen the knights muscles and allow him to challenge again.

- Heaven Blossom to stop blindness.

- Blueberry Cupcake against lack of mana.

- Energy Drink to fight inattention.

- Manafluid to make it taste like a normal potion.

They named it the Zaeve Antidote. 

Named after its creators Zahiz and Eventholder.

Name: Zahiz

Server: Belluma

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Paolaave May 9, 05:25AM


Portion for 1 person:


3 medium Dark Mushrooms – These special mushrooms can heal you. Druids would be able to feel it just by smelling.

2 full spoons of Vampire Dust – It helps sorcerers heal their mana as vampires can drain it from them.

2 drops of Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tears - Those tears come from a creature that doesn’t fear a physical attack… Although, if paladins take it, any thing in Tibia would fear him.

Some petals of Red Rose – Defeat a Hero and take it from him, then you will deserve his strength. 

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hardead May 11, 08:02AM

Sacros Arturt


Eventholder and I set ourselves the task of collaborating with the development of the cure for this strange disease, so we decided to undertake a search for the ingredients, we used egg of The Many and Brimstone Shell that were given to us by the Carlin druids, the shamans Vandura and Nibelor provided us with coals, crystallized anger and shimmering beetles, the edron academy provided us with blood tincture in a vial, Brain Head's Left and right Hemisphere, Thais sorcerers suggested collecting Dew Kisser Flower, Moonshine Bells, Purple Nightshade Blossoms , Heaven Blossoms and bundle of cursed straw. We called blue renovate potion.

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Shawtay May 14, 05:49PM

The eventholder knew me from potion parties and asked if I could cure Tibians. He watches as I create the Remedium (Remedy) potion. I mumble...you need to take common and not so common ingredients: 1 Mysterious Fetish, 3 Honeycombs, 1 Forbidden Fruit, 3 Bonelord Eyes, Strands of Medusa Hair, Slime, a dash of Voodoo Lily Pollen, and a Special Flask containing Holy Water. Make sure you cook the slime very carefully if you don't you risk poisoning all of Tibia. Cooking it the way I do with these other ingredients holds medicinal value. Make sure not to over mix! Character~ Shawtay, World~ Pacera

Ingredients with brands

Ingredients without brands

Adding the first set of ingredients: 1 Mysterious Fetish, 3 Honeycombs, 1 Forbidden Fruit

Made the other set of ingredients: 3 Bonelord Eyes, Strands of Medusa Hair, Slime

Pouring the slime...

Added the last set of ingredients: a dash of Voodoo Lily Pollen, and a Special Flask containing Holy Water

Final product, may I introduce the Remedium (Remedy) potion!

*Side notes- Tonic water appears blue under a black light, however, I didn’t want to have this effect on my picture and get in trouble but this is why I put it under the category of holy water. I included both pictures with the brands and without brands for my ingredients. I think it will be fun to see what types of brands there are in different parts of the world.Please let me know if you want me to make the images smaller or to be displayed as preview instead of full size, thank you.

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KriizWeeping May 27, 07:03AM

Character: Kriiz Weeping

World: Talera


This potion is filled with power, energy, strength and more properties for anyone who drinks it.

Made with Milk from minotaours cave to give power, Blueberry Cupcake to restore mana, Chocolate and Energy Soil as mental and physical stimulation to be alert and add some pleasant flavor, Bloody Tears from The Fear Feaster to give it back the courage and fix the blindness,  Pure Slime Extract to never retreats from any fight, Magic Sulphur to catalyze the effects, Voodoo Lily Pollen to give it better look and colour and a Cherry on top.

Enjoy Warriors!

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