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Apr 9, 07:19PM
Its already announced @Boybarian :-) good weekend!
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Apr 9, 03:03PM
will you guys be announcing the winner of the questlog update contest soon? E>
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Mar 31, 08:10AM
Only today left before the contest YOUR QUESTLOG HAS BEEN UPDATED ends!
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It's time for the forge ... or rather, time for the craft! Being a brave Knight requires many qualities of an adventurer, it takes courage to face the various challenges without fear, working on the front lines of combat to protect your allies ...

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Umbra Mar 27 '20, 07:28AM

It’s party time! Well... it was...

The great day has come and everybody was excited to have good times by celebrating on the costume party. Monsters costumes, mounts costumes, outfits costumes, there was a large variety of them, the creativity of the guests was awesome!

Our King was generous to the guests and asked their subjects to get the best of every single detail which would be included in the party.

The table was fed up with food and drinks, meats, hams (including the dragon ones), eggs, and vegetables for the vegetarians too, we served bottles of wine, juice, and water, at last, but not least, an enormous dwarven brown ale cask specially ordered for the event.

About the music, it was very nice too, the best lyre musicians were hired to liven up the party directly from Ab’dendriel, they played so nice that even Vashresamun would praise their performance. Only some old dwarves didn’t dance…

That day has provided some surprising meetings, I guess I saw eventholder talking to a girl for a long time… but, I couldn’t see anything else, I cannot even remember how they were dressed, do you remember it?

It's your turn to remember! in this new contest you will have to write a story about how eventholder chose his outfit, and how he met his GIRLFRIEND so that the King can order the royal scribes to write it in the archives of the kingdom.


- You must post your story on this thread. We will only accept 1 story per contestant.

- You must write the name of your character and world in your post.

- Your story must be written in English.

- You must talk about how Eventholder chose his outfit and how he met his girlfriend at the Costume Party, please be aware that you have to choose from one of the outfits below.

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification, if two or more people post the same entry, the first one to be published will be taken into account.

- Your story may not have more than 300 words.

The story must be related to Tibia and follow the Tibia Rules.

- Please remember, this is a family-friendly site, therefore, any entry that has obscene, violent, sexual or drug-related content will be removed immediately and without warning.

- We won't be judging your English level/grammar, but your creativity






The contest starts on Mar 27 2020 and ends on Apr 24 (23:59 CET)

Its time to write! 

Your TibiaEvents Team 

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Xytreh Mar 29 '20, 12:56AM

But.. there was.. that guy. He was really strange. He was sitting alone in the garden so I decided to talk to him. His name was Loqhakk, from Antica.

- Why you're sitting alone here buddy? Won't you come in and have some fun with the rest?

"Naah, I'm fine. I was just wondering about the Eventholder. Looks like he had a hard time today", he answered.

- W-w-what do you mean? Did something happen?

"I'm not sure to be honest. He was really nervous and he was talking about some.. sweets?". Then he stood up.

"I saw him going to that confectionery right behind the corner. Geez, the queue behind him was like one hundred miles! He spent more time talking to this girl than on picking sweets, haha!"

Girl? Who’s he talking about? I had no idea so I decided to ask.

- What girl are you talking about?

"The one that is a cleaner in that confectionery. Her name is Lisa I believe. She's pretty, you know, long red hair, slim figure, big b...". I needed to interrupt him.

- EKHM! I remember now. Yes it's Lisa. What were they talking about?

"She was thanking him for helping her. Her foot got stuck in sewage well. He appeared out of nowhere and pulled her off but she lost her shoe. Anyway, it looked like they feel something for each other, nyieheheh...”
Then we heard a scream from the castle. It was Eventholder and his girlfriend Lisa. Eventholder looked like some Cake Golem! He explained that he tried to bring us the cake so fast that he just fell with it on the ground and that this will be his costume for today’s party! A real Cake Golem!

Oh my.. what a day it was…

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Zahiz Mar 30 '20, 04:58PM

Dear TibiaEvents,

Well of course I remember what Eventholder was wearing and I can tell you all about this mystery girl!

Please, let me take you back to the costume party held in the castle of Thais.

After our arrival all the guests were seated at a very long table and the King was sitting at the very end of it. 

I could see Eventholder in his cake outfit; he was seated on the opposite side of me.

He was sitting next to a very handsome girl, who I believe was Hanna, the jewelry shopkeeper of Thais.

I could tell because she was wearing the pretty white hat with a flower on top of it that she always wears.

We all started dining. It was delicious; there were all sorts of fruits, all kinds of mushrooms and meat that I never tasted before.

After finishing our meal there was an afterparty. Everyone started drinking. Or well, mostly the dwarves. 

The rest of us generally took one drink and moved on to the dancefloor where a band of Elves was performing.

Eventholder and Hanna moved to the dancefloor as well.

Suddenly Hanna took a bite out of Eventholders costume, thinking it was real!

She must have had a little too much to drink...

Everyone thought it was funny and laughed for a bit, but they went on dancing shortly after.

Eventkeeper and Hanna had a really good time together and I remember them leaving the party hand in hand.

They make a cute couple and I wish them all the best in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Zahiz from Belluma

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Shawtay Mar 30 '20, 05:46PM

The eventholder was invited to the King's Costume Party! It's known the King keeps an archive of all the costumes that appear during the Costume Party. If you impress the King, you get to go to the next party, if you don't impress him you're off the list forever. The eventholder is never invited to parties but always plans them, so his costume had to be special. The eventholder decided to be a cake golem. The cupcakes on his outfit were only obtainable a short time in the Cake Isle, so he knew he was going to impress. He quickly put a couple of cupcakes in his bag and dipped himself in frosting. He even found a rare cherry to put on his head that he stole from a cherry tree. The eventholder finally made it to the party and noticed he was a little different from the rest. There was a Cyclops with two eyes and a Demon with a tiara just to name a few costumes. The eventholder was trying to keep himself busy as he knew it kept him from being lonely. As he was tidying things up he saw a lovely fuzzy girl with big red lips who looked just like him. She was dressed with lemon cupcakes and he was dressed with blueberry and strawberry cupcakes. He felt so different and small but when he saw her his cupcakes and frosting just melted. She saw him looking at her and said, "How did you know strawberry and blueberry were my favorites?" Needless to say, the eventholder found his first girlfriend that night. The King even invited the eventholder and his girlfriend back to the party for the next year as their costume was one for the books.  Character: Shawtay World: Pacera

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FPoPP Mar 30 '20, 11:22PM

Our Royal Majesty,

“Oh, the nostalgic era! Well, Piñata Dragon shall be my reference to the celebration of the sweet golden times!”

That’s what Eventholder said when he picked his costume for the night. While he was walking to the party among important guests, his mind was navigating in nostalgia:

“I explored so much with her… The forgotten Durin's TombDemons in Mintwallin… And to think that she is gone…”

But suddenly, his eyes caught a person among the colorful and noisy party. There was a different wolf, sitting alone in a corner. 

Eventholder walked to the wolf mesmerized. He looked hypnotized and actually felt strange about. He came very close to the wolf and whispered to the mysterious guest:

“But why here? People never understood us and never will…”

The person revealed herself to our mascot:

“Well, it seems that I got someone very special from this piñata!”

Our mascot smiled. His love Fortinbrae returned!!!

Her appearance caught attention of some people, but it was the old dwarves that stood still shocked. The oldest in the group mumbled:

“ I-I-It is he-r-r-r, Ferumbra’s daughter…”

But a mass paralyze spell was cast. She teleported her and his sweetheart to an unknown location. The dwarves didn’t dance much after that and they all agreed that this confusion was probably due to too much beer…

How crazy was that.

My arcane time travel investigation led to these details so far. I assume that maybe Fortinbrae isn’t like we all assumed, since she has such strong bonds with our loved Eventholder, our Highness. 

Maybe we cannot blame the daughter for the crimes of the father...

I will keep doing my investigation about this case.

Yours faithfully,



Character: Boxer Antica Merchant

World: Antica

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Kriizs Apr 3 '20, 02:34AM

Kriiz Weeping


“The Magic Night” was the title from the scroll that had been published around all Tibia. Event City was not exception! Those in charge of organizing each magnificent event could now have fun in the most important one. Eventholder recently arrived from Feyrist, this little unknown place hidden behind a magical barrier with mystical dreamy creatures gave him the best inspiration for a costume.


So he start to think about it:


A Boogey? No no! Too scary!...


Could it be a Pixie? No no! Too small, doesn't fit my fluffy contexture…


A Faun maybe? Too tall...


Why should i dress up as a creature? The Eventholder wondered while remembering the incredible objects that he’d seen over that magical place.


Colorfull Snail Shell!!! He yelled as give a little jump! Finally a costume that fits my needs.


Eventholder ran with Yasir this Oriental Trader had everything he needed to put together his outfit.


On his way to the castle he saw a Night Waccon, Deathlings, Barbarians, Dwarfs and many creatures costumes across the entrance bridge.


The party was magnificent, spectacular music, everybody having fun, drinks and food adorned the tables but Eventy was confused for being the only one who looked to Feyrist for some inspiration.


Suddenly he turned his look to the dessert table and there she was...


A Twisted Pooka costume…


He get closer just to discover that it was a Fluffy Girl; she'd traveled to feyrist before so they both knew about that magic paradise. Nymphs, Fauns, the broken shield between Roshamuul and Feyrist were just the beginning from a conversation that lasts all the night. Together they talked about Feyrist history to everyone.


Lady Wisp was the Twisted Pooka who stole Eventholder’s Heart since that night and all the tibians known about it even The King.

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Mandy Apr 7 '20, 03:18AM

Certainly, that costume was ideal for Eventholder. The sweetness he brought with that fantasy of Cake Eventgolem, the harmony and self-confidence in that smile that infected everyone around him, must have been an important day for him, and no one could spoil that day, not even the grumpy dwarves of Kazordoon. 

Everyone lived intensely: people did not know each other, there was no difference in race or social class, they were just having a lot of fun with drinks, and dishes prepared by royal chefs.

At the central table of King Tibianus, there was a special guest who was not from the Thais region, holding a very delicate Candy Floss with blond hair and a very striking red lipstick. All attention was on her, and Eventholder was there, dancing as if no one was around her, with her coconut shrimp bake in hand, which by the way looked delicious.

She, uninhibited, went to Karl and asked for a banana chocolate shake and followed the Eventholder. He was really enjoying everything around him, dancing, eating, meeting new people and this caught his attention.

It was arriving slowly to the sound of the musicians AB'BA Dendriel and when Eventholder met his eyes, oh, it was certainly love at first sight. They talked for hours, there was chemistry in their eyes, and by their smile, they were having a great time.

Arendella (quelibra)

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Cris Apr 13 '20, 06:05PM

How not to remember the Eventholder costume ... after all I was the girl dressed as the mermaid Aurita. I was sitting on a bench in the palace garden when I saw my pharaoh Horestis coming towards me, with his bright blue eyes and two cocktails in his hands. 

I know it seems strange that a mermaid and a pharaoh fall in love in this way, but that is what happened and after we talked for a long time, he took me in his arms and took me to the dance hall. Everyone stopped dancing and watched us. With his strong arms he held me against his body and began to dance whirling around the room. 

The impressed King presented us with two beautiful tiaras, a prince and princess of the party. What happened next? Even without the costumes, the Eventholder and I remain together and every year we are invited to participate in the King's fantasy party.

Chys Angel (Premia)

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Tynka Apr 13 '20, 06:38PM

Name: Tynusiiaa

Server: Antica 

King Tibianus created huge Tibia’ birthday party! Many guests were invited, including Eventholder from TibiaEvents. When he received invitation, he was excited about wonderful organization but he was a little disappointed too, that this year the King didn’t take care about pinatas.  Eventholder came up with great idea to make funny joke at party. He decided chose costume looking like dragon pinata.  

Eventholder wasn't in good mood because didn't have accompanying person to party. Unfortunately, he told to King he appear and promise take care for party. His presence was therefore mandatory. 

EventHolder didn’t eat, didn’t drink,  didn’t laugh or even dance. There were so many people that nobody even noticed his mood. It wasn’t difficult to hide in the corner of the ballroom. 

When he suddenly sat down thoughtfully... BOOM! Someone shot him with baseball bat. Dazed, he fell to the ground... It turned out that children confused him with real Pinata and began to tear this beautiful costume.  

He lay limply on the ground and he couldn't move, so he couldn't even defend himself. And then SHE appeared! Beautiful woman… amazing beauty, mysterious eyes.  She pushed this screaming kids away and helped our Eventholder get up from the floor. When she asked „Are you okay?”, Eventholder was no longer sore... he drowned in his beloved’ eyes and We know well that love heals every wounds.

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hardead Apr 13 '20, 09:43PM
Name: Sacros Arturt

World: Quintera

Yes, I remember them and their cute costumes very well, they were an eventholder and a beautiful girl he met at the party, apparently the girl was not aware that the party was a costume, when she arrived at the party without a costume she felt very uncomfortable, we all noticed it and wanted to make her feel good.


 However eventholder who has always been characterized by her tenderness, offered to lend her costume, an original dragon pinata that he had made himself and had impressed us all, she was very embarrassed with the offer, however eventholder insisted.


 Once the exchange was done, the eventholder covered himself with ice cream, sweets, cakes and cherries, thus making the sweetest costume in history, we were all delighted with the originality and tenderness of the eventholder, but the girl even more, so much so throughout the night they were together and they didn't stop talking and dancing.

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Evandro29 Apr 14 '20, 03:42AM
Name: Evandro da Roberta

World: Nefera

Eventholder was invited by King Tibianus to liven up the party. He dressed in his Piñata costume and took a Memory Box in his bag to record that big date.
Everyone was apparently having a great time and many guests spent the night dancing. There were also those who did not dance and preferred to be near a table full of food and drinks. Each movement resulted in a click for a photo album that would be presented at the party end.
While Eventholder photographed the guests, his Memory Box captured a beautiful girl next to the beer kegs. She was alone and Eventholder decided to approach. Without much hesitation, he asked the girl's name. And she replied: Lady Wisp. So, Eventholder invited Lady Wisp to sit at the table next to the vegetables.
After talking for a while, Eventholder showed the photos in his Memory Box to his new friend, who laughed when she saw some pictures, like the one of the elves dancing to lyrical music and the one of the dwarves fighting over who drank more beer. When observing the latest photos, however, Lady Wisp noticed that Eventholder registered her smile a lot.
They continued talking throughout the night. The guest to liven up the party no longer recorded the events of the big date. When Queen Eloise said goodbye to King Tibianus, it was clear that the only guests still present were those at the table next to the vegetables. 
Eventholder had met a new friend who at the end of the party became his girlfriend.
King Tibianus ordered the scribes to highlight the romance of the last guests at the party in the kingdom's archives. After all, it was a great party!

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Darkeyeking Apr 16 '20, 12:59AM
Name: Dark eye kingsito
Server: Solidera

I remember them, you mean eventholder and a pretty girl he met at the party, they both casually wore the same costume, we were all very funny that two people who did not know each other wore the same costume, which were very original and fun, some dragon pinatas, yes as you read it, they both disguised themselves as pinatas. What probability was there to match someone wearing this same costume? A green dragon and a pink dragon, together they looked very cute.


Apparently these cute guests not only agreed on costumes but they also had many other things in common, for example they both loved hydra tongue salad, constantly visited the caves of Kazordoon and even both were friends of Irmana the fabric seller.


That by the way later we found out that the costumes were bought in Venore, made by Irmana, they were ordered to make especially by a couple of husbands who at the last minute could not go to the party so they gave permission to Irmana to put them on sale,


The surprise now, was not what they conceded in disguises if not, not having met before having so many things in common.

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Smashy Apr 17 '20, 04:40PM

Smashing Pumpkin , Antica.

Ofcourse I remember! It was an exciting day for us all and especially Eventholder. A grand comstume party at the Kings Palace. Such a grand event needs a grand costume, and he sure had one. He was hoping to organize an event for the King himself next time!

We spoke briefly; he told me about how he was stumbling around his house all day. Trying to come up with an idea. He eventually came up with a dragon costume, he didn't look like one though. He stuffed it full of candy and his eyes stuck out, he almost looked like a bonelord with a dragon-nose. I didn't have the guts to tell him though.

After that he wandered around a bit and I lost sight of him, until I heard some shouting. A beautiful girl dressed in a troll costume, I could say this is the lady of Chief Grakharok his dreams. She was jumping around him like crazy, shouting things like: 'Wow! A real Bonelord Hydra! What a creative costume!'. I had to stop myself from bursting in laughter, but they started up conversation. And from what I saw, it went really well, they had a lot in common. Turns out she organized the whole costume party!

They talked hours about their love for events, organizing them, being creative, danced, ate, sang, the whole shebang. They really hit it off. They were so loud you could even hear them above all the Elvish songs.

When the party was over, I even saw them leave together. I followed them, I was too curious. They went to Frodo's bar and stayed until dawn. I started chatting with Frodo when I got there, so I lost track of what happened between those two. But I can tell you, they left holding hands.

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Linotrix Apr 17 '20, 07:09PM

...everything was ready for the costume party and there was only one 'problem left' - the costumes themselves!

The event was held at The King's castle, and truth to be told - it was lacking nothing!

From various fruits and vegetables to bottles of the well-known, the most high-quality dwarven ale for the courageous Tibian adventurers, but also glasses of fresh fruit juice for the youth.

But - the main event's food supplier made an absurd mistake: WHERE IS THE DESSERT?

All kinds of food were offered to the guests – all but cakes, cookies or sweets. Of course, the eventholder realized that on time, and having remembered 'the costumes decision' hasn't been made yet – everyone had to dress themselves into a delicious-looking cake costume!

So they did. Quite hilarious?

At the far table corner there was one lovely, but lonely girl. She didn't know about the event, but she had heard Towncryer shouting about it – so she decided to show up, as, who knows; maybe she is on about to meet a new friend? She had nothing to lose.

And just like others – she dressed herself into a giant cake costume. And then – Noodles, the Royal Poodle, had lost his mind due to the noise coming from the event room – and took a bite of her costume!

Having done that, Noodles ran away.

She let the eventholder know about it, and both of them were given The King's permission to leave and find Noodles and bring him back home! The eventholder and the girl undressed the costumes and left the castle in search for Noodles, while The King himself took the eventholder role!

Needless to say that something more than a friendship was born between them two on the Noodles-seeking journey?

/Linotrix, Bona

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TopographicOcean Apr 18 '20, 09:03AM

*crystals tinkling*

“It was in the age of King Xenom, my beloved father, when this ceremony was first celebrated. 

Now at the eyes of the Thaians, I declare the King’s annual party inaugurated!!!”

Everyone was there! Sam, Aruda, Eclesius, even the Towncryer!

The night was full of lights twinkling along the torch-lit dwelling, but a light shone even brighter than the stars in the night sky.

A young girl fully in blue entered the great hall, and even the whole Red Legion -a troop of well trained soldiers of the Thaian Kingdom- was looking at her.

All eyes got fixed on this stranger, a young magician from lands of Carlin.

On the other hand, the Eventholder experienced a triumphant entry after tripping over the carpet.

-Are you ok, lil’ pinata? –she said.

-What an awesome costume, a dragon p…! –she added.

-Yesss! I’m a Bone Dragon Lord.

-A what!? «laughs»

-Yeah! I’m a Bone Dragon Lord, half a Dragon and half a Bonelord, isn’t it obvious!? 

-Lovely! «laughs louder»

-What about the candy falling from…?

-It’s not candy! Those are the gems falling as treasures from the dragon's corpse!

-Oh dear! You such a lovely guy! Guess what Am I?

-Yakchal the ice witch, of course!

-So it seems you got some kind of weakness against me, don’t you, dragon?

The Eventholder’s face turned as red as the King’s coat, then the words of the ice queen suddenly melted all his defenses.

-I’ve chosen it because Dad was a dragonslayer! –he said.

-So was my dad! –she added gently.

That’s how this little world was formed, oblivious to everything around it, while the lights of the dancehall brightly twinkled all night long -as orchestrated by Tibianus III- at the end of the night, she knew who was the real king.

Written by Topographic Ocean, inhabitant of Antica.

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LadyKysha Apr 18 '20, 01:28PM

How would I not remember it if I was the girl that Eventholder met?

Everything started when the Feyrist’s community received a letter from the King asking us to make a dancing performance in his costume party. We, Nymphs, really love dancing and singing so we definitely accepted his invitation.

Elves from Ab’dendriel were asked to play the lyre for our performance. Then, we had to think about a costume that could be used in both party and performance but couldn't come up with any idea. Finally, thanks to Raxias’ idea we decided to go dressed as colourful and bright Shimmering Beetles. After a week preparing the act, the day arrived. I was super nervous because we didn’t have enough time to rehearse it, so I brought with me my lucky amulet: a Colourful Snail Shell.

Queen Eloise was the presenter. I couldn’t recognize anyone thanks to the costumes so it was comfortably to dance on stage. However, some drunk Dwarfs started to make fun of us and I twisted my ankle and fell. I stood up fast and continued dancing until the performance ended, then I realized that I’d lost my amulet. Obviously Dwarfs made fun and I twisted my ankle, my amulet was lost!

Tired of looking for it all over the stage and the ball room I sat down in a bench when I heard ‘I can be your amulet!’. That was the loveliest Colourful Snail Shell I had ever seen and he, Eventholder, explained me his adventure in my peninsula and how playing the dice in depot, he won the Colourful Snail Shell costume from a Pixie.

-Oh! You were so lucky!

-No, I’m lucky now that I met you. – he said.

 I completely fell in love with him and now.. he is my beloved boyfriend.

Written by Atrapada (Vunira)

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Guku Apr 22 '20, 05:15AM

This year and for the first time eventholder did attended the big party. He dressed as an evil piñatadragon people murmured that he was really a piñatadragon, so he began to feel bad. On the other hand, Princess Lynley arrived from a kingdom that nobody knows.

She saw Eventholder and was terrified because he looked very real and piñatadragon were her nightmares as a kid.

Eventholder sighed when he saw her beauty, because she was dressed as Queen Eloise due to her 50 years of reign in Carlin.

Eventholder try to approached her, but she avoided him in a very cordial manner.

When the orcs started playing rock music.

Eventholder started dancing and his piñatadragon  mask fell off, that's when Lynley saw that he was not a real piñatadragon, Lynley felt bad for rejecting him, so... she apologizeto Eventholder.

Lyney: I'm so sorry I didn't greet you.

Eventholder: Don't worry, You were just busy.

Lyney: Not really, but I thought you were a real piñatadragon, and I've had a phobia for them.

That's when she told him, her fear story.

Later that night, The King announced the winner of the party and was Eventholder for his fantastic custome.

Lyney: OMG, i knew you were gonna win, your costume is awesome.

Eventholder: Really? You like it?....I think you look beautiful,in your princess costume.

Lyney: I think you are very handsome too, you should come visit me to my kingdom.

Eventholder: It would be an incredible adventure, I am taking your word!

After that day, Eventholder was very happy, he aventured to a Princess kingdom were they fall in love and got married.

Eventholder became the King, and they lived very happy after in the kingdom far away from Tibia.



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RyuSux Apr 24 '20, 06:19PM

“The event is set at tonight,”

That was what Tibianus said,

“And I wanna not fights!

“My guards are fighting the orc raid!”

The night was grey, so was the Eventholder’s soul,

‘cause his beloved and dream costume

was dirty, tough, and such old,

it was an ancient piece, like a lost tome.

He tried to clean it, and he saved a bit,

it’s an awesome costume for the occasion,

tonight the evenholder gonna be a hit,

and he surely gonna get all ladies’ attention.

She dreamed with a costume,

a savage costume, just like no other,

she entered the hall room

wearing but a sword, and disguised as an otter.

His dream girl was just there,

sitting on a corner,

but he wonders when and where

the night’s going to be over.

He was too shy to talk,

and she so beauty,

then she started to walk

she had to finish a duty.

“I’m looking for this candy!

I’m gonna get some of it!

But this costume is so sandy,

I may not touch this pinata kit!”

Then she got closer,

“Who’s inside this dragon?”

“I’m the event holder!”

“The guy from Kazordoon’s wagon!?”

She stuck the sword on him,

he would have died of tender,

the candy fallen from the brim,

cause the sewing did surrender.

Tons of Candy on the floor!

“Everyone got a piece!”

“Everyone to the indoor!”

“And now, all say Rat Cheese!”

Ryuzux (Antica)

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Reliphon Apr 24 '20, 09:14PM

There are many who wish to woo King Tibianus’s neice Celest. She’s  beautiful and witty and clearly very brave having bested many quest herself along side the great King. The costume party was just around the corner and many would travel far and wide to try and impress Celest, hoping to court her. Celest has grown tired of the same rich spoiled princes attempting to impress her the same way every time, through wealth and shallow attempts to seem brave. She doesn’t need someone to be brave for her, she’s been trained by some of the guards and surpassed them with her natural ability. 

Off the beaten and path and worlds away, Even Tholder was working up a sweat helping his Uncle Sam tend to his shop. Even wasn’t wealthy but dreamed of being an adventurer and hoped to join a guild but didn’t know anyone. To his surprise his Uncle Sam had collected enough money to give Even a ticket for the costume party. Unfortunately he didn’t have any money for a costume. Through desperation he looked everywhere in the shop for materials to make his own. He stumbled across Sams old and used backpack and found just enough old clothes to make a very silly looking dragon. 

He arrived at the party a little late, and Celest noticed him immediately, this adorably innocent looking young man stumbling up the stairs and struggling to get past the gate because his costume kept getting snagged! She quickly ran to his aid and helped him get through. He hadn’t had a chance to look at her but he said “my hero! You saved me!” Finally someone recognized her for who she was! “What’s your name?” “Even Tholder…” “Can I have this dance Even?” “Yes” it was their ahem...destiny.

Desolate Frost (gladera)

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julio158 Apr 24 '20, 11:00PM

An hour before the party, Eventholder was lying down staring at the ceiling.

Draggy, a close friend, had just called overjoyed. His relationship with the dragon Meggy was official. Rings had already been exchanged.

The fact was that Draggy was the only other "single" of the company, and now the only one to be in that condition was... Eventholder!

He already imagined future experiences as an third wheel. He was terrified.

He gritted his teeth: it couldn't go like that! He looked at his wardrobe with a strong desire of revenge.

"TODAY, in that party, I'll find my future girlfriend!", Eventholder thought, examining the closet in every meander and eliminating cringy clothes.

But three clothes remained, and he didn't know which to choose.

He did the first thing that went through his head.

"MUUUUUUUUUUM HELP ME!!!!" he shouted forcefully.

The woman came up running, thinking something bad happened.

"I don't know what to wear! Help!I want to impress some girl."

The mother snorted and rolled her eyes, as if the answer was obvious.

"Your future woman must have good taste, right?Choose the one with the two ice creams; if she loves ice cream, she's the perfect one."

Eventholder jumped to his feet. How couldn't he think about it?

"Thanks Mom!!!"
He dressed hastily, and ran to the party, extremely confident.

Then he started dancing with dwarfs and orcs, waiting someone to notice him. However, nothing was happening: girls looked at him just laughing.

Hours passed.
He was almost resigned, when a girl suddenly gave him a pat on the back, exclaiming:

"Strawberry Ice Cream, Please!"

She looked like a nymph.
"Su-sure Madame" said Eventholder paralyzed.

And a chat started. They talked all night, especially about... ice creams.

A long and fantastic love was just began.

Cristie / Tortura

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Its already announced @Boybarian :-) good weekend!
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Only today left before the contest YOUR QUESTLOG HAS BEEN UPDATED ends!
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