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maka Mar 18, 09:34PM

Character: Makadamia




When I read „sculpture” in your contest’s rules I thought: „finally something for me!” and here we go!

I decided to make a sculpture of our dear Eventholder’s girlfriend. It's definitely more time-consuming than for example drawing, but more creative and unique.

The idea was to design very similar creature to Eventholder, but with some feminine details like long lashes, high heels, handbag (with a ribbon - Moschino style ).

Firstly I made a simple sketch of my sculpture and added some basic info, mainly about colors, which I want to use. Of course my first thought was to make a sweet, blush pink monster, but soon I left stereotypes that girls + pink is the best combination, because I fell in love with FIMO „peppermint” color! I added an intensive ruby color to make details like high heels, ribbon or lips.

As I mentioned to make my sculpture I used FIMO polymer clay, a lot of different sculpting tools, rollers, cutters, modeling wire, abrasive sponges and some less important things.

In addition both high heels and ribbon has a special metallic effect, unfortunately it is not visible on the pictures.

After baking the figurine I removed all the dust.

Final result:

In the end  I also wanted to thank you, TibiaEvents, because making a sculptures gives me a lot of fun. I’m not very experienced with FIMO, I started my adventure with sculpting in the end of 2019, but I hope you like my work. Unfortunately sometimes I have no time, to make this kind of figurines without any reason or goal, just as a hobby. This contest became a great reason!


maka Mar 18, 09:39PM

Character: Makadamia

World: Bona


Hello again!

Some of my friends said that my sketch from the previous submission looks quite good, so I decided to make an additional submission with the same drawing, but this time - colorful.

Colors are the same as on sculpture, moreover I added a pastel pink background made by watercolor paints. It makes whole drawing softer and gives more girlish look.

Frame is made from a beautiful pastel pink paper with a pearl effect.

Final result:


Hope you like it!
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Krisph Mar 18, 10:31PM
Character: Krisph
Server: Gladera

Progress pictures can be seen HERE

Eventholder found himself a lovely GF, who is a pink gazer! Hes totally lost in her eye, yes the one. Here they are outside enjoying the nightsky with even the memory box shaped within the stars (Memorybox) (inlove)

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Kipling Mar 18, 10:37PM

There are loads of iconic creatures on Tibia, and as in every big community, each member of these groups have their own personalities. Descending from the furious dragons, raised Partygon, a friendly draconic creature that isn't much interested in slaying humans - she rather celebrate and enjoy everything life can offer.

I portrayed Partygon with her lovely boyfriend, Eventholder, with the Memory Box he sneakily stole and the Bowl of Evergreen Flowers he got her from Carlin. Such an adorable couple! Together they will plan the best events.

And finally, here's the completed entry:

Character: Miss Kipling

World: Gladera

gabrielgont Mar 18, 11:50PM
Char: Kotare

World: Belobra

Her name is Devolder, she's a type of Beholder that belongs to the Devovorga's specie, being the union of both (Beholder + Devovorga)


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suzys Mar 18, 11:57PM
Suzy Kill


This is Lady Wisp, she was lost in the Edron Forest when she found Eventholder.

He helped her find her way back to the house.

It was love at first sight, he invited her to a wonderful candlelight dinner.

It seems to me that this story is about to become a beautiful novel

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Idhock Event
Idhock Mar 19, 12:00AM

So many good entries! Thank you all for participating, the contest is now closed and will be locked in the next hours.

Stay tuned for the results and good luck to everyone!

Kriizs Mar 19, 12:09AM

Kriiz Weeping

I'm so sorry for the 10m after but i've like a lot of problems to access my account and upload the pictures.

This is Eventgazy

Violinda Mar 19, 01:35AM

My name is Melecateia. <3

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