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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jan 21, 08:49AM

Hear me! Hear me! King Tibianus the Third is hosting a costume party! Queen Eloise of Carlin is invited and will attend to impress us all, Emperor Kruzak of Kazordoon is also coming, brandishing a pick like a real dwarf from the mines! And we could not miss the leaders of the three great castes of Ab'Dendriel; Eroth, Faluae, and Elathriel with their fine costumes!

Have you thought about your costume? Do you know what you will wear for such a magnificent event? Don't forget to impress the royals of the entire continent of Tibia!

Eventholder is also invited, but he doesn't know what to wear, he needs all the help he can get! It is the first major event of the year and it cannot be taken lightly, as a representative of TibiaEvents he must show his ability to socialize with royalty and impress everyone with the most original, creative and magnificent costume.

So help him out, and win the very first event of the year!


- Design a costume, this means that you should represent Eventholder dressed in "something", it can be a scary mummy, an adorable rabbit, an imposing demon or something like that.

- The drawing should be made digitally, meaning that you can use software like gimp, photoshop, illustrator, Inkscape, paint or whatever you like.

- You must post your picture in PNG, and if you don't draw a background, leave it transparent, if you do your design in vector format, export it in png, but also include a zip with the vector file hosted in any cloud service you like.

- You must include 2 screenshots or photos of the realization process, with the legend "TibiaEvents 2020" visible somewhere, in addition to your finished work.

- As always, plagiarism automatically leads to disqualification, if two people publish the same work, the first to publish it will be taken into account.

- We will be judging creativity, not drawing or software skills

- It has to be related to Tibia and follow the Tibia Rules

- You must post your entry in this thread and the name of your character and game world must be on the post.

- Participants can send more than one entry, but can only win one prize.

- Different entries have to be posted on different posts.

- Winners and honorable mentions will be shown on the main page of the site, therefore, by participating you automatically waive the authorship rights.


The contest starts on Jan 21, 2020 and ends on Feb 11, 2020 (23:59 CET)

Our team and CipSoft will be judging


1st Place: Golden Trophy of Excellence + 20 Silver Raid Tokens + Memory Box

2nd Place: Silver Trophy of Excellence + 20 Silver Raid Tokens

3rd Place: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Unicorn Figurine

Dress up!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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yanzerareturns Jan 22, 08:06PM

I not only want to participate in the event, but I also want to win it, good luck to everyone and win the best !!!

I just didn't understand who an Eventholder is or what it is.

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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jan 22, 08:25PM
Dear yanzerareturns,

Eventholder is our mascotte, its the purple fluffy at the closet :-)

Here are some picture's of him

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TrululuGumdrops Jan 24, 02:14AM

Entry #1 (Beho... Bonelord)

Entry #2 (Slime-FAILED)

Entry #3 (Ghost)

Entry #4 (Stalker-INVISIBLE)

Entry #5 (Mawhawk)

Entry #6 (Floating Servant)

Entry #7 (Wild Fury Magic, Wild Nature Magic and Wild Water Magic - ALL IN ONE)

Entry #8 (Bat or Vampire)

Entry #9 (The Baron from Below)

Entry #10 (Lisa or Glooth Anemone)

Entry #11 (Anomaly)

Entry #12 (Crab)

Entry #13 (An Observer Eye)

Entry #14 (Thornback Tortoise)

Entry #15 ()

Programe: Paint.net v4.2.9

World (Optional PvP): Gladera (U.S. Server)

Character: Trululu Gumdrops


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yanzerareturns Jan 24, 04:10PM

Hello my name is Yan Lelis and I'm here to announce my participation in the event, my character is called Yanzera and belongs to the Descubra(PT-BR) (Discover-US) world. Software: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.

I decided to create your mascot Eventholder dressed in Ferumbras Hat and around it are the mentioned guests, King Tibianus the Third, Queen Eloise, Emperor Kruzak and the three elves, Eroth, Faluae, and Elathriel.

Note: I already took advantage and tried to follow the scale of the TibiaEvents website banner, if you like the art and want to use it. Thanks for your attention and good luck to everyone !!!

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Iggy88 Jan 24, 07:33PM
Hello, this is my entry for the contest! Eventholder thought it would be a good idea to try and match the royalty level of the guests so it decided to go as the rotworm queen.

Character name: Just Iggy
World: Olera

Screenshots of the process:

Full costume, ready to party:

I'm not great at drawing but I put a lot of heart into it.

Best of luck to all contestants!

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Violinda Jan 28, 12:15AM

It was difficult to choose, and after suggesting something cool to him, he decided to pay tribute to the pirate Lethal Lissy. <3

Word: Ferobra

Character name: Violethy

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Violinda Jan 28, 03:38AM

Word: Ferobra

Character name: Violethy

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Violinda Jan 28, 07:53AM

Word: Ferobra

Character name: Violethy

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Violinda Jan 28, 12:55PM

Word: Ferobra

Character name: Violethy

Ornate in Destabilized Ferumbras style. <3

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Evandro29 Jan 30, 01:22AM
World: Nefera

Character: Evandro da Roberta

1ª Entry

Party in Ankrahmun! The best costume party...

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Violinda Jan 30, 02:43PM

Word: Ferobra

Character name: Violethy

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Lando Feb 2, 03:41PM

Creation Name: "Dragon Eventholder Lord"

World: Gladera

Character Name: Lando Palladino

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Lando Feb 2, 10:53PM

Creation Name"Eventholder GReaper"

World: Gladera

Character Name: Lando Palladino

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Violinda Feb 4, 10:14PM

Word: Ferobra

Character name: Violethy

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Jashi Feb 5, 07:09AM

cave devourer 

World: Solidera

Character Name: Im jashi

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BijouKidi Feb 7, 11:15AM

Hello there!

Here is my idea for Eventholder. He didn't know how he could dress up, so he decided to put Bonelord helmet on, fits him perfectly and he can act like he is just a helmet!

Name: Bijou Kidi

World: Antica


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Flafex Feb 7, 05:25PM
Hi guys here is my entry, the Eventholder decided to use some creature product for the costume (: I hope you like, good luck everyone 

Character: Conde Sinatra
Word: Luminera

Its a vector artwork, here is the link for the file:

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LadyKysha Feb 7, 11:12PM
Hello! Here's my entry, Eventholder in a Guzzlemaw's costume. Hard to draw in paint ;$ The process screenshots:

The final draw:

Character: Atrapada

World: Vunira

Good luck to everyone, I enjoyed a lot drawing!

Best, Cristina.

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defesa Feb 7, 11:17PM
Char: Defesa

World: Honbra

Hello my friends! I found all the entries sent very beautiful. All Eventholders were beautiful!

I am sending the wonderful "Penguinventholder"! It took a few hours but, by the end result, I say that I am in love! 

Tell me the truth, is it wonderful? I did it with the utmost care! 

And the king, the queen, the dwarf and the elves in love! 

Isn't it beautiful? Seriously, I loved it even if I didn't win the event! I increased my skills in virtual drawing with photoshop.

I hope you like it, I loved participating in the event!

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