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Umbra Leader
Umbra Oct 17 '19, 04:03PM
Dear Tibiaevent users,

We cordially invite you to comment on Lets get Bossy Winners! mentioned in the thread title here.

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.
Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

(the winners are always posted on the front page).

-------------->The prizes will be sent on monday! <--------------

Your TibiaEvents Team.

AmyMeow Oct 17 '19, 06:34PM
OMG! Im so so happy I win the first place!! congratulations to all participants and winners!
I really enjoyed this contest and I loved make my own boss with my creativity.
Thank you TibiaEvents!

Char name: Amy Meow
World: Firmera
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Krisph Oct 17 '19, 08:38PM
Congratulations to all the winners! So many good submissions! 
andreinav Oct 17 '19, 11:01PM
Awww THANK YOU Lisa, CipSoft and TibiaEvents, I loved creating my boss, I had her in my mind since I saw the tittle, it was oriented towards environmental awareness too, I’m really happy, congratz to all participants and winners! You all did amazing! My character is: Ryocrits World: Solidera
matheusm Oct 18 '19, 03:29AM
my God !!!! I can't even describe what I'm feeling !! All the starters were so wonderful  didn't i know who it could be! Congratulations to all participants !!

my character name: Theteu Impossible

World: Belobra

Thanks tibiaevents and cipsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Walder Manager
Walder Oct 18 '19, 04:38AM
Congratulations, winners can send pictures with reward to @tibiaevents on instagram <3

Remember follow us.

Thanks Alot

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