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Umbra Oct 9 '19, 08:21AM

Greetings fellow Tibians!

Have you ever wondered what kind of voice does a Frazzlemaw has? How frightening a Dark Torturer sounds when walking? How disturbing does a swarm of insect sounds in the open steppes of Zao? Did you imagine how they will sound in IRL? HISSSSSSS! The hydra! I bet that you did the sound with your voice!

Well, if you ever wondered how Tibia would be if it had sounds? Now it’s up to you to make the sounds of a monster or whatever you want.

So, are you ready to show us how do you think Tibia sounds?!

How will this work?

Our October contest will be about making a short video or shorter clips in which you will have to make the sounds of creatures, NPC's, ammunitions, spells or anything in Tibia.

Video record your favorite tibia activity and narrate the story about it, whether you hunt or whatever you like to do! Be as creative as you want.


• 6 different sounds as a minimum and at least 1 has to be of a creature.

• The sounds in case of the creatures need to be the same as in-game. It can be found on Tibiawiki or any kind of another Tibia-fansite which has this type of information.

Example: Hydra.  sounds: -"FCHHHHH" -"HISSSS"

• You have to embed your entry here, but host the video in a widely known platform like YouTube or Vimeo. You can find the code in the sharing options and use the "insert video button") 1

• Videos should be submitted in this thread and in English.

• The limit time of the video is a maximum of 5 minutes.

• Editing will only be allowed for sound and text, no edition on tibia layout will be allowed.

• The sounds on the video should be made by you (by voice/touch, like your hands clapping or with the usage of RL objects - no premade/downloaded sounds)

• You may pick whether you narrate the story with your own voice or not, if you decide to only add the sounds, then you must narrate the story on text with a limit of 700 characters. 2

• You may recreate the sound of anything in Tibia that could have/make a sound effect, i.e. spells, creatures, NPCs, creature attacks, physical attacks, etc.

• You must add a watermark with the Tibia Events logo in a corner of your video. 3

• On the name of the post, to make searching easier, you must add #TibiaEvents2019 and/or#WhatIfTibiaHadSounds

• Please inform us the name of your character and the world, in case two or more players submit the same videothe one that was published first will be taken into account, to prevent large teams of players posting the same video they did together, but, as always, plagiarism leads to disqualification*.

•  The TibiaEvents team will validate every entry.

The event starts onOct 9 2019 and the last day of the contest is Nov 6 2019 (23:59 CET).

Our team and CipSoft will be judging

Interested? Well, here are the prizes!

1st place prize: Royal medal - fansite item - Rune emblem of choice (gold/silver)

2nd place Prize: Heavy medal - vampire doll - Rune emblem of choice (gold/silver)

3rd place prize: hero's medal - 1 addon item* - Rune emblem of choice (gold/silver)

*1 Addon item (Mandrake, Soul stone, Dragon Claw, Nose Ring, Spool of Yarn, Sniper Gloves, 15x Magic Sulphur, 30x Vampire Dust, 50x Red Piece of Cloth)

1.- You must upload your video to a platform like Youtube, then press the share button and click on the <embed>option, it will give you a code, just click on "copy" and then, here in the forum, press the little video-camera icon when posting your entry and paste the code that you copied before.

2.- We hope you can narrate your history with your own voice, but if you are shy, or just don't speak English that good, you can add your story as a displaying text in the bottom of your video, (subtitles), if you decide to do it this way, you will have to add a transcript in your entry, just to make sure that you don't exceed the 700 characters limit.

3.- The TibiaEvents logo is a "must-have", you must display it in any corner of the video, it has to be fully visible at all times. You can take the one that we posted here.

* You should not post content or material that you do not own in its entirety // If your video was made in a team, only the first player to publish it will be taken into account 

Have your voice ready!

Your TibiaEvents Team

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Krisph Oct 9 '19, 11:58AM

That drawing on the main page is perfect, goodjob! xD
Another creative event, awesomee!
Avanti Nov 6 '19, 11:15AM
Hello Everyone, let's start. 
Name: Avantura

Server: Antica



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Maliure Nov 6 '19, 02:28PM

Name : hachii

Server : Quelibra

matheusm Nov 6 '19, 07:40PM

Name: Theteu Impossible

Server: Belobra

The Forum post is edited by matheusm Nov 6 '19, 07:43PM
FPoPP Nov 6 '19, 09:46PM

Name: Camarluk

Server: Kenora

Umbra Leader
Umbra Nov 7 '19, 08:24AM
To bad not many people joined this cool contest! but the contest is over.

Thank you to all participants which joined it! :-)

Goodluck and we will try to be back at you with the results as soon as possible.

Note: Winners will always be published on the front page.

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