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A Picture.. or maybe a very nice decorated house is worth a thousand words ...

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FPoPP Oct 6 '19, 11:58PM

Name: Camarluk                                                                              

World: Kenora

Boss Name: Revengeful Adventurer

Boss of the Adventurers

Health Points: 270

Experience Points: 250

Estimated Max Damage: 50 dmg max + 2 Minotaur Archer as summons hitting (Each one hitting 100 dmg max) can add up to 250 max dmg.

Elemental Properties: Neutral to all elements

Immunity Properties: Not immune to paralysis, drunkenness or invisibility.

Behavioral Properties: Fights only from distance and will keep attacking maintaining distance from target. He flees from attackers when health bar reaches the red color.

Abilities: Melee (0-22), Heavy Magic Missile (20-30), Light Magic Missile (10-20), Lightest Magic Missile (1-5), Summons up to two Minotaur Archers, Self-Healing (15-20). 

Ten extra rotworms will spawn along with the boss, so watch out for the extra amount of mobs in the small cave.

The boss spawns every 25 days approximately.


Screenshot with my character standing at the hole where you can find the boss (Cyclopedia map, see my character position):

Location of the hole in situ:


Sounds: “Pay legs!” “Pay Armor!” “Pay Helmet!”

Strategy: Invisibility will most likely solve the whole situation. If you don't want too, rush as soon as possible with area attacks to the boss and attack him until he is down. Preferably, try to get rid of the unusual amount of rotworms that will spawn with the boss along with the potential Minotaur Archers that will be there too. They can make difficult to reach the boss. Any vocation should pay attention, use an area rune or area spell to clean his summons and proceed to finish him. He can be a problem to low level players or distracted/AFK players due to the rotworms and the constant energy attacks. Go with a strange talisman or protection amulet if you are a low level. 


Common: 0 – 25 Gold Coin, 0 – 3 Meat

Uncommon: 0 – 2 Lump of Dirt, 0 – 1 Rope

Semi-rare: 0 – 15 Light Magic Missile Rune, 0 – 2 Mana Potion

Rare: 0 – 10 Heavy Magic Missile Rune, 0 – 4 Intense Healing Rune

Very rare: 0 – 2 Lightest Magic Missile Rune, 0 – 2 Ultimate Healing Rune

Background Story: The poor Adventurers around Venore swamp are usually harassed by any human nearby day after day... But not every Adventurer will endure this treatment forever. One of these folks learned more about the magic of summons and runes, and also remembered an old technique where rotworms can be used as allies against distracted aggressors…

Representation in game(at the exactly place where the boss should spawn, at -1 floor, right at the hole previously showed in location section): Same colors of the creature Adventurer. But it has a Mage outfit instead!  

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FPoPP Oct 7 '19, 12:20AM

Name: Camarluk

World: Kenora 

Boss Name: Lieutenant Hammare

Boss of the Wild Warriors

Health Points: 405

Experience Points: 180

Estimated Max Damage: 200

Elemental Properties: Receives extra 5% damage from Physical and Death attacks. Has a resistance of 10% against Holy damage.

Immunity Properties: Not immune to paralyzes, drunkenness or invisibility.

Behavioral Properties: He will never retreat.

He will spawn with four extra Wild Warriors at this location. Watch out! They are not summons, they are regular creatures that will be with the Wild Warrior group that you usually see at the place where you may find him! They are spreaded around the small camp, however, so you might don't need to fight all of them! His spawn time is every 17 days approximately. 

Abilities: melee (0-200), Strong Haste.

Location in Cyclopedia map (it is at the pin marking the character current position): 

Sounds: “Gimme your items!” “Hammare Time!”

Strategy: He is basically the Dire Penguin of the outlaws. If you can, keep distance and shoot ammo or any other element (avoid using Holy), since Willen is a faster and stronger Wild Warrior. If you need to go melee with him, just pay attention to your potions if you are below level 30, since the experience of battling him shall be similar to when you face an Orc Berserker. The extra spawns of Wild Warriors around may drain some health from you, so watch out!



Common: 0 - 90 gold, 0 – 7 eggs 

Uncommon: Steel Shield, Iron Helmet

Semi-rare: Club Ring, Plate Armor

Rare: War Hammer

Very rare: Doll (Blond) -> You can read more about this historical item never obtained in game before here: Doll (Blond)

Background Story: Officers among this kind of brigands tend to retain the same authority that they were entitled at the Royal Army. Some of them may retain the better gear and skill obtained from the army. For many years, Wild Warriors were seen with basic weaponry… That’s not the case of Lieutenant Hammare.

Representation in game (at the exactly place where the boss should spawn):

Same outfit color scheme of the Wild Warrior, but he has a white hair due to being a long time veteran. Trivia: Hammare means Hammer in swedish

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FPoPP Oct 7 '19, 01:08AM

Name: Camarluk

World: Kenora

Boss Name: Shadow

Boss of the Stalkers

Health Points: 70

Experience Points: 500

Estimated Max Damage: 300 damage

Elemental Properties: 20% resistance to Death damage. He will receive extra 10% damage from Holy and extra 20% damage from Physical damage.

Immunity Properties: Immune to invisibility only.

Behavioral Properties: Fights invisible and in close combat. Just like a regular stalker, Shadow will never retreat. He is going to spawn with extra five Stalkers along with the standard two that you see normally in his cave. He may spawn every 25 days approximately.

Abilities: Invisibility (60 seconds, very often), Life Drain (50 – 100), Melee (0 – 100), Assassin Star (0  - 150) and Sudden Death Rune (100 – 200).

Location in Cyclopedia map:

At this exactly location marked by the pin in Cyclopedia map on a -1 cave with two Stalkers currently (you need to use a pick to access his cave):

This hole will open with a pick! Don't forget to bring your rope as well!

Sounds: Just like a regular Stalker, the Shadow is a silent enemy and will not make any sound.

Strategy: Use any spell or rune available to dispatch quickly the abnormal quantity of Stalkers that will spawn with him. Then focus on Shadow. Try switching to a Physical damage spell or rune to take him down. Divine Caldera and/or Holy Missiles are welcomed as a great option too. You can face some nasty combos, so be aware when walking around his location. The biggest danger is when you are caught distracted when exploring his cave and is welcomed by him and the Stalkers. Pay attention because all of these creatures can be invisible and can combo you hard in a full box of 8 if they surround you.


Always: 1 Miraculum

Common: 0 – 5 Blank Rune, 0 – 50 Gold Coins

Uncommon: 0 – 2 Platinum Coins

Semi-rare: 0 – 5 Sudden Death Rune

Rare: 0 – 8 Assassin Stars

Very rare: Assassin Dagger, Spellbook of Warding

Background Story: Stalkers occupies most of their lifetime lurking in the shadows, so it was a surprise when travelers confirmed about a silent leader among them. A hearsay circulating in Frodo’s Hut mentions that he is affiliated to the infamous Thieves Guild. He is a ruthless killer, not to mention his distinguished marksmanship and arcane knowledge.

Representation in game (at the exactly place where the boss should spawn):

Same color scheme and outfit of the Stalker, but he has a black shirt instead (you probably won't see him this way very often, due to the constant invisibility being cast).

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FPoPP Oct 7 '19, 01:26AM

Name: Camarluk

World: Kenora

Boss Name: Brodo of the Nine Fingers

Boss of the Bandits

Health Points: 735

Experience Points: 195

 Estimated Max Damage: 300

Elemental Properties: Physical -10%, fire -20%, earth -20%, energy -20%, ice -20%, holy -20%, death -20%

Immunity Properties: Immune to invisibility and drunkenness only.

Behavioral Properties: Fights with melee and will not flee from battle. Appears randomly (every 30 days) in the small island at the coast of Outlaw Camp.

Abilities: Melee (0 – 300), strong haste, invisibility (often, every 15 seconds)

Location in Cyclopedia map: 

The pin pointing to my character location marks the spot!

Sounds: “Your ring or your finger!”, “Hand me your rings!”

Strategy: Watch out for his rush due to his boosted melee along with his invisibility and strong haste pertinent to the robbed rings. The Dwarven Ring granted him immunity to drunkenness, and the Might Ring combined with the Death Ring will make him much more resistant to damages of all kinds compared to a regular bandit. He can spawn even if you are standing idle in the island, so pay attention if you are there. I suggest killing him with everything that you have. Knights should go with area spells and melee, Mages should prepare some area runes along with Sudden Death runes. Paladins should fare well with Divine Caldera and distance weaponry. Going with a level 50 is a solid way to win without much waste or accidental death.


Common: 0 – 58 gold coins, 0 – 6 tomatoes, Leather Legs

Uncommon: Ranger’s cloak, Power Ring, Dwarven Ring

Semi-rare:  Death Ring, Club Ring, Axe Ring, Axe, Mace

Rare: Might Ring, Time Ring, Stealth Ring, Iron Helmet

Very rare: Ring of the Sky

Background Story: A small island near the Outlaw Camp coast is a good place to hide crates in trees… Perfect hideout to a certain burglar with nine fingers. Brodo chose to rest here after practicing a season of robbery. He is obsessed about a ring carried by Warlocks and certainly will want to have a look if you got any ring with you!

Representation in game (at the exactly place where the boss should spawn):

Colors and outfit are the same of the bandit, except for the red hair. This red hair and particular name reminds me about someone else that was almost caught by ambition when possessing a powerful ring… Hum...


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FPoPP Oct 7 '19, 01:38AM
Wow, I had a lot of fun this time! Hey, I've made some interesting allusions to Tibia history (Wild Warrior dropping war hammer, something that happened in the past and Adventurer boss, that is a low level preparing traps with the rope to others on rotworms cave), along with allusions to literature (for example, just like we got NPCs in Tibia named Frodo and Legola, I also have made a boss with an allusion to the ring tale on Tolkien works, not to mention to the fact that this cool name is a reference to this cool song: http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Frodo_of_the_Nine_Fingers )

You guys are ok with allusions, right? Cipsoft did a lot of smart allusions in Tibia! I love this!

Bye and have a good day!

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Krisph Artist
Krisph Oct 7 '19, 07:03PM

Name: Elsa Cling 

Type of Boss: Human

Health Points: 49,000

Experience Points: 25,000

Background Story:

She was walking around in Thais, selling delicious cookies.

One day without anyone knowing, she started poisoning the cookies.

Afterwards, many adventurers sought help among the druids,

Those who didn't paid with their life.

Shortly after, the guards arrested Elsa & she was put in Thais Prison,

There she sleeps her judgement away, unless she escapes.

(347 characters)


Thais Prison (Unreachable)

All the major cities in mainland (When kill-able), Thais, Carlin, Venore, Ab'dendriel, Kazordoon.


Most of the time Elsa Cling is being locked up behind bars in Thais Prison, The only way to kill her is if she has escaped (She typically escapes once every 30 days~)

When you do find out that she is no longer in the prison it means that she has spawned randomly in one of the cities in mainland. To find her simply walk around the cities until you hear her sleeping noises, this can be heard from far away.

Be careful when you find her as you cannot attack her when she is in her sleeping state, this is so that players will have an option to attack her or not.

When you eventually decide to fight her you need to wake her up. Do so by walking to the sqm right next to her, she will wake up and the fight begins!

Elsa Cling is extremely slow having a ball of chain around her leg (her walking speed is as of a level 8). But take her seriously, she makes up for that with her range attacks and massive melee damage. Keep focus as one of her abilities is to turn your movement completely around. Its recommended that you do not fight her alone as she might heal to full health if you are unlucky. After Elsa Cling has been killed she will show up in Thais Prison again the next Server Save.


Poisonous Cookie: (Poison, Range): 400-900 & makes you poison 500hp/turn, Inverts your movement keys (if you walk south you walk north instead)

Melee: 0-800 (Physical) 

Kick with Ball on Chain (Physical, Melee): 0-2000

Blood Rage (Increases her melee attack skills by 35%)

Self Healing (500-1000)

Rest (When Elsa Cling reaches 4900HP (10%) she will lay down to rest, you now have 3 turns to kill her or she will heal back to full health)

Estimated Max Dmg: 4000~


"Why did you wake me up!?"   "Just five more minutes..."   "Have one of these delicious cookies!"   "Eat this, it will make you stronger!"

Elemental Properties: +0% to all elements (neutral)

Immunity Properties: Senses Invisibility, Immune to paralyze effects.

Behavioral Properties: Walks through all types of Bomb/Wall runes, destroys both Magic Wall & Wild Growth.



Yeti Pants (Arm: 3, Protection Ice +15%)

Elsa Cling's Cookie (When eaten it deals 1000 Poison Damage for 10 turns to your character)

(Achievement: Hahaa! I live!)

Common: 1-10 Crystal Coins,Ball on Chains,1-10 cookies,Flask of Poison,Lock Pick


Character: Krisph

Server: Gladera

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Fringie Oct 7 '19, 09:21PM

Character Name: Fringie

Server: Gladera

Boss Name: Yumster (first stage) and Yumonster (second stage) 

I made a crossover between TibiaEvents.com and TibiaWiki.com.br c:

Below is the background story for character counting purposes (total 349 characters):

Yumster is a former apprentice from the Edron Academy of Magic, he became a prisoner by the wizard masters when he used his imbuement abilities to turn his lucky charm in a power magical artifact.  He was turned into a cat to keep his abilities in check but that made him more powerful. He is the first boss stage.

Yumonster is the second boss stage.

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AmyMeow Oct 7 '19, 09:27PM

Character Name: Amy Meow
Server: Firmera

Boss Name: Queen Herzie  Evil Queen Herzie (Evil Form)

Boss of (kind of creature): Human Mage

Health Points: 27000 (Queen Herzie), 23500 (Evil Queen Herzie)

Experience Points: 50000 Experience Points

Estimated Max Dmg.: 2400 (Queen Herzie), 4400 (Evil Queen Herzie)

Elemental Properties (Queen Herzie) : 

Physical (100%)

Energy (0%)

Death (+10%)

Fire (100%)

Ice (100%)

Earth (60%)

Holy (100%)

Life Drain (0%)

Mana Drain (0%)

Elemental Properties (Evil Queen Herzie): 

Physical (100%)


Death (-60%)

Fire (100%)

Ice (100%)

Earth (100%)

Holy (100%)

Life Drain (0%)

Mana Drain (0%)

Immunity Properties (Both): Paralyze, Invisible, Life drain, Mana drain.

Behavioral Properties (Both): Walk through fire, energy, pox walls, becomes invisible, frequently retargets, teleported around the room, changes to the opposite form appearance.

Habilities (Queen Herzie): 

Melee (300-700)

Energy Ball (200-300)  

Heart Boom (700-1200)

Life drain (100-200)

Earth attack (100-200)

Heals herself (0-200)

Habilities (Evil Queen Herzie): 

Melee (1700-2300)

Energy Ball (200-400)

Death Hearts Beam (700-1200)

Life drain (100-200)

Earth attack (100-200) 

Heals herself (0-200)

Sounds (Queen Herzie): "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Muaaah" , "Chill Out", "Delicious" , "I smell your fear" , "I am the only Queen!" , "Lets see your power, Paladins" , "Show me your best, Sorcerers" , "Where are the Druids?" , "You cant scape from me, Knights!"

Sounds: (Evil Queen Herzie): ¡Muahaha, Run Or Die" "Are you able to fight with me?" "¡Death Death Death!" "Boom, Boooom , Boooooom, BOOOOOOOM!!!", "I AM A  GOOD HUMAN", "I Like Demons"

Castle Of Dreams, near of Feyrist. You need to ask to Queen Eloise for a mission to get Teleported there.

Strategy: You need at least level 350 and all the vocations to fight against this Queen, when entering the main hall there is in the centre the Queen on her real form and is immune, there are two thrones with two energy gates on the top, each gate corresponds to the throne below them. Each throne corresponds to the type of queen (black for the evil form and pink for its normal form). It is necessary to choose which queen you want to face but you must choose well and not forget the mana shield, this for Paladins and Mages.

Upon entering the room, depending on the boss you have chosen, you will have a different way of defeating her:

Queen Herzie:
When entering to face her, it is necessary that the Elite Knight concentrate on taking the Queen and away from the rank of the other players (at this stage she is immune to attacks), each one will have one spot with the respective vocation illustrated on the floor of the room, The Queen will indicate by sounds what vocation is its turn to step on the spot, when stepping on the respective spot with the vocation indicated by the Queen, the Queen may receive attacks from everyone but if another vocation mistakenly steps on the spot that does not correspond or when it is not its turn, the Queen will be healed of 1500 and will cause life damage of 500 hp to the player that is on a mistake. When the Queen loses 25% of her life she will be immune again, and you have to repeat this steps with the following vocation that the Queen indicates every 25% damage done, so you can be defeated and you will get a good loot.

(Heart Boom)

Evil Queen Herzie:
You have chosen to kill the evil form of Queen Herzie, in this way the 5 players will have to participate in something very similar to Queen Herzie. In this time it is necessary to defeat the 'knight Heart Stand', 'Druid Heart Stand', 'Paladin Heart Stand', 'Sorcerer Heart Stand'. When entering with the Evil Queen Herzie your mission is to defeat these towers that take care of the life of the Queen, You need to defeat them because the Queen is immune and protected by the towers, The Elite Knight will be the first to face one of them corresponding to his vocation. Here no one with the exception of the Elite knight will have to do damage until defeating his heart Stand which has 5000 life points, if any player attacks this 'Knight Heart Stand', the next player will have to defeat their stand but this will have 5000 additional life points (that is for each hit it receives) if it receives 10 hits then it will increase by 5000 10 times and so respectively, when defeating the stand the Queen loses her immunity and it is time for all players to attack the Queen until the next stand reappears (this is random) (the stand can be repeated) and she gets immune again. At the end of these 4 Stands, it is now possible to kill the Queen but when she reaches her very low state of life (5000) life points, she will get invisible and take out all her fury ... It is here when they have to stay away (paladins and mages) as they can die with her death explosions, but she is still weak to attack and will continue that way until she die and can pick up her loot.

(Death Hearts Beam)

Loot (Queen Herzie): Rod of Heartlife (very rare) , Heart Necklace (very rare) , Ring of Love (very rare) , Pink Gown (very rare) , Pink Boots (very rare), Token of Love , Teddy Bear (rare) , (0-5) Gold Token , (3-5) Silver Token , (1-5) Crystal coins , (0-3) gold ingots , (0-1) Violet Gem  , (1-5) Small Enchanted Amethyst.

Loot (Evil Queen Herzie): Rod of Deathline (very rare) , Dark Heart Necklace (very rare), Ring of Death (very rare) , Pair of Dreamwalkers (very rare) , Evil Queen's Gown (very rare) , Trapped Lightning (very rare) , Panda Teddy (semi-rare) , Reflecting Crown (rare) , Token of Death ,  Stone Skin Amulet , (0-5) Gold Token , (0-5) Silver Token , (1-5) Crystal coins , (0-1) Blue Gem , Giant Ruby (semi-rare) , (5-9) Platinum Coins , (1-5) Small Enchanted Ruby.

Background Story: Queen Herzie is a Queen from "Castle of Dreams", near of Feyrist. She has been cursed and wants to take over Carlin, she appears to be a noble queen but no one knows her dark side because of her curse, her biggest ambition is to kill Queen Eloise in order to seize Carlin. Queen Eloise has sent you to get rid of her curse.

Additional information:

00:00 You see a rod of heartlife (Range:4, magic level +3, protection energy +9%).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by druids of level 300 or higher. 

It weighs 30.00 oz.


00:00 You see a rod of deathline (Range:4, magic level +3, protection death +9%).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by druids of level 300 or higher. 

It weighs 30.00 oz.


00:00 You see a heart necklace (Arm:3, protection physical +3%, energy +6%).

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 250 or higher.

It weighs 4.90 oz.


00:00 You see a dark heart necklace (Arm:3, protection physical +3%, death +6%).

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 250 or higher.

It weighs 4.90 oz.


00:00 You see a ring of love (protection energy +6%).

It weighs 0.90 oz.


00:00 You see a ring of death (protection death +6%).

It weighs 0.90 oz.


00:00 You see a pink gown.

It weighs 25.00 oz.


00:00 You see a Evil Queen's gown.

It weighs 25.00 oz.


00:00 You see a pink boots (Arm:3, magic level +2, protection energy +5%).

It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 180 or higher.

It weighs 8.00 oz.


00:00 You see a token of death.

It weighs 1.30 oz.

Somethings cursed is in there.

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TibiaDella Oct 8 '19, 02:15AM
Abearira Repoz - quelibra

Name: Hob Goblin
Boss of (kind of creature): Goblins
Health Points: 30000

Experience Points: 9000

Estimated Max Dmg.: 0-1500~

Elemental Properties: Physical 100%, Earth 110%, Fire 100%, Death   110%, Energy 80%, Holy 90<%, Ice 100%

Immunity Properties: Invisible

Behavioral Properties: you can't block this creature, run when your life is low.

Habilities: melee (0-1500), summons all kinds of goblins (0-3), haste, self-healing 0-1000.

Location: Femor Hills (around the mountain where is the magic carpet)

Sounds: "me robber'' "UGGA UGGA!" ''robber mean'' ''you will be next'' ''take the crown!"

Strategy: He appears surrounded by numerous goblins of all kinds, kill them first and then trap with magic wall so that he doesn't run away.

Loot: 0-100 gold coins, 0-8 platinum coins, 0-12 small stones, goblin ear, mouldy cheese, firlefanz (very rare), crown (very rare).

Background Story: Everyone sees the goblins as ugly and weak green creatures, but their mentor has come to show that they are great looters, and anyone around and challenging them will attack even the king or queen.

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Evandro29 Oct 8 '19, 03:46AM

Character: Evandro da Roberta

World: Nefera

Name: Old Devil

Boss of (kind of creature): Fire Devil

Hearthp.png Health Points: 16666

Xpbestiary.png Experience Points: 15555

Estimated Max Dmg.: 2500-3500

Elemental Properties: Burning Icon.gif Fire (0%), Dazzled Icon.gif Holy (+15%), Físico.png Physical (-5%), Freezing Icon.gif Ice (+15%), Electrified Icon.gif Energy (+5%), Cursed Icon.gif Death (+5%)

Immunity Properties: Burning Icon.gif Fire, Paralisia Paralize, Invisibilidade Invisible.

Behavioral Properties: It is not possible to block respawn this creature. Fight to the death.


- Mana Drain (555-666)

- Life Drain (666-999)

- Melee (565-656)

- Fire Explosion (1666)

- Energy Strike (1555)

- Auto Heal (3666)

- Invisibility

- Summon 5 Fire Devil

Location: Hellgate


Strategy: To have a chance to kill this creature, you need to translate the language of books from the library of Hellgate and try to trap this boss using wild growth rune or magic wall rune.


-Always: Demon Boots.

(Arm: 3, speed +15, protection fire 10%).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 220 or higher.
It weighs 6.66 oz. Imbuement Slots: 1

-Common: 0-30 Assassin Stars Assassin Star.gif, 0-6 Talon Talon.gif, 1-3 Demon Horn Demon Horn.gif, Soul Orb Soul Orb.gif, Devil Helmet Devil Helmet.gif, Red Gem Red Gem.gif.

-Uncommon: 1-3 Crystal Coins Crystal Coin.gif, 2-5 Demonic Essence Demonic Essence.gif, 1-3 Silver Token Silver Token.gif, Magma Coat Magma Coat.gif, Magma Monocle Magma Monocle.gif, Underworld Rod Underworld Rod.gif, Magma Legs Magma Legs.gif, Wand of Inferno Wand of Inferno.gif.

-Semi-rare: Demon shield Demon Shield.gif, Golden Legs Golden Legs.gif, Runed Sword Runed Sword.gif, Vile Axe Vile Axe.gif, Boots of Haste Boots of Haste.gif, Giant Sword Giant Sword.gif, Spellscroll of Prophecies Spellscroll of Prophecies.gif, Fire Axe Fire Axe.gif.

-Rare: Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield.gif, Demonbone Demonbone.gif, Demon Helmet Demon Helmet.gif, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries Spellbook of Dark Mysteries.gif, Lavos Armor Lavos Armor.gif, The Ironworker The Ironworker.gif

-Very rare: Demonwing Axe Demonwing Axe.gif, Demon Legs Demon Legs.gif, The Devileye The Devileye.gif, Death Gaze Death Gaze.gif, Molten Plate Molten Plate.gif, Solar Axe Solar Axe.gif.

Representation in game:

Background Story: 

Trapped in Hellgate, in the treasure room, that is famous for the most coveted items, Old Devil will be summoned when those who try to solve the riddles to steal the treasure that is mysterious to this day.Being a Fire Devil boss, anyone who tries to approach the treasure can be trapped in the depths of Hellgate.

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Umbra Oct 8 '19, 12:44PM
Keep in mind that the story has 350 CHARACTERS (not words) you still have time to edit it!
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andreinav Oct 8 '19, 08:32PM

Good day everyone My name is Andreina, 

I play the character: Ryocrits 

and my server is: Solidera

I chose to represent my boss with a sketch and drawings, sadly I had no colours to put on it, but I did draw her two stages, when she's defeated and only a goddess she's covered with water flowing down her wrist and an ice crown, and when she turns into Veangeful she's covered in fire and a yellow glow representing her divinity in the holy element which increases within the three waves of summons she throws (represented by 1,2,3 on the second pic).

Name: Vengeful Tibiasula

Boss of (kind of creature): All elemental creatures

Health Points: 650.000

Experience Points: 300.000

Estimated Max Dmg.: 18.000

Elemental Properties: -50% strong to Fire, Ice, Energy Damage, +30% weak to death damage, +30% weak to Physical Damage

Immunity Properties: earth damage, invisibility, paralize

Behavioral Properties: Fights on close combat, walks through all fields and blockage runes (Magic wall, wild growth), has two stages, the active one, which also has 3 different stages according to the waves she summons, and the defeated one, when defeated she will transform into "Tibiasula", with no HP and no dialogs, an inactive or stand still NPC, she does not run on low health.

Habilities: Wrath of nature (1000-2000 per turn), Unleashed Holy (Holy Ultimate spell, hits 6 sqms away from every direction dealing 7000-18.000 of holy damage every time its casted), Life drain (500-700), Drown, Haste, up to 2 summons of each elemental creatures per turn: 2 Avenging Firefiends, 2 Avenging  Icefiends, 2 Avenging Earthbounds, each wave of summons heal her and have damage properties of their own element (dealing 100 per turn) Heals 2000-3000 hp per turn when any holy/earth damage hits her.

Location: Island northeast of Senja, A.K.A Banor's Eye, Level -1 cave surrounded by void and darkness, Accessible through an unreachable TP behind some magic walls in the "Time ring quest" room in Shadowthorn, when Raid is active.

Sounds: "They will hear me coming" "This world belongs to me!" "Time is nothing but a mere construct of my unleash power!" "Behold perfection!" "I came out of nothing! And I created all your existance!" "Knightmares? I'll give you NIGHTMARES!" "Don't you feel repent for your evil side? Uman?" "I'm everywhere and nowhere", 10 seconds before casting both UE habilities (Her stronger attacks): "Fear my wrath, Zathroth followers!" for wrath of nature, and "DIVINITY IS A HEAVY BURDEN!" for Unleashed Holy, and finally "Bounded! At last" when dying.

Strategy: Knights should surround her while mages and rps shoot sds and healing spells, kill her summons as fast as possible or keep them away from her for they make her inmune to all damage after 15 seconds of being summoned, get ready to run before she casts her ultimate attacks.

Loot: Time ring, 1-5 crystal coins, 5-20 Ultimate mana potions, 10-30 ultimate spirit potions, Holy Orchid,  10-20 Ultimate health potions, Sacred Tree amulet, 5-10 Small enchanted rubies, Giant ruby, Giant Emerald, Giant Sapphire, Queen's sceptre, Crystalline Armor, Divine Plate, Oceanborn Leviathan Armor (rare), Bronce Necklace (Very Rare), Tunic (Extremely rare), Crown (Always).

Background Story: After dying to ZathrothTibiasula was then bounded to the column of time being everywhere on earth and the depths of water forming whatever we call existance, not understanding why her conscience was taken away from her and slowly harrassed and abused by all living creatures, She's force to return to depurate earth from the followers of Zathroth.

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Thanks for everyone for joining. All this awesome entries.

We will release the result as soon we finished the judging.

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