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Umbra Sep 17, 12:07PM

Greetings fellow Tibians!

From the very beginning of time, since the creation of men, elves, orcs, dragons, and others, there have been exceptionally strong creatures, so powerful and unique that they received the title of "Boss", in his time, the cruel "Orshabaal" unleashed his fury on the world, on other occasions "Morgaroth", "Ferumbras" or even the almighty "Gaz'haragoth" took turns to wipe out innumerable souls, but every time they appeared, there where strong and brave warriors willing to stop them from annihilating all life form of the world.

Well, this time we don't want you to destroy any boss, in fact, we want you to create a new one!

Let your creativity flow and create a brand new boss, no matter the kind, appearance or skills, it just has to be YOUR boss!

Read the rules below and take the path of the gods by creating a new creature.


- You should provide all this information about your boss:

Boss of (kind of creature):
Health Points:

Experience Points:

Estimated Max Dmg.:

Elemental Properties:

Immunity Properties:

Behavioral Properties:






Background Story:

- The background story is limited to 350 characters, so use your words wisely

- You must provide in your entry any kind of representation of your boss, e.g. a draw, a digital illustration, a sprite, 3D render; any way you feel comfortable to portrait your creation

- We will be judging creativity

- As always, plagiarism leads to disqualification

- It has to be related to Tibia, keep in mind this rule when creating the backstory 

- Content must follow the Tibia Rules

- Your entry must be with a made-up boss, and not a 1:1 copy of a character/creature from other games or shows

- Winning this contest doesn't mean in any form that your boss will be implemented by CipSoft, this is just for fun 

- You must post your entry in this thread

- The name of the character and game world must be on the post

- Participants can send more than one entry, but can only win one prize

- Different entries have to be posted on different posts


The contest Starts Sep 17, 2019, and Ends Oct 8, 2019 - (23:59 CEST).

Our team and CipSoft will be judging


1st Place: Memory Box + Medal of Honour + 200 Demonic Essences

2nd Place: Vampire Doll + Royal Medal + 150 Demonic Essences

3rd Place: Teddy Bear + Heavy Medal + 150 Demonic Essences

Have fun, and good luck!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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Umbra Sep 19, 09:52PM
Habilities: (Must be Abilities
Zavious Sep 20, 07:18PM
This sounds actually pretty fun, let’s peoples imagination run loose! I told my guild about this event in or chat, I  hope to see a couple of them try it but I can speak for myself, I am all for it!  Couple questions though!

Question 1: Does the image need to be that it would look like ingame or are you looking for a real image of what the boss would look like in person? Or both haha 

Question 2: if I attempted to draw it does it need to be 3D? 

Question 3: Also for the loot category are we pulling from items that exists today in-game? 

Thanks for any info Umbra!! Looking forward to this creation aha 

Good luck to all let’s kill it with creativity ^^
Idhock Event
Idhock Sep 20, 07:38PM

Quote from Zavious This sounds actually pretty fun, let’s peoples imagination run loose! I told my guild about this event in or chat, I  hope to see a couple of them try it but I can speak for myself, I am all for it!  Couple questions though!
Question 1: Does the image need to be that it would look like ingame or are you looking for a real image of what the boss would look like in person? Or both haha 
Question 2: if I attempted to draw it does it need to be 3D? 
Question 3: Also for the loot category are we pulling from items that exists today in-game? 
Thanks for any info Umbra!! Looking forward to this creation aha 
Good luck to all let’s kill it with creativity ^^
1. Any kind of illustration is valid, a draw, a sprite, a 3D model with texturing, etc..., the method that better suits you.

2. If by 3D you mean a CGI of the boss, no, if you mean that your drawing should be in 3D, no, it's not necessary, just try your best to represent the looking of your boss.
preferably use items that already exists in the game, but if you decide to create a new one, include in your post the characteristics of it (name, properties, weight, etc.)

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Zavious Sep 20, 08:36PM
Quote from Idhock
Quote from Zavious This sounds actually pretty fun, let’s peoples imagination run loose! I told my guild about this event in or chat, I  hope to see a couple of them try it but I can speak for myself, I am all for it!  Couple questions though!
Question 1: Does the image need to be that it would look like ingame or are you looking for a real image of what the boss would look like in person? Or both haha 
Question 2: if I attempted to draw it does it need to be 3D? 
Question 3: Also for the loot category are we pulling from items that exists today in-game? 
Thanks for any info Umbra!! Looking forward to this creation aha 
Good luck to all let’s kill it with creativity ^^
1. Any kind of illustration is valid, a draw, a sprite, a 3D model with texturing, etc..., the methid that better suits you.

2. If by 3D you mean a CGI of the boss, no, if you mean that your drawing should be in 3D, no, it's not necessary, just try your best to represent the looking of your boss.
preferably use items that already exists in the game, but if you decide to create a new one, include in your post the characteristics of it (name, properties, weight, etc.)

Thanks Idhock! Very informative thanks a lot! 
matheusm2 Sep 22, 02:25AM
Name: Sad Magical Girl

World: Gentebra

Boss Name: Merida

Boss of Mermaids

Health Points: 75000

Experience Points: 50000 Experience Points (75000 with bonus)

Estimated Max Dmg.: 3300

Elemental Properties: +10% holy damage, +15% energy damage, -10% physical damage, neutral to earth damage, neutral to death damage.

Immunity Properties: Immune to fire damage, ice damage, paralysis, drunkenness and invisibility.

Behavioral Properties: Fights in close combat, constantly retargets, walks on all kinds of fields, Merida will retreat at 1 to 7500 (0% - 10%, red) health.

Abilities: Melee (0-1100), Curses you for up to 260 hp/turn, Strong Haste, Eternal Winter (600-1300 drowning damage), Ice Beam (300-900), Musical Wave (400-700 drowning damage and causes drowning), Great Sudden Death Bomb (reduces shielding skill by 30%), Great Musical Bomb (causes strong paralysis and hard drunkenness).

At 75% and 35% health she will assume the appearance of a deathling spellsinger spawning up to 5 spawn of corruption (they have 20000 hp, Melee 450-600 and they look like a tentacle) which heals her for 150 hitpoints per attack. Merida is immune to attacks until her summons die.

Location: Seacrest Grounds (Ashamed of her new appearance and afraid someone would find out what she has done, she passed to use a mask made out of coral and sought refuge in the depths of Oramond.)



Help me!

Where did I left my comb?

Her eyes long for love, yet her gaze incurs narcissism


If they at least had paid a little attention on me... <sigh>

Mend me, don't end me!

Stinky spoiled fishy leftover!

I miss you sisters

Strategy: Merida is a 5 players and lever boss. Avoid her beams and waves. It's highly recommended the use of dwarven rigns and a helmet of the deep or depth galea if you have one. Shooters must take some distance since she can debuff your shielding skill and easily reach you if you are paralyzed. When she change to her cursed form, AoE the spawns of corruption since they have shared hp. Careful with her summons, they can hit a lot combined with her attacks. Paladins can help blocking some summons when they appear.


common: 0-290x Gold Coins, 0-80x Platinum Coin, 0-5x shell 

uncommon: 0-20x great mana potion, 0-30x great spirit potion, 0-20x ultimate health potion

semi-rare: 2-6x white pearl, 0-1x giant shimmering pearl, 0-1x Blue Gem

rare: 0-2x Giant Sapphire, 0-1x Silver Token, Necklace of the Deep, Glacier Mask, Heavy Trident, Glacier Robe

very rare: True Heart of the Sea, Siren's Carol.

Background Story: Merida always wanted to show her talent and beauty to the world, however the spotlights were always turned to Marina, her egocentric sister. Then Merida had an idea that would change the tide in her favor: steal Marina's voice with the help of the heart of the sea. Not only she failed but a terrible curse has started to spread on her body.

A little representation of how Merida could look in game:


New added item "Siren's carol":

00:00 You see siren's carol (protection ice +5%). It weighs 2.00 oz.

That's all about Merida, guys, I really hope you enjoy her (I think she deserve some love after all), good luck to everyone and a fishy kiss

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Tibyasula Sep 23, 09:38PM

Character: Tibyasula

World: Quelibra

Name Boss: Uiara The Witch

Boss of (kind of creature): Dworc Boss

Health Points: Hearthp.png 8000

Experience Points: Xpbestiary.png 4500

Estimated Max Dmg: 2300-2800

Elemental Properties: Físico.png Physical (+25%) Dazzled Icon.gif Holy (+25%), Cursed Icon.gif Death(+35%), Neutral to Freezing Icon.gif Ice, Electrified Icon.gif Energy.

Immunity Properties: Burning Icon.gif Fire, Poisoned Icon.gif Earth

Behavioral Properties: Attack your enemies in melee combat along with their fire waves, run with low health.>>

Habilities: Fire waves (1500 - 1800), Melee (0-200), Life Drain (40-150), Poison Storm (30-170), Paralyzes, Haste, Often heals (100 -1600).

Location: South end of Port Hope - there will be an invasion with many Dworcs.

Sounds: "Grrrrr." “Get ready for my spear.” “I hate humans.” “I'm very angry.” “FIREEE”

Strategy: To kill this creature, you need to be fast, as it heals itself many times, stand diagonally so as not to receive air attacks, as it is weak against physical and Holy (Knight and Paladin have advantage), and death use SD (if it is mage or paladin), use area runes such as (Avalanche) as when the Boss appears, all kinds of Dworcs will intrude to disrupt.>>


Common: 0-320 Gold Coin.gif(Gold Coins);0-20 Platinum Coin.gif (Platinum Coins);0-2 Bat Wing.gif (Bat Wings);0-1 Scorpion Tail.gif(Scorpion Tail);0-7Enchanted Spear.gif(Enchanted Spear)

Uncommon: 0-5 Great Health Potion.gif (Great Health Potion) ;0-7 Great Mana Potion.gif (Great Mana Potion);

Semi-rare:0-1 Witch Hat.gif (Witch Hat);

Rare:0-2 Green Gem.gif (Green Gem);0-1Wand of Voodoo.gif (Wand of voodoo);

Very rare:0-1 Terra Legs.gif (Terra Legs);0-1 Greenwood Coat.gif (Greenwood Coat);

Always:1-2 Voodoo Doll.gif (Voodoo Doll);

Background Story: Uiara The Witch known and recognized by the Dworcs as the mother of all. Uiara is small in stature, but has an incredibly magical, intelligent force that can communicate with the language of humans. Uiara became the boss when she beat countless hunters from the Port Hope area. Rumors say she is a cross from Dworc with Fire elemental.

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Leotordo Sep 26, 01:26PM

Name: Leotordo

World: Relania

Boss Name:  Queen of Dragons Sheila

Boss of Dragons

I wanted  her to looks like a red haired female knight with dragon skulls on shoulders. Equiped with great shield and dragon slayer.

Health Points: Hearthp.png35000

Experience Points: Xpbestiary.png25000

Estimated Max Dmg: 4000-6000

Elemental Properties: Físico.png Physical (-45%), Cursed Icon.gif Death(-35%), Neutral to Freezing Icon.gif Ice, Electrified Icon.gif Energy
Dazzled Icon.gif Holy, Poisoned Icon.gif Earth

Immunity Properties: Burning Icon.gif Fire,  Immune to fire damage, paralysis, drunkenness and invisibility.

Behavioral Properties: Never retreat , attack mele with fire exori and hell's core, change into dragon lord on 35% hp

abilities: Fire exori (800 - 1200), Melee (.700-1500) fire damage heals her for 700hp, apears with 5 dragon lords, when changing into dragon lord on 35% hp use hell's core dealing 4000 damage

Location: One of dragon Lairs

Sounds: "I will fullfil my revenge!!" “Humans are greedy creatures.” “My Dragons kill all humans.” “I will burn you to ashes.” 

Strategy: To kill this creature, you need tokill all dragons which are nearby her because theirs fire damage heals her. Then trap her and kill with ice damage spells and energy. Its hard to kill her by paladin and especially by knights because when changing form into dragon lord he deals 4000 damage with spell hell's core.


always : dragon crown

common : dragon ham,dragon slayer, guardian shield, knight legs , knight armor, 100-267 gold coins, 60-200 mana potions, 10-20 supreme health potion

rare: dragon claw, guardian boots

very rare: great shield, dragon scale legs

Background Story:She was prideful and one of the strongest knights in tibia. She have three loyal comrades with them she didnt fear anything. During theirs adventurers she rise in power. She took all theirs fame and was the most recognised from her party. Her party members started to hate her because of this. During their fight against demodras one of her comrades stabbed her and they ran. Leaving her alone but she didnt gave up and started to fight evil dragon. After few days of her fight she killed demodras and drank his blood. Thanks to this she gains immunity against fire. She swore revenge against her old comrades and all people of tibia. She go inside dragonlair and killed dragon lords and she declared that she will be the next ruler od dragons and with their help she will fullfill her revenge.

Sorry for my bad english and i couldn't make background story shorter :/ good luck all who are participating in this contest

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Tibyasula Sep 26, 06:07PM



Name: Setonfire The Weapon 

Boss of (kind of creature): Warlock

Health PointsHearthp.png 9000

Experience Points: Xpbestiary.png 12000

Estimated Max Dmg: 3000-4000

Elemental Properties: Cursed Icon.gif Death(+15%) Freezing Icon.gif Ice (20%), Neutral to Físico.png Physical,  Dazzled Icon.gif Holy.

Immunity Properties: Burning Icon.gif Fire, Poisoned Icon.gif Earth, Electrified Icon.gif Energy. 

Behavioral Properties: Ranged combat. Run away with the low life.

Habilities: Fire waves (2500 - 2800), Burst Arrows (0-500), Great Energy Beam (30-400) Life Drain (800-1000),Paralyzes, Haste, Often heals (4500) Summon 0-4 Warlocks.

Location: In Fields of Glory exactly:

Sounds:  "My strength is amazing!” “I am the secret weapon of the Warlocks”  “the real girl on fire!” “The studies of magic have worked for me!”

Strategy: After receiving the message on the server “Fields of Glory is being invaded by Warlocks”. A group of 7-10 players should go to Demona near the escape teleport and find 4 Tentacles of the Weapon that have a lot of life but are weak kill. After this the Server will get a new message: “Boss is in Fields of Glory ”, enter the teleport and Boss will be at the location marked as above. Mages and Paladins use SD, Avalanche, Ice Arrows. Be careful with the waves. Knight, do your best to block and trap using an ice sword.


Common: 0-1 Ring of the Sky.gif (Ring of the sky); 0-1 Skull Staff.gif (Skull Staff);

Uncommon:  0-1  Blue Robe.gif (Blue Robe);

Semi-rare: 0-15 Talon.gif (Talon);

Rare: 0-1 Royal Fanfare.gif (Royal Fanfare); 0-1  Grey Tome.gif (Grey Tome)

Very rare: 0-1 Wand of Dimensions.gif (Wand of Dimensions); 0-1  Spellbook (Alternative).gif(Spellbook Alternative);

Background Story: After years of study the Warlocks have perfected the study of black magic, however in Demona after a magical accident a kind of portal was opened, what they found was a very different red stone.

Several experiments were done on the stone, until it exploded like a magic bomb, a fearsome woman, strong in the practice of magic, called her "Setonfire The Weapon", she proved her worth to the old  and now leads much of they.

Some Warlocks report that she is from another world, others say she is a demon. The Warlocks rely on this secret weapon.

What we know about Boss is that she knows a lot of spells and that she has no heart, she really is a weapon.

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Violetissime Sep 30, 01:45AM

Name: Spiteful Spirits of the Broker Heart (dual or mirror bosses, they are two aspects of the same soul)

Boss of (kind of creature): None specifically, it is Saint Valentine's day new event boss

Background Story:

When the world was created, two of the earliest and kindest souls to exist met each other. They were very complementary and compatible, and as they got to know to each other more and more, their love grew stronger and stronger. At some point, their love for each other was so profound and pristine, that their souls merged into a single one. Blessed by the Gods, they became the Spirit of True Love.

The Spirit of True Love looks after the people of Tibia to guide them into bringing the best out their hearts, and to maintain peace and love in Tibia.

However, days before Saint Valentine's, the spirit is at its lowest point of energy due to the hard work all year long. The celebration of love during that special day is means for the Spirit of True Love to recharge its power, in order to continue spreading love around the world.

Ferumbras' followers then decided to then attack at the weakest point before Saint Valentine's, and to conjure a dark ritual to poison the Spirit of True Love's heart, breaking its core, and forcing it to split into two vicious souls which will then try to annihilate each other, ruining Saint Valentine's, and in doing so bringing doom closer to Tibia. Tibian adventurers will have to stop both spirits from destroying each other, and they must mend their broken hearts so that they merge into one single and pure soul again!

Orange is the spiteful appearance, and Blue is the melancholic appearance. Both bosses can switch between one and other appearance, to facilitate players to change strategy (explained later in the strategy section).

Health Points: 100,000hp

Experience Points: 10,000xp

Estimated Max Dmg.: The damage will increase from 1,000hp till 30,000hp max as the event progresses

Elemental Properties: (all immunities, the interaction with the bosses is only through special runes so that all players have the same influence in the event's success)

Physical 0%

Earth 0%

Fire 0%

Death 0%

Energy 0%

Holy 0%

Ice 0%

Heal 0%

Life Drain 0%

Drown 0%

Immunity Properties: Not Paralysable, Senses Invisibility, Not Drunkable

Behavioral Properties:

- Walks away from mirror boss

- Walks through: any field


-Hate Bomb (on rival boss up to 10,000hp, on players 1/10 of their health)

-Hate Beam (on rival boss up to 10,000hp, on players 1/10 of their health)

-Spiteful Minions which case Spiteful Waves (on rival boss up to 3,000hp, on players 1/10 of their health)


Greenshore Village


Melancholy Sounds

-I miss our time together, why does love have to hurt this much!?

-I remember how much I loved you, it felt so right...

-Is there still a chance for us...?

Spiteful Sounds

-I always made all the effort in our relationship while you took advantage from me! You wretched soul!

-You were never really interested in me! I despise you!

-Your love for me was never true! I hate you so much!


-The event will start one week before Saint Valentines day

-As opposed to killing these bosses, players will actually have to heal them while saving them by turning them back into their pure and single form

-During four days before Saint Valentines day, 11 hours after Server Save, two bosses called "Spirit of the Broken Heart" will spawn in a dungeon underneath Greenshore (they will stop spawning if the players succeed in the event)

-All people interested in participating in the event will have to be present in that dungeon, in order to prevent the two bosses from killing each other, and to mend their broken hearts so that they merge again into the "Spirit of True Love"

-To achieve that, both bosses will have to be lured to each other, and once they are next to each other players will have to mend their broken hearts

-Both bosses will focus on attacking each other out of pure hatred. Keep them alive with Love Runes if they shout a melancholy message and Hate Runes if they shout a hate message instead

-Hate Traps and Hate Runes can be obtained by killing certain monsters while the event lasts; they can also be exchanged by Love Traps and Love Runes at the NPC Valentina

-Love Traps and Love Runes can be obtained after completing some tasks given by the NPC Valentina, one week before Saint Valentine's. They can also be traded by players

-Be sure to bring with you enough Love Runes, Hate Runes, Love Traps, Hate Traps, Magic Wall Runes, and Wild Growth Runes with you

-When the event starts, bosses will start shouting Hate and Melancholy messages. Also, the two bosses will attack each other and keep at max range from each other

-When a boss shouts a hate message, use Hate Traps to lure it to the center. Don't use Love Traps as they will make the boss to push back and to walk through Energy Walls or Wild Growths

-When a boss shouts a melancholy message, use Love Traps to lure it to the middle. Don't use Hate Traps as they will make the boss to push back and to walk through Energy Walls or Wild Growths

-Use Energy Wall and Wild Growth to stop the bosses from moving backwards, as even if you lure them with traps, there is a chance that they will fall back

-Don't use any common runes or spells on the bosses, as that will increase the power of their attacks

-Once you manage to have both bosses at the center of the room next to each other, focus on maintaining them surrounded by Magic Walls and Wild Growth as their chance to push back will be higher

-When they are next to each other, use only Love Runes to mend their broken hearts. Keep in mind that their damage will increase as bosses get closer to each other

-If the players manage to keep the bosses next to each other while mending their broken hearts for a certain amount of time, the event will succeed

-If players succeed, they will receive random prizes and the server will benefit from global bonuses for a week, starting on the 14th of February

-The effect of each Saint Valentine's rune will be the same, regardless of the xp or skill level of the character using them, in order to allow all players to participate in this event having the same chances to succeed

-Druids should focus on using Mass Healing to keep all players health bars up, as the frequency of damange in this mission will be high


If the server succeeds in the event, all players that have completed all the tasks, and that have participated in saving the Spirit of True Love will obtain the following prizes:

-Victory of Love Trophy (one per player always, decoration item)

-5 x Love Potion (granted always, upon use it provides invulnerability for 5 seconds)

-Love Messenger's Cloud (when used it disappears and the player obtains the Love Messenger's Cloud mount - if not used, the item can be used as decoration)

-Heart of True Love (very rare, decoration item, only a few granted randomly per event)

-Love Messenger's Arrow (extremly rare, decoration item, only three per server/year granted randomly)

Additionally, if a player uses on a Victory of Love Trophy the following items: 10 x Love Potion, 2 x Heart of True Love, 1 x Love Messenger's Cloud, and 1 x Love Messenger's Arrow, the player will obtain the Heart of True Love statue (very rare decoration item).

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matheusm Sep 30, 10:11AM

First Idea:

First Form: Hp 1, Experience 1 and Form .

No habilities, no loot, no damages, no move and no sounds.

Second form:

Name: Avenger Spirit 

Boss of (kind of creature): Stalker 

Health Points: 4800

Experience Points: 2100

Estimated Max Dmg: 850

Elemental Properties: Fire (+20%), Holy (+15%), Physical (+5%), Ice (Neutral), Energy (-20%)

Immunity Properties: Death, Earth and Invisibile.

Behavioral Properties: Quick target changes, If the fight takes longer than 1 minute, it will teleport to the side of the tomb with 100% of life and Fight to the death.

Habilities: Melee (0-250), Sudden Death (250-400)  Blood Ball (100-250), Life Drain (150-350), Self-Healing (200-450), Haste, Distance Paralyze.

Location: Ghostland.

Sounds: " Finally I will take revenge on the guard who killed me, I plead YOU guilty!!"," I'm hungry for revenge and souls!","Nobody WILL STOP ME!!, COME face me and so I will have my revenge AHAHAWAAA". 

Strategy: To summon it, it is necessary that the tomb is partially open, if it is, you must go to the south east room and put out the 4 candles in the tombs and blood on floor, after which a "chance to revenge" will be summoned. Just kill him, he has 1 hp points, and 1 experience, doesn't attack and doesn't move.

After killing him the Avenger Spirit will be summoned into the northern room of the stairs, where the coffin was open. Fire attacks are better, and garlic necklaces too. Kill it quickly, if it takes longer than 1 minute, it will be teleported back to the grave with its full life.

Loot: Gold coin (10-150), Platinum Coin (0-4), Demonic essense (0-2), Underworld Rod, Death Ring (rare), Miraculum (0-2), blank rune, Mastermind Shield (semi-rare), Platinum belt (very rare), Witchhunter's Coat (very rare).

Background Story: Avenger Spirit is the spirit of a Stalker who was mistaken for a thief who stole the carlin queen's earrings, the royal guard found him in ghostland and executed him without a fair trial. Since then the revenge-disturbed spirit appears in ghostland seeking an opportunity to take revenge on those who murdered it.

Respawn stages:

First stage:  random respawm

Chance to Revenge:

Second stage, Avenger Spirit summoned:

Additional Information:

Platinum Belt 

00:00 You see a Platinum Belt (Arm:2). It weighs 19.00 oz.

Equipped legs slot.

My name: Theteu Impossible

World: Belobra

Good Lucky for all

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matheusm Sep 30, 10:30AM
I have a question, is it allowed to draw it within the game, as I did above? 


Bebek Event
Bebek Sep 30, 02:41PM
I do not see why it should be a problem. So it's ok.
Tynka Oct 2, 12:58AM



Name: Fortinbrae

Boss of (kind of creature): Human (Mage)

Health Points: 90000

Experience Points: 12000 

Estimated Max Dmg.: 2200

Elemental Properties:  Physical 100% Earth 0% Fire 10% Death 100% Energy 0% Holy 80% Ice 60% Heal 100% Life Drain 0% Drown 100%

Immunity Properties:   Paralysable ✗ Senses Invis. 

Behavioral Properties: Sees the invisible. She becomes invisible, teleporting around the room. She doesn't paralyze, but can't be paralyzed either. Doesn't move objects. This boss doesn't get drunk.


- Mana Drain (500-600)

- Great Life Drain Bomb (400)

- Great Smokebomb (400)

- Poison Explosion (500)

- Great Exori (800)

- Energy Explosion (350)

- Invisibility

- Summon 2 demons

Location: the same as father, is citadel on Kharos. You must ask Zoltan for permission to access the citadel.

Sounds: „Where are You daddy?” „My insane soul is missing…” „I’m so weak but still strong... feel my power!”

Strategy: The way to fight the boss isn’t much different from fight with her father, Ferumbras. Knight must use "exeta res" first, magicians should use Wild Growth or Magic Walls. Runes are recommended for damage: Avalanche Runes or Sudden Death Runes.

Loot: always: Fortinbrae’s Backpack [new item] & Ferumbras Hat (one piece for one person)

Common: Violet Gem 

Uncommon: Crystal Coin [1-10]

Semi-rare: Demon Shield Magic Plate ArmorMastermind Shield  Velvet Mantle   Greenwood Coat  Silver Token [1-3] Ferumbras’ Teddy Ferumbras’ Puppet  Boots of Homecoming Ferumbras’ Amulet  Demonwing Axe  Phoenix Shield 

Very Rare: Tempest Shield  Great Shield  Thunder Hammer

Background Story: Fortinbrae is the daughter of Ferumbras. We know her name, but nobody knows what she looks like. Various stories about her says her soul was kidnapped and she was killed. Ferumbras appears twice a year to recover his daughter's soul. 

Fortinbrae appears three months after his father, so also twice a year in the same place as him. Unfortunately, they always passed. She also appears fight to meet her father. Unfortunately, it isn’t known how to let them meet and what will happen to Tibia when it happens.

Information about new item:

FORTINBRAE’ BACKPACK vol: 35 oz: 18.00 slot: 1

Extra: +5% featherweight always


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zeroxreind Oct 3, 06:32PM

Name: Zerox Reind

World: Nefera

Boss Name:Infernathor

Boss of (Kind of Creature): Human (Mage)

Hp Points:750,000

Experience Points:1,300,000

Max Damage:Basic Attack (3,500), Wrath of nature (20,000), Death Beam (900 -3600), Paralizis Beam (500-1000), Infernal Fire (Purple Fire spread in all the screen) (800 each time someone step on fire)

Elemental Properties: 

Phisical: 40%

Earth: 50%

Fire: 45%

Death: 50%

Energy: 65%

Holy: 65%

Ice: 50%

Heal: 100%

Drain Life: 100%

Drown: 100%

Inmmunity Properties:




Walk Around

Walk through


Cuerpo a cuerpo 0-3500), Wrath of Nature ( 1000-20000), Auto Heal 2300- 3000 por turno), Super Heal 300000 cada 8 min), Death Beam  900-3600), Paralizis beam ( 500-1000Haste,Infernal Horde ( 5-6) Mass healing hellhound ( 70% hp +) Infernal fire ( 800)>>


Jakundaf Desert




 “I will send you to the hell”


Try to trap this boss using wild growth rune.

At the beginning of the fight Infernathor will protect himself with magic shield so you have to burst him to remove the shield which has around 8000 points. 

When the magic shield is gone Infernathor will cast a powerful spell that will lead to summon his infernal horde of hellhounds every minute, in order to protect them he will start using mass healing to heal them all every 90 seconds so try to kill them as fast as you can. 

Avoid his beams, they will paralyze you and will be easier to get under his powerful beams.>>

When Infernathor life is under 50% he will cast his infernal fire, the room will be filled with purple fire, if you fail to touch one of them you’ll get hit by 800 HPS so avoid to step on them. >>

You have to finish Infernathor before 8 minutes or he will heal himself for around 300,000 hp and each turn will increase its heal between 2300 to 3000.>>

When he casts Wrath Nature, his most lethal spell Infernathor will yell in orange text: “I will send you to the hell” you will have only 10 seconds to run or get hit by it and die. 

You must know that Infernathor hates weakness in his opponents and will attack the lowest level in his vision range with a powerful and lethal beam causing an inevitable death.


0-6× Crystal Coin, 0-30 Demonic EssenceDemonic TapestryDemon Horn100× Great Health Potion15× Green Crystal Splinter100× Assassin Star100× Infernal Bolt, blessed shield, magic long sword, waterwalker boots.>>



Infernathor has risen from his long dream because he felt inside of them how his powerful apprentice Ferumbras has been defeated over and over again without any consequences for the human race.>>

Now the lands of Tibia have begun to shake with the great power of this great sorcerer.>>

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Fran Oct 3, 11:37PM

Character Name: Xik Fran Mala

World: Gladera

Name: Ellyllon y Dark Ellyllon

Boss of (kind of creature): Fae

Health Points: Ellyllon 15.000 & Dark Ellyllon 20.000

Experience Points: 35000

Estimated Max Dmg.: Ellyllon 2000 & Dark Ellyllon 3000

Elemental Properties:


Physical 100%







Dark Ellyllon

Physical 100%







Immunity Properties: Ellyllon is inmune to earth damage. You can't make yourself invisible. You can't paralyze this creature.

Behavioral Properties: It is not possible to block the reappearance of the creature. She does not run by having a minimum life.  Walk on top of all the elements. It moves diagonally. Can attack from a distance.



Melee (0-900), Stalagmite (150-300), throws Leaf Stars (100-200), Purple Notes Wave whit damage (causes drunkenness for 5 seconds), Self-Healing (500-900), Purple cloud explosion on itself (reduces melee skills, distance and shielding by around 50% for a few seconds).

Dark Ellyllon 

Melee (0-1200), Stalagmite (200-400), throws Leaf Stars (200-400), Star Wave (causes drunkenness for 5 seconds) , Self-Healing (600-1000) Purple cloud explosion on itself (reduces melee skills, distance and shielding by around 70% for a few seconds).  It's very strange, but she can invoke contaminated creatures (5-10): Dark Faun and Twisted Pooka.


South of Feyrist



I will consume the evil!

I just wanted to help them ...

The fruits rot.

The darkness seizes us

Dark Ellyllon

Can you stop me?

The darkness seizes everyone


Father, did you think you could buy me with beautiful dresses? You disgust me.


To kill her, you must ask for the mission with Mayra, she will give you access to open the bridge and tighten the fairy statue. The mission is recommended for players above level 300.

Ellyllon has 2 phases, Ellyllon and Dark Ellyllon. When killing Ellyllon, he will return in the form of Dark Ellyllon, the latter is stronger than the first.

Running from she will not work, it is very fast, it must be caught by 3 players against the wall somewhere in the room. The Magic Walls and Wild Growth Rune are useless because you remove them.

The shooters must take care of her life at all times, since she can change the target even trapped.


5-100 Platium coin (always) Platinum Coin

3-5 Fresh Fruit (Always) Fresh Fruit

10 Rainbow Quartz (always) Rainbow Quartz

Wooden Spellbook (Common) Wooden Spellbook

1-5 Crystal Coins (Common) Crystal Coin

1-3 Silver Token (Common) Silver Token

1-2 Gold Token (Rare) Gold Token

Giant Emerald (Rare) Giant Emerald

Crystal of focus (Rare) Crystal of Focus

Carrot on a Stick (Very rare) Carrot on a Stick

Leaf crown (Very rare) Leaf Crown

You see Ellyllon's wing. (Speed + 10) It can only be wielded properly by players of level 400 or higher. It weighs 1.00 oz. 

It must be put in the backpack. You feel Ellyllon's power on your back...  (very rare)

Ball gown (Extremely rare)  Ball Gown

Background story: It is said that she was a human from a family with wealth, but she without any reason to continue living. One day, she visited the city of the elves, Ab'dendriel, where she found a book that talks about a secret kingdom called Feyrist. The idea of ​​living surrounded by trees and rivers caused Ellyllon to leave her luxuries and thus get some reason to continue living. Making his way through a dream portal, she came to this world, where she met Maelyrra, the leader of the Fae, who took pity on the young woman's soul. As time went by he learned all kinds of magic, getting stronger, even wings grew on Ellyllon, the product of a Pixies enchantment, It all ended when the darkness began to consume the creatures of Feyrist, so he began to investigate what happened. Maelyrra hated using orders, but regulated that the creatures should not leave the night because the darkness could consume they, despite this, Ellyllon disobeyed this order and left the night seeking to end the evil that tormented their lands. While walking in the dark, she ate a fresh fruit, but when she swallowed it she realized that he was really rotten ... Since that night his personality is unstable, she wants to help his friends and the other destroy every creature within reach. Maelyrra banished her from her kingdom and locked her in a portal marked by a fairy statue, but it is said that she usually creates a magical bridge and thus returns looking to "help" her friends ...

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Second Entry

First idea:

Name: Valkyar 

Boss of: Valkyrie 

Health Points: 3500 

Experience Points: 1800
Estimated Max Dmg: 800
Elemental Properties: Physical (+5%), Ice neutral, Fire neutral, Energy neutral, Death neutral, Earth neutral, Holy (-10%).
Immunity Properties: invisible.
Behavioral Properties: fight to the death, 30% chance to totally block your attack.
Habilities: Melee (0-450), Royal Spears (0-300), Exori gran con (0-500), Self-Healing (100-250), Haste.
Location: Amazon Camp
Sounds: "More skulls for my collection!","That will be your end","Feel the fury of the Valkyries!".

Strategy: The boss will first appear in his sacred form (immortal), to make it normal, you must place (offer) 13 skulls on each side of the altar in the center of the amazon camp, the sudden death will appear, and the Valkyar could be killed!

Loot(0-2) Brown Bread, (0-150) Gold Coins, (0-3) Royal Spears,  (0-7) Small Diamonds, Skull, Protection Amulet, Protective Charm, Amazon Shield (very rare), Amazon Lance (very rare), Amazon legs (very rare), Amazon boots (very rare).

Background Story: Valkyar is the daughter of a valkyrie who fell in love with a black knight, from the fruit of that love was born Valkyar, a powerful valkyrie with the strength of a black knight, trained from an children age to protect the amazon camp from human invaders .

Offering skulls:


Additional information:
00:00 You see a amazon legs (Arm:7, distance fighting +1).

It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 60 or higher. 

It weighs 50.00 oz.

00:00 You see a amazon lance (Arm:43, Def:29).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot, Empty Slot). It can only be 

wielded properly by knights of level  40 or higher. 

00:00 You see a amazon boots (Arm:3).

Imbuements: (Empty Slot).

It weighs 30.00 oz.

Character name: Theteu Impossible

World: Belobra

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Athen Oct 6, 02:52PM

Name: Athen

World: Antica

Boss Name: Phrixos the First

Boss of (kind of creature): VampireVampire

Health Points600

Experience Points: 250

Estimated Max Dmg: 150

Elemental Properties: Physical (-5%), Ice neutral, Fire neutral, Energy neutral, Death neutral, Earth (-100%), Holy (+50%).

Habilities: Melee (30-100), Life Drain (0-100) Paralyzes, Often heals (20) Summon 0-5 Skeletons.>>

Behavioral Properties: Close Combat and run with 10% of the life

Immunity Properties:   Immunity to poison, invisibility

Location: Rookgaard Salmon Quest (Here):

Sounds: "Ahhh ... I can hear my sword calling me!" "No one will ever touch this key!" "The gods can't stop me this time!" "Reviving was your biggest mistake!”


Gold Coin0-50 Gold Coins(Commun)

Health Potion 0-2 Health Potions (Commun)

KatanaKatana(Semi rare)

Brass Armor Brass armor (Semi rare)

Golden KeyGolden key (Very rare)

Strategy: To revive Phrixos the player must travel to Rookgaard Island and get Phrixos 's body across the entire island, once he has his body.

Skull (Item) Skull x1

Dead Human3 Bones x1

Dead Human1 Dead Body x1

BloodBlood x1

 he must put them in the rookgard cemetery and say the words "Utevo Mort". After this, Phrixos the First will be summoned.

It is recommended to be level higher than 30, carry enough healing potions and boxes or parcels for the skeletons.

Background Story: In the beginning Phrixos was known as the most skilful rookgard player and when the city was attacked by a dragon,the gods entrusted him with a sword capable of killing the dragon, the legendary sword of fury and when he entered the cave. This player could kill the beast. But the power of this madness sword led the player to want to face the gods, who saw the madness of Phrixos knew that he could not handle the power of the sword and had no choice. They had to snatch the sword from the player, so they took the sword of fury and placed it on a remote island where it would be far from the hands of any player, trusting that only a humble player could reach it.

After losing his sword Phrixos entered a state of madness where it only mattered to recover it and after years of investigating, he discovered that the sword could be removed from the island by stepping on specific locations on the island. Many years passed before the name of Phrixos was heard again, which returned to the city with a strange golden key that he said it was in a mine far away, which he said would take him to a strange room where he lived a minotaur mage who was the keeper of a portal that led to the location of the missing sword. And when the gods heard this, they destroyed Phrixos and distributed his body on the island of rookgard. According to rumors, there is a way to revive Phrixos to get his key but nobody is sure.


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Char:Dedeka Sapeca


Name: Queen of love

Boss of (kind of creature): half human and half minotaur.

Health Points: 20000

Experience Points: 10000

Estimated Max Dmg.: 1500

Elemental Properties: Earth 100% Fire 0% Death 100% Energy 60% Holy 10% Ice 60% Heal 100% Physical 100%

Immunity Properties: Fire, invisibility

Behavioral Properties: can't block  respawn this creature, Fight to the death in close combat, uses an area spell that decreases the level of magic level

and changes targets frequently., just like Npc Valentina, she only shows up on Valentine's Day.

Habilities: Melee (0-460), Great Death Bomb (0-480), Blood Radius (0-500 +), Auto Heal (10000), reduce your Magic and / or Shielding and Ranged Level by 40 %, becomes invisible.

Location: Greenshore north of Thais, in the portal of love on the boat. 

Sounds: "What a smell of love!" "it pleases me!" "achieve love with a lot of struggle!" "love! love! love! love! i can't say that!"

Strategy: To kill this creature, there may be a maximum of 5 players, try to kill fast because it heals quickly, After entering Boss's room, you have 17 minutes to kill her.

loot: 0-30 Platinum Coins , 0-5 Great Mana Potions  , 0- Small Emeralds, 0-10 Small Rubies, 0-3 Violet Crystal Shards , Gold Token (Semi-rare), Silver Token (Semi-rare) , Love Backpack (Very rare), Love doll (Very rare).

Background Story: Queen of love. She is not a real queen. No one knows for sure her origins. She was found still a baby, left in a basket on the banks of the river.

The nickname Queen was given by the residents of Greenshore. She spends most of her time writing poetry, then appears only once a year.

Rumors of being a daughter of Raymond Striker and Eleonore.

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ShininSpirit Oct 6, 11:05PM

PLAYER: Istna Plecow Rozpadlina (Refugia)>>

Name:Time Traveler>>

Boss of (kind of creature):humanoid>>

Health Points:30000>>

Experience Points: 7000>>

Estimated Max Dmg.: 2500>>

Abilities: Melee(0-1500), Strong haste, teleports within 10 sqms, Self healing (0-1000, very fast when on yellow hp or below), explosion (0-700), great fireball (0-900), groundshaker(0-500), throws fire fields, Great energy beam (0-1000), energy strike(0-600, electrifies), Reverse (change player’s appearance into a baby, can’t use any spells for 2 seconds), Pause (player can’t move for 3 seconds), Jump in the future (change player’s appearance into old man/woman, lasts 4 seconds, heavy paralyzes)>>

Elemental Properties: Physical 70%, Earth 0%, Fire 80%, Death   100%, Energy 0%, Holy 100%, Ice 80%, Life Drain 100%, Drown 100%>>

Immunity Properties: Paralysable   X, Senses Invis.           >>

Behavioral Properties: Walks around: X, Walks through: fire, poison, energy>>

Habilities: very fast heals himself, when reaches yellow hp, retargets quickly, never retreat, teleports near distance-fighting players.>>

Location: destroyed Time Portal on Edron Beach, above Edron’s Academy.
Sounds: “Nobody wants me…”, “You didn’t listen…”, “I wanted to save you!”, “Now I have my revenge!”, “You irritate me…” (spoken moment before teleport), “Turn back the hands of time…” (before casting Reverse), “STOP!” (before casting Pause), “Time flies…” (before casting Jump in the Future)

Strategy: listen to what he says to avoid/prepare for his attacks, Knights should cast Challenge very often, do not stand in front of him to avoid Great energy beam, Mages and Paladins should watch his position on the map and move away from him, speed boosters will be helpful against his Strong Haste.>>

Loot: Platinum coins (0-100) (always), Lighting Helmet (semi-rare), Prismatic Helmet (rare), mind stone (0-5) (common), Collar of Blue plasma (rare), gearwheel chain (semi-rare), Prismatic ring (rare), time ring (common), red/blue/yellow gems (1-5)(common),  silver token 1-2 (semi-rare), gold token 1-2 (rare), Crystalline armor (rare), earthborn titan armor (extremely rare), Gnome legs (extremely rare), boots of haste (rare), boots of firewalking (extremely rare), Modern Mask* (very rare), Modern Backpack** (very rare), Energy Disk*** (extremely rare), Time Traveler’s watch**** (very rare)>>

Background Story: A great mage from the future has decided to travel back in our time-line to save us from the future massacre of the all Tibians. He warned the authorities from Edron’s Academy, that in the future unknown creature will burn this world and they have to stop him…but no one beliefs his story. After many tries and efforts he grows insane and became the great danger, that he was warning about…>>

Modern Mask* - You see a Modern Mask (Arm:10, protection drowning +100%). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 200 or higher. It weighs 35.00 oz. Enables underwater exploration.>>

Modern Backpack** - You see a Modern backpack (Vol:24). It weighs 10.00 oz. It is made of strange combination of unknown metals and leather, making it very light.>>

Energy disk***(light source, white light) - You see an Energy Disk (protection fire +5%, protection earth 5%). It weighs 5.00 oz. It seems to be some strange catalyzer of Time Traveler’s magic.>>

Time Traveler’s watch****(light source, blue light) - You see a Time Traveler’s watch. It weighs 5.00 oz. It doesn’t seem to be abnormal, still no one can explain to you why and how it’s glowing.>>

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