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Umbra Leader
Umbra Aug 8 '19, 10:44AM

Greetings Tibians!

Long ago, adventurers in Tibia had to walk their own way through out the land, exploring every part of Tibia by walking on their own feet. And the worst: in case they had no friends to follow, they would walk all alone! But new days brought new hope to us! We finally got to have our own mounts to carry us and accompany us on good and bad moments, to finally explore the lands sitting on the highs of the back of our cute (of not so much) friends! Common, rare, cheap, fancy, trend, friendly, evil, there are all kind of creatures to use as mount, both in game and from the Store. 

Now, TibiaEvents challenge you to make a tribute to your favorite mount! It’s time to bring it to life and show how your mount would look like in Real Life, re-creating it with simple materials in real size. Of course, we would like to see you, as the great adventurer you are, mounting this fabulous creature! What do say? Challenge accepted?


- Handcraft a Tibian mount in real size using common materials, such as paper, plastic, fabric, paint, wood, wire, etc. The simpler the material, the best! Use your creativity to make to most of it. The most important point to be judged will be your creativity;

- You must send 4 pictures of your mount creation process, 1 picture of your finished mount and 1 final picture of someone riding your mount, preferably you. All pictures must show a paper with a written sign with the sentence: “Mount up! Tibia Events 2019”. The same paper has to be in all pictures, different papers won’t be accepted;

- Edited pictures won’t be accepted;

- Accepted formats of images (.jpg .png and .bmp).

- You must write the name of the chosen mount on your topic;

- You must post your entry on this thread;

- The name of the character and world game must be on the post;

- Participants can send more than one entry, but can win only one prize;

- Different entries have to be posted in different posts;

- Plagiarism leads to disqualification; 

- We will validate or invalidate the entries so you can see if your submission is OK, so please keep checking to correct eventual mistakes.


The contest Starts Aug 8, 2019, and Ends Sep 5, 2019 - (23:59 CEST).


Our team and CipSoft Team will be judging.


1st place: Golden warrior trophy + 300 demonic essences + choice between 
Yellow rose, Teddy bear and Memory box.

2nd place: Silver warrior trophy + 150 demonic essences + choice between 
the remaining two items.

3rd place: bronze warrior trophy + 50 demonic essences + remaining item.

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Zavious Aug 9 '19, 05:22PM
I’m new to tibia events excited to be here, I seen this mount up and I want to join in on making my favourite mount and put my carpentry skills to work! Since I have a bunch of lumber laying around lol. But once I’m done is this where I post my 6 pictures? Sorry I don’t think this is a private message but thanks for any feedback! 
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Umbra Leader
Umbra Aug 9 '19, 05:30PM
Hiya Zavious,

welcome to TibiaEvents.

Nice to see some new people joining us! in the rules we explained everything, so you're right you need to post them here! 

Goodluck Event lover!


Umbra - TibiaEvents Admin.

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Zavious Aug 9 '19, 05:34PM
Quote from Umbra Hiya Zavious,

welcome to TibiaEvents.

Nice to see some new people joining us! in the rules we explained everything, so you're right you need to post them here! 

Goodluck Event lover!


Umbra - TibiaEvents Admin.

Awesome! That’s yellow rose is mine haha hopefully it’s a hard competition I love a challenge aha, chow for now I’ll post next week I’m sure! 
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Tynka Aug 9 '19, 08:38PM
is it supposed to be an imaginary mount or do you want to use the real version in the game?

and to choose is BEAR DOLL od teddy bear? 

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Idhock Event
Idhock Aug 10 '19, 10:25AM

Quote from Tynka is it supposed to be an imaginary mount or do you want to use the real version in the game?

and to choose is BEAR DOLL od teddy bear? 

Hi Tynka, thanks for considering your participation in this event, about your questions, it must be a mount that already exists within the game, either from the store or obtainable through the mechanics of the game, and for the prize, it's a Teddy Bear 

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Tynka Aug 12 '19, 04:52AM
aww, oki it's better. Thanks for reply! I think maybe I'll try 

btw it should be fixed for: first - yellow rose, second - memory box, third - teddy bear. I think nobody will choose otherwise <3

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Krisph Aug 12 '19, 04:35PM
Hahaha sounds like such a fun event! 

I'm looking forward to see all the awesome submissions

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Zavious Aug 16 '19, 04:53AM

The Sparkion:

Crafted by a Hunter on Nefera, yours truly:


Sparkion process 1

Sparkion process 2

Sparkion process 3

Sparkion Process 4

Sparkion Completed

Sparkion Completed and (ctrl+r)

Thanks for the fun event I hope you all enjoy and if anyhting needs to be changed please let me know! 


Valid Submission!


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Dedekinha Aug 26 '19, 01:33AM
Isso é divertido, eu vou participar, mas vai ser difícil: D 
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Zavious Sep 5 '19, 03:24AM
Is this event over now or is tomorrow the last day? D:
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Umbra Leader
Umbra Sep 5 '19, 08:52AM
Ends Sep 5, 2019 - (23:59 CEST).
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Titi_Iris Sep 5 '19, 07:57PM
Titi Iris from Secura want to show you, her Scorpion King mount! 

First photo of process with all materials, almost all are waste materials except the white glue and paints.

The second photo of the process, there we have given form with glue to the mount.

The third photo of the process, we used old newspaper and white glue missed with water to smooth the surface before painting it.

The fourth photo of the process, there you can see the painting process is starting.

The Scorpion king completed.

And me mounting it before a hunting session.

Hope you liked it. And thanks for a funny event, waiting for the next! 

Titi iris

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FPoPP Sep 5 '19, 08:36PM

I present to you the Flying Divan!

Character: Egol Jizet

World: Kenora

Creation Process #1 - Materials!

Creation Process #2 - Scissor time!

Creation Process #3 - Time to use this stapler that looks like a smiling whale!

Creation Process #4 - Big detail of the middle of our divan!

Finished Mount Photo - And I didn't forget to make a comfortable cushion!!

Riding the new mount - That's it for today! Thank you very much for this awesome contest!

All the best people! See you!

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Arendella Sep 5 '19, 09:47PM
OMG so many greats entries !

One of the hardest contest i have participed, finally finished on time :D

I chose a mount that unfortunately i don't have yet, but i would love to have, and its the best and lovely mount ever : FLYING BOOK *-*

Process #1

Process #2

Process #3

(never mind my dog) 

Process #4

The mount #5

Mount Up  #6

i hope u guys enjoy !

Character Arendella

World Quelibra

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Zavious Sep 5 '19, 09:56PM
Haha awesome! I didn’t want to be the only one I got mixed up with the time zones let’s see more creations guys 2 more hours! 
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KriizWeeping Sep 5 '19, 10:25PM
Mount: Fleeting Knowledge
Character: Kriiz Neverlose
World: Torpera





Good Luck to Everyone 

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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Sep 6 '19, 02:56AM
Thanks for everyone who participated! All entries are awesome!

We will release the results as soon as we finish judging.

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