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Umbra Leader
Umbra Jun 5, 10:38AM
The flowers season is here! The sun is shinning brighter, the flowers are unbottoning. Dryads are back to protect their forests. Rosemarie is ready to give you some seeds so you can grow beautiful plants!

She wants you to help her spread the world of Spring to gather a lot of people to help protecting the nature with her and the Dryads.

You need to create a handcrafted poster to announce the flowers season to make people aware of the importance of protecting Tibian nature!  


- You must create a handcrafted poster to announce the beggining of spring;

- You have to submit your entry here;

- You can submit more than one poster but only one per post;

- In case you submit more than one poster, you can win only with one;

- Poster must be handcrafted and you can use cardboard, white sulphite paper, colouring pencil and pens, cryons, glitter, etc.

- Posters made digitally using softwares will not be accepted;

- Your poster should contain RPG elemets on it, it MUST be a poster about TIBIA;

Please add 2-3 pictures of the process and 1 of the final art;

- Content of the posters must follow Tibia Rules;

- Posters MUST be tibia related;

- Submissions must be in English only;

- We will be judging your creativity;

- The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language;

- Plagiarism leads to disqualification;

- Please inform us the name of your character and the world;

- We will validate or unvalidate the entries so you can see if your submission is OK, so please keep checking to correct eventual mistakes.


The contest starts Jun 05 2019 - and ends on Jul 03 2019 23:59 CEST.


Our team and Cip will be judging 


1st Place: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Memory Box

2nd Place: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Panda Teddy

3rd Place: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Baby Seal Doll

Your TibiaEvents Team.

Dedekinha Jul 1, 09:12PM
Char: Dedeka Sapeca

Mundo: Talera






Valid submission (1)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 3, 11:07PM
Tynka Jul 1, 11:49PM

Name: TynusiiaaServer: Antica

Valid submission (2)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 3, 11:09PM
Khonwk Jul 2, 10:40AM
Name: Khonwk

World: Kalibra

Valid submission (3)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 3, 11:09PM
Arendella Jul 2, 02:53PM

Final :


World : Quelibra

Valid submission (4)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 3, 11:10PM
Loriska Jul 3, 02:49PM

Name: Dumon Von'terryer   World: Talera

Valid submission (5)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 3, 11:10PM
BijouKidi Jul 3, 08:34PM

Name: Bijou Kidi

World: Antica

Text that I wrote on the poster:

Dear Tibians! Spring has began, and with it many animals breed, lawns and meadows overlap with flowers, trees begin to bloom, it’s getting warm and the days are getting longer.

Together with Rosemarie and the Dryads we will lead you up how to protect our Tibian Nature!

Don’t use any fire-based spells or runes near forest!

Don’t release your mount free! He could eat the unhatched eggs!

Never throw your flasks away on the grass or into the river or lake!


Luring a monster affects environment! Accustomed to his own ecosystem he may not survive in different one. Besides, to current ecosystem you are introducing a new element that will also change it.

And here is final:


Valid submission (6)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 3, 11:11PM
Pyzaa Jul 3, 11:55PM
Name: Pyzaa />re">

World :Antica

Valid submission (7)


The Forum post is edited by ElfoFantasma Jul 5, 12:11AM
Umbra Leader
Umbra Jul 4, 09:03AM
You guys are really talented! i like them all!

we are going to vote now and hope to be back as soon as possible with the winners! :-)

The Forum post is edited by Umbra Jul 4, 09:03AM
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