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Tibyasula Apr 18, 01:31AM

Warrior Artemis

World: Quelibra

Location: Northwest

Lord Eventholder

I believe you will be welcomed into this new home!

We have hearty food!

the concept of the house is "The Castle of the Northwest".

we see the substantiation in the details, colorful and cheerful.

besides beautiful, safe!

Final SS

Skyfear Apr 19, 07:06PM

Character: Skyfear                            World: Nefera

Dear Eventholder,

It was unfortunate to hear of your recent housing dilemma.


As part of our gratitude we would delightfully like to present to you a rent-free residence in a most luxurious location to accommodate all of your daily requirements. We hope that in future this style of housing can create the building blocks of affordable living for all working class Tibians, and why should you pick this house? Well let me just explain why!


This stunning dwelling is made from the finest building materials and features:

- 45m² of comfortable Svargrond with excellent hardwood flooring.

-  5 minutes walk the Town of Svargrond and 6 minutes from high frequency public transport.

- An honest kitchen.

- Your own bedroom which contains a working rest room, so that you don’t need to go outside to do your business!

Sauna attached to the bedroom.- Viewing station to view the native Sea Serpent population in action.
- In-built greenhouse for a self-sustaining living experience.

- Local fishing area, 1 guaranteed fish per m².

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Stonetitus Apr 21, 06:11PM

I am sorry about the increase in housing prices. This does not mean, however, that you will be homeless. I have suggestions for a new home for you. This house, built of parcels is an ideal option for these hard times. Located near the sea, it is only 2 minutes from the city of Darashia. I encouraged you? Due to the sunny climate of the region, the roof was made of light wood found in the nearby port. Thanks to this and windows (2 facing the sea), the house is cold enough. The garden completes the whole. You can plant in it, for example, cucumbers or grow camels. Knowing that you also have responsibilities as Eventholder, we have built a tower for you from which you can watch the upcoming winners on which trophies will be waiting in the cottage. Do not worry ! There was also a place on your bag. The house was made in a modern, simple and ecological way. You will not find simple furniture in it, but futuristic. A homeless hipster? It's possible!



Char: Hjob

World: Monza

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zyrus Apr 22, 05:33AM

The Amazon Camp

Why is it so hard for everyone to understand that we Amazons are people too? We deserve a place in the city, but fear and hatred has always kept us out. Encampments are made around Carlin, a perfect city for women, but even here we are still shunned by humans. Hunters come by, destroying our camps and laying waste to our sisters. We are not nearly as montrous as them. But we say: NO MORE! With this fortified home we will resist intruders and have a rustic place to warm ourselves at the end of the day. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting by the fire with our sisters, under a starry sky. Sleeping in a pile of hay, while the bird chirps away in the dark. Or listening to some beautiful tunes while eating juicy oranges. As the housing prices go up in the city, we will be unscathed and protected by the laws of nature. And for the people that need a home and a place for safekeeping, we welcome them to venture into our amazon world...

- Final Screenshot:

- Process of creation:

Character: Zyrus Vest

Server: Inabra

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Mogh Apr 22, 12:23PM

Character: Mogh

World: Bona


The house has its own name. It is a "Ice villa on fire". By building this house I wanted to show that even the biggest challenges can be solved. The combination of fire and ice is realizable. Only the smartest architects can do it  The whole house is made of parcels according to the rules. Please, treat the ice cubes as a decoration.

Screenshots of the process:

Final screenshot:

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Slayzi Apr 23, 12:43AM

Character: Slay Zi

World: Quelibra

Location: Senja

Hello my dear Eventholder! Are you alright?

because I am 

I would like to invite you to stay in my house, your concept is Dragons is never too much! 

The famous house "Dracarys".

I will make lots of recipes and make you very happy. your room will be cleaned every day. 

I'll play music with my lyre.

 Thank you!


Magis Apr 23, 10:30PM
Character: Magis

World: Peloria

Dear Eventholder,

I couldn't handle any longer how devastated you have been feeling ever since the rent price went higher! Never would I think that you will be homeless, but once I got your letter I knew it was all true. I had to help you and for this reason during many days I was preparing the rentless house specially for you! The place I chose is called Meluna, it's a very exclusive Island where newlyweds spend their Honeymoon, but the small community is very happy to have you there, I made sure of that! I prepared for you lots of leisure activities e.g. sunbathing, painting, playing, over and above I knew how important your event collections are, so I placed them there too. Besides that I also dug a magnificent small garden nearby, because I know how much taking care of it would relax you and I brought your cosy fur so this way you shouldn't be cold at night, because I heard the breeze of the late night might be chilly. I would never forget how gorgeous your costume for the last Halloween was, so I made a copy for you, you were the best hero! The food supply is full and should last you for a long time, however on the Island there is a bar with tasty beverages so don't forget to go there! I'm also aware how much you love working on the Events, so I gathered all your books and tomes and made an office together with the dinning room so this way you won't get hungry. Finally, I cordially invite you to see this unique house “Beach Villa” where joy and extraordinary journey await for you!

Yours sincerely,



Frozen Starlights give a nice blue tone to the screenshot:


The fireworks - I attach link as the photo is to too heavy


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Beix_A Apr 23, 11:58PM

Character: Bea Charlover Aca

World: Wintera

Location: Ab'dendriel

I chose Ab'dendriel, because of its wonderful weather, peaceful population, and wonderful views! The house I pretend to create is cosy and confortable. Hope you like it!

The structure:

The process:

The Final House:

Umbra Leader
Umbra Apr 24, 07:29AM
The contest is closed thank you all for participating! we will announce the results as soon as possible.
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