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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jan 30, 12:04PM

Eventholder is missing the good old RPG. Now he want you to create an awesome story!

Easy there, it is not that simple. This time he will not tell you what he wants right away.

He wrote down some puzzles, you will have to solve the puzzle so you can write your history.

Here is the scroll Eventholder gave us.

"In an ancient city, ruled by the dead,

our journey begins, so use your head;

close your eyes when the wind blows,

you can go blind by sand flows.

Not alive nor dead I am,

From the top of the city I rule again;

Conspirators are buried under my gaze,

Now I can rule until the end of the days.

The dead raised from tomb,

Only one blade can avoid the doom;

Godsslayer got to be wielded,

So the living can win in the battle field."

How it's gonna work:

There are three words that MUST appear in your history. Each verse is a puzzle to one word.

First verse is a city; Second verse is a NPC; Third verse is a weapon.

When you have discovered all the three words you will write a story.

The theme of the story is free, you do NOT have to follow the story contained in the scroll,

as long as you use the three words.

Important info:

-Entries will be send to our staff member Beatrix, to avoid spoiler. In the end of the contest, she will post all the entries publicly;

-The correct answers will be guarded by Beatrix since day one, but hidden. It will be revealed at the end of the submission phase;

-Puzzles can have more than one correct answer.


- You must create a comic story with the discovered words.

- You have to send your story (submission) via private message to: https://tibiaevents.com/user/Beatrix

- Story MUST contain the three words hiden on the verses.

- The comic story MUST have: at least 3 and maximun 6 pictures, telling a small story.Each picture can NOT contain more than 50 words (in-game text + edited text);

- USE ONLY IN GAME SCREENSHOTS. You can edit your screenshots to add text - 50 words/screenshot maximum, also small editions on the screenshots will be allowed;

- Story must be Tibia related. You have to tell a Tibian story, adventure. You can use real tibia characters, worlds, etc.

- Submissions must be in English only.

- We won't be judging your talent with pictures neither your english. Only your creativity.

- The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language.

- Plagiarism leads to disqualification.

- Please inform us the name of your character and the world.

How to send your entry: 

1. Follow this link to open Beatrix' profile: https://tibiaevents.com/user/Beatrix

2. Click in the "send private message" button:

3. Send a message with the subject "Contest - The Secret Story", attach your file and send:


The contest starts Jan 30  2019 - and ends on Feb 20 2019 23:59 Cet.


Our team and Cip will be judging 


1st Place: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Memory Box

2nd Place: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Wooden Whistle

3rd Place: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Frozen Starlight

Time to solve a quest!
Your TibiaEvents Team.

zyrus Feb 18, 08:05PM
I keep getting a message saying that my upload is too "heavy" to be attached. I'm sending it as a .pdf with 2.88Mb

What should I do? I need to send this today since I travel tomorrow...

argenisg Feb 19, 07:06AM
When you say "You have to tell a Tibian story, adventure." you mean it has to be something that you can do ingame or can I be adventurous with fantasy as long as it fits the Tibian Universe?



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