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Umbra Leader
Umbra Oct 26 '18, 09:32PM

Dear TibiaEvent users,

We cordially invite you to comment on the news article Once upon an event winners!

Contest winners

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.

We appreciate constructive feedback. Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.


maleigihas Oct 26 '18, 11:16PM
I can't see winners in this topic, maybe some issue with my smartphone. Is there any link? May someone post winners below my post? Thanks
Evandro29 Oct 27 '18, 01:45AM

Thank you for choosing from my real story that Valentine's Day has helped us.

I'll keep trying to get to the top!

waiting for the choices to see what I'm going to win 

spikeheero Oct 27 '18, 02:00AM
Hi! I'm Aldaryon. Thank you so much for choosing my story. It's a great honor for me and my relatives... ok, that was weird.

I would like to choose the "Memory Box" as my winning prize.

Thank you again and good life!

balmung36 Oct 27 '18, 02:03AM
heyyyy guys this is amazing! great stories over there, congratulations to the other winners! I'm Valiryas, I will take the Nightmare doll, thank you very much for this chance, see you in Tibia!
Evandro29 Oct 27 '18, 02:13AM
My choice is the teddy bear. Congratulations to the other winners!

Umbra Leader
Umbra Oct 27 '18, 08:46AM

Quote from maleigihas I can't see winners in this topic, maybe some issue with my smartphone. Is there any link? May someone post winners below my post? Thanks

the winners are always posted on the front page.

Congratulations to the winners :-) the prizes will be send next week.

Kind regards,

Teranzo - Team Leader TibiaEvents.com

Fresh_Prince Oct 28 '18, 12:01AM

Congratulations to the winners.

I'm particularly curious, which were the other stories that got classified for voting? Can you tell us, @Teranzo ? I was quite busy making a good and very original story able to compete under the rules proposed, so I would like to know if I got at least a vote

I only recognized just by now a typo on my text. A single space somehow that I missed back in the submission!!!!!! Hopefully it wasn't that crucial for my entry....

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