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piggybacon Jun 8 '18, 07:56PM
Character's name     " Miss Piggybacon

Server " Solidera



I typed my account

I typed my pass

I clicked my name and log in game

I popped up in a temple with an apple

I lit my torch then start my adventure

I came across a troll

It seems to be on steroid

coz i tried to hit it with my club but I couldn't make it bleed

as i tried to run my torch went off ohh noh

run run run ..here i go.. saw the stairs.. went down.. woahh!! im safe!

walk through north

saw an orc.. holy cow 10 of them

I got trapped on the side, next thing i know YOU'RE DEAD!

im a bad singer hahaaha

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MAXPOWER Jun 9 '18, 05:29AM



(Music, english, well... all)

Finally is just for fun. Enjoy. (rofl)

Char:Waxhita Riica.

Server: Gladera

Imagine a minstrel singing.

Pink History.

Up your glasses for a drink,

Everybody says pink team.

This is a history of a team,

a knight, a mage, a pally and druid.

Across the land they fight and kill.

Some people, hard bosses, they have skills.

They wear pink clothes just for kill.

The people runing for his lives.

All mainland warrior hunted them,

and the team pink

was finally stopped.

That same night, they all joy to being free.

But the tragedy was in his destiny.

The evil returns, 

all fight one more time,

one battlefield warriors just going to die.
All run for your life.

King says to retreat.

Protect childrens life.

Kingdom has to live.

When all wast lost, a scream watchout back.

Here comes pink team, the hell in this land.
But they healed all the wounded with theyr powerfull UH.

And defeat evil forceswith amazings powers.

What a change can we see

the same king can forgive.

Up your glasses for a drink,

everybody says pink team.



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user_2191 Jun 9 '18, 06:59AM
Hello Guys! 

Character: Wachusett

World: Pacera

I'm so happy to be here sharing my music with you. Well, first of all i composed the background music myself. Instruments I used: An Acoustic Guitar, an Yamaha Digital Keyboard and Eletronic Drums. Music and Lyrics were all composed by myself specially for this event. Song Name: Dharalion's Farewell-----
Here is a short history behind the Lyrics: 

Dharalion is the brave boss of the Elves Arcanist. He used to be a true Hero to the entire Elf Civilization. In the war with the dwarves, Dharalion lost his life around the Femor Hills, but managed to avoid the invading of the dwarves to the lands of Ab'Dendriel. This song is a farewell to the brave elf warrior and an invitation to all elves to fight for their land and their people in the name of their hero, Dharalion. 
                                                                           Dharalion's Farewell

Tell the people of ab'dendriel;

the true hero has gone;

lost his voice over the battle field;

the enemy came upon;


Now his soul hovers the tibian lands;

protecting elves crew;

with a power that no one knew;

the magic truly slew;


Take your sandals and a talisman;

Some grapes and your bow;

Go and ask the dwarves;

who killed Dharalion;


now his soul hovers the tibian lands;

protecting elves crew;

with a power that no one knew;

the magic truly slew;

I will find my way;

through night and day;

over the fight;

I have to smite.


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Reusz Jun 9 '18, 09:44AM
Sorry if this posted 2 times

Its just a sad Tibian story. Sadly enough it happens very often to a lot of people i think XD

Im having trouble posting the video here as well so here is the link:



Story says she was one of a kind A silent druid no one would mind But this might knight came along To the city of Venore where she belong Two ways merged into one Who would've known it would turn around Beside him she felt complete Oh, their magic was so sweet His sword lying on the ground Her hands pressure on his wound Exura sio, casted in tears His hands on her cheeks, the drops he clears He whispers with his last breath His hand falling through her hair Her shouts screaming in pain Her mana, almost completely drained Stroy says she was one of a kind A silent druid no one would mind He now wonders alone With a memory of her soul Her life taken away with a spell Her love blown into a frozen hell To protect her man she gave her life Lovely memory, with love: your wife.

Character: Reusz Salvat

World: Wintera

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Ichibanohime Jun 9 '18, 05:29PM

EDIT: It seems embedding doesn't work so here is a link: https://youtu.be/Eif0xo7ViOQ

: I misread, video wasn't necessary, Oh Well!

My webcam is reeeally bad xD But video was required. If you wonder how I did all this, I've been making music for over ten years :-) If you want more proof that it's me singing you're welcome to my soundcloud and give me some listens to my statistics (I wont advertise it here)! 


The Question

Interlude 1

Welcome to a land of darkness and chaos

Where ruthless demons conspire to kill us

Dragons may not put up that much of a fight

But The Seven will surely extinguish your light

Part 1

Your soul was brought from another plane

By Uman on Banors pleas

So choose a vocation and take up arms

Defend our lands and seas

For long we've held our walls and streets

From orc and dragons grasp

And with your sword we'll  stand a chance

To make our ruling last

Part 2

Bring your potions

Wands and rods

Roam with me and fight them off

Find the demons secret lair

We'll never be unprepared

Part 3

We ride at dawn so bring supplies

To win this war, we give our lives

The day has come, we've waited for

A demon dead beneth my sword

So fetch your mounts, imbue your gear

Don't take so long, we don't have all year

What is this pain? I'm feeling cold

As sudden death, release my soul

Interlude 2

You thought demons were bad, no, they're not that much of an issue

Out there are people, just dying to kill you

To meet your end in Thais is no that uncommon

Trapped in the magic shop facing sds and summons

Part 4

A twist of fate: I've been betrayed

By brothers who had my back

As Solitude now Embrace my mind

Revenge is my only act

Like a Phoenix I'll rise and face the dawn

As Suns they start to rise

I still have friends prepared to fight

The traitors and their kind, so

Part 5

Bring your potions

Wands and rods

Paralyze them, running off

We're the kings of PvP

Exiva! They'll never flee

Part 6

We used to have a goal in mind

To fight our war, on demonkind

But I can't see no peace in sight

At every turn, another fight

I wonder what the gods will say

When at their feet we stand one day

Will thy forgive or smite our souls?

Or was our war, your secret goal?

tiagos Jun 10 '18, 12:02AM

Character: Gilgamach

World: Gentebra

My love, my life, my sweet angel

Through the northern seas I navigated and the rope of my bow swung

In the thick forests I slipped and dangers found

But I never lost the vigor of the flame that was in me

And the challenges overcome to be here today

Sandstorms in the desert hit me

But my faith that guided me helped me to go on

The journey is long but the rewards are eternal

I'm going to finish my mission and return to her arms

My love, my life, my sweet angel.


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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jun 10 '18, 09:39AM
The contest closed at june 9 23:59 CEST everyone later then that i am sorry it wont be judged!

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