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Feb 18, 06:30AM
Maybe today maybe tomorrow it depends f i got all votes today
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Feb 17, 02:18PM
when tibia got talent results?
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Feb 16, 07:18AM
Its rlly hard to just chose 3 but i got mine!
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A new contest coming soon...

Check it out on forum

The Incredible Adventures of Easter Bunny on Tibia | Forum

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Umbra Mar 29 '18, 08:54AM

Hello fellow tibians!

The time run fast and Easter is now knocking at our door and Tibia Events couldn't forget this special (and delicious) date!

We all know Santa Claus comes to Tibia during Christmas, but the Easter Bunny is a little bit shy. He leaves surprise nests all over, we we never heard his story... Not until now! Tibia Events invite you to write a short story telling more about The Incredible Adventures of Easter Bunny on Tibia, but not only that! To ilustrate your story, you must create a statue in memory of this ilustruous figure! Join us on this jorney and you may be fairly rewarded!


- Your post must contain your character name and world at the top of your post on this topic.- If you don’t comply with all the rules, you will be disqualified without notice.- Multiple accounts are not allowed.- Plagiarism is prohibited.- The contest start Mar 29 2018,10:30 CEST and will end on April 12 2018,23:59 CEST.

- The contest has 2 different parts: a story and a statue. For your entry to be accepted, you must complete both tasks. The prizes will be given to the participant that makes the best job with the two parts togheter.

The Story:

- You must write a short story telling about the life of the Easter Bunny on Tibia. It's important to note that your story must unite the Easter Lore with the Tibian Lore.

- Your story must contain at maximun 300 words. Longer stories will be disqualified.

The statue:

- You must create a statue as a tribute for the Bunny of your story. The statue must be related with what you tell.

- You can use any materials to craft your artwork, such as recyclable materials, modeling clay, wood, etc.

- You must send at least 3 pictures of the creations processes and 1 final image, showing the final results of your work. 

- Every picture must contain the same paper with this frase: The Incredible Adventures of Easter Bunny with Tibia Events 2018". The frase must be visible and writen by hand. Printed papers will be disqualified.

- Drawings and computer generated images won't be accepted.

- Edited pictures won't be accepted. 

Now let's go to the good part: The Prizes!

1st Place: golden trophy of excellence + royal medal + memory box 2nd Place: silver trophy of excellence + hero's medal + carrot on a stick 3rd Place: bronze trophy of excellence + badge of glory + frozen starlight

Happy Easter!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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carlsmagno Apr 2 '18, 03:24AM
I have some questions. I'm wondering if maybe I could add footnotes to the pictures of the process while making the statue, and if yes, if they will not count on the total 300 words of the story. Thank you.
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Salcos Apr 3 '18, 03:58AM

Quote from carlsmagno I have some questions. I'm wondering if maybe I could add footnotes to the pictures of the process while making the statue, and if yes, if they will not count on the total 300 words of the story. Thank you.

Hello, Carlsmagno. Yes, you can add a footnote and it won't count on the 300 words of the story. But keep in mind the other rules, printed pappers will not be accepted and you must always show us the phrase on a paper

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LillTuppen Apr 10 '18, 12:33AM
Where do I post my story and statue?

EDIT: Also, where/how do I post the photos? via imgur or directly here? Becuase it says 'you have to _send_' not post.


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carlsmagno Apr 10 '18, 01:07AM

Character: Sorceins 

World: Gentebra

Hello ya'll, here's my bunny tale:

This isn't a story like any other. It isn't a tale of famous adventures like pirates attacking the shores of Liberty Bay, or evil creatures, summoned from hell, plaguing the mortal lands near the city of Edron. This tale is known only by some elderly Fae. It begins in the grassy shores of Feyrist. A place which fills the nostrils with such a tranquil and peaceful aroma, it’s almost magic. Some say the land originated from mortals’ pleasant dreams. At this place, for years and years, a bunny met with his beloved Princess Pooka, the daughter of the Fae Queen. The bunny wanted to present his ladylove with riches every day. Alas, he was not wealthy. He could not give her jewels or fine clothing, so he decided to give her eggs, but not ordinary eggs. He painted and adorned them, and each night, left the eggs in the blossom bag Pooka had given him.

The Feyrist Peninsula would not stay at peace for long. Unfortunately, the same can be said of Pooka and the bunny’s love. Feyrist was bordered by Roshamuul, where many evil beasts, such as Frazzlemaws and Silencers, call home. Roshamuul chose to attack, shattering the magical barrier which protected Feyrist. The queen ordered every Fae to flee so they might survive. The beloveds were separated. The bunny searched all of Tibia, seeking the Princess Pooka. He asked in every city, hoping for some news of where his princess might be. Many said they had seen the princess in different places all over Tibia. So the bunny made an oath, which he still honors to this day. Each year he searches the land of Tibia, carrying his blossom bag, leaving his adorned eggs in hopes that he might someday find his beloved again.

And here's the statue making process:

Making the paper clay: Toilet paper and a mixture of joint compound, mineral oil, white flour, cornstarch and glue

Adding soaked toilet paper to the mixture

Paper clay done

Shapping the rabbit

Painting the grass

Coloring the eggs

Coloring the bunny

Materials for the blossom bag making

The final statue: A bunny carrying a blossom bag with adorned eggs

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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Apr 10 '18, 02:15AM
Hello LillTuppen!

Thanks for your question. You have to post your submission here, in this thread.

To add a picture you can simply click in the "Insert Image" button (the one with a photographic camera on it), choose your file in your computer directory, click on "Upload" and finally click on "Insert into post".
Note that the file must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format with maximum 2.5mb size.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Quote from LillTuppen Where do I post my story and statue?

EDIT: Also, where/how do I post the photos? via imgur or directly here? Becuase it says 'you have to _send_' not post.


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LillTuppen Apr 10 '18, 03:01AM
Character: Dojorosv
World: Fidera


The Easter Bunny

Since the beginning of time, the elder gods Uman the Wise and Fardos the Creator tirelessly worked to create something extraordinary, and their efforts finally bore fruit as Tibiasula came to life at their hands. Tibiasula was the most innocent and pure being that would ever exist. She assisted the elder gods in their task of creating life.  While they were at the hands of creation, Uman’s second half, Zanroth, plotted and succeeded with murdering Tibiasula, who had been filled with vain. Because Tibiasula’s divine soul was at risk of being lost forever, Uman and Fardos decided to put her into the column of time. Uman was devastated by the loss of his ultimate creation, but decided to cherish her divine memory by creating a magical entity that had the same innocence and purity as Tibiasula once had, and share it with the Humans on the world of Tibia. And in the process, it seemed that he even combined a piece of her soul with the creation. That magical entity was called ‘Easter Bunny’.

You can never be sure if it’s the Easter Bunny you see until it’s on its hindlegs showing its stomach, displaying the letter ‘t’, showing its relation to Tibiasula.  The Easter Bunny’s task is to evaluate children in their behaviour around Tibia. It decidedly went around to children to create joy, mainly by bringing gifts if they’ve been good. The Easter Bunny put great effort into finding out who’s best suited for its presents. Although, there’s several different presents, one has yet never been given out, the sparkly golden egg. He holds the egg close to his chest at all times, not because of its value in gold but because it’s the closest thing Humans will ever get to Tibiasula.

Progress and pictures

1 Forming a big round ball with the paperclay that I bought.


§2 He's gotten a proper body, some feet and a flopped ear.

§3  He's got both ears, some paws and an egg.

§4 He's being painted. He doesnt like being painted.

§5.1 He's showing his belly so y'all can see that wonderful 't'. He's also spending some time with the carrot gang.

§5.2 Final image(s) 1/2. He's fully painted. He's even got that golden egg that he holds. 


I had lots of fun. I didn't really know what I was doing at all, since I've never done this before. Probably took me about 15 hours total with research of some lore etc. I dedicate this statue to my late bunny Molly. She would have licked it once and then torn it into million pieces. <3
Thanks to Krisph (Fidera) for supporting me and telling me about this contest. The guy is a living legend. 

EDIT: Got some weird issues when posting the first time.

The Forum post is edited by LillTuppen Apr 10 '18, 03:08AM
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LillTuppen Apr 10 '18, 10:54PM

I forgot to add some images. At least one final image and possibly some during the creation process, is it okay if I edit them in my post or is that against the rules?
Obviously, with the note included.
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Didi Apr 11 '18, 04:48AM
Char: Didi Hadid

World: Zanera


It was a beautiful night in April, the sky was clear, full of stars. Ms. Petunia - the Easter Bunny - was getting ready to deliver chocolate eggs to all the good kids in Tibia as she used to do every Easter.She always delivered the eggs as fast as possible so the kids wouldn't find out where they came from, keeping that Easter magic feeling alive. It was easy for her, Ms. Petunia was the fastest bunny in Tibia.Everything was going as planned, she passed through Thais' gates, all the way to Fibula and even the cold Svargrond lands. When she was almost finishing the deliveries in Venore she saw a boy, she remembered him from past years because he seemed so curious and special, but she managed to never get caught by him, she was very wise and fast indeed. But not this time, as the boy grew up his curiosity also grew and he managed to see a glimpse of Ms. Petunia! She started running as fast as she could, but the boy now had a spell that made him faster, he kept casting the spell running after her. She then realized the boy would not stop until his curiosity was satistfied and there was nothing wrong with that, he just wanted to understand the meaning of what she was doing, the meaning of Easter!So Ms. Petunia headed to Femor Hills, on the top of the highest mountain, where the sun shines last before dusk, behind a flower bush, there was the most precious thing in life, her seven baby bunnies, the seven lives she had created. The boy was in awe to see the beautiful scene, he then just smiled to Ms. Petunia and went home to celebrate Easter and life with his family. 


1. Materials

2. Head made with Styrofoam and modeling clay

3. Ears ready, building the body structure

4. Making the fluffy paws, belly made with super light clay

5. Giving Ms. Petunia a coat of white fur

6. Head ready, body ready!

7. Final Image: Ms. Petunia with her 7 baby bunnies and chocolate eggs

Hope you like it, I really enjoyed giving life to this story!

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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Apr 11 '18, 05:21PM

Hello LillTuppen!

Yes, you can edit your post until the deadline.



Quote from LillTuppen Hey! 

I forgot to add some images. At least one final image and possibly some during the creation process, is it okay if I edit them in my post or is that against the rules?
Obviously, with the note included.

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Kielins Apr 11 '18, 11:30PM

Character: Telia Rise

World: Laudera (Lobera)


Light rays flooded that burrow on the outskirts of Thais, announcing the arrival of the day expected by our friend Easter Bunny, his favorite day throughout the year, that Sunday morning he woke up, he knew it would be a wonderful day, the one who smiled and would bring sweetness to the Tibians, as every year he ran to his favorite place, the easter egg factory "TibiaEventsFactory", where the most delicious, colorful eggs of the entire Tibian continent were created, and began his day, creating and hiding in all the cities from yalahar, to the kazordoon mines, because no corner of tibia would be left without tasting these wonders, with his bag full of eggs hiding each of them in mysterious places so that the Tibians had a magical quest, but not all was happiness, that day always appeared an ogre who lived in the lands of orc fortress, he hated festivities, and tried to ruin them, destroying everything, homes took refuge fearing his arrival, but Easter Bunny was not afraid because he knew that in that bitter heart there was love and would do everything to reach him, Easter call all homes to unite the community and give the ogre an unforgettable day where he felt loved, and so the whole community with the help of our little friend held a banquet where the main guest was the ogre, when he arrived at the place, all the tibians jumped for joy and began to sing, the ogre could not believe it, and cried with joy, grateful for that beautiful gift, and there began the journey, the whole community, looking for those Easter eggs that Easter Bunny hid, and like none that The day was wonderful and our rabbit friend took a great smile and happiness to his burrow.>>

Creation Process:





I hope you like it, I enjoy it very much <3

thanks TibiaEvents

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Evandro29 Apr 12 '18, 01:33AM

Character: Evandro da Roberta

World: Unitera


With the coming of spring, the Gods will see the need for an amusing creature to be created, so it would end that sadness left by winter. From this thought came the Easter Bunny, bringing the hope of resurrecting the spirit of rebirth after such a rigorous winter. The Easter Bunny created with the intention of amusing everyone, was seen quickly. With its speed and harmony began to hide chocolate eggs and some surprises nests throughout the continent, causing the tribes to leave their lands in search of what the Rabbit hid so these tribes would share the spirit of rebirth along with the arrival of spring. The Gods have realized that their creation has brought diversion to the entire continent, even to lands where winter persists all year long. The choice of the Rabbit represented the will of the Gods in wanting luck to always start over. Everyone would know that even though winter brings sadness, the Easter Bunny would soon arrive with spring bringing all its harmony and its surprised nests, thus bringing alliances and celebrations among the tribes. The Gods will never reveal why the Easter Bunny is always seen, but never caught. From this came the legend that whoever can get the Easter Bunny until the end of spring would face the winter wisely.


1- Materials of the Easter Bunny
2- Materials of surprise nest
3- head process
4- Finishing head
5- torso and foot process
6- surprise nest process

7- Final
I hope you like it. Thanks TibiaEvents!

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chizoruu Apr 12 '18, 12:33PM
Character Name: Juels

World: Pacera

Here is my submission:

The short story...

A long time ago, the Easter Bunny embarked on a journey to surprise all Tibians with gifts hidden throughout the lands…

All had gone well, until he ventured to the distant island of Folda. When he arrived there, a blizzard had engulfed the entire island. The Easter Bunny tried teleporting away, but the storm rendered his magical powers ineffective. As he stumbled through the deep snow, the Easter Bunny began to lose hope that he would survive the night. Through the thick haze, however, giant furry hands reached out and picked him up. The Easter Bunny fainted.

When the Easter Bunny awoke, he found himself in a cave, with a family of Yetis. The Easter Bunny asked them why they did not eat him and they told him that they do not eat animals. One of them said that he was lucky to find them because they rarely leave their home, only to emerge when they run out of fish, or when they make their yearly trip to Chyllfroest to trade with the Chakoyas.

By the time the storm had passed, it was a mere hours before Easter would begin. The Easter Bunny told the Yetis of this news, and they agreed to help him deliver the gifts. He passed on his cloaking and teleportation abilities to them and they began the task. By the time Easter had begun, the whole Tibian world was filled with surprises for lucky adventurers. As a reward for their wonderful hospitality and helpful efforts, The Easter Bunny conjured a pair of Bunnyslippers for each of the Yetis to keep their bare feet warm in the snow whenever they chose to emerge from their slumbers. The Yetis thanked The Easter Bunny and wished him well in future adventures.

Onto the Statue...

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Yosoyj Apr 12 '18, 04:29PM
Character: Yojosy

World: Luminera


For a long time, it was only a legend... But in recent years, adventurers who considered its existence began to look for him in the great regions of Feyrist. It was known to be a fluffy white animal, bearer of eggs that many desire.

In the middle of the flowered bushes, several eggs were found, which itself finds a way to get them.

It was suspected that it only guarded them. But brave warriors reported that at one time, after strenuous battles against mounstruous creatures, a gift was received.

The sweet animal just aiming to share his eggs as a gift to celebrate the season.

Happy Easter! Enjoy your family, your battles and your eggs! 



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Mythinka Apr 12 '18, 06:52PM
Myth Mine 



Trixie, The Easter Bunny, from the beginning of her life loved Christmas Eve. She was so damn happy when she saw kids getting Christmas gifts for being kind for whole year. However, Trixie wanted to do something, so people would celebrate Easter at the same level as Christmas Eve and that Eastern would be important time of their life. She decided to visit all Tibia houses during Eastern and give to people small gifts. Except that, Trixie invented an Eastern Contest. She had hidden a lot of Easter eggs in the whole Tibia land. The one, who found the most eggs, won the contest. The reward was the Silver Easter Egg which was made of the rarest silver from Venore. 

From that time people started to celebrate Easter as unique as Christmas Eve. Especially the contest, which became the most popular contest in Tibia. Everyone participated in such contest to get this special reward.

Final :

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MAXPOWER Apr 12 '18, 09:38PM


The Easter Bunny is a talented painting artist from the old days, who responding to the call of nature, has created a gift for all those who want to join to the celebration of Spring into Life.

Using his talent has created a symbolic gift.

Every year, hidden in various cities, our artis hide small and colourful chocolate eggs, painted and decored by him self.

It said that he decided this festivity, a day when he was painting a portrait of Santa. Was he who proposed that he take a festivity to show his art. And with the pass of th years the people knows like the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny spends his days in his painting workshop, inside an unknow forest, designing. In his last interview this elusive friend told us:

"I am currently preparing new surprises that you will love.And remember, it's not just chocolat eggs, it's an artistic celebration of nature."
Statue:Name: "THE WAY OF THE ARTIST". (Based on the history of "The incredible adventures of Easter Bunny with Tibia Events 2018").

Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 15 cms.

Material: Plaster over newspaper.

I was enjoy make it, i hope that enjoy to .


Char: Numeroo Seiss

Server: Celesta

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Violetissime Apr 12 '18, 11:54PM
Character: Violetissime

World: Harmonia


The Easter Jewels

In the city of Carlin, it was common amongst children to leave gifts to the Easter Bunny.

Rowenna's daughter, Lily, just loved the Easter Bunny! She read many stories, and in one of them, she read that he loved jewels.Each year, she spent her allowance buying him gemstones. Except for this year, Rowenna's shop wasn't doing well, so Lily's allowance was cut, hence she could not buy any gems. She was sad about this and wanted to apologize to the Easter Bunny.

One day, her last milk tooth fell, so Lily thought this was her chance: she left a note to the tooth fairy saying that she wanted to meet the Easter Bunny, and then when to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up as she heard her name.

- Lily...

It was the Easter Bunny! She felt very happy but then started crying:

- I wanted to apologize. I always try to gift you with nice jewels, but this year I couldn't...

The Easter Bunny smiled and replied:

- Dear Lily, the stories are wrong. The gems children give me, I just donate them. The ones I need are magical, and I get a type of gem depending on what children do

~ blue when they study

~ orange when they play

~ purple when they imagine

~ green when they care about nature

~ and red when they love their family.

- And when they remember me, I get a heart gemstone.

He smiled.Those magical gems are the ones I need to make all the chocolate eggs and gifts and to deliver them on time. Keep on doing what you do, Lily, and don't worry about jewels!

As the bunny left, Lily cheered up and felt happy again, and run to her parents to give them a big hug.

Creation process

These plants need replanting when it's cold, so as you can see the stems were already dried, I have separated them from the plant for the picture, and then they are going to be replanted

The initial setup to be used! Mainly modelling clay, acrylic paint, some shiny jewels, pine bark, and plants

The body is made with basic shapes! Then it is about patience and indenting...

Painting time!

Preparing the scenario...

Almost ready!

Final result:

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Umbra Apr 13 '18, 07:32AM
The contest ended! Goodluck to all participants,stay tuned!
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Feb 18, 06:30AM
Maybe today maybe tomorrow it depends f i got all votes today
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Feb 17, 02:18PM
when tibia got talent results?
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Feb 16, 07:18AM
Its rlly hard to just chose 3 but i got mine!
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