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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Feb 14, 10:27AM

Love is in the air, and we from TibiaEvents feel it too!!!

We all love to have someone special with us during this month, and last year we wanted you to woo us since we all know you are special people, and we love everything you do to us.

But not everything was good, because we also received letters from your boyfriends/girlfriends complaining that you did not spent the day with them...

So this year we want to amend this little problem we may have caused in your relationships by giving you the opportunity to spend the day together!

It's very simple, show us in a small comic strip using screenshots what you’re going to do with your date during this special day, and also what special words you would like to say to repair the fact you did not spend last year's Valentine's Day with them.

We cannot wait to see how you treat the special one you really love!!!


- The minimum amount of screenshots must be 3 with a maximum of 8 screenshots. 

- You must use real Tibia locations as scenarios. 

- You can use small texts in your screenshots to show dialogs and explain your story. The maximum number of words for each screenshot is 50. 

- You can decorate the place where you will be, but keep in mind that it should be supporting your story, as background, not only to show off some nice items.

- It's allowed to edit the pictures, so you can add text, frame, etc. But the story must be told with screenshots.

- Your post must contain your character name and world at the beginning of your submission on this topic.

- Somewhere in your story you must mention Tibia Events. Follow the contest theme.

- If you don’t follow ALL the rules, you will be disqualified without notice.

- Multiple accounts are not allowed.

- Multiple submissions are allowed, but each of them must be submitted individually. Note that only one prize per person can be won.

- Multiple submissions on alternate accounts or characters will be disqualified and all your prizes forfeit.

- Plagiarism is prohibited.

Now, the best part: the prizes!

1st place: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Memory Box + Sweetheart Ring

2nd place: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Elven Trophy + Sweetheart Ring

3rd place: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + rune emblem of choice + Sweetheart Ring

The Contest starts today Feb 14 10:30 Cet. and ends on Feb 28 23:59 Cet.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

- Your TibiaEvents Team!


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