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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jan 17 '18, 07:41PM
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Contest winners

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robertaf Jan 17 '18, 08:57PM
Contest 3 - Birthday Menu
3rd place
Character: Roberta do Evandro
World: Unitera
Prize: Badge of glory + rat god doll
Yosoyj Jan 17 '18, 09:07PM
Contest 3 - Birthday Menu

2nd Place

Character: Yojosy

World: Luminera/>re">

Prize: Hero's medal and panda bear.

DayVega Jan 17 '18, 09:15PM

Rly Thanks! <3

Contest 1 - The great Invite!

1st Place 

Character: Aleex Camisadez

World: Laudera

Prize: Golden Warrior Trophy + Memory Box + Soul Stone

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Mythinka Jan 17 '18, 09:16PM
Thank U so much guys ( great b'day gift )

Contest 4 Flags and Banners Craft 

1st place - Golden prison key + Epaminondas Doll + Snake God trophy

Contest 1 The great Invite 

3rd place - Bronze warrior trophy + Golden Rune Emblem (Energy Bomb) + the remaining item

Character : 

Myth Mine


Congratulations to all winners

magdao Jan 17 '18, 09:18PM
Thank You so much <3 <3 <3 

Contest 3 - Birthday Menu

1st Place

Character: Vussia

World: Secura

Prize:  Royal medal + memory box

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Kielins Jan 17 '18, 09:27PM
Thanks!!! s2

Contest 4 - Flags and BAnner

3rd Place

Character : Telia Rise

World: Laudera

Prize: bronze prison key + Elven Trophy

Dedekinha Jan 17 '18, 11:46PM

Contest 2 Screenshot of a Birthday Place to Eventholder

3rd place:
Points: 1 + 3 + 1 + 3 +1= 9
Character: Dedeka Sapeca
World: Justera
Prize: bronze trophy of excellence + 3 bast skirts

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Ailery Jan 18 '18, 09:15AM
Thanks guys...

Contest 2 Screenshot of a Birthday Place to Eventholder
2nd place:

Character: Ailery Frezh
World: Silvera
Prize: silver trophy of excellence + 3 bast skirts + teddy bear

Shadek Jan 18 '18, 10:01AM
Contest 2 Screenshot of a Birthday Place to Eventholder
1st place:
Points: 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 3= 26
Character: Shadek
World: Shivera
Prize: golden trophy of excellence + 3 bast skirts + memory box

Thanks guys

maka Jan 18 '18, 11:54AM
Thanks for appreciate my work!

Contest 4
2nd place:
Character: Makadamia
World: Guardia
Price: Silver Prison Key, Demon Trophy
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Flafex Jan 23 '18, 01:19AM
Congratulation all of you guys 
Missing just the second place in the contest 1?
Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jan 23 '18, 08:17AM

Quote from Flafex Congratulation all of you guys 
Missing just the second place in the contest 1?
Yes,yours could u please pick your prizes! :-) others are waiting

Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jan 24 '18, 09:07AM
@Flafex i need your choice's today or else it will be random given
Flafex Jan 25 '18, 01:16AM

Hi sorry  I didnt see where was my name as winner

Contest 1 - The great Invite!

1st Place 

Character: Conde Sinatra

World: Luminera

2nd Place: Silver warrior trophy + Dragon claw + radom embleme
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