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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Dec 20 '17, 10:48AM

With all the events in head our little EventHolder has forget about the banquet for the party!

Could you help him with the most important part of it: The Cake? Do you have something in mind? Send here your proposes!

Grab you aprons and cooking materials, because we are about to leave the dungeons to enter in a whole new adventure. Because who doesn't love cake?

We want our Bithday Cake!


- The Birthday Cake must be real. You can use absolutely anything to cook, bake and decorate, as long as it’s edible! In other words, you may not use materials that can’t be eaten. Everything must be edible.
- The use of decorations created or printed on computer will not be accepted. Everything must be hand made.

Your submition must contain a total of 4 photos. (at least 3 of the process and 1 final photo of the cake).
- All photos must contain a visible paper written “Happy Birthday TibiaEvents – 2017”. Note: you need to write by hand. You can't print and the paper must be the same in all photos. So, take care of your paper.
- You can’t edit your photo. (can’t use paint, photoshop or anything else).
- Your post must contain your character name and world.
- Multiple submissions are allowed, but each Birthday Cake must be submitted individually. Note that only one prize per person can be won.
- You can’t plagiarize any other work.
- If you don’t comply with all the rules, you will be disqualified without notice.


1st place prize: Royal medal + memory box
2nd place prize: Hero's medal + panda bear

3rd place prize: Badge of glory + rat god doll

This event will start Dec 20, 2017 - 11:00 CET and end Jan 8, 2018 - 23:59 CET.

Mihiron Jan 8, 01:27AM


I prepare for the Tibia Event Birthday this Carrot cake with two floors of "Dulce de Leche"Now I'm too hungry to wait till the party, but I will do my max to resist. See you guys at the party, and Happy Birthday again TibiaEvents!!Hugs

Yosoyj Jan 8, 03:23AM
Character: Yojosy

World: Luminera

I made this vanilla cake for TibiaEvents! It was really fun to cook and decorate this! 

Munch, munch, munch!



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magdao Jan 8, 04:31PM
Character: Vussia

World: Secura

sugar paste + food coloring

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robertaf Jan 8, 06:53PM
Character: Roberta do Evandro

World: Unitera

Belgian cake with truffled mousse worked in american binder and whipped cream <3

Dacil Senator
Dacil Jan 9, 12:04AM

We would like to give the thanks to everyone that have participated! We hope that you have enjoyed it aswell!
The winner places will be announcement as soon as possible, stay tuned!
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