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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Dec 18 '17, 09:24AM

The great day is coming! Finally, Tibia Events is turning 5, so we must plan a big party! 

First of all, we must create a super hiper cool Invite Card, to cheer up everyone to join the comemorations! 

Unfortunatly, our friend Eventholder can't do it alone... But maybe, you can offer him a hand!

What do you have to do?

You must create a Real Life Invitation Card to Tibia Events' Birthday Party. Use your habilities to make a nice card inviting people all over Tibia to celebrate with us!


- You must create an invitation card in Real Life, inviting people to come to our party. Remember, its an invitation card, not a congratulating card.

- Your card must be crafted in real life! Computer generated entries will be disqualified.

- You can use materials such as paper, fabric, plastic, glitter and everything else you think would make a pretty card. Be creative!

- In brief words, you must write in your card a small poem or text about our Aniversary, telling people why our party will be so much fun.

- Somewhere in your card, you must mention the Tibia Events' 5th Birthday!

- You must post at least 4 pictures of your card in our forum, being 3 pictures of the creation process and a final picture. You can add extra pictures if needed.

- You must also choose a location in Tibia where the party will happen. The date it will happen is December 18.

- Your post must contain your character name and world at the top of your post on this topic.

- The contest will start (DATE HERE) and end (DATE HERE).


1st Place: Golden warrior trophy + memory box + Soul Stone, Dragon Claw or Nose 
Ring (winner must choose one between Soul stone,Dragon claw or Nose Ring.)
2nd Place: Silver warrior trophy + one of the remaining items + rune embleme of 
3rd Place: Bronze warrior trophy +  the remaining item + rune embleme of choice

The contest starts today Dec 18th 2017 - 10:00 Cet and ends on Jan 8, 2018 - 23:59 Cet.

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Flafex Dec 19 '17, 01:41PM
At least the text can be written on the computer? A orthographic error and I will  lose my artwork ;/

Yosoyj Dec 19 '17, 04:09PM
Can I send more than 1 entry?
Salcos Event
Salcos Dec 19 '17, 04:27PM

Quote from user_2067 At least the text can be written on the computer? A orthographic error and I will  lose my artwork ;/

Hello. I'm afraid that you cannot use a text written on the computer. You must write it by yourself. We do not judge orthograpy, but if you want to be sure about it, you can always check the words on dictionary or internet before you write them.

Quote from Yosoyj Can I send more than 1 entry?

Hi, Yosoyj. Sure you can send more than 1 entry, but just one will be chosen in case you win. 
Mihiron Dec 22 '17, 05:06AM
the invitation cards must be sended as a reply of this post or do I post on another topic (I didnt find any)?
Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Dec 22 '17, 07:53AM

Quote from Mihiron the invitation cards must be sended as a reply of this post or do I post on another topic (I didnt find any)?
The Entries must be posted in here :-)

Dedekinha Dec 25 '17, 02:08AM
Tive a iniciativa de ser o primeiro participante, não sei falar inglês ou escrever, mas o que você gosta.

char: Dedeka Sapeca

mundo: Justera

Evandro29 Jan 6, 05:18PM
I can participate in how many contests with the same account? Thanks
Dacil Senator
Dacil Jan 6, 07:16PM

Quote from Evandro29 I can participate in how many contests with the same account? Thanks

On all
DayVega Jan 7, 10:53AM

My Invitation Card! Happy Anniversary

Character: Aleex Camisadez

World: Laudera


Mythinka Jan 7, 11:27AM
Hello here is my invitation card

Happy B'day  

Myth Mine


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magdao Jan 7, 07:22PM

Happy Birthday   

 Character: Vussia

 World: Secura

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Yosoyj Jan 8, 03:08AM
Character: Yojosy

World: Luminera

It was a great time! Really fun participating of this event! Thank you so much, TibiaEvents! I enjoy all missions! 

Best regards! 

Blush Jan 8, 12:56PM
Character: Blush
World: Luminera

Hope you like it. Happy birth.
beatrizc Jan 8, 09:26PM



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Flafex Jan 8, 11:08PM
Hi Guys, this is my art, was a fun project to work (: good luck everybody 

Conde Sinatra


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Dacil Senator
Dacil Jan 9, 12:04AM

We would like to give the thanks to everyone that have participated! We hope that you have enjoyed it aswell!
The winner places will be announcement as soon as possible, stay tuned!
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