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Flafex Sep 18 '17, 11:51PM
Character: Conde Sinatra
World: Luminera

Hi, my item is Demon Oak soul Amulet, this is an extremely rare loot from Orshabaal, it will provide to your character Arm +3 and protection against Demon +5%,  which means that any damage that comes from a Demon creature you will be protected 5% (can be physical, spell or summons doesn't matter).The Amulet has a beautiful and shiny Ruby in the middle which provides a soft red light, I made the pendant quit big to give emphasis in the details to make this Item not just useful for hunt Demons but to stay nice as a decoration too, I got inspired by a demon shield, and the Ruby in the middle represent a Soul of Orshabaal which has this unique power that protects you against Demons.

You see a Demon Oak soul Amulet (protection against Demons +5%).It can only be wielded properly by players of level 150 or higher.It weighs 7.00 oz.It engulfs your soul in Demon flames - fire against fire

 Why Demon Oak soul Amulet is the best?Because it has a unique design and sort of protection, which will encourage people to kill 6666 Demons (Demon task) plus Arm +3 that is quite helpful, and not just that it is a beautiful item to use as decoration.

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Beix_A Sep 18 '17, 11:55PM
Character Name: Bea Charlover Aca

World: Mortera


You see a Vampirism Amulet (Life Drain Protection) that has 200 charges left. It can only be wielded properly by players of level 150 or higher. It weighs 20.5 oz.

It has 200 charges, when they all are gone the amulet dissappears.

Physical description: 

Similar to the amulet of lost, if has a big red gem in the middle representing the blood. The chain has 4 vampire teeth.


You can buy this amulet at the NPC Julius after completing 'Blood Brothers Quest'

You can trade this item on market.

Dropped by: 

This item is not dropped by any creature in Tibia.

Why this item should win?

It would would be realy useful if you like to hunt places where the life drain is a real problem. Running Roshamuul would never be so funny.

Beix_A Sep 19 '17, 12:01AM
Character Name: Bea Charlover Aca

World: Mortera


You see an Ring of the Hidden (Anti-exiva) that is brand-new. It weighs 5 oz.

It lasts for 90 seconds while wearing, after that time the ring dissapears.

While wearing no player will be able to find you using exiva spell.

Physical description: 

It is a basic gold ring, with a representation of the cardinal points in the middle.


You can not buy this item in any NPC.

You can trade this item on market.

You can't sell this item to any NPC

Dropped by: 

Ferumbras mortal shell

Why this item should win? 

Cipsoft was wondering in deleting the exiva spell. This ring would fix tat problem.

Dacil Senator
Dacil Sep 19 '17, 12:04AM

We would like to give the thanks to everyone that have participated! We hope that you have enjoyed it aswell!
The winner places will be announcement next Monday, stay tuned!

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