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No contest running atm. ...

Check it out on forum

Ring craft contest | Forum

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DonLeonel Sep 14 '17, 08:51PM
Character: Don Leonel

World: Olympa

Description: You see an udjat ring (hard paralysis) that has 5 charges left.

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 80 or higher.

It weighs 1.20 oz.

How it works: When using the ring, any attack of paralysis received by the player will be canceled by the ring, thus reducing a point in its remaining charge. In PVP worlds when being attacked by another player with a Paralyse Rune, there is a 30% chance of the attack being successful by breaking the ring (regardless of its remaining charge) and leaving the target paralyzed.

How to get: 

Loot: Mummy (Very Rare), Rahemos (Rare), Dipthrah (Rare), Ashmunrah (Rare), Horestis (Commom), Mahatheb (Always).

Quest: Can be found in a box on the last floor of the Forgotten Tomb in Edron.

Why my item is the best:

Like the dwarven ring, this ring would be quite useful in some specific situations where the player needs to run. In PVP worlds this ring would allow a more dynamic PVP, allowing the target to escape from its pursuers if it were lucky the ring did not break.

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CSBryant Sep 14 '17, 11:54PM



 You see Ring of teleportation;  it weighs 5.00 oz

This ring will teleport you to the nearest protection zone.  It  can only be used when player does not have battle lock, and is not in a era that is log out protected. Can only be used by players level 150 or higher;  by premium players and only once every thirty days.  Take care do not equip ring until you are ready to use it, once used it 

disappears .

Ring is made of precious  ore only found in the volcano of Goroma. It is 

adorned with three stones ; red for the fire of a fighter, blue for the 

spirit of the hunt, purple for the soul of the hunted.

This ring is a extremely rear drop from random creature boss, or as an

 added reward from events .

I Believe this ring should win because it will be an extreme value to players.

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Shawtay Sep 15 '17, 03:05AM
Shawtay, Pacera
"Necklace of Ammunition"

Back story on the necklace:
You see a Necklace of Ammunition.
It weighs 12.00 oz.
With the power of ammunition, it grants you +2 distance fighting for 20 minutes.

Made up of arrows and bolts this necklace is prized among the royals. The King will actually let you purchase this fine piece for a fair price of 10k each. But you must be a Royal Paladin, and you must show him your worthy of wearing the Necklace of Ammunition. He begins to tell you a story of how his father wore a necklace similar and how he hopes you can put it to good use. He gathers a couple of simple tasks for you to do around his castle, and off you go with your new accessory. You begin a hunt like no other, but all of a sudden your power leaves your neck and you realize you should buy more for next time.

Why it's the best:
I think my creation is the best because Paladins don't have a necklace that increases their distance yet. My piece also combines actual ammunition from Tibia and I find that to be very creative and game-related.

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faiky Senator
faiky Sep 15 '17, 04:04AM

Hello, guys!

Just wondering...About "DonLeonel" entry, just type "ring horus" on google and you will find it:




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DonLeonel Sep 15 '17, 04:21AM


You must provide pictures, drawings, or a real-life crafted item, and the TibiaEvents' logo must be in the pictures, the drawings or whatever you use. (Holding a piece of paper with our logo beside your item works very well).

In no time the rules cite that the object must be created by me. I think the staff's request for a photo is just to illustrate what the item would look like and create the ring from that illustration.

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manuelf Sep 15 '17, 05:13AM

nombre: Rey Fer Six

mundo: osera

Ves un anillo de bufón 

Sólo puede ser manejado adecuadamente por jugadores de nivel 8 o 

mayor. Pesa 2.50 oz.

este anillo tiene la capacidad de transformarse en cualquier anillo.

 así como en su forma original

Digo que este anillo ganará porque es un anillo muy decorativo

 y es más de lo que definimos si es agradable o feo para

 ser extraño

por lo que sólo cuando haga clic en él, cambia su forma

¿A quién no le gusta decorar su casa con objetos raros?

este anillo sólo se puede encontrar con el líder del bufón en su

invasiones correspondientes. y convocar al líder del bufón 

usted tiene que entregar 100 muñeca Jester al npc para que usted 

obtener permiso para matar al jefe del bufón

Lo siento si tengo errores ortográficos, pero como verá,

 Estoy traduciendo para ti 

traducir Google. att: América del Sur

Buena suerte a todos los participantes

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Guigosz Sep 15 '17, 05:40AM
Character: Guigosz

World: Honera


You see a ring of wealth (Arm:0, increases loot drop rate chance +10%). Certain rumors about this relic indicate harbinger of countless treasures. It weighs 2.00 oz.

P.S.: This item has no level restriction.


For centuries it has been forgotten by time in one of the forests of the Tibian world. The guardians who get it only are the protectors of all fauna and flora on lands, the Dryads. The only way to get it is through them, but they left no chance of getting it so easily, since this artifact is an extremely rare item in your loot.

Dropped by:

Dryads (extremely rare). It only has the possibility of being obtained during the "Flowers Month" event in the Tibian lands.

Why should this ring win the contest?

Although all the others participating have excellent and interesting ideas, this one that I present to the contest is incredible because this artifact gives greater chances of obtaining legendary items before said as just myth.

What would the sprite look like?

I imagine something similar to this ring.

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Tamarack Sep 15 '17, 06:11AM
Lord Tamarack.  Luminera
Elemental Ring of King Tibianus

Description: You see an Elemental Ring.

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 100 or higher.

It weighs 1.50 oz.

It can be enchanted with an element.

Depending on which gem is used to gain the ring depends on which color the ring shines with.

How it works: This ring can be charged by King Tibianus by trading a stack of 100 of the Small Gems to him.

Small Sapphire Effect:  The user gains an additional 2 magic levels, And a Regeneration rate of 8 MP per 6 seconds For one hour.

Small Ruby Effect: The user gains an additional 3 armor, And a Regeneration rate of 10 HP per 6 seconds For one hour.

Small Emerald Effect:  The user gains protection physical +10%, fire +10%, earth +10%, energy +10%, ice +10%, holy +10%, death +10% For one hour.

Small Topaz Effect: The user gains critical hit chance 5%, critical extra damage +10% for one hour. (This Could be added to the imbuing effects to rise it abit more)

Black Pearl Effect: The user gains an additional 25% damage done to creatures as death damage for one hour.

Small Amethyst Effect: This user may not cause damage to anything for one hour, Increases the length of Challenge by 4 seconds.

How to get:  To get the ring itself  You must have finished PoI, WoTe, Inquisition and the  Annihilator quests first, Followed by giving 100 gold ingots to King Tibianus for the kings treasury. Then he will grant you this ring as a sign of bravery and loyalty to the king.

Why do i think my item is the best: Well i honestly feel if there would to be a new ring or amulet added to the game it should have both the ability to be useful and make use of items already in game. That is why i believe this entry should win.

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edgarn Sep 15 '17, 10:11AM

Character name: Amlas

World: Fortera


You see a fish ring (fishing +7) made of bones.

It weighs 20.00 oz.

The bones fit perfectly.

The Fish Ring was first found in the egyptian tombs where food was low.

As time passed its been forgotten as Tibians flee the desert and became farmers. 

And rumors are a cyclops is capable to assemble such ring, one must first bring him all the bones that make up the ring.

It's a ring made up of fish bones that when equipped it increases your fishing skills by 7 levels

And also this ring represents patience and persistence which is what fishing is all about and TIBIA

Obtaining The Ring:

Part 1) On a Wednesday (random like yasir) 

Paramet will ask you to help him. after a stormy night navigating from ankrahmun back shore he lost his cargo, you must fish 1000 fish under a timer and bring him the fish to obtain:

You see fish bones.

It weighs 16.00 oz.

The bones fit like a puzzle. 

Part 2) any day 

(only if you have Fish Bones in your invertory)

Sinatuki will ask you to fish for X amounts of Rainbow Trouts/Green Perches/Northern Pike

once completed Sinatuki will replace your fish bones for:

You see fish bones.

It weighs 20.00 oz.

They fit like a perfect puzzle but keep falling apart.

Part 3) any day for a period of seven days

you can now visit A Sweaty Cyclops where you can give him the Fish Bones (from Part 2)) every seven days for a chance to obtain:

You see a fish ring (fishing +7) made of bones.

It weighs 20.00 oz.

The bones fit perfectly.


You see fish bones.

It weighs 20.00 oz.

They fit like a perfect puzzle but keep falling apart.

Why I think my item is the best and deserves to win?

The Ring Tibia Was Missing:

It's a Ring that tibia should already have. 

There is a ring for all skills >Fist (Power Ring), >Sword/Axe/Club (Sword/Axe/Club Ring), > Magic (ring of green plasma), >Shielding (Death Ring)


Plus my ring would keep tibia balanced.

My Physical Representation:(drawning made by me)

thank you for your time

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Alusman Sep 15 '17, 11:31AM

Character name: Alusman

World: Zeluna


You see a teleport ring (it has 50 charges left) that is brand-new.

It can only be wielded propely by players of level 100 or higher.

Iy weighs 2 oz. This ring seems to bring you somewhere.

This item contains a strange energy that allows you to use all the teleports in tibia that works with any kind of jewells or teleport crystals (fayrist teleports, explorer society teleports,Gnomish Crystal Teleport System). It can only be dropped by the boss World Devourer. The reason is that this ring is made with a big ammount of energy causing this little disruptional space crafted as a ring. Once looted the ring has 50 charges that will come down every time you get into a teleport consuming a predefined charge depending on the teleport. To recharge this ring you must go to Pythius the Rotten and pay him with 5 gold ingots (he is the only NPC that knows how to recharge it and the payment is gold because he loves gold)

Why I think my item is the best and deserves to win?

In my opinion there are a lot of good ideas in this threat. But of course I love mine. The reason is because all the lazy gamers like me used to bring a lot of jewells and tp crystals on them to avoid going back to depot or any npc to buy some more and it would be great if there was an item that allows you to have all those items in ONE single ring. Hope you liked my idea, and sorry for my paint skills :'(

(In my mind the ring has some movement like the magic forcefield does but my pint skills are so poor)

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Blackwolf Sep 15 '17, 05:48PM
Nick: Lezira Blackwolf
Server: Candia

You see a ring of the lone wolf (Arm:2,Speed+5)
It can only be wielded by players of level 120 or higher.
It weighs 4.00 oz.
It is said that spirit of a Great Wolf is bound within.

Upon use,turns your appearance into that of a Werewolf (for 30 minutes),aswell as restoring 500 health and 250 mana.can be used once per hour.Can cause your character to produce sound that of a werewolf.
Upon using moonlight crystals on it,the ring's eyes will glow,providing light and additional speed boost (+5,10 in total),the enchantment lasts for one hour.

Backstory:One of the artifacts created in the temple below Grimvale,the ring was said to bestow amazing powers on its wielder.
Tainted by dark side,it still performs its old purpose....but for a price.
With every bargain,the user gives away a part of his humanity,in exchange for beastial prowess and cunning.

Dropped by: Feroxa (rare),Werecreatures on Grimvale (extremely rare,only during full moon.)

Why should my entry win?
Well...i thought it would be nice to have a ring that increases owner's speed,but is not a time ring at the same time,i also think it would look like a nice decoration.
Plus it fits Grimvale theme,there were supposed to be "artifacts" but all we have is a helmet and amulet

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manuelf Sep 15 '17, 08:27PM

name: King Fer Six>>

world: osera>>

You see a mounting ring>>

with this ring you have a 50% more chance to tame the creature has 1 charge>>

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 8 or >>

higher.It weighs 1.50 oz.>>


since in the whole world the music box does not exist this ring could replace the music box with a>>

little less than% of the music box. and can be obtained from raid>>


this powerful ring emits a music 50% less than the music box so it has a 50% more ability to tame the>>

creature when using the ring that part>>


this ring will win as it is a very good creation>>


Sorry if I have spelling mistakes, but as you will see, I am translating for you to >>

translate google. att: South America>>


Good luck to all participants>>

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Verdito Sep 15 '17, 10:46PM
Char: Ufa Luffa

World: Thera


You see the escape amulet (Arm:0).

It weighs 6.66 oz.

By putting this amulet on, you know this is your last chance.

When you put the amulet on, nobody can exiva your character during 15 minutes. At the end of this time, the amulet vanishs in the air. If you put it on and remove before the 15 minutes countdown it will also vanish.

With this, the pz lock person have the exactly time for running and saving his life. And, for No-PvP players it can be used to prevent some KS too.

The amulet can be bought from NPC Yasir for 30k, but to prevent abuses it can only be done once a day per account (and when the MWC is on).

Why my item deserves to win:

Because it's a really nice and useful item, especially in PvP situations. It makes the game a lot funnier and challenger for those who likes to PK and for those who likes to kill PK's.


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Verdito Sep 16 '17, 02:45AM
Char: Ufa Luffa

World: Thera


You see a ring of the magician that has 3 charges left.

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 54 or higher.

It weighs 2.00 oz.

Seems like you have an ace on your sleeves.

When the ring is equipped, you cannot be paralyzed. If players tries to paralyzes you while using the ring, it consumes 1 charge of it. When all the charges are gone, the ring turns in a worn magician ring.

To recharge the ring, player have to pay 15k to NPC Chester Kahs on Thais. Note that you can only do it once every 20 hours.

The ring is an extremely rare loot from warlocks.

Why my item deserves to win:

Because it's a very useful and helpful item on PvP. Makes it challenger and fair for those people who are trying to survive on a battle or running for their lives from someone. Also, if the ring is used with smartness, 3 charges are more than enough.


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RoseQuartz Sep 16 '17, 04:09AM
Character Name:Lady Rose Quartz


Ring Of Salvation

You see a ring of salvation (Arm: 1) that has 5 out of 5 charges left. It can only be wielded properly by players of level 50 or higher. It weights 1.15 oz. The ring emanates a warm light that makes you feel safe.

The ring of salvation heals you for 50% of your total hitpoints when your health drops under 25%. It can only contain a maximum of 5 charges. There's a cooldown between charges of 60 seconds. It can be bought (once per character) and recharged in the Suntower near Ab'Dendriel from Edala, it costs 25.000 gold pieces and it takes 5.000 gold pieces and three real-time hours to get a charge back. 

Edala believes the rings are filled with benevolent souls that want to help the living before vanishing. To recharge the rings she places them on the top of the Suntower and summons the benevolent souls with music from her lyre.

I'd love this item (I'm prone to dying), it's like a guardian angel if you like exploring and you're not sure if you're capable to survive.

(Sorry for the quality, didn't want to resize the ring :S )

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manuelf Sep 16 '17, 03:25PM

name: King Fer Six

world: osera

You see a tibia events amulet

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 8 or 

higher.It weighs 1.50 oz.

this amulet only lights up when an event is in progress

this amulet can only be obtained by winning 1 event event tibia

this amulet will win because it is a very useful amulet very decorative

 very striking and interesting since many of us are aware of its page

 of events would be very interesting to have 1 and be playing and that

 alum and one say to an event in course

also would be a rare therefore the players value its price and its beauty

Sorry if I have spelling mistakes, but as you will see, I am translating for you to 

translate google. att: South America

Good luck to all participants

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Elisa Sep 16 '17, 03:55PM
^ xD !
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Ewomog Sep 16 '17, 08:30PM




You see a Devilish morning star (hitpoints regeneration).>>

It can only be wielded properly by players of level 80 or higher.>>

It weights 6.66 oz.>>




This pendant, which provides 2 squares of red light, increases hitpoints >>

regeneration for 6 hours, by rate of 6 HP per 6 seconds, which means >>

it recovers 21600 hitpoints in total. When it gets completely used it>>

becomes Drained devilish morning star, and no longer provides light.>>

Drained devilish morning star can be repaired by NPC Oblivion, in exchange>>

for 6666 gold pieces, 66 soul points and 6 ancient coins.>>

This item is only dropped by Hellgorak, and it is rare drop.>>

It can not be sold to NPC, nor bought from NPC.>>



As Hellgorak was last defense of Ruthless Seven and favourite minion, besides  his very powerfull skills, he got this ancient pendant, made by many souls of hell.>>




Why I think my item is the best and deserves to win?>>


Looking at all other Tibia items this unique pendant would be very similar to soft boots, and very useful  by players of any vocation helping to stay longer in hunt. Item would be very popular and hard to get.>>

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Krisph Artist
Krisph Sep 16 '17, 11:19PM

Metamorphosis Amulet 

Character Name: Krisph

Server: Fidera

What does the amulet do? (Description)

This amulet has some extraordinary abilities, one of them is to transform your character to any monster that you've killed for one hour! Yes thats right, you literally turn into the monster, but not only that! You gain the monsters abilities aswell, so for example if you use the amulet on a demon's corpse you will gain abilities such as (Great Energy Beam, Great Fireball, Life Drain etc..). 

Now that was only a example, there is countless of other monsters you can turn yourself into, imagine all the possibilities & abilties! Additionally the creature/monster that you've turned yourself into will see you as a friendly and will not attack you (Unless you attack them first) This can be useful if you wanna move through a group of those monsters without getting attacked!

How do you achieve a Metamorphosis Amulet?

The only chance for you to obtain this amulet is by killing any monsters with your summons! It may take awhile cus ontop of that it has a very low drop chance. 

Paladins & Knights can obtain this amulet by convincing creatures and then kill other monsters with them. (Or their own summon once they are level 200)

Metamorphosis Amulet:

- Level 100 required to wear

- You transform into the creature & when you are the creature, those creatures may not attack you.

- The amulet may only be used on monsters but NOT bosses.

- The transformation lasts for one hour.

- You keep your characters natural health, spells but moreover you gain the creatures abilities.

- It is only dropped from creatures slain by summons.

- It has 5 charges, to fully recharge it you have to use Demonic Candy Balls on the amulet.

(286 words)

Why do I think my item is the best?

I think this amulet would be entertaining to use, especially for solo hunting and teamhunt. 

It would enhance the gameplay in Tibia as there would be so many creatures to transform into and use their abilities!

Programs I used: Paint Tool Sai (To draw the picture to the right with my tablet), Photoshop (To create the GIF), Paint.net (To create the amulet sprite)

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faiky Senator
faiky Sep 17 '17, 01:01AM

I'm not exactly saying that you must create something. (even if I think you should)I'm referring to this rule: - Plagiarism is prohibited.When you use anything that is not yours, you should at least give credits.Whether or not you've created any item/drawing for this contest, it's your creativity (or not), and I'm not judging it ^^

Anyway, other entries appeared with same "question/point" and it's an staffs' decision.

Good luck for all

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