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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Aug 27 '17, 09:53AM
It was a rainy day when we set out for the Tibia meeting.
We picked up a friend on the way and by the time we got to go there, we were a bit late but it had stopped raining. First we went into the
building of the meeting place. It was brilliantly decorated. There
were Tibia weapons, bags, backpacks, maps, and so much more!
There was a little bar with the prices of Frodo’s tavern neatly on a
blackboard. Of course, our little group didn’t stay in this room, since we already had seen familiar faces outside, faces we loved
to see.

There was a very warm welcome and more chairs were put down for us to sit with the international company
that was already there. Off course the discussion was raised: why are we sitting on our chairs instead of standing on them, as true Tibians would do. 
We came to the conclusion Dutch chairs are simply 
not stable enough to let us stand on them like you would do on Tibian chairs.

We talked and talked, more people joined us, food was put down (a lot of it), drinks were gotten from Frodo’s bar and it all felt like a huge party. Then it came...the horror, the misery: the annual Tibia test. A shiver ran through the entire group, even through those that still played hardcore. It’s a test of endurance, of wits and of knowledge, and if you know all the answers there is a huge prize. Of course even the Gods wouldn’t know all the answers, but hey, you have to try!

After we took the test and made a group effort to get all the questions wrong, we were waiting with excitement if any of us would succeed. While waiting for the results there were still stories to be told, about hunters, giant spiders, monsters one could lure to cities, holes one should stay out off, and off course personal things that had less to do with Tibia. Then we got the results: Let’s say it like this: even our group effort wasn’t completely successful. Yes, the test is hard, every year again, although I thought it more fun than other years since there were more playful elements to it, ‘draw your favourite Tibia monster’ being one of them. So, my good intentions for next year: take a drawing class, take a writing class, study the tibiawiki and the maps.

When rain suddenly started to poor down on us, we decided it was time for another, dry, hunting ground. And pizza! Thank you, dear sponsor, for this. And then a former GM told us GM stories that were to die from! The joy at events they visited, the secret dungeon on GM island, but also the frustration they couldn’t possibly catch all the cheaters and the many complains they got from people they righteously banned. It’s a shame all the GM’s had to go because of a few bad things that happened (remember the hacked GM?)A bit behind on schedule we had to leave. Many thanks to the people that organise this every year, it was wonderful, as always!

Here are some Extra pictures!

We hope you've enjoyed the article!

Your TibiaEvents Team.

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Perche Event
Perche Sep 5 '17, 05:13AM
Nice artikel< and nice to see thet my rl-runes are still lying around at the meeting.

Next year I hope to be there again!

Thnkzz for the nice pics and the artikel!


Dennis aka Perche

Shawtay Sep 7 '17, 04:28AM
Uuugh wait this was Amsterdam? Looks awesome, I would've loved to go! Cheers, and beautifully written Glad to see Tibians still met each other.
Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Sep 10 '17, 11:03AM
Yep it was :-)
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