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Jillie Aug 8 '17, 08:01PM
awesome! hahahah.... please send my prizes to.. Sheshie Yei... Amera
Mixlalilxy Aug 8 '17, 11:48PM
Can I please get my prizes on Amera on the character mixlalilxy.  Thank you!!
Ziva Aug 9 '17, 12:39AM
How do people know they won? Cant find the result
Khanduras Aug 9 '17, 01:19AM

Quote from Ziva How do people know they won? Cant find the result
Hi there Ziva,

The information was posted in the main page as follows:

Dear participants,we've enjoyed your buildings in game.But only 3 participants can win! so lets not wait.

Here's the Top 5!

Points: 28 
Character: Mixy Kitty 
World: Amera
Race: Elfs
Prize:1st place: 250 Demonic Essences + Royal Medal +( 250 Tibia Coins Sponsored by us)

Points: 12
Character: Esdee Boomm 
World: ?
Race: Humans
Prize: 2nd place: 150 Demonic Essences + Heavy Medal + ( 2kk gold coins)

Points: 8
Character: Solerian Great Soldier 
World: Garnera
Race: Dwarfs
Prize: 3rd place: 100 Demonic Essences + Badge of Glory + ( 1kk gold coins)

Points: 6
Character: Pedritox on Solera 
World: Solera
Race: Humans

Points: 0
Character: Ziva Obis 
World: Solera
Race: Orcs

Please tell us where the prize's should be send to!Money will be send to your solera char

Your TibiaEvents Team.

You almost made it ! 

Gratz to all the winners !

Ziva Aug 9 '17, 01:36AM
Do you mind pasting the link here? Cant find the pictures to realize which was the ones who won :)
ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Aug 9 '17, 01:47AM

Here are the screenshots of the castles:

1st place: Mixy Kitty (Elfs)

2nd place: Esdee Boomm (Humans)

3rd place: Solerian Great Soldier (Dwarfs)

4th place: Pedritox on Solera (Humans)

5th place: Ziva Obis (Orcs)

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