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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jul 7 '17, 08:12AM

Dear TibiaEvents users,

We cordially invite you to comment on "YOUR QUEST LOG HAS BEEN UPDATED! Winners mentioned in the thread title here.

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.

Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

Kind regards,
Your TibiaEvents Team

Fire_Draggon Jul 7 '17, 02:39PM
Congratulations to everyone!!

I'm really happy with this contest ;D

Was awesome writting the quest.

I have a question tho, can I choose between ANY tome, Gray included?

Also, the Memory Box, does it contain a name when you "look" it?

Would it contain something like, "It was awarded to Fire Draggon for winning event for fansite tibiaevents" ??

Hasorko Jul 7 '17, 04:59PM
Gratz everyone! Wow Fire Draggon that was quite the lead you took there . At least I am spared the hardship of choosing my price This was a fun contest, my thanks to tibiaevents team! Greetings!
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Teranzo Leader
Teranzo Jul 7 '17, 05:43PM
Congratulations :-) 


yes all tome's so far i know can be chosen

on the memory box there's no name you will have a Golden Trophy of Excellence aswell 

@Hasorko you're welcome ^^ we hope to see you again in one of our other events/contests!

Have a wonderfull weekend!

Kind regards,

Teranzo - Team Leader TibiaEvents.com

Fire_Draggon Jul 7 '17, 07:45PM
Thank you for the answer!

My choice is the Grey Tome!

to Fire Draggon, antica!!

Byhr Jul 7 '17, 08:49PM
I wish to thank the TE team for another interesting contest. Also all the other contestants since their ideas were an interesting read.

I choose a memory box for my character Vrel, game world Harmonia. 

It's an honor to me! Best regards!
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Hasorko Jul 8 '17, 12:18PM
So, I will have the wooden whistle then . Shame didnt get the memory box haha, next time maybe .

Character as specified in my post. Dwayne Cragmoor on Verlana.
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