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Oct 22, 02:56PM
gracias, fue muy entretenido
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Idhock Event
Oct 20, 09:27AM
Felicidades a los ganadores del concurso de dibujo de monturas, esperamos que todos se hayan divertido
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Idhock Event
Oct 20, 09:26AM
Congratulations to the winners of the mount drawing contest! Hope y'all had fun ????
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“Darkness falls across the land The midnight hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of blood To terrorize yawl's neighborhood And whosoever shall be found Without the soul for getting down Must stand and face the hounds of hell And rot inside a corpse's shell” ...

Check it out on forum


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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 21 '17, 05:12AM
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Hasorko Jun 21 '17, 05:20PM
One thing isn't completely clear to me. It is said it is okay to use "screenshots" and "edited Screenshots", but not Ot Server Material. Does this mean every uploaded image MUST have a screenshot taken inside the game as base with some editing on top? Or is it allowed to use ANY official Tibia sprite and create any kind of image using photoshop as long as it is not taken from an OT Server? 
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Mythinka Jun 21 '17, 07:20PM
Basilisk Quest 

Basilisk has been an intriguing subject. No one ever knew why he was trapped in the vaults of Kazordoon. We hear many rumors about him. Everyone knew that Imperor Kruzak wanted to get the head of this mysterious creature. Everybody was scared to talk about Basilisk. Until today...The Emperor Kruzak offered a very generous prize for the head of Basilisk. 


- Rope




-The Holy Tible

- Pits of Inferno Quest




Mission 1 – Kazordoon’s Books

The mission begins at the library in Kazordoon. In the library are two books - Miners Journal (36th shelf) and Miner's Entry (32th shelf). We take books from the shelves. It is very important to have books in our backpack. 

Miners Journal (title)

We've dug that deep, that even we dwarves can hardly see. Fruzek told us stories of a monster making odd sounds from below the earth.These frightening tales of the basilisk have halted our mining schedule, forcing us to double the guards protecting the miners.

A Tired Miner



Miner's Entry

What it was I cannot say! But its horrible! Horrible! We heard rumors of such things before but we just ignored them ...Im the only survivor ..that...THING...they couldn't move...they were helpless...oh why ...what....what is that..something is coming...my feet....stone...

Only one person per day can do this mission. Books appear on the shelves after save server. Remember that books disappear when the mission ends.When we are the owner of books, we are going to talk with the Emperor Kruzak. 

Mission  2 – The Talk

Myth Mine : Hail Emperor Kruzak !

Emperor Kruzak : What brings You to me?

Myth Mine : Legend of the Basilisk 

Emperor Kruzak : Did I hear it right? Existence of Basilisk and him chamber is covered with mystery. Did You bring Miners Journal and Miner's Entry from Kazordoon's Library?

Myth Mine : Yes

Emperor Kruzak : You will get two hours for a hidden riddle in books. If You solve it, You will be worthy to do mission for me.

After a long while, we find out that one of the books was not written by the Miner. Its' not possible to write a book at the last moments of the life. Especially when the huge beast is approaching. 

We return to the Emperor Kruzak. We must inform him that the book Miner's Entry from Kazordoon's Library is false. No one in fear thought that someone had spanked the book.

Mission 3 – Story of the Basilisk

Myth Mine : Hail Emperor Kruzak !

Emperor Kruzak : Are You ready?

Myth Mine : Yes

Emperor Kruzak : Did You find something interesting in the book? 

Myth Mine : The book is lying.

Emperor Kruzak : How it's possible ? 

Myth Mine : The book is lying. 

Emperor Kruzak : Well, I've been doing this myself a long time ago. I wrote this book. You are the first person who solved the puzzle. You are ready to do mission for me, but first do You want to hear the history? 

Myth Mine : Yes

Emperor Kruzak : Once upon a time, when I started my regin, I was a weak king. Nobody believed in me. Orcs raids on Kazordoon, the mass of wounded Dwarfs. I didn't know what to do. I was alone with my Kingdom. I met one of the mages who came from Edron Academy to Kazordoon to buy our crystals. Amidius was my age. I often told him about my problems. He always listened to me and advised me. When he finished college in Edron, he decided to settle permanently in Kazordoon. There was another attack on Kazordoon, we barely managed to defend the city. Amidius was a great mage, he told me that will make a guardian for us. A defender with whom no opponent can handle. It would be a powerful and unique creature nobody could slay. His biggest asset was dragons eyes. It was a Basilisk.  Mighty dragon who instead of wreaking havoc on fire, he turned into stone, which would be very useful for to rebuilding  the city. The Basilisk was very obedient, patrolling every entrance to the city. He had perfect hearing. When someone approached the gates of the city, he immediately checked whether it was not scouts of Orcs. Another Orc raid turned out to be a success for us, no one died. The Basilisk won the fight against Orcs. A few years later the Basilisk became disobedient. He turned into the rocks every passerby. He threathened that the same would happen to me  if I did not obey him. Dragon was devastating everyone and everything in the city. Amidius decided to stop the dragon. He was our last hope. The Beast was so powerful and Amidius paid with his life, but with his last breath he turned Basilisk into a snake. The road to the dragon has became a mystery. Only the dragon eye can lead to the Basilisk's chamber. 

Myth Mine : The Dragon Eye 

Emperor Kruzak : Ah, so the Dragon Eye. Basil is blind. Amidius who locked him in the mysterious chamber also deprived him of sight. Remember that he has a perfect sense of smell and hearing. His eyes have been removed and they are in 5 parts buried on different continents. 

Myth Mine : 5 pieces

Emperor Kruzak : In the city we hear footsteps, everyone thought is caused by digging coal from the mines. We know that the Basilisk is gathering strength. You must defeat each of the dragons leaders. Just go to the biggest Dragon Lairs in Tiquanda, Ankrahmun, Zao, Plains of Havoc and Fibula. For defeating each dragon you will receive a part of dragon eye.

Dragons must be killed in the order of the Emperor's list.

Warning ! The dragon boss appears when You press the lever. 

Mission 4 – The First Part of Eye

The First Part of Eye

At first we go to Tiquanda. ( The Great Dragon Hunt Quest). Our opponent is not difficult to overcome, but remember to take with You dwarven ring. The dragon is resistant to earth and energy damage. When You kill dragon, You will find in his body first part of dragon eye.

Mission  5 – The Second Part of Eye

The Second Part of Eye

Then the Kha'Zeel mountains we are going to another Dragon Lair in Ankrahmun. (Realm of Dreams Quest). This is probably the weakest opponent, maybe a little stronger than the Dragon Lord.

Mission  6 – The Third Part of Eye

The Third Part of Eye

Dragonblaze Peaks (Zao).One of the hardest to beat. We can only kill him with the two elements - fire and ice. The dragon has two forms. The first form is when dragon is red - he is immune to fire element. The second form is when dragon is blue - he is immune to ice element. Depending on the color change, we use appropriate spells. When the dragon is dead we can enjoy another part of eye. 

The Fourth Part of Eye

Plains of Havoc ( Near Pits of Inferno Quest - the same road). Another very strong opponent. The best way is to kill all dragons in dragon lair. The Fourth Part of Eye summons up to 8  Dragon Lords. He has a lot of health points. Resistant to death, ice, fire and energy.

Mission 8 – The Fifth Part of Eye

The Fifth Part of Eye

We need to go to Fibula ( Deeper Fibula Quest). Our opponent will be a strong as Undead Dragon. As everyone knows completely resistant to death. The tactics is like killing the Undead Dragon.

Mission 9 – All parts of eye

When we get all  parts of eye we need to go to Emperor.

Myth Mine : Hail Emperor Kruzak !

Emperor Kruzak : Do You have something for me ?

Myth Mine : Dragon Eye Parts

Emperor Kruzak : Did You get all the pieces of eye ?

Myth Mine : Yes

Emperor Kruzak : You sould go to the library...

The Emperor will guide us to the library. He thinks that there is somewhere hidden the road to the Basilisk.

We should USE one of the shelves - the one which we extracted the proper book, NOT THE ONE WRITTEN BY THE EMPEROR. 

Mission 10 – A Secret Passage

There is a secret passage in the shelf, we are teleported to the room. Next we put every part in proper spot. When you press the lever, the eye should be in one piece in our backpack.  We put The Dragon Eye instead of a shield. It protect us from turning into a stone - death. Then we enter the teleport.

The Dragon Eye

Mission 11 – The Basilisk

After entering the teleport the Basilisk (snake), when we say "the dragon eye "he will transform into a BIG DRAGON. The task is quite difficult due to the small area. When we kill the Basilisk, we will find the Dragon's Head in his body.

Mission 12 - Dragon’s Head

We go back to the Emperor.

Myth Mine : Hail Emperor Kruzak !

Emperor Kruzak : Do You have something for me ?

Myth Mine : Dragon's Head

Emperor Kruzak : Did You kill Basilisk?

Myth Mine : Yes

Emperor Kruzak : It is unbelieveble ! You are a great warrior ! We are safe ! We are safe !

Myth Mine : Reward

Emperor Kruzak : Oh ! I have a special gift for You. You are a unique person who deserves for this gift.

In return for the Dragon's Head I will give You the only existing pair of Dragon Rock Boots, made of a special stone. The Basilisk made those for me Dragon Rock Boots. 

Dragon Rock Boots 

Arm : 4

It gives 3% protection from earth element but increases 3% energy damage. Wearing them You can walk on the fire, energy and earth (without loss of hp or mana).

Achievment : The Dragon Eye


Myth Mine 



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Fire_Draggon Jun 22 '17, 12:42AM
I have some doubts about screenshot too.

If I create a place using a software, for an example, a new cave, or new city, etc

Can it be used? It is not taken from any OT server. It's created by the user.

Also, I could take a screenshot ingame, and cut every Sprite i want (marble floor for an example) and copy paste it to create a whole new place, is it allowed? Isn't it same as using a software? I had a few nice screenshots that i created but was afraid to use, would like to know how far we can go. I wasn't online in any OTs tho, i dont even know how to login into an ots

Quote from Hasorko One thing isn't completely clear to me. It is said it is okay to use "screenshots" and "edited Screenshots", but not Ot Server Material. Does this mean every uploaded image MUST have a screenshot taken inside the game as base with some editing on top? Or is it allowed to use ANY official Tibia sprite and create any kind of image using photoshop as long as it is not taken from an OT Server? 

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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 22 '17, 03:23AM
Yep it is ok to create new places since you are creating a whole new quest
Quote from Fire_Draggon I have some doubts about screenshot too.

If I create a place using a software, for an example, a new cave, or new city, etc

Can it be used? It is not taken from any OT server. It's created by the user.

Also, I could take a screenshot ingame, and cut every Sprite i want (marble floor for an example) and copy paste it to create a whole new place, is it allowed? Isn't it same as using a software? I had a few nice screenshots that i created but was afraid to use, would like to know how far we can go. I wasn't online in any OTs tho, i dont even know how to login into an ots

Quote from Hasorko One thing isn't completely clear to me. It is said it is okay to use "screenshots" and "edited Screenshots", but not Ot Server Material. Does this mean every uploaded image MUST have a screenshot taken inside the game as base with some editing on top? Or is it allowed to use ANY official Tibia sprite and create any kind of image using photoshop as long as it is not taken from an OT Server? 

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Byhr Jun 23 '17, 11:09PM
Character name: Vrel
World: Harmonia

The Serpentine Tower Quest


The Serpentine Tower was regarded as a most mysterious place for centuries. Yet even the best treasure hunters and the most daring and clever adventurers have been giving up on solving the riddles they found there. Perhaps they would try again if they knew what unbelievable ancient story is hiding beneath sand brought by the northern winds over the course of centuries.

The quest centers around the tower but some travelling is also required. Be prepared to face a djinn, a behemoth and a large number of undead creatures. The most important clues are two of the books found in the library in the tower itself. The quest can be completed alone or in a team.


Level 40
Premium Account
Paradox Tower Quest completed until "The Secret of Mathemagics"
The Djinn War Quest completed
2 destroy field runes
8 small oil lamps
Key 3620
12 small rubies
Travel money

Spoiler follows!

1. Releasing the Djinn

Begin by going to the Serpentine Tower. In the library where Tothdral resides among many books you will find a story "The lost garden" (northern middle shelf) aswell as a book in an unknown language (northwest corner shelf). "The lost garden" tells a story relevant to the quest while the other one contains a key to a riddle.

"The lost garden
Princess Maharuh was said to be the kindest creature that ever walked the earth. She was dearly loved both by her people and by the djinns. One day as the princess wept because of all the pain and the evil ways of the world the djinns came to comfort her. And since they loved her so much they called upon their powers to grow a garden of magnificent beauty. From now on, Maharuh visited her enchanted garden whenever she was sad, and she never went there but a smile came to her face, and she found new strength to continue her work with renewed vigour and inspiration. But humans grow old and weary, and time did not fail to do its cruel work on fair Princess Maharuh. As she grew old her visits to the garden became less and less frequent and one day when she laid down to rest underneath her favourite tree she never woke up again. The garden was perhaps the most valuable thing she left behind, and it was certainly the one she had held dearest while still alive. But her people did not share her love for nature's beauty, and all they saw was a splendid example of horticulture that could be turned into money. Soon after her death a merchant caravan came, and the strangers offered great sums for the garden and for all that belonged to it. They dug out the trees and took the fruit because they believed they could rebuild the garden in their native land. However, soon after the caravan had left the city a terrible sandstorm arose. After the storm had cleared the caravan was gone and with it all that was left of the garden."

One level below there are 3 campfires burning, two of which have pots on them. Place a pot on the third campfire and you'll be able to teleport into the small room to the east (the third pot spawns in the room's southeast corner, in case it's not there you need to buy one). In the quest chest there is a white pearl. Use the torch bearer behind the chest, you will see red sparkles on yourself and the Fire Elemental below will be released.

Now go to the lower level and kill it. In the cell where the elemental was held there is a lever which you need to pull to the right in order to remove the magic walls blocking out a lever below you. Careful! It is protected by a green djinn. Go down and kill the djinn.

2. Vampire and Behemoth

In the djinn's room place a small oil lamp on each of the 4 coal basins you see. Use a destroy field rune on the westernmost energy field hiding a lever. Pull the lever to the right. Above you the vampire will be released.

After the vampire is dead drag it's body one floor above and place it on the red altar just north of the stairs. Quickly run one floor down and pull the lever in vampire's cell and the behemoth will be released. For low leveled players it is recommended to ask friends to help you kill it. After you defeat it you must right click four torch bearers on this floor to put out the fires. After that pull the last lever, the large stone will disappear and a magic forcefield will appear in it's place. Enter the teleport.

3.  The name of the Princess

You will arrive at a hall several floors below. The darker tiles are placed in series alternating with brighter ones. Each series of darker tiles corresponds to a word from the book in unknown language. There are many bones lying there (daily respawn). Bones must be placed where letters would form the name of the Princess - Maharuh. No other dark tiles can have bones on them. After arranging them as shown below, enter the teleport.

4. The lost garden

 You are now in what remains of the ancient garden of Princess Maharuh and you find there her dead body and a body of a blue djinn. Right click djinn's corpse to find a note with further clues. Enter the magic forcefield and you will appear in the Ankrahmun temple.

" ...(only some parts of the note are still readable)... ... so I could not just accept the death of... ...was the kindest and most charming creature... ...I could recreate the garden here and make her... ...undeath would mean immortality for her... ...the undeath bringer would need to be crafted out of her favourite gems... ... the amount and placement around the top would be crucial to avoid... ...but will I have enough time to... ...cannot fail... ...love to her is more..."

5. Her favourite gems

Go to Tothdral in the Serpentine Tower and tell him about the lost garden, then ask him about an undeath bringer. He will tell you that he could make one for you, but you would need to find out which kind of gems should be used for it. You need to visit the Djinn Tower of whichever side is your ally and talk to either Malor or Gabel. Ask them about Maharuh, then gems. Either of them will tell you they heard her favourite gems are rubies. Go back to Tothdral and report by saying gems, rubies, yes.

6. Geometry of Madness

Tothdral will tell you that not only specfic gems but also in specific amount will be needed to make the Undeath Bringer work for Maharuh and her garden, and only a mad man would be able to predict how many exactly are needed. The mad man that you need is A Prisoner. You will find him in Mintwallin. You will need Key 3620 to reach him. Ask him about undeath bringer, rubies, pyramids, garden. He will tell you that you need 12 small rubies arranged as vortices of an icosahedron. Report back to Tothdral by saying gems, 12, icosahedron.

7. The Undeath Bringer

Now Tothdral will ask you to bring the 12 small rubies. Once you have them give them to him by saying gems, yes. He will tell you to come back later and he'll have the undeath bringer for you. You need to wait one real life hour, then ask him about the undeath bringer.

You see the undeath bringer. It weighs 54.00 oz. It can capture and release the spark of undeath.

8. Killing the dead

After giving you the item Tothdral will tell you to use it on 100 corpses of each of freshly slain: skeletons, ghouls, mummies and crypt shamblers in order to charge the undeath bringer with enough undead energy. The order in which you'll do it doesn't matter. You can check your progress in your quest log. Ancient Tombs near Ankrahmun are recommended to accomplish this mission. Once you're done report back to Tothdral by saying charging, yes.

9. Delivering the undeath

Tothdral will tell you that you can now go back to what remains of the Lost Garden and try to bring undeath unto the princess and the garden itself. Repeat steps 1-3 in order to go back to the garden. Once there use the charged undeath bringer on the corpse of the Princess. You will find yourself with her becoming undead. Say hi to her, then tell her about the djinn and undeath bringer. In her confusion she will thank you at first, only to curse you a moment later. After a short moment Princess Maharuh will teleport you out to Ankrahmun's temple.

10. Not all is lost

 Go to Tothdral once again and tell him aboutsuccess, and that the Princess was confused. He will tell you that she will learn to appreciate her ascension to undeath. He'll compensate for her ungratefulness by giving you a blood necklace. You'll also earn the achievement "Reanimator" (4 points, grade 2).

You see a blood necklace (protection paralysis 100%) that has 100 charges left. It weighs 6.00 oz. It seems to make blood in your veins run more steadily.

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brunoa Jun 25 '17, 06:00PM


The Serpentine Tower Quest


Must have completed “The Queen of The Banshees Quest”
Money to Travel
4 vials of blood
4 mirrors
5k money or 4k to married players


Ankhramun has always been a magical city. Those who travel to these lands seeking for knowledge or fortune will only find exotic traditions and a strange kind of cult. Inside the Academy of Magic, an Akrahmun building where Tothdral teach spells to sorcerers, several newcomers find themselves inside a small chamber beneath the main floor, starring at the most unique artefacts they have ever seen.


Step 1 – The Secret of the Scarab>>

In the Ankrahmun Tavern, “The Old Scarab’s Shell", lives Arito, one of the few inhabitants who have not ascended to undeath. 
Talk to him and follow the transcripts:

Player: Hi
Arito: Be mourned, pilgrim in flesh. Be mourned in my tavern.
PlayerPast or family
Arito: I left a sister back in Darashia when I come to Ankrahmun. I have only been here for a few weeks, but already made a lot of money. I am probably getting old; my memory is always tricking me. My past seems blurred sometimes. You should pay my sister a visit, and if you do, could you deliver her some of my wine?
Arito: Do you accept to deliver my sister some wine?
Player: Yes
Arito: Thank you, pilgrim! She will be glad to hear that I am thriving in these lands. Her name is Miraia, you can find her at the Enlightened Oasis. We both have a talent to make drinks.

Arito will give you a special cup of wine, named "Old Scarab’s Wine".>>

Step 2 – Arito’s Past>>

After travelling to Darashia, head to the Enlightened Oasis and start talking to Miraia.>>

Player: Hi
Miraia: Daraman's blessings, Player. Welcome to the Enlightened Oasis.
Player: Arito
Miraia: Yes, that is my brother. Have you heard any news from him?
Player: Yes
Miraia: He always send some wine with those who accept to bring me some news. Do you have any of my brother’s wine with you?
Player: Yes
Miraia: I hope you can help me. Many of the travelers who met my brother tried to convince him and failed. You may not know yet, but Ankrahmun is not a safe place to live. Arito has been living there for twelve years. However, in his mind, time works in a different way. Once he was forced to “ascend to undeath” in order to live in Ankrahmun, but something went wrong and now he is trapped inside two different times. He is not dead, nor alive. I do not have much information, but as far as I know, the Pharaoh Arkhotep controls the time over Ankrahmun. Those who ascend to undeath may have a different perspective of time. While those who do not ascend, perish in some kind of eternal illusion. Please, try to convince my brother and bring him back to Darashia. Will you help me?
Player: Yes
Miraia: Great. Take with you some of my beer, he will recognize the taste and will trust you.>>

Miraia will give you a cup of the "Enlightened Beer".>>


Step 3 – To break the chains>>

Report to Arito and follow the transcripts:>>

Player: Visit
Arito: Have you delivered the wine to my sister as I asked you?
Player: Yes
Arito: Them she probably asked you to deliver me some beer, right?
Player: Yes

Arito will drink the beer and start a strange dialogue:

Arito: My sister have been trying to convince me that I should leave Ankrahmun. I am here only for a few weeks, I have much to do, more money to make. Miraia is probably envious of my small fortune and want me to live in that Darashian’s hole with her. The dead do not envy. They do not need. They are the only ones who I fully trust. Man will always fail when it comes to loyalty.
Player: Loyalty
Arito: If you want my trust, you must die. I cannot kill you myself, but there is a man who can help. His name is Ashtamor and he lives in Venore. He can make it “easy” for you.>>

Step 4 – The Path to Ascension>>

Find Ashtamor in Venore, after asking for his help into ascension, he will say that you are not ready yet to let go. The only way to ascend is by being so close to death, that a mere breathe of air could kill you. This part of the quest can be hard; your health points need to be below 10 in order to proceed. In addition, the Queen of The Banshees Quest must have been completed. Your equipment slots and your backpack must be left in the depot. After fulfilling the requirements, report to Ashtamor and ask for his help again.

Player: Hi
Ashtamor: Welcome, Player, wanderer between the worlds.
Player: help
Ashtamor: What help might I offer you except guidance? Would you like me to help you transcend the border to the afterlife?
Player: yes
Ashtamor: Are you sure? You might not be able to come back, consider that!
Player: yes
Ashtamor: I see you are holding tight to life. You now exist between the two worlds. If you blink your eyes only a bit harder, you may not come back. I see that the Queen of The Banshees has kissed you; it will make my work possible, since you already thrilled this path for a short while. There is also a fee of 5000 gold. If you are married, I can give you a small discount. Once you ascend, no one will be able to bring you back. Are you willing to go further? 
Player: Yes
Ashtamor: SO BE IT!

At this moment, the player is teleported to a small corridor. At the start, there is almost no light, but as soon as the player goes further, light becomes stronger and stronger. Until the end of the corridor, where there is a portal. After entering the portal, the player will return to Ashtamor.

Ashtamor: Your body remains intact, but your soul do not belong to the realm of the living anymore. The life you once had is nothing but a distant dream. I hope you find enlightenment in your new path.>>

Step 5 – Do you trust me now?>>

Go back to the Old Scarab’s Shell and talk to Arito. He will tell you that now he knows you are not a liar. Moreover, since you are now a superior being, you may see some people you were not able to see before. Arito will ask you to retrieve a book located in the Academy of Magic, also known as Serpentine Tower. He claims that the book contains the ultimate secret of the Pharaoh. Now that he truly believes you, he will only left the city after collecting all possible treasures.>>

Arito: Inside the Tower, you will now be able to see the Royal Researcher. He may tell you how to read the demoniac language in the book I asked you to retrieve.>>

Step 6 – Shades of Shadow>>

Head to the Serpentine Tower and find your way to the floor below Tothdral.>>

Now you are able to see the Royal Researcher. Talk to him and follow the transcripts:

Player: Hi
Royal Researcher: Can’t you see that I am busy? If you do not have any business here, I suggest you leave this place.
PlayerLanguage or Book
Royal Researcher: Many came before you, and many will come after you. I am loyal to the Pharaoh, and I am not going to tell you how to read the Book of The Shadow. Unless… I am not sure if you can help me, but I have been trying to capture the soul of the imprisoned vampire for a while, despite everyone telling me that vampires do not have a soul. Are you willing to help me?
Player: Yes
Royal Researcher: You will need four mirrors and four vials of blood. Use the torch on the upper floor to release the fire elemental. After killing the elemental, use the lever in his chamber to remove the magic walls in the djinn’s floor. There you will find another lever, this one is not working right now, but we can change that. Just tell me when you are ready and I will fix the lever’s mechanism.>>


Step 7 – The Soul of the Soulless>>

The player must now collect the items required and take the Book of Shadows in the Tower’s Library. After that, report to the Royal Researcher. He will take the four mirrors and ask you to put the vials of blood on the basins, and then turn the lever. Head down, kill the djinn, place the vials on the basins and turn the lever. At this moment, the vampire will smell warm blood and his chamber will open. You may also notice that the fours mirrors are lying on the floor, each one facing a direction, like a box made of mirrors. The vampire must be killed in the middle of the four mirrors. After you kill him, report to the Royal Researcher.>>

Step 8 – To Smash a Skull>>

The Royal Researcher needs you to get rid of the imprisoned Behemoth. He says that the creature is starting to disturb his study and he will not need the company of the beast anymore. He will fix the lever in the vampire’s chamber and you will be able to set the Behemoth free. Slain the Behemoth and report to the Royal Researcher.>>

Step 9 – The Book of Shadows>>

The Royal Researcher want to give you a translated version of the Book of Shadows, but since he has no one to spare, he will tell you to collect the oldest one from the personal library of his dead researcher friend. Use the lever inside the Behemoth’s chamber to open the door on the left side of the room. Use the shelf and you will receive the Book of Shadows.
Report to Arito in order to proceed.>>

Step 10 - To address a Pharaoh>>

Arito will tell you that the book does not make any sense for him. It only seems to be a fairy tale in a horrific way. The only thing that may be useful is the mention of an addressment that grants you the permission to talk to Arkhotep. You now will be able to talk to Arkhotep addressing him as “Beloved Pharaoh”.>>

Step 11 – Light as a Feather>>

Head to Arkhotep’s Chamber and follow the transcripts:>>

Player: Be praised, beloved Pharaoh
Akrhotep: Your soul is not familiar, my servant. I will only talk to you when you prove your worth.
Player: Worth
Arkhotep: Once before, the souls who wanted to serve me as the Only True God needed to prove that their hearts were as light as a feather. The only possible way of doing that is by participating in the Arena. There you may try to prove your worth. Do you want to fight in the Arena?
Player: Yes
Arkhotep: Permission granted. Now get out.


Step 12 - A Soul of Worth>>

Now you have to fight in the Arena, in order to prove your worth to Arkhotep.
Be careful. Even experienced players may be killed in the Arena.

There will be three battles: 

First Battle – Undead Gladiators
Second Battle – Demons
Third Battle – Larokhons - >>
The Larokhon is an entity made of heat and air. He have a large amount of hp and fly around the field really fast. A strategy is needed to face him, since his continuous casts of fire fields will create a scenario where he will be unbeatable, due to his self-healing when walking over fire.

Once you defeat all the enemies, you will be teleported to a room with a chest.

Inside the chest, you will find:

You see a Soul Ruby.
It weighs 0.10 oz.


There's so many possibilities to this quest... Wish I could write a bit more.

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Character: Dwayne Cragmoor

World: Verlana


The Jakundaf Desert



It all began during the age of chaos. Fafnar, who had been seduced and tricked by Zathroth to receive the ugly creature Brog the Raging Titan, was furious. After aeons of scheming her revenge on Zathroth, Fafnar finally found a way. She would wipe out Zathroth’s beloved orcs, which had been released into the world by their son Brog. To accomplish that, she sided with another of Brog’s creations. The much more intelligent and fire worshipping dragons.

The few dragons on their own were never strong enough to challenge the mighty orcish horde. However, the dragons thrived under Fafnar’s burning sun light, while the orcs suffered in her burning light. After years of war the dragons finally were able to reach the greatest of all orcish settlements – Jakundaf.

Yet, after so many victories, the dragons were on the verge of losing against the forces of Jakundaf led by the dreadful warlord Zungosh. His blade butchered its way through countless lizards and even beheaded full-grown dragons with a single swing.

Fafnar was enraged about the incompetence of her army. Bursting with anger her light became so strong, it burned Jakundaf to the ground. The orcs and even some of the lower lizards burned right there on the spot. All that remained before the few surviving dragon lords was a crystal of power that had absorbed the soul of Zungosh. The crystal couldn’t be destroyed and thus had to be sealed away, along with Zungosh’s belongings.





Jakundaf Desert



Banshee, Fire Devils, Ancient Dragon Lords, Elite Dragon Lords, Ancient and War Orcs


Required Equipment:

- Rope

- Shovel

- Pick



During the time of the Lightbearer event Nov 11th – 15th, talk to Adrenius in a basement in the Jakundaf Desert, here:

He will reveal himself to be a follower of Fafnar and part of a secret sect to secure what is hidden below the desert sand. He is not willing to tell you what the sect is guarding, but he explains that Fafnar’s seals are weakened and asks for your help. Your mission is to strengthen the secret magic barriers all around Jakundaf Desert. You will receive an Ancient Mirror and the ability to see the magic barriers.


Mission 1: Secure the barriers

There is a total of 6 magic barriers around Jakundaf desert located here:

To power a barrier, you need to charge the Ancient Mirror with sunlight. This can be done by using it in 3 different locations between noon and 3 p.m. during a single Tibia day (7.5 minutes). Use a Watch to tell what time it is. Use the Ancient Mirror at the top of the Suntower of Ab’Dendriel, the top of the Watchtower on Femor Hills and inside the Circle of Trees and Flowers north of Carlin.

Once you have succeeded in charging the Ancient Mirror return to Jakundaf Desert and power one of the barriers with it. The server needs to power each barrier 50 times to continue.

Once finished return to Adrenius. Adrenius will tell you about an orcish horde that is marching towards Jakundaf. The hidden relict needs to be moved.


Mission 2: A war is coming

A team of 11 players is required to do this mission. However, it is recommended to bring at least 25 (1 to open the chamber, 6x4 to defend the barriers). You need to pick one player to continue the quest, while the rest of you will have to protect the barriers against the hordes of war orcs, until the chosen player opens the sealed chambers. Note: The chosen player will have to fulfill challenging solo missions throughout the quest, so choose wisely.

During the next missions, the whole team besides the chosen player will have to defend all the barriers simultaneously. For this the team should decide how to split up. Raids of war orcs will spawn continuously around the barriers and attempt to attack either player or the barrier itself. The barriers can’t be recharged. If one barrier breaks the quest will fail.

Once the team is prepared to fight the war orcs and you have chosen a player, meet up at Adrenius. 10 players must pledge their trust in the chosen player. You can’t vote for yourself. Once 10 people pledged their trust into the same person, the chosen person can continue the next mission. Note: 5 minutes after the next mission is started the barriers will be attacked, the team must now split up and defend the barriers to make enough time for the chosen hero to fulfill the next missions.


Mission 3: Finding a passage

When ready talk to Adrenius. He will tell you about the sealed chambers buried below Jakundaf. Supposedly some dwarves have reported of a cave filled with strange fiery creatures. He is sure this must be connected to the sealed chambers. He will send you out to find the dwarven expedition to the north-west of Jakundaf past the river. Go down into the hidden cave, and follow the path down.

Return to Adrenius.

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Mission 4: The secret mechanism

Adrenius will give you an Ancient Tome and an Insignia of Fafnar. He explains that this is all that is known about opening the sealed chambers. He claims he would go, but he isn’t brave enough to venture into the depth of the desert dungeon, so you need to find the hidden mechanisms alone.

The ancient tome describes a mechanism to open the gate and one to raise the bridge. To open the chambers, one must prove wit and faith. First you need to find the mechanism to open the gate. Travel into the depth of the desert dungeon and find the lever here:

Note:You must use the lever DURING the quest, so that you can do the next step. You can’t do it beforehand, nor can anyone else do it for you!

Once you use the lever and given you haven’t thrown away the Insignia of Fafnar you receive a server message. “The insignia of Fafnar starts glowing dimly. The intensity changes as you move around, as if it was guiding you.”

The second mechanism is hidden in a room somewhere in the desert quest. Equip the insignia in your ammunition slot to see how close you are to the hidden room.

Follow the path back to the ladder and go here:


Mission 5: Opening the sealed chambers

With the Insignia of Fafnar equipped walk through the fake wall. Once on the other side, the Insignia will break and you cannot return. Kill the banshee. It will drop a letter saying: “<Most of the text can’t be read as water drops have blurred the ink. Only the last sentence can be read.> CURSE YOU ADRENIUS! MAY YOUR DEATH BE PAINFUL!”

The teleporter doesn’t work until you use the lever. Once you use the lever the sealed chambers will open. Beware though, doing this will release the ancient dragon guards. You will also receive a server message: “Stones fall from the ceiling! Quickly leave – the ceiling seems to cave in!” Leave the cave through the teleporter. If you stay in the cave for more than 30 seconds after using the lever, you will die. If the chosen player dies, the quest is failed.


Mission 6: Into the abyss

You will be teleported to the small isle at the chamber entrance. Using the lever next to you will lower a bridge. Beware though as there are a lot of creatures on the other side. Wait until your team cleared the way down to you. Make sure to not get killed by the wave spells.

Ater pulling the lever inside the banshee room Dragons, Dragon Lords, Draken, Ancient Dragon Lords and Elite Dragon Lords will spawn all over Jakundaf Desert. In turn, the orc raids will stop. All players on the server receive a server message. “The gates to Fafnar’s temple have opened. It must be somewhere inside the Jakundaf Desert.” The original entrance is now not available anymore (pick holes don’t work). The team must clear a path through to the new entrance in the desert, here:


Mission 7: A lone Banshee

Once the team has reached the entrance of the sealed chamber, the chosen player can use the lever to join the team. Though the bridge to the chambers in the north is now lowered and the gate is open only the chosen player can pass through the barrier. On the other side of the bridge waits a ghostly lady. She will reveal herself to be the banshee the chosen player has killed earlier. She explains that she used to be a priestess of Fafnar and warden of the sealed chambers. But Adrenius has tricked and trapped her inside the hidden room, forcing her to open the sealed chambers for his evil plan. However, she didn’t play by his rules and instead took her own life. Yet, due to the chosen player, her sacrifice was in vain. The ghostly woman wants you to stop Adrenius, who has used dark magic to slip past the dragon guards and has infiltrated the sanctum of the chambers. He plans to resurrect a powerful Orc Warlord and needs to be stopped. However, before the path to the inner sanctum of the chambers will be free, the group must vow their loyalty to Fafnar.

The chosen player needs to step over to the altar. Use the ceremonial blade and sacrifice blood by clicking on your character.  Once done the player cannot walk under the sun without burning to death. From now on it’s either stopping Adrenius and fulfilling your vow or die. Once the chosen player has made the sacrifice the barrier blocking the rest of the team will vanish. Any player willing to continue the quest must also make a blood sacrifice. The ghostly woman will not respond to anyone but the chosen player.


Mission 8: Unwelcome heroes

Once the whole team has made its sacrifice, you can pass through the gate ahead to reach the inner sanctum by using it ahead. As soon as the first player passes through the gate, it is a race against time. Adrenius is resurrecting Zungosh the Great Warlord and the longer your team needs to stop the ritual the stronger Zungosh will be!

Make your way through the battle, between ghostly ancient orcs and dragons, which is raging on inside the sanctum. Neither is well-disposed towards your team, so fight your way through. In some passages magic barriers will seal off the way, for anyone but the chosen player. For them to be removed the chosen player must clear the nearby rooms, which are also sealed by magic barriers, of ancient orcs and use the levers.

At the end of the passage through the sanctum, you will find a big hall. Once again, a barrier blocks the teams path from reaching Adrenius, who is in the middle of the room performing his dark rituals. When you reach the hall, immediately have your team step in between the energy beams leading towards Adrenius. Standing inside the beam will damage the player over time, however for each beam interrupted the ritual will slow down. Once all beams are interrupted the ritual will be paused. The chosen player needs to talk to the ghostly woman, which is now waiting close by.


Mission 9: Ending an age-old chapter

The ghostly woman will bless you with Fafnar’s wraith. You will be able to pass through Adrenius barrier and deal a lot of damage against him and Zungosh. When you pass through the barrier Adrenius will attack you. You have 3 minutes to kill Adrenius or you will have to fight Zungosh and Adrenius at the same time. Depending on the time you needed to get down, Zungosh will spawn with more or less life. The team can gather again, as soon as Zungosh spawns. Once Zungosh hits 50% life, the barriers will disappear and the players damage buff will wear out. Until then the team will be assaulted by Ancient Orcs. If the chosen player is not a knight, quickly have a knight block Zungosh and make sure to heal him properly.

Finish the boss while dealing with the remaining Ancient Orcs.

Mission 10: The relict

Once you have killed Zungosh, the chosen player can loot a warlord sword from its corpse. Go back to the ghostly woman and talk to her. Now that Zungosh’s soul has been extracted from the relict it can be destroyed. Align the prism inside the pillars in the middle of the room, so that the beam of light hits the relict. Once done report to the ghostly woman.

You can now pick your reward from the dragon chest. Everyone will receive a celestial token. It can be used to add a single permanent imbuement slot to any piece of equipment that has at least 1 imbuement slot. Also, you can use the statue of Fafnar to gain Fafnar’s blessing. As long as you don’t use another celestial statue, you will have a slight chance to receive some healing whenever you take damage. You can return to Fafnar’s temple any time by using a teleporter at Adrenius former hideout.



Warlord Sword

Celestial Token


- Fafnar’s Blessing

- Achievement “Zungosh’s Demise” (8 points, grade 3, Secret)

Quest can be repeated every year. However, each reward can only be obtained once and each player can only be the chosen player once.

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The Burrowed Sins


Since the library of Ankrahmun contain many books that tell stories of this magnificent city, one of them tell a tale about a stranger that almost died in the desert. This brave stranger went to an adventure which consisted of fulfil 5 tasks, but has never returned from the scarab lair. He was searching for answers that was lost in the desert for aeons, is he alive? What did he want to talk with the eldest scarab? Which secrets the mystic sands hide? Now your adventure begins

Level required: None, but the dungeons suggest 300+

Inspired Quest: Serpentine Tower

When you descend in the mother scarab’s lair dungeon, figure 1, you can find a corpse near the altar of the figure 2.

Figure 1

Figure 2


When you click to open the body for the first time 10 ancient scarabs and 5 necromancers will be summoned and an orange message appears: “Be gone stranger”

 In this body, you will find some equipment and a book. The book explain that the eldest scarab is sealed in other dimension and teaches how to get in there.


Mission 1 – Breakthrough the Elder’s Dimension

Required Equipment: 

- Holy scarab

- Hammer of wrath

Put the holy scarab on the altar and crash it with the hammer. An orange message appears: “Shall the sand burrow all the sins”

figure 3

A teleport appear (5 people can enter before it disappears). “Your body absorbs the power of the Holy Scarab and grant you access through dimensions”

Now you have access to this room just by clicking in the altar.

You will find yourself and the others 4 friends in a room, which looks like a last room of the ancient tombs quest, and a NPC named Eldest Scarab will stand in the middle.

The npc will tell you that the world is in danger since he knows the spell of immortality, tells that you must talk to Arkhotep. He gives you the Book of The Undying, which grant access to Arkhotep’s room. 

Mission 2 – The Past Mysteries

When you use the door of the figure 4 with the book you will be teleported inside.

figure 4

He tells you that he did not believe when gossips told about the conspirators, so when he discovered that the plot was real, it was too late. He had to sacrifice a powerful unique gem to change the immortality spell, curse the pharaohs and seal them under the sand. As collateral damage, he was cursed too.

He admires your strength and ask if you are brave enough to save the world. If you agree, he tells you that the eldest scarab knows where to find another gem.

Mission 3 – The XXXXXX Spell

Required Equipment:

-A lamp of a djinn

-100 scarab coin

-Holy Falcon

-Ancient Tiara

Back to the elder scarab he tells that the only way to find another gem is to go back to the past and change the present. He explain that the secret spell of the serpentine tower use the power of four sacred relics to create a portal to the past.

Go to the serpentine tower, put the 4 equipment on the coal basins and pull the lever.(figure 5)

figure 5

Mission 4 – Linked to the Past

You will find yourself in a very different Ankrahmun, people are alive and the city is in the top of a mountain. The city wall is in a great cliff with huge pyramids in the desert, oasis and some palaces.

Talk to Arkhotep (a human one). He won’t believe in your words and ask you to prove it. You must go to the pyramids and palaces that are ruled by the Omruc, Thalas, Dipthrah, Mahrdis, Vashresamun, Morguthis, Rahemos and Ashmunrah.

Mission 5 – The Naive Pharaoh

Mission 5.1 – Defeat the Merciless Warrior

Go to the Morguthis Pyramid. Talk to his Sam The Son at the entrance. You must insist in the topic of betrayal so he will grant you access to go upstairs.

The room right before Morguthis is a wrong and right path maze. The maze has invisible walls like the pumin’s pits of inferno seal, every time you walk wrong you will take a multiplied dmg of “mysterious traps” and has a random chance to summon a deathslice. You start taking 300 dmg for each wrong step and then 600, 1200, and so on. There is just One right path.

When you finally reach Morguthis he will first appear like an npc. You must insist in the betrayal topic 3 times.

The npc disappear, five towers are summoned and a creature appear “Enraged Morguthis”. He summon a max of 7 Morguthis’ Servants (nomads outfit). Sometimes he will say “Do you think you can beat me?” and hit physical damage to all the room.

You defeat him and go to the next room where you will find him again as npc. He will give you his broken blade to prove you talked to him.

Mission 5.2 – The Vain Concubine

Vashreamun lives in a beautiful palace, just like the asura’s. You will find her friend Delilah at the entrance. This time, if you are a male she will try to seduce you and change the subject many times (a random success of 10%). Every fail you will need to buy her some present like grapes and jewels (escalation success rate of 10% per present). If you are woman, she will be rude with you and tell you to walk upstairs.

When you reach the last floor, you will find Vashreamun. As soon you insist 3 times in talk about the betrayal a tower appears in the middle of the room with area attack and she will turn into a dragon creature called Viritra. It instantly take 90% of everyone life in the room and shout: “You shall wither with my breath”. This godly dragon should hit hard, gfbs, waves of fire and “sand”, summon 7 Asuras and must be immune to ice and weak to energy.

When you defeat it, you can reach the next floor. You will find her as npc and that will give you a strand of her hair.

Mission 5.3 – The Madman

Mahridis lives in a palace, and when you arrive there a servant in the floor that tells you that his boss is busy, if you insist 5 times screams appears, “HELLLLLP” and “NOW THE POWER IS MINE”.

Now you can go upstairs. When you reach the last floor the npc Mahrdis will be there when you talk to him he will already say: “Its time to test my new power”

And the npc turns into Enraged Mahrdis (infernalist’s outfit), fire damage, summons 4-5 hellhounds. When he dies you can use his body, will get Mahrdis’ Ashes.

Mission 5.4 – The Master of Minds

Dipthrah will live in enormous pyramid. The last floor before him will be similar to his maze on the ancient tomb quest. Will be 8 rooms that have 2 doors to reach, each door will be the response to a question. If the question is right nothing happens and you will gain access to the next room, but if the question is wrong you will take 1k damage that double each time you take the dmg.(1k,2k…)

He will appear as an npc and when you insist in the betrayal topic he will turn into “Enraged Dipthrah”.

He will look like a necromancer, but he will be immune to physical and will summon some altered warlocks that if are not killed faster, turn into demons and after that turn into grimeleechs.

After you defeated him, you will find him as npc again in the next floor and he will give you a Blessed Scarab.

Mission 5.5 – The Conjure Master

Rahemos will live in an amazing pyramid. The last room before him will be a maze of false walls with buttons that open invisible doors.

Then you will find him as NPC that when you insist in talk about the plot he will turn into “Enraged Rahemos”. He will look like a Warlock (but with the hat) and will summon on max 6 hellflayers.

When you defeat him the next room he will turn into an npc again and he will give the conjure powder.

Mission 5.6 – The Alchemist

Equipment required:

-50 hideous crunk

-a mandrake

-A flask

Thalas will live in a temple. The last room before him you will find the “receipt of death potion” and a teleporter. The teleporter only take you to the other side if you drink ”the death potion”(you will start taking 600 hundred of dmg per turn that decrease of 5 each turn). Make the potion adding the ingredients in the vial and enter the portal.

He will appear as an npc. You can only take his attention if you are still under “death potion” effect. When you insist in talking to him he will turn into a monster. He will look like a green warlock (with the hat). He will summon many hideous fungi and will only receive damage if you are under the effect of the “death potion”.

When you defeat him you will talk to him in the next floor as npc and he will give you the “a venomous fungi”.

Mission 5.7 – The Dreaded Hunter

Omruc will live in a great palace. It will be full of ghost creatures(new ones) symbolizing the ones he killed. The last room before him will be full of “special bear traps”. Some traps will be working, others not. If you step on a working trap you will take damage between 1k-4k of dmg and a bleeding that varies 3k-1.5k (accumulative)

When you talk with him and insist in the betrayal topic he will turn into Enraged Omruc.

He will look like a hunter outfit that, plants the “special bear traps” in the floor, hit criticals, and summon stronger wereboars and werewolfs. When you talk with him after he defeated the creature he will give you the broken hunter bow.

Mission 5.8 – Ashmunrah

When you try to find Ashmunrah inside the Arkhotep’s pyramid you won’t find anyone but a piece of a letter: “Come to the meeting point”. So you go back to arkhotep and give him the items and this piece of letter. Now you will hear “HELLLP the town is being raided” and Arkhotep tell you to find and kill Ashmunrah.

Mission 6 - Save the World

He tells you to find Asmunrah inside mother scarab’s lair, give you the Soul Ruby, and tell you to use just as last option. When you step out the city a raid of demons, grimleechs, hellfalyers, hellhounds starts and the town is under siege. You will have 1 hour to finish the task or you will get back in the future without memory at the mission 1.

Mother scarab’s lair will look like Ferumbra’s Ascendant Dungeon. When you reach the altar the teleport will be there. When you pass in it you will have 15 min to take the boss down or the cave will explode and you will be teleported back to future with the mission 1.

Ashmunrah will be incredibly stronger he will instantly summons 6 hellfalyers and will look like arkhotep(human).

You can low his health significantly using the soul ruby on him.

Kill him and he will loot another Soul ruby mandatory at the first time. And very rare after that.

One soul ruby will seal the elder scarab. And after that Arkhotep will offer you to enchant your ancient helmet using a soul ruby.

He will enchant your ancient helmet into: 

The Perfect Ancient Helmet:

11 arm

5% protection of physical

+1 of any fighting(changed for 100k to +1 magic level)

+1 shielding

1 imbuement slot


-Soul ruby

-Arkhotep can enchant 1 Ancient Helmet

-Achievement: The Hero of The Past

Important notes:

-Only 5 people can enter in each boss room. Every boss will give his loot through “new loot system”.

-After you have access to the past you can go there by asking to Arkhotep, If you take longer than 1 hour to the last part of the quest or 15 min to kill Ashmunrah you will go back to mission 1 and the soul ruby disappear.

-You cannot climb the Past’s pyramids.

-Since this quest are meant to high levels, 300 plus, the bosses and dungeons’ difficulty should be created according to that

-The bosses can be killed one time per week

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The Jakundaf Quest


The Jakundaf Desert is located in the center of the “old continent” (Tibia Mainland).

Nowadays Tibians don’t really care about this “silly” dungeon: all it is worth for was to grant some “starting” gold (famous DD/10k quest) to the adventurers of the past, to help the beginning of their journeys.

But what these nowadays tibians doesn’t know is that place is one of the oldest places in Tibian universe. Most of these aged places in Tibia holds some hidden wonders and treasures, but all Jakundaf bears is a quest and also monsters for begginers (at least most people thinks so). This place holds the remains of buildings that that one of present day can only imagine what it really was; in fact, one might even think there is more to this place than eyes can see. Maybe Jakundaf is the remains of an old city? Perhaps an ancient dungeon, that were once alive and filled with powerfull monsters, monsters wich have abandonned this dungeon in a past long forgotten, and now only the weak creatures still inhabits? Or Jakundaf may also really be just “silly” old dungeon, with nothhing speciall at all...

Do you believe so?




-Have done the DD quest  completely (finding all keys and knowing wich and doors in desert dungeon are related to it – and wich keys and doors are not related to this quest. This knowledge will be required.

-vial of water

-A roll, flour, dough, rose and cherry.


-level 80

-Secret (Jakundaf City): 4 players of each vocation, sacrificing the rewards of Jakundaf Quest.


Say hi to NPC Nemal. You’ll get a “Your Questlog has been Updated” (from now on just “YQU – The italic text is what will be show in your quest log). Also, QL stands for questlog.


1.       The lost wanderer.

“After fishing the Desert Dungeton Quest and wandering around, you met Nemal. He is not a part of the DD quest. He claims himself to be a wanderer. A regular wanderer deep in this dungeon? Doesn’t this sounds fishy ?”


The player will find out he is blind and agrees to help him out.





2.       The potion.

You don’t know yet how to help Nemal out. So you decide to seek this mysterious Desert Library once again “

(the player must  had been here before to finish DD quest)


Read Potion of Regained Vision BookYQU



3.       Reward for regaining vision.


Gather all elements. Report back to Nemal. Hand him and teach the potion. He will hand you the 4037 key.




4.       Matching the key / Halls of Lost Doors.

 “There are only three doors in desert dungeon that you didn’t open when doing the DDQuest. So, you try them all – to finally find the door wich is opened by Nemal’s Key.”


It is a room with the signs bellow and 4 paths. There's also a switch on the flor. It can’t be pressed.




Each path lead to nowhere. 



At first,  one may think signs are a riddle, that must be solved using “mental powers” as mentioned by Nemal. After much thinking, one might decides to think again about Nemal’s hint and go back do Library Dungeon and read this book.  





5.       Hidraulic pressure.

“So that what Nemal meant. To “use mental powers” was not about solving a riddle, but about gathering knowledge!”


Go back to the Halls of Lost Doors. It's a known fact some fluids can be used to unstuck some levers (eg, PoI entrance lever). But who would imagine water could be used to unstuck a ground switch?  The player decides to bring a vial of water and spoil it over the switch (first pic topic 4) and then steps on it. The switch is pressed.




6.       Lost doors – a loose end?

“No one knew until today is that ground switchs in Tibia are an hidraulic mecanism – this one was old and dry. You fixed it with water and pushed it. The switch stays down (pushed), but you don’t know what it is for. You decide to explore a bit more of this old Desert Dungeon”.


The questlog hints the player to search a bit more. Using  past knowledge of DD quest, the player checks others two remaing locked doors in the Desert Dungeon. Then he starts to think about all tibia itens that can be use to open doors beside a key. He remembers the crowbar. In real world, these are used by burglars to break in locked doors. In Tibian world they were in a past long gone used by knights to train club fighting. Nowadays they are useless here. Are they?


Eventually, the player will find out that a crowbar can be used in Tibia as in the real world  and sucessfully opens this door.






7.       About levers n’ bridges.

“You found out how to open a locked door – not in a regular way. But there is nowhere to go. Or maybe if you search a bit more you can pull something up”.


The questlog gives the player a hint – to “pull something”. The player then pulls two levers:


 This first one is a well known lever – it raises the fences of the path in “spike sword quest”.


The second one is not so well known. Actually just a few people know about it. And fewer know what it really does. 


The second lever raises a bridge in the crowbar door.




 The player then finds this note.





8.       Finding the stone. Panpipes!

“Do you believe in everything you read? Maybe it’s a good idea to check it out”.


The player searches the desert and eventually find out this stone.


There is a key in it.  Now it is an easy path. There is only one locked door left in entire Desert Dungeon. Inside it there is a chest.” You have foundPanpipes!





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9.       Music. Who can live without it?

“You have braved the Desert Dungeon and opened all the doors in that place.  Tibia is filled with music and instruments. But is there another place you can find this unique instrument?What can it do?”


Once more the questlog defies the player to think.


The first hint is the “place’: Is there another place where you can get Panpipes? If the player is experienced enough, he will remember that the only “other place” one can get these rare instruments is deep in Ankrahmun’s – in Vashresamun’s chamber.  


The second hint lies in the phrase “who can live without it” – One of Vashresamun’s speech is implies that music is the food of the death (“If music is the food of death, drop dead!).


So the player is able to know that Vashresamun can be related to the quest.  But how?  Now the player can remember that Vashresamun, besides being the “only other place” to get the panpipes in whole Tibia, also summons banshees! So the panpipes are somewhat related in summoning banshees and controling them.


The player finally is able to decide to pay the (in)famous desert’s lonely Banshee a visit. And of course, to play the panpipes.





After playing the Panpipes the Banshee is tamed and starts to behave as the Ghoul in paradox tower quest – and can ‘push objects’. Eventually, the Banshee, now tamed, will pull the lever in it’s room.


(Explanation: like dogs in real life behaves strangely to ultrasonic sounds, sounds that humans can’t hear, so does the banshee will behave different and obey their master when the panpipes are blown. (the panpipes creates sound vibrations different from other tibian instruments that can control the undead)




10.   Nothing more in there.

You have wandered the Desert Dungeon far and wide. There is nothing more to see IN there”.


The questlog hintd the player to go outside the DD. 


The player decided to check the Spike Sword quest area, near the Jakundaf Desert, to see if there are any changes, as it is very near the DD.



The player will figure out that the lever pulled in QL # 7 removes the fence (well known fact actually). The lever pulled by the tamed banshee in in QL # 9 removes the magic walls. And, the switch pressed in QL # 6 is now revealed: it has opened a new bridge inside the Spike Sword Quest Area, leading to a new lever.



After pushing this lever, another new bridge appears, connecting to the dragons in the end of the room.

 The player now walk up at a room that has a level 80 door and a chest. The prize when opening it varies from vocation.



Knights: Simple Sword.

Only used by Knights.

*It grants +4 to melee skills for 2 hours. It can be used once each 20  hours. The effect (and cooldown) durations is only triggered if the item is in the player backpack.

(meelee, sword, axe and club)


Druids: Eden's Apple.

Only used by druids.

*It grants faster regeneration for 2 hours. It can be used once each 20 hours. The effect (and cooldown) durations is only triggered if the item is in the player backpack.

Detailed explanation: It raises your regen rate such as Soft Boots.


Paladins: Swift's Crossbow

Only used by paladins.

*It grants you fast movement speed for 2 hours. It can be used once each 20 hours. The effect (and cooldown) durations is only triggered if the item is in the player backpack.

Detailed Explanation: The paladin runs faster as if had a BoH equipped.


Sorcerers: Spellbook of the Devil.

Only used by sorcerers.

*It grants you amplified AOE range for all your AOE spells and runes for 2 hours.

It can be used once each 20 hours. The effect (and cooldown) durations is only triggered if the item is in the player backpack.

Detailed explanation: it increases the AOE of all sorcerer spells, to hit like Demon’s GFB (greater AREA OF EFFECT. It does not affect the damage). The sorcerers’ ultimate spells AOE are not affected.




11.   The end.

“Congratulations... You have completed the Jakundaf Quest...”


The player will also get an achievement: Roleplayer (one star).



12.    SECRET QL - Yet again the QL challenges the player: a congratulations followed by reticences...


There is still the Gharonk language (as mentioned by NPC Nemal if talked to, and the DD library)  Also, there is this dead body that wasn’t part of either the “DD quest” or the “Jakundaf Quest”. The experienced player will try to find more – and eventually will open this body and read this book after the quest is finished:

  • site!




13.   More than meet the eyes.

“You have found another trail of a quest in the desert Dungeon. But where will this lead? What Erin Cropwell was searching when he died?


The player will now use his knowledge about the game – and will eventually remember Alistair Cropwell – an explorer of Thaian Kingdom that was executed for claiming to exist another empire besides the Thaian one.





14.   The Gharonk speakers- The Jakundaf City.

“After following the lead of Alistair Cropwell, Erin Cropwell ended up dieing in the Desert Dungeon. Erin’s body may be a sign that the Desert Dungeon is where lies the entrance of the City mentioned by Alistair...”


After all this exploration, the player may eventually  try to gather 3 more friends, each of one different vocation, and try to “redoing” the desert quest.


They all must have finished the “Jakundaf Quest”. They must go to the “DD Quest” last room. Instead of the regular “sword, apple, crossbow and spellbook”, now each vocation places their new itens on the basins (knight uses a “simple sword”, the druid the “eden apple”, and so on)




The paladin pulls the lever. The 4 players are teleported. But not to the old DD prize room. They go to somewhere else. A whole ancient and unexplored city, filled with new areas to explore.


The player must choose to keep the reward itens or to sacrifice them to access the new area.


After talking with some NPCs (all creatures NPCs, not humans), they find out that Gharonk is the result of mixing human language and demon language and that Jakundaf means “Demon City” in gharonk.  


This is a place where Demons, devils and creatures alike lives.  

This is the reason why the Demon Mother appears over  Jakundaf Desert for Demon Lullaby Quest. Also, this was also from where the Demon that used to live under Thais and harass mintwallin came from – the old path was locked aeons ago by the minotaurs.


Also, players will meet a human traveler, Othmor. (from famous the book in the DD library).  Othmor teaches the players magic words that can be used to raise a magic bridge in Lake Amros (and the bridge might only be used by those who finished the quest). (place below)


The hole in the central isle is where people that finished the quest will now come in and out of Jakundaf City.

Reward: Access to new city and areas (Jakundaf City)

Achiement: TRUE Roleplayer! (two stars)






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