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Oct 22, 02:56PM
gracias, fue muy entretenido
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Idhock Event
Oct 20, 09:27AM
Felicidades a los ganadores del concurso de dibujo de monturas, esperamos que todos se hayan divertido
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Idhock Event
Oct 20, 09:26AM
Congratulations to the winners of the mount drawing contest! Hope y'all had fun ????
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“Darkness falls across the land The midnight hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of blood To terrorize yawl's neighborhood And whosoever shall be found Without the soul for getting down Must stand and face the hounds of hell And rot inside a corpse's shell” ...

Check it out on forum


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Umbra Jun 1 '17, 10:24AM

Have you spent hours braving lands, searching for answers, wondering how can I solve this quest? Years and years wandering Tibian lands, reading books, trying new ways and no results. Was it a waste of time? You ask yourself if there is a solution at all. 
We from TibiaEvents would like to know a solution to some of the most mysterious quests too. 
Would you provide for us? After all it was not a waste of time, you aquired a lot of knowledge on Tibia and it is time to use it.
Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower, Basilisk, how do you dream about the solution of these quests? Choose your quest and spoiler it!


The contest starts June 1 - 10:30 Cet - and ends on June 26 - 23:59 Cet.


- You must choose among Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower, Basilisk and create a quest of it.

- You must provide a short description of the quest, like an introduction (limited to 250 words). 

- You can provide a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 steps to solve the quest (limited to 2000 words).

- You can use Tibia information (books, documents, etc) or create it from your imagination (note that your knowledge about Tibia will be judged).

- To solve the quest you should specify the items you need, if you need a team, specific vocations, etc. All Tibia content (locations, items, npc's) can be used as long as it makes sense.

- You must reveal the reward of the quest at the end (not necessarily an item).

- You can use screenshots in the spoiler. You can edit the screenshots using graphic programmes (only Tibia screenshots and edited screenshots is allowed).

- Submissions must be in English only.

- Your submission must contain your character name and world at the top of your post on this topic.

- The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language.

It is not allowed to use OT servers, this could lead to an exclusion from our contest.

- Plagiarism leads to disqualification.

- Event starts June 1 and ends June 26.

What will we rate:

Your creativity and knowledge about Tibia.

- The practicability of the quest.

- Clarity of the descriptions.

- Complexity of the solution.

- Choosen reward.


Our team and Cip will be judging 


1st Place: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Choose Tome (of preference), Memory Box or Wooden Whistle.

2nd Place: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Choose between remaining items.

3rd Place: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Remaining item.

Can you finish it?
Your TibiaEvents Team

(Edited some typo's)

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Tobbysch Jun 1 '17, 03:05PM
Sounds great! One of the best contest idea's so far! I will enjoy this one.


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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 1 '17, 03:15PM

Quote from Tobbysch Sounds great! One of the best contest idea's so far! I will enjoy this one.


Can't wait to read your submission!
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arekz Jun 1 '17, 08:28PM
ahhh I'm so dissapointed...

some people are working whole week and have no time for such things like create quests.. 

...also the rewards are a joke lol

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Umbra Jun 1 '17, 08:34PM
@arekz the contest is running until june 26 thats a lot of days :-)

Have a wonderfull day! :-)

Kind regards,

Teranzo Team leader - TibiaEvents.com

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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 1 '17, 08:35PM

Versão em português:

Your quest log has been updated!


O evento começa 1º de Junho - 10:30 CET (5:30 horário de Brasilia) e termina 26 de Junho - 23:59 CET (18:59 horário de Brasília)

Como funcionará:

Você já gastou horas desbravando terras, procurando por respostas, se perguntando como posso resolver essa quest? Anos e anos andarilhando pelas terras Tibianas, lendo livros, tentando novas maneiras e sem resultados. Foi tudo perda de tempo? Você se pergunta se ao menos existe uma solução.

Nós do TibiaEvents queremos saber a solução de algumas quests misteriosas também.

Você pode nos dar a solução? Afinal, não foi tempo perdido, você adquiriu muito conhecimento no Tibia e é hora de usá-lo. Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower, Basilisk, como você sonha que seja a solução dessas quests? Escolha uma e nos dê o spoiler!


- Você deverá escolher entre Jakundaf Desert, Serpentine Tower ou Basilisk e criar uma quest delas.

- Você deverá fornecer uma pequena descrição da quest, como uma introdução (máx. 250 palavras)

- Você pode fornecer um mínimo de 10 e um máximo de 20 passos para resolver a quest (máx. 2000 palavras).

- Você pode usar informações obtidas no Tibia (livros, documentos,etc.) ou criar de sua imaginação (note que seu conhecimento sobre Tibia será julgado)

- Para resolver a quest você deve especificar os itens necessários, se você precisa de um time, as vocações específicas, etc. Todo o conteúdo do Tibia (locais, itens, NPC's) pode ser usado desde que faça sentido.

- Você deve revelar a recompensa da quest no final (não necessariamente um item).

- Você pode usar screenshots no spoiler. Você pode editar as screenshots usando programas gráficos (apenas screenshots de Tibia e screenshots editadas serão permitidas).

- As submissões deverão ser apenas em Inglês.

- Sua submissão deverá conter o nome do seu char e o seu mundo no topo da sua postagem nesse tópico.

- O conteúdo NÃO deve estar relacionado a coisas inapropriadas ou conter linguagem inapropriada.

- O uso de OT servers não será permitido, isso levará à exclusão do concurso.

- Plágio leva à desqualificação.

- O evento começa 1º de Junho e termina 26 de Junho.

O que julgaremos:

- Sua criatividade e conhecimento sobre Tibia.

- A exequibilidade da quest.

- Clareza das descrições.

- A complexidade da solução.

- A recompensa escolhida.

Quem julga:

Nossa equipe e a equipe da CipSoft.


1º Lugar: Golden Trophy of Excellence + Escolher:Tome (of preference), Memory Box ou Wooden Whistle.

2º Lugar: Silver Trophy of Excellence + Escolher entre os itens restantes.

3º Lugar: Bronze Trophy of Excellence + Item restante.

Você pode terminar a quest?

Equipe Tibia Events.

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Fire_Draggon Jun 2 '17, 12:55AM
Can i describe a new tibia location in this contest?
Like for an example, lets say a npc will teleport me to a place that doesnt exist, is it possible or against the rules? Id like to add places in my quest, that doesnt exist yet.

Also, can I invent items? Like for an example, enchanted pick to destroy a specific rock?
The Forum post is edited by Fire_Draggon Jun 2 '17, 01:39AM
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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 2 '17, 02:17AM
Hello Rafael,

Since we need you to create the quest the way you imagine, you can create new places and items.

Quote from rafaels2 Can i describe a new tibia location in this contest?Like for an example, lets say a npc will teleport me to a place that doesnt exist, is it possible or against the rules? Id like to add places in my quest, that doesnt exist yet.
Also, can I invent items? Like for an example, enchanted pick to destroy a specific rock?

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Alepetew Jun 3 '17, 08:44PM
I have a question, question is if I can create a new type of floor, walls, etc... (making it with graphic programmes) 

Also I want to create new npc's xD, is all that ok?

Alepetew =)

The Forum post is edited by Alepetew Jun 3 '17, 08:45PM
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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 4 '17, 03:26AM
Yes, you can create new things. Note that only screenshots and edited screenshots are accepted
Quote from Alepetew I have a question, question is if I can create a new type of floor, walls, etc... (making it with graphic programmes) 

Also I want to create new npc's xD, is all that ok?

Alepetew =)

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arekz Jun 5 '17, 06:34PM
so basically, event based on photoshop
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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 5 '17, 07:46PM
Dear Arekz, you can read what we will rate on the description of the event

Quote from arekz so basically, event based on photoshop

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Didi Jun 9 '17, 02:25AM
We post submissions here, right?
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Umbra Jun 9 '17, 10:13AM
Hello Didi,

Thats right! :-) have a wonderfull weekend!

Quote from Didi We post submissions here, right?

Kind regards,

Teranzo - Team Leader TibiaEvents

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Didi Jun 9 '17, 09:03PM

Didi Hadid


Basilisk Quest


Deep down Kazordoon's mines there is a lonely and kind dwarf adventurer named Basilisk who was once trapped in this dark hole and now has the shape of a snake.

His good friend Kawill, a geomancer that loves magic, never got over the disappearance of his friend and since then tries to discover what really happened to Basilisk.

All Kawill knows is that he sent his friend to Ab'dendriel to investigate some kind of magic intending to learn and use it for their benefit, but never returned. 

The only lead he found is a partially burnt book with blood stains named "Horrible Screams" found by him deep down the mines saying:

"Horrible screams ..blinding light....pain...happening???....No one....The light ...closer....brighter...no visibility....Farewell..."

 He believes this is some kind of diary Basilisk was trying to write.

So now Kawill needs your help to try and find out what happened to his adventurer friend, he believes somehow the elves got him trapped there using their magic powers, and since they are dwarve's enemies, they wont say a word to any dwarf kind or anyone trying to help them about how to solve this puzzle.

Location: Kazordoon, Ab'dendriel, Farmine and dwarf's mines.

You will face: All kinds of dwarves and elves.

Required Equipment:

- 10k plus money for travelling

- Pick, rope, shovel

- Elven Amulet

- 10 Holy orchids

Note: The words in Bold are what the player have to say to the Npc.


Mission 1 - Gathering information

Start talking to Kawill about Basilisk, he will tell you he doesn't have the authority to send you on a mission so dangerous like that, he is just a blesser after all. The right person to entrust you this is Emperor Kruzak , he will tell you exactly what to do since he has the power to promote great adventurers.

Mission 2 - Mingling with the elves

Greet him properly and tell him you spoke to Kawill about a secret mission, and he will then tell you that to start talking to the elves you will need to gain their trust first, so you'll have to wear an enchanted elven amulet that will make you have some kind of elvish aurea around you, making the elves trust you as one of them. To make this enchanted amulet you need to get a simple elven amulet  and use it on a fresh elf arcanist's body (while being on mission 2). The amulet will start to shine. 

You see an enchanted elven amulet.It weighs 2.10 oz.

Wear it while talking to Edala for the first time and you will gain their trust forever. The amulet dissapears in 1 minute after you wear it. 

Mission 3 - Secret disguise

Now ask Edala about Basilisk, she will ask for 10 holy orchids first to prove you are worthy of hearing what she has to say.Bring the holy orchids and then she will explain you that the right elf to give you the information is Elathriel,  since he is responsible for the prisoners he hears a lot of secret stories and maybe he could give you one more piece of information for solving the puzzle.

Mission 4 - The Maze
Tell Elathriel that Edala sent you there to talk to him about a secret mission. He is going to explain that there's a key very well hidden beneath a room full of high class dwarves, it'll be hard to find the hole that takes you to the room and you'll need some kind of tool to reveal the way down.So grab a pick and make your way down to the Circle room quest, go down one more floor and use a pick south east from the rope spot. 

When you see the maze, figure out how to get to the key inside a box but be careful, it's a magic maze made by the elves, the trees change places after you click the box.

You see a rusty golden key. It is too rusty to use or read the number. It weighs 1.50 oz.

Mission 5 - A rusty Key

Go back to Elathriel and tell him your mission to get the key succeeded, but it looks too rusty to use. He'll explain you need to go find Esrik, although he is a dwarf, he is the best blacksmith to do that kind of job.

Mission 6 - A handy help

Head to Farmine and talk to Esrik about your mission to unrust the key. He says the key is very fragile so its going to be expensive to unrust it. Pay him 10.000 gold pieces and he will get the job done.

You see a golden key (Key:3031). It weighs 1.00 oz.

Mission 7 - The Secret Prisoner
So now go back to Elathriel with the key and ask him what's the next step of your mission. Finally he will tell you that the key opens the cell from the only prisoner that was there  when everything happened. His name is Colton, he is in a cell downstairs and he only talks to people if they are inside his cell so the risk is all yours if you want to try it. Elathriel will tell you also that you must lock the cell and give the key to him after you finish talking to Colton, otherwise you won't be able to continue the quest.

Mission 8 - Unforgettable night

You see Colton.

Use the key to open the cell door and tell the prisoner about your mission, he is gonna tell you that on that fateful night he overheard from his prison cell that the elves were screaming about getting the intruder and calling the big boss, they were very agitated like never before, and suddenly he saw a bright white light coming from that direction, after that everything got quiet, really quiet. He is almost sure the intruder was a dwarf because he saw his small shadow as he passed, but he has no idea what happened to him after that, all Colton knows is the location of this big boss. So ask him for the location and he'll say this creature lives in a hidden hole deep down Kazordoon's mines, you'll need a pick to find the way down. He is not sure exactly where but if you have an adventurer's spirit, you should find it by yourself. You should be prepared to face a strong and merciless creature.After you leave the prison cell, give the key to Elathriel.

Mission 9 - There will be blood
Now head to Kazordoon's mines and when you get to a place that you can see from far a snake shape, use the pick. 

You'll fall into a room with a door (only level 100+ players that are on mission 9 can pass), after you enter a strong dwarf guard boss named Balmar will spawn, he lives there guarding the secret snake shaped prisoner, you'll have to defeat him.

Note that only one player can enter the room at once, this part cannot be done with a team.

You see Balmar.

Be careful because he has a powerful earthshake attack and besides that, he attacks with fire from his eyes, since he was created by the elves. He also summons 1-3 dwarf geomancers that will drain your mana very fast.This boss has no loot, after you defeat him his body will become the rope spot to Basilisk's room, so rope yourself up to finally meet him.

Now that you are able to talk to Basilisk, say hi to him and you'll get the secret achievement "A Dwarf's Tale", then tell him you want to hear his story and he will tell you what really happened.

"One day I was on Kazordoon's library and found a very interesting book named 'Extended Vision'. The book got my attention first because it was very beautiful, with a shiny golden cape. As I started to read it I got even more excited because it was talking about a recipe to make dwarf's vision even better, with the potion we would be able to see nearly twice as far as we currently do.The recipe was partially concluded, it was only missing the catalysts and the magic words to imbue it with energy.So I went directly to my friend who knows a lot about magic - Kawill -  and asked him if he had any idea of how to finish that potion. He said he didn't know it but he knew of some race who would know it for sure, there was only one problem: It was dwarves enemies, the elves, they had been doing dwarven magic for decades and had to know how to finish the potion. You know, I've always been an adventurer, I like to explore and I'm brave so I wasn't afraid of trying.So I told my friend I'd go search for the final magic trick and wouldn't come back without an answer. I'm sneaky and small of course, so it was easy for me to hide in Ab'dendriel, plants and trees make good hideouts.It took seven days until they finally started making the Extended Vision magic potion.It was late at night, and I was very excited watching carefully as they combined all the ingredients, when they were almost finishing the potion I tried to move closer so I could hear the magic words but it was too dark and I didn't see a bottle right next to my feet, so I kicked it with my heavy boots without noticing and it broke making a loud sound. Everyone immediately turned to see me, a dwarf spying on secret elf magic! They called this big guard boss to take me away, as elves don't kill people, my punishment was to be transformed into a snake so no would know I'm a dwarf, as the big guard was taking me away, I tried to write what happened on a paper so someone could maybe see it and help me but he threw the paper away and left me here.The elves thought about everything to hide this story, they even wrote a book about a horrible snake that killed many people turning them into rocks, that's a lie! I'm glad to be able to tell you this, the REAL story. I can't leave this place anymore, this rock hole down is just an illusion, but I can teleport you out. Since the elves turned me into this snake I somehow got this power to teleport other people. Go and tell Kawill all this and he will reward you properly, brave adventurer!"

Basilisk will teleport you out of the cave, where you first used the pick.

Mission 10 - Reward
Now make your way back to Kawill and finally report your mission to him. He will be happy to know what really happened to his friend, and that at least he is not dead. Ask him about the reward Basilisk told you and he will give you Dwarven Boots, to honor his brave adventurer friend, as you walked in his shoes to complete this amazing adventure.

You see dwarven boots (Arm:3, speed -5, protection physical +2%). It weighs 35.00 oz.

Rewards: Achievement "A Dwarf's Tale" (3 points, grade 1, Secret) and Dwarven Boots.

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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Jun 10 '17, 03:27AM
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Nehuy Jun 20 '17, 05:52AM
Nehuy - Fortera

// Here starts the spoiler. I will be adding the lore at the end, since it exceed the 2.000 words limit.

The Immortal Path

There are those who says to have seen a creature, resembling the figure of an enlarged dragon, walking the sands of Jakundaf Desert, but as soon as they get close to, it banishes. In the past there have been a few coragous ones who descended to the wastelands maze, but even less found their way out. The last adventurer who returned from the deepest cave died short after, he could only say the same incomprehensive words over and over...

-You must have killed Ferumbras or Ferumbras Mortal Shell at least once.
-Ferumbras' Amulet.
-A countainer with Ferumbras blood.
-Key 4029.
-Four players, one of each vocation, one of them must have joined the Nightmare Knights.
-Rope, pick and shovel.
-Some money to travel.

Before you start, be sure that you have a container with Ferumbras blood; this is obtainable by using an empty container in a fresh corpse of Ferumbras.

First Step - Talk with Adrenius

Adrenius is a priest who lives in the only temple in the desert.

Ask him about the Desert, and keep talking with him until he tells you about Morris.

Second Step - Talk with Foris (new npc).

You will find him in the entrance of the dungeon

Greet him and mention Morris, then say the following: ‘Libray’, ‘Time’, ‘Immortality’, ‘Created’ and ‘Jakundaf’.
You will now have to talk with Barriel.

Third Step - Talk with Barriel (new npc).

He walks around the Demon Tower, west of the dungeon entrance

Greet him and tell him about ‘Jakundaf’, the ‘Secret Path’ and ‘Passed Away’.

Fourth Step - Getting the key

Now that you have access to Jakundaf grave you can retrieve the key 4029 from it. Only one person is required to have it.

Fifth Step - A visit to Avar Tar

Since he has been around for a long time, Avar Tar is one of those alive who might have known Jakundaf in person.

Find him east of Edron, and thell him the following: ‘Jakundaf’, ‘Strange Quest’, ‘Help’.

Sixth step - Into the Dream Realm
This time one of your party members need to join the Nightmare Knights (if haven’t done yet), and talk with The Dream Master, beneath the Planics of Havoc.

Greet him and say the following: ‘Jakundaf’, ‘Immortal being’, ‘Ferumbras’, ‘Goshnar’.

Seventh step- A visit to Goshnar
For this mission you will need the blood of Ferumbras, and only those who made the previous step need to make this one. Go to Goshnar tomb, it’s in the southern part of the Planis of Havoc, follow the path and use the blood in the grave.

Goshnar spirit should appear.
The magic of the blood will not last long; you must finish talking with him in less than three minutes. Greet him and ask him about: ‘Goshnar’, the ‘Immortal’, ‘Time’, ‘Others’, ‘Riddle’ and the ‘Old Language’.

Eighth Step - The way to the chamber
Be sure that everyone in your team is well supplied, and bring Ferumbras Amulet. Since you will fight the Immortal the first time you meet him, he has 30.000 hit points and his only weakness is fire, so make sure to enchant your weapon, use flaming arrows, or attack him with Fire Strike. He will make copies of himself when his life turns red; bringing Great Fire Ball Rune will be very useful.

Once you reached the entrance of the desert dungeon, get down the holes and follow the path until you reach the teleport chambers.

*A note in a parchment outside the teleport chamber says: a knight, sorcerer, paladin and druid need to put their soul in the fire to prove their desire to become immortals.

In this place each one of you will have to go through a different teleport.
All of them are full of fire fields (which cannot be removed), and some of them can deal you up to 400 hit points, so it’s better to watch your life and kill everything without moving a lot.
(Note: only one person can enter each chamber, you have to fight your way by your own, and you have 10 minutes to do so.)
Knight Chamber:
You will face  a Juggernaut and 2 Behemoths.
Sorcerer Chamber:
You will face 6 Fire Elemental, 2 Dragon Lords and a Hell Fire Fighter.
Druid Chamber:
You will face 4 Massive Earth Elementals, a Medussae and a Plaguesmith
Paladin Chamber:
You will face 2 Ghastly Dragons and a Demon.

Once you all ended cleaning the chambers, a hole will appear in each of them, leading to the same path for everyone, which lead to a closed door (key 4029 must be used).
Just after the door, you will find a book which tells the following:

“In the deepest cave of the maze there was nothing, nothing but some words carved in a stone
Before his death, Jakundaf made a translation from the Gharonk inscription:
No outsiders in this place”

He also wrote a note: keep in mind that it will, most likely, try to kill you”

You will reach the chamber with the carved stone, the one who talked with the Nightmare Knights must say the words:
“Glub umog gar fogz mogurz”
You all will be teleported into the chamber with the Immortal being. He will not attack you right away.

Nineth Step - The talk with the Immortal Being
He will be disgusted because you disturbed his rest. Tell him the following: ‘Promise’, ‘Goshnar’, ‘Amulet’, ‘Immortality’, ‘Immortality’, ‘Test’, ‘Die’.
Once everyone finished talking, someone has to move and the Immortal Being will teleport your whole party to a very large room into another realm.
(Note: if you move before everyone finished talking he will teleport only the ones who did)

Tenth Step - The fight
Fighting him will not be easy; he will vanish from time to time, regaining a random amount of health every time he does. He deals a max melee damage of 3000, and randomly uses Massive Lightning, dealing around ~2000 energy damage.
Side note: Challenge spell is useless against him; using Wild Growth runes is a good strategy.
When he has less than 3.000 hit points he will start to copy himself, in this moment you should use Great Fire Ball to be sure the real one is losing health. When he dies, using his corpse will teleport you back to his chamber, if you don’t use it, you will be teleported in one minute after his death.

Eleventh Step - Knowledge
Ask the Immortal Being about the ‘Trade’, being amazed that he didn’t manage to kill you, he will grant you with an Immortality Charm and the title of True Immortal (an achievement).
Immortality charm: if you were to die while wearing this charm, the time will be nullified, and instead you will recover a random amount of your hit points (from 10% to 70%), you cannot receive any damage for 5 seconds, neither a condition may be applied to you, ex: bleeding, paralysis. It glows white light. It gets destroyed when used.

Monthly Task:
You can defeat the Immortal Being once every 30 days, to do so just follow the step 8 until the end, if you succeed again, he will grant you with another Immortality Charm, but keep in mind that his amount of life can change randomly, reaching a maximum of 50.000 hit points.


   I’m also adding the lore I made before the spoiler (I enjoyed it much more than spoiling it), for everyone who might be interested on it, and because it exceeded the 2000 words limit */


1 Talking with Adrenius

Adrenius: Hello player.
Player: Desert.
Adrenius: The Jakundaf Desert hides secrets unknown to any of the living, but the dead ones may have some answers.
Player: Jakundaf
Adrenius: The sage Jakundaf once told me that this wasteland was made out of a magical confrontation of evil forces in the past, he didn't mention who fought in that battle, but he assured me that to dry out this entire area for such a long time, a very strong magic had something to do with it, if it wasn't the gods.
Player: Time.
Adrenius: Much little is known about time. ¿Does it comes or goes?
-There was a kid, Morris, who was searching for the same as you, maybe he got the answers you are searching.

2 Find Foris

Player: Hello.
Foris: Hello player!
Player: Morris.
Foris: Morrin was a good boy, sad thing that he never get to leave the library.
Player: Library.
Foris: The library is full of knowledge, available only for those who understand time.
Player: Time.
Foris: Time is relative, or isn't it? Time is the enemy of those searching immortality.
Player: Immortality
Foris: Curious about immortals huh? There was once an immortal living here, there are those who says he lives in this desert since it was created, some people call him the soul of this place, haven't seen him in years.
Player: Created.
Foris: Indeed, this desert was created by a very strong magic, I don't know any details but Jakundaf was investigating it.
Player: Jakundaf
Foris: I don't know where Jakundaf lives but since he is fascinated with this desert he can’t be far away, Barriel may know where he is.

3 Find Barriel

Player: Hello.
Barriel: Hello there.
Player: Jakundaf
Barriel: The sage who inhabited this place, he was the last person to know the Gharonk language, that's how he discovered the secret path.
Player: Secret path.
Barriel: The path that leads to the deepest caves of the desert maze. He didn’t tell anyone where it was, but the day he returned from there, he seemed very depressed, and he passed away short after that.
Player: Passed away.
Barriel: Yes, he is no longer alive. I don’t know where they buried him, but it must have been somewhere in the desert, he loved this place.

5 Talk to Avar Tar

Player: Hi
Avar Tar: Hello player!
Player: Jakundaf.
Avar Tar: ¿Who? Oh! The old man who was searching for the eternal creature, sad thing he died short after I met him.  He wanted me to help him with a strange quest, but I was too busy here.
Player: Strange quest.
Avar Tar: It was about the creation of the wastelands, since I mastered the magic of all four vocations, he needed me to get through a secret path deep inside the desert maze he studied.
-He became desperate to find a way to get inside a chamber with some ancient runes carved on the entrance. Maybe a few newbies of each vocation may be able to help you with that.
Player: Help.
Avar Tar: I’m too busy being a hero, but if you need some help, I know the Nightmare Knights have some spare time, since I keep doing their job.

6 Talking to the Dream Master of the Nightmare Knights

Player: Hello.
Dream Master: Hello brother.
Player: Jakundaf.
Dram Master: The old sage, he was well known for his knowledge of the wastelands, that’s why nowadays we call it Jakundaf Desert. It’s known that an immortal being resides beneath the sand.
Player: Immortal being.
Dream Master: That… creature, once offered help to our enemy in exchange of power and knowledge. Thanks to him is that Fermuba reached safety, and because of it, the evil mage, Ferumbras, managed to survive, and now is threatening the peace of this world.
Player: Ferumbras.
Dream Master: The Immortal gave Ferumbras the power he needed to survive our hunt, but the only one who was able to reach his chamber was Goshnar, the necromantic King, his grandfather, once our comrade.
Player: Goshnar.
Dream Master: Goshnar used to be our friend, our brother, known by the name of Falnus, but he, in his madness to erase all evilness, became a demon himself. It’s known that he made a pact with the Immortal, but ended up betraying him.
-If you manage to bring the power of Ferumbras back to the Immortal, he may share some of his knowledge. But as far as I know, no one other than Goshnar was able to get in the Immortal’s chamber and get out alive.
-I doubt Goshnar will help you, but if you use some of his family blood on his grave, you may be able to speak to him, but that's an impossible task.

7 Visit the cript of Goshnar

Goshnar spirit:
Goshnar: A visitor, what an anomaly, I don’t feel alive, what brings you to me, mortal?
Player: Goshanr.
Goshnar: I am Goshnar the great necromantic King! I don’t feel like I need to prove anything to a mere mortal.
Player: Immortal.
Goshnar: Yes, I am immortal, but I can no longer walk this realm, since I’ve been trapped here by the Nightmare Knigts, that order of cowards.
-Being here isn’t bad, I’m patient, I have eternity. Someday my grandson will reach immortality too, and we together will find a way to get into the mortal realm, erasing all evil, erasing all life. It’s just a matter of time.
Player: Time.
Goshnar: Ha! Time… Time has no rules, only an immortal would understand. If you want to become one you must understand time itself. I remembrance a strange immortal, very deep in the wastelands. I made a promise with him once. He might be able to give you some knowledge. If you want to meet him, you will need to sacrifice not only yourself, but others too.
Player: Others.
Goshnar: The power of each vocation is needed to reach the chamber where he rest, but they all must want to become immortal, with their soul. I got there by sacrificing the ones who followed me; nobody can get through it on their own. There is also a riddle to be solved.
Player: Riddle.
Goshnar: It was one of my followers who solved it Threstak, he used the old language to do it; he had a blind child that was very… special. Threstak gave up his own life to help his child cure his blindness but ended living blind, for a lot longer, he could still be alive.
Player: Old language.
Goshnar: I think it was the... grankho, or something. It's said that it was only talked by those who lived in the wastelands, long ago. Not hard to learn, but I doubt anyone still talks it.

-Your time is almost over, the immortal is not pleased with visitants who don’t have anything to offer, if you reach him, be sure to have something that might interest him.
-Oh, and don’t mention me or my family, it might make him angry.

9 An Immortal Being

Immortal Being: Why do you disrupt my eternal rest?
Player: Promise
Immortal Being: Promise? I left the living realm without debts, no promises were made.
Player: Goshnar
Immortal Being: The infamous necromantic king, he once came searching for refuge, but no outsider is allowed here.
-Before he turned into an evil demon he was worried for his family destiny. He offered me his powers and knowledge for their protection, I was curious about his form of immortality, rising from the death over and over, so I accepted.
-I granted his living blood relatives the power to survive, but one of them already had latent powers even inside his mother’s body.
-When Goshnar betrayed me, I reclaimed what I have given to his family, the girl died because of it, but the child was too powerful and he managed to keep my power, even being a new born.
-I'm curious of what happened to that Ferumbras boy, he still owes me.
Player: Amulet
Immortal Being: ¿Is this, his pendant? So, you managed to kill him? This is a pleasent surprise.
Such a strong power emanates from this amulet, I will take it and his debt will be paid.
I suppose you want something in exchange ¿what should it be? Power? Knowledge? what do you wish for?
Player: Immortality.
Immortal Being: Immortality is for those who understand time, and I can say just by looking at you, that you don't.
Player: Immortality.
Immortal Being: I said you can't manage immortality right now, and I bet you never will. It would be a waste to test you.
Player: Test.
Immortal Being: The only test you can take, is to die. If you don't, then you become immortal.
Player: Die.
Immortal Being: Then you will have death.

11 Knowledge

Immortal Being: This never happened before, you just won’t die. Is this another kind of immortality?
- I can confirm that you do not understand time, but you are alive. I just don’t understand how is that an immortal is walking in the mortal realm.
Player: Trade.
Immortal Being: You just given me very precious knowledge, I will grant you mine.
*You received an immortality charm.
Immortal Being: Here is part of my strength, it allows you to escape from anything that threatens your life, but even so, I doubt you will have to use it. Sadly it will work only once, the power of the charm is imbued in my body since I was created, it cannot be passed to others but in form of charm.
Player: Created.
Immortal Being: Ages ago, when demons walked freely in the mortal realm they used to fight each other for terroitory, there was a very powerful one who tried to become immortal to rule them all, absorbing the whole life that resided in the place where there’s sand now. He managed to do so, but he didn’t know that immortality comes with the ascension to another realm. Now I reside here, patient, waiting for other immortals to reach me. It, again, intrigues me that you, being one, can walk the in mortal realm.
Player: Name.
Immortal Being: In another time, they used to call me the demon overlord Shurgaztorak, but now I prefer to remain nameless, since immortals don’t need them.
Player: Vampires.
Immortal Being: Those who work in the shadows, they convinced themselves they are immortals, but even humans can take they lives with ease. Even so, is not known by many that the vampires themselves are the ones who brought greatness to humanity.
Player: Bye.
Immortal Being
: Good journey, my equal, come visit me once in a while, we will see who last longer next time.

Monthly task:

Player: Hello.
Immortal Being: Back so soon? I’m still sleepy, come back another time.

Player: Hello.
Immortal Being: I was eager to meet you again player, now, shall we?
Player: Yes.


Some facts about the lore:
- Threstak is Nemal father, you find it out by talking with him, and relate the old language to Gharonk.
Glub umog gar fogz mogurz means no outsiders in this place, in Gharonk. You find it out by reading some books at the library of the maze.
-  Nobody knows how Jakundaf made his way to the chamber with the Ghorank inscriptions.

-  Goshnar must have used the knowledge from the maze library to transform into a demon.

I hope that editing the post isn't against the rules, since I'm sure there are some spelling mistakes that I will want to correct :)
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Goodluck! :-)

Kind regards,

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Fire Draggon


Quest: Basilisk

There are rumors all over tibia, about an evil creature that lives deep down in The Big Old One. Rumor says that the creature is snake-shaped and possesses a killer sight that can turn its enemies into stone! Brave dwarfs gave their lives to lure the creature and seal it in the deepest of all known mines. For now, the creature remains trapped in his nest, but as long as it lives, the threat will remain. When it escapes, the world as we know will end. Chaos and death will lurk in our lands.

Premium Account: Yes

Rewards: Thunder Hammer, permanent kazordoon wagon ticket.


-"Becoming a brighteye" (3 points, grade 1, Secret)

-"Blessed by the Gods" (2 points, grade 1, Secret)

-"Master of snakes" (7 points, grade 3, Secret)


- Level 300

- Pick

- Awash world change during flood stage

- Helmet of the Deep/Depth Galea

- Talons

- Key 3802

- Flute

- Mirror

- Griffin Shield

Obs: I will add links to references and books.


Mission 1 - Floatation:

The book "Dwarven Magic II by Marokin" is the first lead:


Go to the Pick'N Shovel Mine, during Awash FLOODED stage.

Ask Dronk about Floatation, he will tell you that during the flooding he lost his friend Groam. He is trying to drain the water to rescue him, but he ran out of coal. If the rumors about floatation are true, someone with that power would be able to pass through the water and search for his friend.

Mission 2 - The potion

The ingredientes in the Floatation book resembles those used by witches. Ask Wyda about Floatation.

She will tell you that she once did a Floatation potion but it didn't end up well. The adventurer who took it ended up in a small island in the middle of a lake in the desert and starved to death because the potion's effect ended and he couldn't leave the island. 

Also, it's been so long ago that now she can't remember the ingredients... she will reveal that she read about the ingredients for the first time, a long time ago, in a remote library, all she remembers is that it was away from the surface... maybe the book is still there.

Mission 3 - The gathering:

Go to kazordoon library, collect the Floatation book (which contains the ingredients) and report back to Wyda. 

She will ask you to collect the ingredients listed in the book:

- Remains of a slain stone golem - Use a pick in a dead Stone Golem.

- Flask full of slime - Use an empty flask in a Slime.

- Branch of a willow - Use a machete in a willow.

- Wing of a Wasp - Use a kitchen knife in the Wasp BOSS: Willi Wasp

Once collected, the items will decay and disappear in 1 real-life hour. 

They are only obtainable during task.

Bring the ingredients to Wyda. She will ask you to wait 1 hour so she can prepare the potion. Take the potion after 1 hour, she will reveal that she made an adjustment in the potion, so it will only last for 1 hour and will also evaporate in the sun. This way, you won't face the same destiny as the adventurer.

Mission 4 - The Sunken Mine:

Go to the Pick'N Shovel mine, make sure to wear a helmet of the deep, drink the potion and walk over the water, south of the NPC Dronk. There you will find a whirpool, enter it.

You will be in the usual sunken mine, but now underwater. 

Walk to the north and you will find that the water current opened a hidden passage in the center of the mine that leads deeper into a unknown area. Go downstairs.

There you will find an old prison, full of dead cyclops and dwarfs. 

This is the prison from the Thunder Hammer legend, where Kazrad Rockfist released the dwarfs, enslaved by the cyclops, and had his hammer turned into a Thunder Hammer, by the gods.


Keep walking and you will find the old forge the dwarfs built for the Cyclops. It's ruined now and cannot be used. It seems that the forge still contains a bit of the steel that the dwarfs were using. Use the forge to collect the "Chunk of fossilized steel".

Mission 5 - Blind Knowledge:

Ask the Sweaty Cyclops about the fossilized steel and he will tell you that this is the legendary steel Uth'Doon, but can't be used in that form, because it is fossilized. It needs to be melted in a special forge, only then you can obtain the pure steel Uth'doon.

Mission 6 - Open Sesame:

The tip to this mission can be found in the book "The power of the talons".


Go to Dwacatra prison in Kazordoon, bring key 3802. The prison is now surrounded by lava, go to the east part and throw Talons in the shallow lava tiles. The lava will release the power contained inside the talons, creating an explosion that will reveal a path for 5 seconds. Be careful, if the lava comes back you will receive 2.000 damage and be thrown back to the beginning.

At the end of the path you will find a operating forge. 

Place the fossilized steel in the basin and pull the lever. 

Collect the "Chunk of Uth'Doon"

Mission 7 - The Missing Mold:

Deliver the steel to the Sweaty Cyclops. He will tell you the steel is now perfect for forging hammers, but he doesn't have any hammer mold, however he heard that the lil' lil' (dwarfs) are very good with hammers, maybe one of them possesses a Mold.

Mission 8 - The Hidden Fellow:

In the forge room there is a hidden pick hole, go down and talk to the NPC Fruzek, mentioned in the book: Miners Journal


He will tell you that the old prisoners built the forge in order to create a weapon strong enough to destroy the prison doors. Unfortunately for them, waves of lave came from the walls, making the forge inaccessible, destroying their dreams. Kazrad Rockfist was friends with the prisonguards, so he had access to it. He found out about the forge and started using it to forge his hammer. 

He, Fruzek, believed that the Basilisk was gonna escape soon, so he started digging to hide himself. One day the floor under him fell and he found himself in the forge room. He can't leave because of the lava, but at least now he can use the room to hide from the Basilisk.

Open the chest to obtain Kazrad's "Hammer mold".

Mission 9 - Lil' Lil' Forging Secret:

Bring the Mold to the Sweaty Cyclops and he will tell you that only dwarfs know how to forge Uth'Doon, the steel is too hard for him to use.

Ask Uzgod about Uth'Doon and mention Fruzek to gain his trust. He will then reveal the secret for forging Uth'Doon: combine it with soft steel, found in rare axes. 

The soft steel can be found in the Dwarven Axe.

Mission 10 - The Forging:

Report back to the Sweaty Cyclops, give him the items: Hammer Mold, Dwarven Axe and Chunk of Uth'Doon.

He will forge a "Dwarven Hammer". Return after 24 hours to collect it.

Mission 11 - Unsealing:

With the Dwarven Hammer in hands, run to the Emperor Kruzak and report to him about the hidden prison and about the dwarven hammer. He will be impressed with your possession, he will tell you that he only saw such a weapon once, it was held by the bravest warrior. Unfortunately, the warrior wanted to free the world from the Basilisk and proclaim himself the dwarf Hero. He went into the mines just to never be seen again. The mine now remains sealed and the entrance is guarded. Ask for access and the emperor will grant you access to the sealed door.

Mission 12 - Cannot Get Out:

Go through the door and enter the Wagon. You will be taken to the front door of a hidden city. Open the dead body to find a diary:

"We cannot get out. They have taken the whole mine. We cannot get out. We see bright lights. Lights that can be seen a towns distance.

They are coming..."


Level 300 is required to enter the Brighteye Realm.

In the Realm you will face many Brighteye Dwarfs of all kinds. It's recommended a high level team for this part, since there are many and their strength is comparable to Terrorsleeps.

Fight your way to the Throne Room (north). There you will find the Brighteye Emperor Grimly. Greet him properly and ask him about Brighteye Fellowship. He will tell you their story.

In the ancient times, the real reason the fellowship left The Big Old One, was the danger of the Basilisk. However, a group of brave brighteyes, stayed behind and built the hidden city, in order to defeat the Basilisk. Since the mine is sealed, no one knows about their existence, not even Emperor Kruzak.

Ask him for a mission and he will ask you to prove your worthiness first, by dueling.

Mission 13 - Becoming a Brighteye:

Accept the challenge, enter the teleport to the arena and fight "Kruzanog, The Guard". 

You will have 20 minutes. He is stronger than Chikhaton. When winning you will earn the achievement: "Becoming a Brighteye".

Mission 14 - Blessed by the Gods:

Ask the Emperor for a mission and he will grant you access to the wagon's. Including the one to the Basilisk (NPC), in the hidden room, inside the Colossus mouth.

In the hidden room, you will find a corridor with dwarven gods statues on both side. Walk over the special tile, between the dwarven gods statues and your dwarven hammer, if equipped, will become a Thunder Hammer. You will receive the achievement: "Blessed by the Gods".

Note: the Thunder Hammer will disappear if you go back to the Emperor room or after the battle with the Basilisk.

Mission 15 - Master of Snakes

Enter the wagon and you will be in the Basilisk (NPC) room. He doesn't react to any word. The tip to this part can be found in the book "master the snakes", which contains the following:

"Play a flute to master the snakes" 


Play a flute to be teleported to the Basilisk nest and face his true form.

During the battle, keep the Griffin shield equipped to avoid being one-shot by being turned into stone.

In the nest you will find 2 Basilisk Eggs (Blue). Both the eggs and the Basilisk can't be damaged by any spell or attack.

To destroy the eggs hit them 4 times with the Thunder Hammer. If an egg is not destroyed within 12 seconds the egg will hatch and a Basilisk Incarnation will join the battle (strength similar to medusa). After destroying all eggs and all Basilisk Incarnations the Basilisk will finally become mortal. 

Note that the Basilisk will generate new eggs during the battle, becoming imortal again.

Both Basilisk and Basilisk Incarnations will become imortal at 1 HP. To finish them, player should use a mirror in the creature.

Upon killing the Basilisk, player will receive the achievement: "Master of Snakes".

The Thunder Hammer will also become a Dwarven Hammer again.

Report back to the Emperor Kruzak and he will give you permanent access to Kazordoon's Wagons and will reward you with Kazrad's original Thunder Hammer, thought lost but kept in secret by the Emperor himself.


Obs: I would like to say that the screenshots used were either taken in-game (real tibia places), edited on paint (new creatures / items) or created using a software, my character was then added in the picture using paint (that was a huge effort). I wasn't online in any OT's in any screenshot. I just don't want anyone to think I was :)

Here is a pic to prove it, in which I used an actual dwarven statue from the game, coloured it on paint (pixel by pixel) to use it as a new creature haha

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