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Feb 18, 06:30AM
Maybe today maybe tomorrow it depends f i got all votes today
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Feb 17, 02:18PM
when tibia got talent results?
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Feb 16, 07:18AM
Its rlly hard to just chose 3 but i got mine!
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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Mar 28 '17, 02:03AM

Quote from beatrizc

1-      Dentro do limite de 7 construções, estão as casas? Por exemplo, crio 7 npc, cada um em seu respectivo local (construção). Ainda sim posso criar casas para futuros moradores?>>

Não! A regra de 7 construções limita-se às relacionadas a eventos. Casas para moradores não entram na contagem 
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matheusm2 Apr 4 '17, 05:47PM
são 50 palavras pro npc e construção juntos ou é 50 pra cada um?
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ElfoFantasma Manager
ElfoFantasma Apr 4 '17, 11:47PM
São 50 para cada!
Quote from matheusm2 são 50 palavras pro npc e construção juntos ou é 50 pra cada um?

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Tibia4i20 Apr 5 '17, 04:04PM
Can submissions be written in an image, or does it have to be in the forum text box?
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matheusm2 Apr 5 '17, 05:57PM

Character: Sad Magical Girl.

World: Unitera.

City Name: Dulceward.

The dreamed sweet reward of the heroes who work hard to save the day finally takes shape.

Once seen in the dreams of our dear EventHolder, this city has 7 sweet buildings and their respective inhabitants, in addition to it's made almost totally of candy.

Come and take a ride on a unicorn and compete with your friends who is the fastest, and if that it's too sugar for your blood, try our relaxing fishing.

Do not forget the break for a snack! Barnabé has several new goodies for your tasting, be sure to check out.

Battle with your friends in jellyball and find out which duo is more agile!

Be sure to have afternoon tea, or coffee if you prefer, the sweetest you'll see.

Take care when venturing around the city, some candy can attack your stomach!

However, Dulceward is only accessible after a successful event on your world.

1) The banana split exchange center.
Here the heroes will have the chance to trade their own contribution tokens for tickets (As midnight shardschristmas tokens, tentacle pieces, yummy gummy worms... Things that prove you did your part and helped your world.) to spend in the city buildings. It's also possible get your prizes here.

NPC: Evangeline.

She is kind and devoted to help the heroes to have a sweet time in Dulceward.

Marks the buildings on your map and explain about them.

Explain how all the events work.

Exchange tickets.

When you win an event you should get your prize with her.

2) Horseshoe for dessert!
In this "horse" race, the first to arrive at the finish line wins. 

* Commands appear on the screen, the more hits, the more speed is gained.

Isn't possible to use spells while riding.

Theres a max to 6 people to join and at least 3 to start.

NPC: Paloma.

Heir to a family specializing in rare horses. 

When the extinction of the unicorns was about to happen, 

She was one of the few who fought for them.

And to this day she still creates them with mastery and kindness.

* Inscribe you in horseshoe for dessert! for 10 tickets.

3): Barnabé's Goodies
It's possible to buy different goodies in exchange for tickets here.

NPC: Barnabé.

He was raised by his grandmother and learned how to make his famous and delicious goodies with her.

*Sells lollipops, hotdogs, cotton candies and soda for 3 tickets each.

4) Fishin'mallow.
Do you like fishing? If you do, i swear that there's a sweet reward waiting for you in one of those candy chests.

The more fishing skill you have, bigger is the chance to hook a better prize.

Possible rewards: golden amulet, gold ring, bar of gold, candy tickets.

NPC: Valentine.

She don't like to talk about her past, all we know is that she's never without a nice rum flask nearby.

* Inscribe you in fishin'mallow at the cost of 15 tickets.

Sells rum if you tell her the word "secret".

5) Candy Hunt.
Fight against the restless corrupted candy beings and get samples of your cursed candy essence to help Meredith in her research.

* Raids occur randomly.

Candy beings can drop candy tickets occasionally (0-2).

Candy beings can drop cursed candy essence occasionally (0-1).

NPC: Meredith.
A demon hunter which came to the city to investigate the candy anomalies.

If you bring her 50 cursed candy essence and have 300 candy tickets with you, she'll be pleased and will give you a Candy Curse Teddy.

6) The Sweetest!
Your goal here is to drag the sugar cubes down to your cup of tea or coffee.

The sweetest will win.

Each game lasts 3 minutes.

Theres a max to 6 people to join and at least 3 to start.

* After moved, the cubes last 30s.

NPC: Afari.

A gnome which loves insanely lots of sugar.

* Inscribe you in The sweetest! at the cost of 10 tickets.

7) Jellyball.
You will need a couple to play this game.

Jelly beans will be thrown in both sides of the field.

The objective is throw the jelly beans on the enemy side.

The game lasts 5 minutes.

* the side with less jelly beans wins.

NPC: Sam.

Looks a lot like the blacksmith sam, but isn't him!

* Inscribe you in jellyball at the cost of 15 tickets (per person).

If you have won at least 10 times in jellyball and have 500 candy tickets, it is possible to exchange a jelly bean backpack with him.

(Extra) Prizes.

1) Tickets and Candy tickets.

2) Unicorn figurine which is awarded to the winner of the Horseshoe for dessert!

3) New foods buyable at Barnabé's goodies.

4) Candy Curse Teddy and a sample of cursed candy essence.

5) Mushroom sugar bowl, Mushroom tea-cupMushroom teapot and Candy tickets can be obtained in The sweetest!

6) Glass of jelly beansJelly beansCandy tickets and Jelly bean backpack, all can be obtained in Jellyball.

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Umbra Apr 5 '17, 07:46PM

Quote from Tibia4i20 Can submissions be written in an image, or does it have to be in the forum text box?
What do you mean? if you mean all the text it should be written underneath the images :-)
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Tibia4i20 Apr 7 '17, 12:58AM

Character: Archsider

World: Menera

Event City Name: Lightning Land

Lightning Land.

A city attracted by lightning.

The scent, the brightness of the flowers, seemed all intensified. People were running at an extreme speed, and played with lightning like a shuttlecock. When entering a great tower the city seems that it glowed more still. 

Walking through the city. I came across a warrior in a shining armor. People shouted his name and he was riding in a car that was so fast that I could not even see his trail.I not only saw,I lived that.But be careful. So much energy can "overcharge" you. Strange electric creatures came up carrying pieces of gold. But not only that. There was a huge gate guarding the city. What would it be after lightning land ports? Imagine a world that thought would never see.. And then, one day ... I got in! Can not wait to tell this to the event holder!

1-) Lightning Tower

It is said that the first lightning of the city fell in this same place. He pulls almost all the lightnings at you, you have to find the "lost." The first to find them will be rewarded by the builder, in addition to keep the city stable.

9-) Thunder ballon

Was built by an adventurer determined to find "the city",.Is energized by the ghostland magic hedge, and the only way to reach the island. It was built with the help of an elf of ab'dendriel, a specialist in decode dreams. "Only an extremely powerful vehicle can reach the island".

4-) House of Neon Flowers

That glow, that scent, I've never felt something like that. This looks like a sanctuary of flowers. An immense garden of neon flowers, fed by the city's own energy. They're beautiful ... What? Can be eaten? Amazing. I can not wait to taste them.

7-) Depot and Houses

What was this? Has the door opened by itself? It's technology. It seems that the doors of buildings respond automatically when stepping SQMs before them. I never saw anything like that. Wow ... As the city gets brighter it seems that being on top of these sqms gives me more energy.

13-) Light Street / The Lightning Thief Event.

3 Team of 3 Players.

The team will have to steal the Lightning from the other bases and bring them to yours base.

Alana lux - Spam a spell in a straight line, by stealing the opponent's Lightning.

Exevo sio lux- Pass the light to a partner. [In straight line].

The group that gets all the Lightning's first will be the winner of the event.

3-) Light Bumper Car Arena / LBC Challange Event.

This is not a simple event. It is the biggest attraction not only of the city. It is the most fun event of the Tibian lands.

Talk to Nikola Flinn at 12-) Arena House ticket, to buy tickets for all events in the city.

Ohh Nikola, no one better than him to tell you the rules. The greatest champion and warrior of Lightning Land.

The rules are:

Cars, it is powered by pure liquid energy, and the Light Ribbons it produces can be toggled on or off at any time.

By saying Utevo Rib, he would turn on the trail of light, the teams have trail of different colors, the player who hit this trail will be teleported and eliminated from the game.

Exana rib turn off the trail.

The champion team will be the one to eliminate all opponents.

Npcs Concept:

Nikola Flinn: The rumors are true... Ohh yes, its him, One who carries a shining armor, the greatest champion of LBC Arena, "Your liberator! Your luminary! Your leader and beacon! The one who vanquished the tyranny of energy monsters of otherworld those many cycles before: N.I.K.O.L.A FLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINN !!!!

Ivy Bloomy: She is the greatest specialist in botany with electricity. But she is still searching today, with her magic to flourish throughout the non-fertile area, including 10-)Grid mountain. Her outfits resemble a warrior, she denies, perhaps something happened those many cycles before, making her change your profession.

Asclepy: Little is known about it. Her healing power Is Unequaled, they say that because of this, she was cursed, and that she would be struck by lightning ... Rumor says she was the first inhabitant of the LL , is this the cause of the lightning land being target by a lightning?!

Raids, Boss, Fun! 11-) OtherOverloadWorld

It is a lot of fun and the energized effect is in your apex. It really is A city like this unfortunately does not attract only adventurous but also terrible monsters from the otherworld. Not everyone is from there. Sometimes a city is overloaded and invaded by flying eels, magical creatures carrying rare pieces of golden token. But watch out for them. Well, they're not so harmless.

Want to know something dangerous? If an answer to yes, it is better It's better to call a crew. Sometimes by vast energy of the city a terrible monster coming from otherworld comes back to life. They say it was the first monster there, it was so strong that it was split in part. But with all this energy he assembles trying to invade as Tibian lands. Let's deconcentrate all this energy. 

This is our Lightning Land!

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Krisph Trial
Krisph Apr 11 '17, 04:47PM

Character: Krisph Darkbane

Server: Fidera

City: Val'heim, inspiration from norse mythology & my own imagination!

Everything below is drawn by me using Paint Tool Sai & Paint.net

It wasn't until the EventHolder looked up at the sky that he remembered, Val'heim, the floating city in the sky! No wonder it was so hard to remember, a city in the sky almost sounds like a dream. You didn't think that all the creatures that you've fought in Tibia just dissapeared right? Thats right, they all go to Val'heim in the afterlife, where they can more or less live in peace. Humans/Players & the creatures are both living together up here, they can even speak to eachother! When you're walking on Val'heim you can't help but look up at the Northern lights that always follows the city and at the same time feel the soft clouds beneath your feet. Theres many activities to do here & I will go through a few but popular ones for you!

1 - Raid Hall, NPC Asmund

2 - The Mountain staircases, NPC Nurg'rog

3 - The Great Tavern, NPC Ba'len

4 - Colosseum, NPC Bjorn

5 - Viking ship, NPC Death

Theres no currency on Val'heim so everything is rewarded with honour and respect!

1. Raid Hall , One of the first buildings you'll pay attention to on val'heim is the raidhall, its filled with armour and weapons for close combat, what they are doing with it you may ask Asmund!

NPC Asmund. You didn't think all the raids in Tibia just happened at random did you? Once in awhile Asmund gathers enough creatures for a raid to send down on tibian lands, until they have to come back again. You're of course free to join!

2. The Mountain Staircases, according to many players the staircases leading up to the Tavern was made by Nurg'rog all by himself, he even helped building the Tavern ontop of the mountain, carrying tons of heavy materials.

Around there you should find Nurg'rog the cyclops! Are you up for a real challenge?! Nurg'rog wants you to carry a huge rock shaped like the tibian world all the way up to the tavern on the mountain! It's a race between you and him, can you do it?

3. The Great Tavern, this is where everyone gather for food and drinks, theres unlimited supplies. Share your tales with other creatures, who knows, you might even find someone you recognize!

NPC Ba'len, a fierce demon. Rumours has it that hes one of the first demons slained down on Tibian lands and was then brought to Val'heim for the afterlife. He has not been sitting around & challenges everyone for armwrestling. Your name will eco if you beat him!

4. The Colosseum was built to let out steam & anger, but also for the fun of it. Everyone on Val'heim is netural and may not attack eachoter, but in the colosseum you can go into close combat, show everyone who you are, for glory!

NPC Bjorn invites everyone to the colosseum where you are teamed up in the red or blue team. When both teams are ready you'll enter the colosseum and have an all out brawl until either you or the enemy team has fainted!

5. The Viking Ship has been on val'heim since everyone can remember. It's the only ship that leaves Val'heim & the captain of the ship is the one and only, Death. Players & Creatures has started rumours stating that Death is the one who created Val'heim, but Death has yet to leave a comment about that!

You might have met this NPC before, his name is Death. He brings you back and forth from Val'heim. He may show you your previous deaths in Tibia, but he can also let you roam the Tibian lands as a ghost for a specific time, free to explore.

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yoko Apr 11 '17, 10:18PM

Character: Gim

World: Antica

Name of the city: Las Vega

Hello, dear EventHolder!

I have interesting news for you. I’m sure you know the little island called Vega. Well, I think you should visit this island again. There have been some changes. And don’t get confused if someone now refers to it as “Las Vega”...

It turns out that our old Santa Claus decided to compete against those dicers and gamblers that you can find all over Tibia nowadays. He has opened a casino! But that’s not all! There are many more attractions on (Las) Vega. It now looks as if it was a whole event city!

In this casino you can play many different games. You can now play the dice with Gobo the Dicer, an incredibly honest goblin. You can also play cards with him. Yes, cards!

You can also play with other players safely from now on. Before rolling the dice, you make a bet, then you and your partner put the agreed sum of money (or item) into a box in the middle, then he/she rolls the special dice and depending on the result, the winner can take the money/items from the box!

But there is much more to do than rolling the dice! I’m sure you’ll be interested in other attractions such as:

- Last Man Standing

This is an event for groups of players (at least 3). There are 3 rooms. Every turn the floor in 2 rooms becomes so hot that it burns (teleports players away). Your task is to choose the right room every turn and be the only one to survive.

This event is held by Balantayns - cousin of Jimbin, Kazordoon's barkeeper.

- Reindeer Racing

Place your bets on reindeer races! Rumour has it that if you manage to bet successfully 5 times in a row, you might be able to tame one of the reindeers for yourself! But be aware it’s not easy – there are 6 reindeers racing and the bets ain’t cheap!

This event is held by Rudolphina - an elvish girl adopted by Rudolph.

 - Lotteries

I’m sure you know all those lotteries that are posted from time to time on forums. Santa decided to hold his own lottery every week. You can win a lot of wonderful items – from foxtail to Sam’s old backpack. (DISCLAIMER: this could help regulate prices of some items which sometimes reach too high prices)

- Strange device

Santa Claus has obtained a strange device. He claims it can duplicate items. And although it seems to be true, the chances of succeeding are rather small. I know that you value your Golden Helmet much, dear EventHolder, but maybe you are brave enough to try using the device?


Of course, money and wealth attracts thieves. Las Vega is now a target. Help Santa Claus save his home from pirates, Grynch Clan Goblins and other thieves, and I’m sure he will reward you. Maybe you will be more lucky in the casino and other places after helping him? :-)


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Mythinka Apr 11 '17, 10:46PM
Myth Mine 


#1 Processing : 

Happiness island

This is the place where nobody gets bored. Here you can find many attractions for both beginners and veterans. Balloon stand with ice creams is situated right in the middle of the island. Every player can get only one balloon as it is souvenir from this special place. Another attraction is haunted house where live most harrowing monsters and bosses. Anyway, they can only frighten players. Next to the satnd there is a maze with infinite amount of stairs where finding the way out is very difficult. Next attraction is magic table.  Last but not least there is a magic cloud on which you can time travel through all updates to see what has changed. In the island you can face mild creatures. If you are lucky you can find midnight panther as well. I think it is perfect town for Event Holder who loves having fun.

Haunted house. Scary ghosts lazing around as well as creepy monsters that exist in Tibia. Anyway, there is no reason to avoid them since all they can do is pranks and scary sounds.

Maze " ???" with infinite amount of stairs. Better don’t go inside without a map or you gonna spend more days in there. At least take somebody with you for a journey. There is also reward for the fastest one.

Balloon stand. You can try here every single type of icecream. Perfect place for gourmand.  Watch out for your balloon becauseyou will not get another one!

Magic table, another good spot for a glutton. Famous specialty you can taste here is shrimp from Calassa as well as mango from Yalahar. Not to mention that table is full all the time.

There is also magic pond inside. Legend says that after throwing some platinum coins into pond you can increase loot rate.

Magic Cloud on which you can time travel through all updates to see what has changed.

There is also new NPC roaming around the Island. Let me introduce „Happy Jack”! He is a guide who explain guests every attraction. Encouraging everybody to take a part in this Event is his job. He might even know something about the magic pond.

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jillt Apr 11 '17, 11:35PM
Character : sheshie yei

server : amera

CIty name " Lumina

One day in my journey I happend stumble upon a mysterious rune, out of curiousity I used it.Boom! I was teleported near a great barrier and a city inside it, I panicked at first but then I saw a person standing near it.I asked him "what is this place", he replied " Ahh, this is Lumina the city where all your dreams come true".He enchanted me with a spell and I was able to go through it. It was a very beautiful city covered in vines and purple flowers,it has architectry I haven't seen even in books, "what is this place?" I asked again, a faint voice answered "The first city of the moon".
(Everyone inside the city can use runes even without the required magic level and class also has increased mana regeneration)

1-) Gate
The city of the moon it is called but it is also the birthplace of the rune spells, this a city where great power lies andcannot be entered without a spell.

2-) Outer Rune Towers
They said that this are the very towers where the spell runes was created, and each of the 8 towers specialize one type of element.
3-) Inner Rune Towers
The inner rune towers only accessable in the gauntlet are said to be sealed by the a diety, for what purpose?.
4) King's Palace
On the highest peak of the rune mountain lies a palace where the old king and discoverer of the spell rune resides.
5-) Place of Power
A ceremony was held annually in this place, but all the sudden it was stopped after the creating of the 4 inner rune towers.

6-) Aqueduct
A beatiful but heavy guarded place it is the water source of lumina, the water here reflects the moons light making it very bright at night.

7-) Depot
A antique looking structure with a roof to hangout and look at the moon

The temple said to be one of the oldest structure of the city is made of white marbles which also reflects the moon. It is said thata ancient diety resides inside.

1-) Gate (Access Quest)NPC: Herald (Expedition Member)The person standing outside is a very helpful mage. *Ask you a favor in exchange of access inside (Enchant Expires in 1 hour you will be teleported in the gate if it expires).*Tells you about the city
2-) Aqueduct (Access Quest)NPC: Aliea (Expedition Leader)She delivers a sharp glare to anyone not in her expedition who enters the city but really nice if you're on her side.*Marks the place of interest inside the city*Ask you a favor to explore the outer rune towers accessable inside the aqueduct in exchange to access the gauntlet.*Explain how each outer tower works*Gives the reward for every outer tower events
3-) Temple (Info and Reward)NPC: Luna (Temple Diety)A shy temple diety who likes to chat.*Tells you all the information about Lumina*Gives reward for all the inner rune tower events and city events (Except Outer Towers).
5-) Rune Towers (Event)Npc: Tower Masters
Riddle me this event.(A tower master summons 5 random item and ask you a riddle)Reward: 
Im in need of a janitor. (not repeatable)(A tower master wants you to clean the basement and the roof of his tower)Reward: Moon ShardCatch the chicken. (not repeatable)(A tower master wants you to catch a very fast chicken)Reward: Moon ShardBug Extermination (not repeatable)(A tower masters wants you to kill the pesky bugs in his tower)Reward: Moon ShardElemental Fights (repeatable)( 4 different tower master invites groups of people and team them up in 2 teams, where you'll fight using only the said element)Reward: Moon Shard x 36-) Inner Rune Towers (Raid)Monster:Tower Guards(Boss) Tower MastersBoss Drops: Moon Rune, Life Rune7-) Kings Palace & Place of Power(Raid)Npc: LunaMonsters:Palace Guards(Boss) Kashi & YukiDrops: First Rune Ultima, Lumina Flower (4 possible Colors), Little Kashi or Yuki DollRaid Reward: Lumina Backpack
New Items:
Moon Rune: Increase Mana RegenerationLife Rune: Increase Life RegenerationFirst Rune Ultima: Use it to create a decorationLittle Kashi Doll: DecorationLittle Yuki Doll: DecorationMoon Shard: Use on self (extends your stay in lumina for 2 hours), Use on decorations ( Adds Sparkling Thingy)

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argenisg Apr 12 '17, 01:17AM
Well that was my last attempt to try and load the images... and it failed so i wish you all good luck! I dunno if it's my net or the site but i haven't been able to open the "image loader" and time is about to run out... So, yeah... 
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Umbra Apr 12 '17, 09:14AM
Dear Argenisg,

it must be you since other people didnt had trouble loading the image loader as u can see 

The contest has been closed thanks to all participants! 

its time we go vote :-)

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Maybe today maybe tomorrow it depends f i got all votes today
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when tibia got talent results?
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Feb 16, 07:18AM
Its rlly hard to just chose 3 but i got mine!
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