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admin Nov 15 '16, 01:24PM
Hello to all our lovely community!
Be prepared to get fun with our next contest!

Do you know every place of Tibia lands? Have you explore around enough?

To this contest you will need all your knowledge about hidden places!  

Are you ready to run and seek? you better have all your energy filled and start to run! and catch us if you can!

How it will work?

The contest is based on finding locations where we will be hide (which would be presented on screenshots) you must seek these places and post it here, you better be quick!

Ready for another game of Hide and Seek?


- Screenshots will appear randomly in this Thread. We won't inform you about it; you have to be on your guard.

- A total of 15 screenshots will be posted during 5 days, 3 pictures will appear per day.

- All screenshot you take must contain this phrase: Hide and Seek, Tibia Events 2016!

- The area is limited to the free account area.

- Your character should be placed at the same spot as the screenshot presented.
- Images should be sent with all the visible screen of the game, and posted in this thread.
- Pictures edited or indicating use tool of suspicious programs will not be accepted.
- Each forum user can only compete with one right answer.
- Edited
submissions will NOT be accepted.
The rounds will end as soon as 3 players posted the right screenshot of the place, also the points earned by every player will be announced at the end of each day.

- Please do NOT post here. This thread is only for the screenshots submission, for any question another thread will be created check and click Here.

- Multi-accounts are NOT allowed.

- Rewards will be sent to the character presented on the screenshots.
- Team members of the fansite may not participate.

- The correctly post will be graded with 5, 3 and 1 point.
- The first correct post will get 5 points, the second correct post will get 3 point and the third correct post will get 1 point.

- The winners of the contest will be announced after the summative of all the points reached by every contestant.

 Example: Mission #1 - Screenshot.

Example of correct submission screenshots:



1st place: Nightmare doll + Medal of Honour.


2nd place: Jewel case + Trophy of choice (Wolf, Orc, Behemoth, Deer, Cyclops, Dragon Lord, Lion, Minotaur, Marlin, Bonebeast or Disgusting Trophy) + Hero's Medal.


3rd place: Baby Seal Doll + Frozen Starlight + Badge of Glory.

The contest start on Nov 15 and ends November 19.

Your TibiaEvents team.
Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 15 '16, 02:03PM
Day 1:

                    Mission #1 - CLOSED

Correct Submission:

1.- Toeft : 5 points
2.- Romeron elvyn : 3 points
3.- Silin arthea : 1 point

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Summ Nov 15 '16, 02:11PM

franciscoj Nov 15 '16, 02:27PM
wevertonb Nov 15 '16, 02:38PM

Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 15 '16, 02:48PM
Day 1:
               Mission #2  - CLOSED

Correct Submission:

1.- Toeft: 5 points
2.- Adaire : 3 points
3.- Feita Lais: 1 point
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Summ Nov 15 '16, 06:57PM

Radoke Nov 15 '16, 07:02PM

Harder places next time please

Danita Nov 15 '16, 07:02PM

AkiChan Nov 15 '16, 07:02PM

forgot to say the thing, but im too late anwyway >.<
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elvisg Nov 15 '16, 07:08PM
Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 16 '16, 02:30AM
Day 1:

                Mission #3 -  CLOSED

Correct submissions:

1.- Toreft: 5 points
2.- Bogus apocalypse : 3 points
3.- Devilicious Danny : 1 point


1.- Toeft : 15 points
2.- Romeron elvyn : 3 points
3.- Adaire : 3 points
4.- Bogus apocalypse : 3 points
5.- Silin arthea : 1 point
6.- Feita Lais: 1 point
7.- Devilicious Danny : 1 point
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Summ Nov 16 '16, 02:35AM

Bogus Nov 16 '16, 02:41AM

DvlDanny Nov 16 '16, 02:44AM


Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 16 '16, 02:50AM
Day 2:

                 Mission #1 -  CLOSED

Correct submissions:

1.- Toeft: 5 points
2.- Alax Azerond: 3 points
3.- Devilicious Danny: 1 point
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Summ Nov 16 '16, 03:59PM

Samue Nov 16 '16, 04:03PM


DvlDanny Nov 16 '16, 04:03PM

alesc Nov 16 '16, 04:04PM

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