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Idhock Event
Jan 8, 12:01AM
Thanks you all for taking part in the Christmas Spirit Contest, we will post the winners as soon as the voting ends ^^
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Dec 5 '21, 08:19PM
Hail Tibia Events!
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Oct 11 '21, 06:56AM
i love the creativity of all story's
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Are you ready for the flour? Throughout our journey in Tibia we had contact with the most different types of food, whether to maintain the character's regeneration, decorate our house, be part of a mission, or who knows, save us from trouble (right cupcakes?) ...

Check it out on forum

Hide and seek questions | Forum

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admin Admin
admin Nov 15 '16, 01:14PM
Dear Tibiaevent users, We cordially invite you to comment on Hide and seek questions mentioned in the thread title here. Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice. Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated. Kind regards, Your TibiaEvents Team.
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elvisg Nov 15 '16, 03:35PM
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DvlDanny Nov 15 '16, 04:05PM
Hello TibiaEvents!

First of all I would like to say that the event is absolutely cool!

I would like to suggest something to be absolutely fair for the event.

I would suggest that whoever finds the place for the screenshot, should be sent with a private message to an ADMIN. So the first three are chronologically posted by the admin itself with the time it was sent to him.

Why is that? Because if someone posted (first person to find the place) the screenshot place. Any random person (who reads the forum) would just go there and screenshot it without really deserving it.

Just a suggestion, otherwise the event is cool!  

Kind Regards,


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Summ Nov 15 '16, 04:30PM
Is there a daily time frame in which you are posting screenshots (e.g. 10am - 10pm) or do I have to be on guard day and night?
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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 16 '16, 12:35AM
@all sorry for the belated answer but I had IRL stuff!

No, las imagenes no tienen un horario fijo y apareceran durante el dia, desde el S.S en adelante hasta la media noche aproximadamente.
debido a que muchos como dices trabajamos o estudiamos, es que no puedo establecer un horario (yo no estoy 24/7 en el PC/ y no tengo el mismo horario siempre).

I completely understand you! but in order to have an event clear and transparency, I prefer to make it public.
Everyone have the same chance to find the place from the start; but yes you can just camp and wait for it! anyways this doesn't guarante you that you will get the place if you do that... since we gonna have alot of players looking for it! and they can post before you (if you where just waiting for the spoil.

About your suggestion believe me I thinked about it but then people will say that they didn't see the emails... or the times... etc etc.

Thanks for your suggestion!

nope, sorry!
I have class so I will no be here everytime so it will be random! but will not pass 11/12 pm!

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Summ Nov 16 '16, 11:33AM

11/12 pm, which timezone are you referring to? 


Is it allowed to move the minimap on the screenshot to a blank area, so that others cannot see the exact location?

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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 16 '16, 03:48PM
UCT -3

Yes, you can move the minimap to a "black are" -1 floor -2, -3 etc or do a zoom!

You just cannot use any program to edit the img
The Forum post is edited by Dacil Nov 16 '16, 04:19PM
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AkiChan Nov 16 '16, 04:57PM
While i dont agree with the wording used by Radoke, i have to agree on the fact that the event seems a bit weird. If i want to join this event and have a chance of winning, i have to stay at home all day and wait for the next location to be posted. Some people might have the time for this, but other have to work/study/go to school/socialize or whatever.

Why not post all locations at a predetermined time (e.g. start at XX : XX CET on XX of November). That way everyone can start at the same time and has to upload all locations in one go. I understand that would sort of ruin the point system, but you can always do it with for example 5 locations per day at a set time, so people know if they can participate. Might be something to consider for the next days or a future event.

I remain.
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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 16 '16, 06:11PM
@AkiChan and All
I'm not here 24/7 I have Irl stuff to do so no, I can not set an hour coz I'm not able to be here all day.
The event wasn't create to PLEASE everyone so if you dont agree you have the choice to don't be part of the event.

Everytime people came here to say what they think that it's okay or what it's not.... sigh.
I created this event and if someone wants to keep 24/7 to win something well it is his choice.

Now then I ask to you how to set an hours if:
1.- my time zone it's different from everyone here.
2.- do I need to ask to everyone what days they have free ? or don't work? or don't study? then I'm able to post? like for real?
3.- If I post all pics then less people will be able to take part of the event.. don't you think?
4.- I will not accept any kind of insult once again or any hater post or you'll be excluded from every event.

As I said your free to participate or not, as other events need your skills on art/knowledge/history writer/etc this one demand part of your time.
The rules will not be change just be cause some participants thinks that aren't fair cuz they don't have advantage on it or they wants it to be changed making it more fairness for "everyone". (when you just want your own oportunity to be able to post).

If you can't take part of it then do not come here to try to get advantage of something and be able to particpate.

The pictures will be posted as I reply before from the server save till midnight. (UCT -3  my time zone)

The Forum post is edited by Dacil Nov 16 '16, 06:17PM
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AkiChan Nov 16 '16, 06:48PM
You are missing my point. Like i said if you put a time with a timezone, everyone can figure out the time. As you said yourself, 'I'm not here 24/7 I have Irl stuff to do so'. This means that fewer people can participate anyway (in my opinion).

Anyway, it was never my intention to bash this event, if you feel like i did, i'm sorry about that. I like the idea of this event and i will try to participate if i can.

I remain.
The Forum post is edited by AkiChan Nov 16 '16, 06:52PM
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Salidam Nov 16 '16, 07:30PM
Yeah the event clearly favours other players (from specific time-zone). I kinda dislike this kind of "events" as they are very limited - one person who happens to have all free time in the world just stalks the forum refreshing the thread every 5 minutes, where as most people who have school etc. should not even bother to participate as they have absolutely no chance of winning anything.

In my opinion your events should be aimed at those who have less time for the game. Currently this event is absolutely the opposite - aimed at those who have nothing else to do but to grind the game and stalk the forums. I think time-restricted events should be avoided as much as possible.

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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 16 '16, 08:52PM
@Nitsha @AkiChan and all.

We have events for everyone so... like for real read comments about "the events should aimed..."

Come on if you don't have skills to draw then you can't participate of events about art or any event were you don't have skills needed, in this case if you don't have time is the same.
Yes, I'm not 24/7 here and I DON'T have the same horaries everyday, that's why I just will be able to post when I'm at home; also what if something happen? and I dtermine the horary but I couldn't post? everyone will be here waiting.

Also already 8 participants have earned points and like 11+ were able to post... back to your suggestion about all pics at same time, posting on random times gave more chance to everyone.
Once again the event wans't created to please the group that feels that they aren't favoured.
This event is not easy like you think it is, is not just about posting the correct screenshots, it demands your effort,time and determination.

Dunno what time zone it will favour... that doesn't really matter, since I just publish when I'm at home and able to post, so if here there's some CHILEAN partipant then he will be more "favourable" and able to follow my horary.

so please do not talk about who is or not favourite here, that's disgusting and disrespected to those who work hard to get what they want with their own effort.

I will not determine an horary cuz it will restrict another time zones. You guys are so selfish and just want to be able to post without doing any effort.

If you guys dislike this kind of event then you are free to don't take part of it, and participate from these that you can.

As I said we do every month an event, so think first about it before posting since we have a big gamma of events for everyone here.

I will not respond anymore about time zone.
The rules will not be changed.
The Forum post is edited by Dacil Nov 16 '16, 09:25PM
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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 17 '16, 11:55PM
So sorry !
I had class from 8 am until now, I wasn't able to leave the universit!

This round will be quick! so be on guard!
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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 18 '16, 03:33PM
Guys! Im at class now!
I will be able to leave uni in like 5+ hours so your  are free for now!
The Forum post is edited by Dacil Nov 18 '16, 03:33PM
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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 19 '16, 02:49PM
The last round will be posted by @Venner!

GL to everyone!

Off: I'm goin to work.
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Popicii Nov 25 '16, 02:09AM
One question to Dacil, how and when did you decide the locations for the event? When did you take the picture for the locations?

I'm also curious how the player Alax Azerond knew the locations beforehand. I started noticing this at third day (Mission #1) when he posted the answer 1/2 minutes after you revealed the location. How could a 85 sorcerer (not even premium) get to that location, kill the fire devils (which were killed at 21:07 and 21:08, 6 minutes before he took the screenshot, 5 minutes before the location even got posted) and lose pz lock. I tried to recreate this on a 90 sorcerer and it took 2 minutes and 20 seconds to run to that location, killing the fire devils and waiting for pz-lock took another minute. But how he could kill the fire devils and wait at the location even before it got revealed, that still confuses me.. Here is his submission: https://www.tibiaevents.com/...29-foto%20evento.png

The same with third day (Mission #2), Alax waiting at the spot before the location got revealed...

During the 4th day (Mission #1) I knew that the location wouldbe somewhere at poh (because a player named Alax was going there some minutes before again, surprised?). You can even check my submission (https:///.../3342-1222222121.png) that I was standing and looking at the door of the guildhall located north of poh. Even though I was standing and waiting there, when the location got posted I ran to the spot (didn't take more than 1 / 2 minutes) and posted my screenshot but lost against him again. How could he even get there before me? Unless the knew the location beforehand...

Didn't you notice anything sketchy Dacil?

This is the first event I participate in, fun concept for the event, but sketchy as hell...
I'm not insulting, disrespecting or slandering anyone. I just want answers and the screenshots/time of submissions are also at my side.

Good luck

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Dacil Senator
Dacil Nov 25 '16, 04:52AM
@Popicii about the pictures, 1 day before and some others during the missions coz they were to easy to find but they were too "easy" anyway.
(Everyone was able to know when I will post since I connected for it...  if you notice that)
I don't know what they used as strategy, if they were around or middle of tibia lands just waiting to run or exploring everywhere.... or looking for caves... if they were checking my status(online) and waiting for me to login in-game... if they had the lucky to be there right before... I can't know what they were doing... also what they did to get that fast.

Yes, I have the same question as you how come that after I posted they posted so fast....
I remember this mission very well because took less than 1 minute to the first post...also I asked to the admin after this mission if the users can see the images that I uploaded, but he said not. (This because I uploaded the pictures in our site and posted it later).



If you see the times none of them are the same well last two have a diference of minutes but the first one have like 4 -5 minutes more?
I dont know what time of difference they have but if you check the others pictures there is not that much about minutes....
Anyway.... I was also permissive since I posted two ways to post the pictures, but the user Toeft didn't posted in the right way... but it showed all the game screen, so I accepted them.

Every participant have different hours so I can't know if they have the same minutes/hours since they can have their computer configured different. As you can see in that mission about the minutes it's weird.

If you saw it from day 3... why not during the first days?

Good luck to you.

Note: Right before the day 2, I informed to the admin that nobody will be able to beat the first place, it was already won. (by the range)
before day two the entries decreased... the users noticed that it was already won and posted many shitty thing and insults. (if you didnt saw it... we deleted these posts).
Also told him about many changes to do in this type of contest.
-x2 pictures per mission (different cities/places) by this it will take more time to them.
-about the range of points. Next time will be 5 - 4 -3 - 2 - 1, which means that the places will be opened for 5 people and not only 3, more users will have chance to earn points.
-also about timezone and others.

The Forum post is edited by Dacil Nov 25 '16, 06:53AM
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admin Admin
admin Nov 25 '16, 10:34AM

i dont know why you didnt contact me
i would have posted the screenshots myself if there was fraud
i dont like it at all so next time please mail me! i would have restarted the whole contest
The Forum post is edited by admin Nov 25 '16, 10:37AM
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Darkwatch Nov 25 '16, 03:58PM
Just so you know UMBRA... Dacil is a fraud. Kick her from your fansite team, it makes TIbiaEvents look bad.

100% proof:

http://forum.tibia.com/...hreadid=4513579 ;

Thank me later umbra.

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admin Admin
admin Nov 25 '16, 04:27PM
Dear dark watch,

 this case is currently under investigation

As long as its open i cannot give conclusions yet

Give us some time first before Any actions can be made

Thanks in advance 

I wish you a wonderfull weekend 

Kind regards 

Umbra mckeening  

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Idhock Event
Jan 8, 12:01AM
Thanks you all for taking part in the Christmas Spirit Contest, we will post the winners as soon as the voting ends ^^
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Dec 5 '21, 08:19PM
Hail Tibia Events!
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Oct 11 '21, 06:56AM
i love the creativity of all story's
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