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admin Jul 21 '16, 09:06PM

Do you have skills in video editing? Then here is an opportunity!

In our contest during July, you will have the mission to create a promotional video about our fansite.

You will have to show all the community, the essence of TibiaEvents by using your creativity.

Help us get through the whole Tibian community and to grow even more so our events can get to more and more servers!

So, do you think you've got what it takes to make the best TibiaEvents promotional video ever?

We leave it in your hands!


- It has to be an video about the site + what we do!
Be as creative as you wish... ingenuity is encouraged!
- Good music which fits tibia (like rpg music)
- It needs to be copyright free.

- The video has to be uploaded on youtube.
- Videos should be submitted in this thread.
- The limit time of the video are: maximum of 3 minute's.

- In one part of the video needs to appear : "Lights, camera, action! TibiaEvents 2016"

- You submission MUST contain your character name and world at the top of your post on this topic.
- Videos must have no inappropriate language or content

- Submission will need to be in English.

- Multi-submission are allowed.
**Note: that only one prize per person can be won.
- Multiple accounts are not permitted.

- Plagiarism is prohibited.
- Contest starts on 22-07-2016 10:00 CEST and ends on 22-08-2016 23:59 CEST.


1st place: Golden Warrior Throphy + TibiaEvents' Memory Box

2nd place: Silver Warrior Throphy + Snake God Trophy

3rd place: Bronze Warrior Throphy + Heavy Medal

Let the video play!
Your Tibia Events Team.

IceCrambler Jul 22 '16, 04:02PM
What an awsome Contest!

What exactly you mean with 

"- In one part of the video needs to appear : "Lights, camera, action! TibiaEvents 2016""

Just the words have to appear? as Sidemark for example?

admin Admin
admin Jul 22 '16, 05:58PM
 Dear IceCrambler,

thats correct.
Yours Umbra mckeening
TibiaEvents Admin.
Nelasz Jul 23 '16, 10:13PM
Regards ~ <3 I can participate if I won a prize previously in TibiaEvents? c(:
Venner Jul 24 '16, 10:05AM

Hey Nelasz,

Of course you can participate :) everyone is welcome 

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pedron Jul 26 '16, 12:57AM
Hi! Here is my submission to this contest:

Character: Hifiduty

World: Kronera

(in the end appears a message in portuguese, it is just a translation of what is written to the creators of the videos I used (they are Brazilian))

The Forum post is edited by pedron Aug 15 '16, 07:21PM
IceCrambler Jul 26 '16, 01:35AM
And here we go with my first submission :)

Name: Ice Crambler

World: Candia

The Forum post is edited by IceCrambler Jul 26 '16, 11:12AM
admin Admin
admin Jul 26 '16, 05:56AM
your video needs to be embed here or else it doesnt count!

Yours Umbra mckeening
TibiaEvents Admin.
Nelasz Jul 26 '16, 04:39PM
Well, thank you very much, never made a video but it will be very fun to learn! :'3  <3
Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Jul 27 '16, 04:07AM
Good work so far!

I'll just leave a hint here tho.. we have a lot of our OWN events like the Christmas giveaway, the TEBL, Easter egg hunts and also contests we run throughout the year.. don't forget about those! :)
IceCrambler Jul 27 '16, 11:21AM
The problem is most likely to put EVERYTHING in a short trailer of 3 Minutes :D
admin Admin
admin Jul 27 '16, 12:04PM
you can check the older promo vid on the front page
IceCrambler Jul 27 '16, 06:16PM
Hihi since I have this week vacations I'm doing all day long only trailers :<

Submission 2.

Name: Ice Crambler

World: Candia

Now to fit the rulez.. same Video with a different Text :) 

The Forum post is edited by IceCrambler Aug 20 '16, 08:14PM
Venner Jul 29 '16, 06:57AM
Good job so far! Keep it up :)
pedron Aug 3 '16, 08:33PM
Oh, thanks for the advice. The way I edited it now is valid for the contest?
Venner Aug 4 '16, 09:06AM
Hey pedron,

Unfortunately your submission is still invalid. You have to add your video as IceCrambler did :) If you don't know how to do it, I can add a short guide :)

Jeilyn Aug 6 '16, 03:03AM

Submission 1.

♦ Name: Kiittie

• World: Silvera

The Forum post is edited by Jeilyn Aug 6 '16, 03:06AM
pedron Aug 8 '16, 07:07PM
Ok, how can I submit my video in the right way, don't know how to do it in this site :p

Venner Aug 9 '16, 10:17AM


Dacil Senator
Dacil Aug 12 '16, 09:09PM
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