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admin Jul 18 '16, 05:48AM
Dear Tibiaevent users,

We cordially invite you to comment on A Ballad to the Red Rose mentioned in the thread title here.

Please understand that off-topic posts which do not deal with the news article mentioned in the thread title will usually be deleted without further notice.
Insults, disrespect or slander will not be tolerated.

Kind regards,
Your TibiaEvents Team.
Smashy Jul 18 '16, 09:36AM
A proper prize list will be added in the near future. If there are any questions regarding the contest, please ask them here and we will try to awnser them as quick and good as possible.

Happy songwriting everyone! :)


Smashing Pumpkin

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Lii Jul 21 '16, 06:58AM
Cool!! Where can I find more info? :D
Smashy Jul 21 '16, 01:09PM
This is all the information we have provided.

If anything is unclear I would be happy to awnser any questions you might have about the contest.


Smashing Pumpkin

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deboraa Jul 21 '16, 05:14PM
legal, é pode ser em português? 
Smashy Jul 21 '16, 09:46PM

Quote from deboraa legal, é pode ser em português? 
Not everyone of the judging team can speak Portuguese (me included). This will make the song lyrics really hard to judge for us, Enlgish is the way to go for this contest. So you can't submit songs in any other language than English.

Algumas pessoas que vao julgar as cancoes nao falam portuges (tambem eu). Entao seria dificl julgar a letra- o melhor e escrever/cantar em Ingles. Entao nao, nao podes submeter cancoes em outros idiomas de Ingles.


Smashing Pumpkin

deboraa Jul 22 '16, 03:31PM
I would like to can participate, but not sing in English

Then it gets to next :D

Nistha Jul 23 '16, 08:31AM
Wait what are we supposed to do?
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admin Jul 23 '16, 08:35AM
Attention, all Bards of Tibia!

The old Red Rose Anthem was a long forgotten song. Legends say that its sound was as soothing to the heart as the sight of a daylight after a pitch black night. Its transcripts had been hidden somewhere deep in the libraries of the Red Rose Guildhall, lost with time under a flece of dust.

Phase 1

We call all the talented music creators to write their interpetation of a Red Rose Anthem that will be both uplifting and will reflect the spirit of Red Rose.

Creativity is very welcome, however your submissions need to follow these guideliness:

- Your song's lyrics must be original.
- Your music must be composed by you. However, we will allow use of guidelines from existing songs - any such must be presented together with your submission.
- The song must have a relation towards the Red Rose in a Roleplaying, Tibian-Universe perspective.
- All submissions must be uploaded either via YouTube or SoundCloud.
- The lyrics must be given in a form of text within your submission.

Phase 2

After receiving all submissions, our judges will agree on 5 finalists. These 5 nominees will have the opportunity to perform their songs in the Red Rose Halls. All performances will be judged individually and ranked. Song lyrics from every contestant will be placed within our library in a special section - the library is a very restricted place and only few may read it, and these 5 talented bards will have their work reside there until the end of time.

The event ends on 25 Aug 23:59 CEST.
Prize list includes a Memory Box, a Lucky Clover Amulet and much more!

Thank you for taking the time to read through the notice.

May your songs fill the air!

The Red Rose Council.
TibiaEvents Team.
TibiaLottery Team.
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admin Aug 11 '16, 09:26PM
Byhr Aug 17 '16, 02:33PM

 There are some questions I would like to ask. How should entries be submitted, just posted here? And what happens if there is not enough submissions, say, less than five? And how does the prize list look like?

With best regards, Byhr
Venner Aug 18 '16, 08:56PM
Hello Byhr,

Well, you have to post the link to your ballad here (uploaded via YouTube or SoundCloud) I'm not sure, what will happen if we have less than 5 participants, but I think we will reward all of them in this case (of course if they follow the guidelines mentioned before) but we still hope there will be some more submissions, and about prizes... hmmm, I only know about the memory box and the lucky clover amulet, the rest remains a secret for me

I hope this could help you

Kind Regards,


Godispojk Aug 19 '16, 02:25PM
I'd love to join the contest and many others, just a problem that all of them has to do with things where you have to "create" your own stuff with so many programs from outside the game itself to show the admins when I dont know how to do that and there is no basic tutorial on sites like this on how to do that for the people who dont know. So then I'll just leave it, guess tons of other people have the same problem besides of not speaking basic english, anyways im out of here for a while, hope to get any answer (:
admin Admin
admin Aug 19 '16, 06:43PM
@Godispojk thanks for your feedback,
we will internally discuss this and might bring out some tutorials in the future on how to create some of the things

Umbra mckeening.
Flash Aug 20 '16, 12:36PM
Hello, is it about a Guild? Red Rose is a guild?
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Venner Aug 20 '16, 01:27PM
Hello @Flash,

Well, yes, it's about the Red Rose guild, it is one of the oldest Tibian guilds Even the contest banner says that

Kind Regards


benjat Aug 22 '16, 02:26PM


I've always admired the Red Rose guild.

I'm not very musically talented and I can't sing very well but here is my anthem but I hope this will at least meet the requirements.

My video can be found here: https://youtu.be/SGTUMSQuAng

I composed some chords and saved them as an MP3 file to add to my slides, but youtube wouldn't allow me to do that.

I have included an audio track in the video so you are not sat in silence!

The chords went (in key D)

My audio track can be found (seperately) here:  http://www.jamstudio.com/...S1698269_1698513.mp3





Em  Bm  G  C

(loop 3x)

Uman & Fardos, light & dark,

Joined forces with Tibiasula;

They forged our lands with their own hands,

We were sent to rule.

Rose on our shield, 

Courage in our hearts;

We stand together as one.

We came together as a beacon of light,

After years of ceaseless war;

In Banor's light we find our strength,

For when Fardos' minions return.

So many wars came,

All of the tyrants slain;

We stand together as one.

Through history we've watched and learnt,

Watched countless Warriors come and go;

Seen Ferumbras' army beaten back,

The terrors never cease.

Rose on our shield, 

Courage in our hearts;

We stand together as one.



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Smashy Aug 23 '16, 02:03PM

Dear contestant(s),

I am sad to announce that due to the lack of response we've decided that if there are less than 5 participants when the contest is over, the contest will be called off. We want to apolagize for any inconvience this may cause.

If there are any questions regarding the contest and/or submissions don't hessitate to ask.


Smashing Pumpkin

Byhr Aug 23 '16, 03:02PM
I hope that more contestants join in, as I have already put a lot of creative work into my unfinished submission. I'll finish and post it anyway, if I only manage to make it before the deadline. Can't say that I have a lot of time but I found this contest interesting. 

Good luck to all, have no fear, music doesn't kill. 

benjat Aug 23 '16, 04:56PM
That's really sad
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