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Trululu Jun 14 '16, 02:37AM

I decided show her some "art" related with Tibia in different formats. All off course made by me alone or with friends.

The pixel art in Tibia: A big job made by Luminis (Good friend) and me in Desert Dungeon.

PS:I lost the original pics, so I take it from TibiaGirls fanpage and Luminis gave me anothers.

1.- It's me Mario!

2.- Waka waka, waka waka. Waka wak waka, waka.

3.- Which came first, the egg or Yoshi?

4.- Pucca, loves Garu.

5.- Pikachu, I choose you!

6.- Traitor!

7.- Who is this pokemon?

8.- Beware The Invasion.

Drawings (Lego Style): Some drawings related with Tibia with Lego characters.

1.- A small Elementalist with Spiky Staff using Sudden Death Rune

Line Arte


Drawings: Some drawings related with Tibia.

1.- A small Dragon Lord Hatchling.

Line Art


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admin Admin
admin Jun 14 '16, 05:51AM
wow nice! :D i love it
alesc Jun 14 '16, 06:20AM
It's awesome! :O
jillt Jun 14 '16, 11:03AM
wow! super cool!!!!!
Venner Jun 14 '16, 10:43PM
Omg, I love it! that pikachu <3 awesome!
Nelasz Jun 16 '16, 05:25PM
Is beautiful all ! *______* awww!
Trululu Jun 17 '16, 10:53PM

Colour version added.

Well, is the first try, so I need some changes to the next. Like use yellow color to skin (Like a Lego).

Trululu Jun 23 '16, 09:32PM
One more Colour version added. Now I try make in digital.
Sebbe Jun 25 '16, 08:07PM
wow those first ones are so good! I specially love the yoshi :)


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