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admin Jun 12 '16, 02:21PM
You believe to be the fastest of all? Ready for a dose of adrenaline?

Then prepare your legs to run as fast as possible! This month your sporting skills will be tested

For this event you will need to start to up a new character in Dawnport and take it from level 1 to 8 (during the event), once you complete your first goal, you will have to go to mainland where you have to run as fast as possible to the place of your final META!. Remember once there, you must hand back the item that you will receive at the beginning of the Race.

Are you the fastest around Tibia?

World, Date, time and meeting point:

World: Magera
Date: Friday 17, 2016
Time: 20:00 CEST
Meeting point: Dawnport


- You need to sign up before june 17. Sign in here.
- You must post HERE the name of the character that you WILL USE.
- You must have "never logged in" on that character until we start the event.
- You WILL be disqualified if your status changed on tibia.com, it needs to show your status as "Never Logged in".
- You CAN NOT edit your post here. So please be sure you write the name of your character CORRECTLY.
- Everyone will start in equal conditions.
- You CAN NOT choose any profesion before we have officially started the event.
- You HAVE TO level up from 1 to 8 in DAWNPORT ONLY.
You CAN NOT use VOUCHER, if you do you WILL be disqualified.
- After the event has started you CAN NOT logout, if you do you WILL be disqualified.
You willNOT be ABLE to share experience.
- We will give an object to all participants before we start the event. - It will be required when you finish the race. So be careful not to lose it.
- You must reach lvl 8 and after that the real Race will Start!
- Your last META (place) will be revealed in-game.


1st  - Golden Goblet +
Memory Box.
2nd - Silver Goblet
+ Pirate items (the Lethal Lissy's shirt, Ron the Ripper's sabre, Deadeye Devious' eye patch, Brutus Bloodbeard's hat)
3rd  - Bronze goblet
+ Taming item [Your choice]. (hunting horn, tin key, leather whip, reins, carrot on a stick, giant shrimp, slug drug, fist on a stick, bag of apple slices, Foxtail, Golden Can of Oil, Bamboo Leaves, Decorative Ribbon, Golden Fir Cone, Harness, Maxilla Maximus, Sweet Smelling Bait).

Sign up starts today and ends on June 16.

Your TibiaEvents team.
Makleiin Jun 13 '16, 11:44AM
I'm excited :) 

Name: Zelarayan

Thoraha Jun 13 '16, 11:52AM
I will be there!

Name: Riemma

wojteks Jun 13 '16, 12:04PM
I will win !

Name: Race Champion

jillt Jun 13 '16, 03:53PM
sign me up.....    

Name : Dawnport chic

nehuenl Jun 13 '16, 11:03PM
I'm signing up the character Aadorable Whip Good luck.
alesc Jun 14 '16, 06:16AM
Hello I want to participate aswell :)

Char: Taenerys
admin Admin
admin Jun 14 '16, 08:29PM
Again for those who are joining - your login status needs to say NEVER LOGGED IN so only create a char and dont login till the event is running
Makleiin Jun 15 '16, 12:32AM

Today i accidentally enter to my character on Magera when i was put in all my character in offline training

so i create a new one

New Name: Zela rayan

the only difference is that it has a space in the name :P 

hopefully dont happen me again in these days 

Tharum Jun 15 '16, 11:31AM


Name: Zyzoran Magera

Lii Jun 15 '16, 08:44PM
Name Mini Liix 

 That´s the one, I´ll use, so ignore the other one... powa Liix foreva! hahahaha

Kinda Regards TE

franklinc Jun 15 '16, 08:59PM
is for free account or premmy acc?
franklinc Jun 15 '16, 10:01PM
name : Focl
Dacil Senator
Dacil Jun 16 '16, 12:58AM
Is for free and premmy acc!
Kelterus Jun 16 '16, 08:35AM
Name: Runner Kelterus

see you (y) ...

Monardi Jun 16 '16, 08:44AM
Name: Runner Monardi


jillt Jun 16 '16, 08:51AM
Name : The character Downt Lagin has been created.

See you in Tibia!

I accidentally login on dawnport chic so cancel that char please and add new char "downt lagin"

gilm Jun 16 '16, 02:09PM
Name : run run fast
Meps Jun 16 '16, 04:11PM
I would like join the event. My character name is: Wiff Abran

Nelasz Jun 16 '16, 05:20PM
Good luck to all *-* !
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