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Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Feb 20 '16, 06:03PM
Hello everyone!

We'll be using this thread to take in applications of all the women who'd like to participate in the event we're supporting together with our friends at TibiaLottery, Miss Fibula 2016, brought to you by one of Antica's and Tibia's oldest guilds, the Red Rose.

Your application should have the following:

- Name of your main character
- Name of the character you'll be using for the event (in case your main char is not from Antica)
- A little introduction about yourself
- Why do you wish to participate in Miss Fibula 2016?

You will have until March 20th to fulfill your application. After this period, we will be selecting only 15 participants.

Good luck, ladies!

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Alix Feb 20 '16, 06:28PM

My name is Alix, I am a 178 elder druid, leader of the guild Satori in Antica and I play since 2003.

I am Spanish but I live in Sweden.

The reason I would like to participate is because events and quests are my favourite things in this game and I have tried to participate in all kind of events if possible, specially those organized by Red Rose.

This time I have decided to apply because I have some friends in Red Rose and one of them convinced me, also Gabee is a mate of mine in Satori. This is the first time ever I participate in an event organized by a fansite.

Feel free to ask anything if you please.

Kind regards:


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Lii Feb 23 '16, 12:44AM
Hail Tibia Events!

I´m Lily and im from Mexico, my Char is Lii and is a Master Sorcerer lvl 131.
 I play since 2006 , Antica was my first server, and actually "Lii" was my first char (SIGH) I still remember how I start playing without knowing anything about the game, my 103824936389 deads at each lvl and my unsuccessful efforts to scape of PK´s xD
 About Antica I can say is a very active server, there u can find a lot of players, thats the reason I like Antica very much <3  I´m not  very dedicated to make lvl but I enjoy a lot of making quest,spend time talking with my friends in game and gather achievements ...thats why I have a huuuuge colection of screenshots of my character making all of those activities on the game.
Why I want to participate in Miss Fibula 2016?? ... Well Cause for me, Tibia is such a nice game although other say Tibia is a lot of pixels...Believe me, is more than that!!!And is a very interesting event, more if a very recognized guild of Antica is behind all this, so here I am,im happy to participate , and congratz this event is very original :D
I send a cutie kiss and bear hugs to everyone! XoXo

Nisse Feb 24 '16, 01:17PM

My name is Nesie Brus. I am 61 tibian years old. I am elite knight with level of 288. My hometown was Ab'Dendriel of Antica world. I was raised there and trained by elves in sword fighting. After a lot of days spent on workout with swords and sparrings with goblins and trolls when my skills were high enough I decided to go for bigger adventure! - adventure with dwarfs and dragons living near by my home. Time was passing. I was higher and higher, better and better. Once upon a time I've made the biggest decision in my life – joining the guild. I have tried few of them but the only and the the best which I can call my family is Seventh Circle. As proud member among their ranks I could continue my journey as young elite knight. In this point the true story of Nesie Brus begins. Currently I am Amon of Seventh Circle and residence of tough place called Roshamuul, taking my chance to hunt, do quest and have fun with friends who surround me.

I want to take part in Miss Fibula event as Nesie Brus because it is a great initiative of Red Rose guild for a community of Antica in which I want to take part. Although Antica is a active server all the time fulfilled of adventurers, intentions like this make it even better and more interesting place to be in. Furthermore I think that Miss Fibula title will bring among Anticians waft of female charm, which brings along beauty and gentleness toward community. All of that reasons cause incredible opportunity to support this event and join as one of not much ladies on our wonderful world on Antica. 



Nesie Brus, 

Amon of Seventh Circle. 

 ~Out of character~ 

My name is Anna. I am 22 years old. I live, study and have fun in beautiful Cracow, my hometown, located in south part of Poland. I have started to play Tibia on 2013. When I created my very first account, on which Nesie Brus is located. I played it with breaks, after summing up maybe around 1 year of gameplay in total. After joining a guild I play it constantly since April 2015. I found it fun with friends and Antica's community fulfilled with great people if you look hard enough.

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Azyrie Feb 28 '16, 11:35PM

I would like to start off by giving a big kiss to the Red Rose and say thank you for this lovely event!

I am Azyrie, an elder druid, who moved to Antica in the summer of 2015, and soon found myself a new home within The Seventh Circle. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made since I moved here. I could not wish for a better group of people to spend my time with. They accept me, and make me feel very welcome!

I am quite shy, and easily scared, but I am trying to overcome this by doing the things that frightens me. And I always want to help out in any way I can.

The reason I want to participate in the Miss Fibula-event is simply because it sounds like alot of fun, and I think it’s a great GIRLPOWER-concept!!!! I see this as an opportunity to represent my guild at the same time, and I hope to make them all proud!

nellyc Mar 1 '16, 03:29AM
Ashari !!

My tibia name is Lunita Housemaid, an Antican citizen since i start to play, in 2005.
Am representing the Guild Scutum Divinus.
In real life I live in Chile, South America, am a oldest mom (35 years old) of 2 wonderful kids.
I would like to participate in Miss Fibula Contest, cuz i did it in 2009 and i got the 3rd place and i want to live the experience again.

Ur, Lunita.

isabellya Mar 3 '16, 03:49PM


Oi Tibia Events!!
Sou Mabbelly do mundo Xantera, Master Sorcerer level 292. Jogo tibia desde 2006. Sou muito viciada em achievements e em checar bosses, haha. Adoro Tibia!! Minha bonequinha que vou usar para esse evento é a Miss Isa, estou muito empolgada!! Na vida real eu me chamo Isabelly, tenho 19 anos e moro em Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil. Passo o tempo que tenho livre "charloveando" minha bonequinha hahaha. Estudo e não estou trabalhando no momento.Eu desejo participar do Miss Fíbula 2016 porque a um tempo venho procurando eventos pra participar e nenhum chamou minha atenção ou sei lá, me deu coragem de participar hahaha até agora! Tenho muito, muito interesse no evento, eu sei que vai ser divertido participar e o que vale é a diversão! Por ser meu primeiro evento estou meio nervosa haha espero que dê tudo certo! Estou muito feliz por ter encontrado esse evento e creio que eu seja capaz de ser uma das escolhidas ou até ganhar, quem sabe?! hahahaAbraços e beijos, Isa!!



Hi Tibia Events !! 

I'm Mabbelly of world Xantera, Master Sorcerer level 292. I'm play tibia game since 2006. I am very addicted to achievements and check boss, haha. I love Tibia !! My little doll that I use for this event is the Miss Isa, I am very excited !! In real life I call Isabelly, I'm 19 years old and live in Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil. I spend the time I have free "charloveando" my little doll hahaha. I study and I'm not working right now.I wish to participate in the Miss Fibula 2016 because the time I have been looking for events to attend and no caught my eye or whatever, gave me the courage to participate hahaha so far! I'm very, very interested in the event, I know it will be fun to participate and what counts is the fun! Being my first event I'm kinda nervous haha hope it all right! I am very happy to have found this event and I believe that I am able to be one of the chosen or even win, who knows ?! hahahaHugs and kisses, Isa !!

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jillt Mar 8 '16, 11:42AM
Hello. I am Sheshie Yei from the world Amera. I have been playing tibia since year 2004 to present. i love this game alot. I never bothered playing other games for i already fall inlove with this game specially when market was introduced. i spend most of my time when i am in game checking market and chatting to friends. I love collecting stuff pretty much everything that i think looks cute.

I would love to participate in this event Miss Fibula coz i believe its gonna be a fun and exciting event which focuses on female tibia players which we all know has a low population in this game.. And it gives us opportunity to prove to those trolls that says "g.i.r.l" ( guys in real life) they are 100% WRONG hahahahaha

The character ill be using in this event if i make it as 1 of the participants is "Sheshie"

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Jeilyn Mar 9 '16, 01:27AM
Hi! My name is Jocelin i am 19 years old, i'm from México, i'm a student i like to listen music and play Tibia.
In Tibia i'm Kiittie in Silvera. I play since 2009 and i love this game, i like to lvl up, quest,decorate houses,participate in contest.I would like to participate because I have no ideawhat is it about but it sounds very interesting and fun :D ,but I know that Red Rose is a very old guild and respectableand I would like to know more about Red Rose and Antica, since I never played  in This Worldand I would like tomeet peopleand learn for this.


Character Main: Kiittie(Silvera)
Character Antica: Miss Fiibula (edited)
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Esparzaz Mar 11 '16, 09:43PM
Hello there!

My name is Amy, I am 19 years old from the United Kingdom, currently living in Lowestoft, I am training to be a nurse at university, I work part time whilst learning and then in my free time I use that for playing Tibia, school work or socializing with friends!

My characters name is Esparzaz from Antica, i am a 165~ Master Sorcerer, and I would love to take part in this event!

I never win anything, but who knows? ;)

P.s: I would like to thank both Smashing Pumpkin and Avora Skyfallen, and the other members who are taking their own time into organizing this event for the women of the Antican community!

With love:

Esparzaz :*

Maricella Mar 15 '16, 07:42PM

My name is Princesa Maricella. I'm from Antica although it's my home, I'm not native to it. I was born on a far away world called Premia,maybe you've heard of it? I was still young and traveled far for love and friendship. I spend most of my time in Liberty Bay slaying Wyrms. I have fun with them. If they are busy entertaining others, I like to hunt Dragon Lords to pass time ;) I'm still learning but confident I'll be the best with practice. I have my friends/family from the Seventh Circle to guide me and encourage me.

Real Life: My real life name is Maria Morales. I'm 25 from the United States, specifically Georgia. I've literally lived in the same town my whole life and I love it here. I'm married and have been for 4 years now. My husband was actually the one who got me to start playing Tibia. That first month I had little sleep xD I have three children all boys and they have started playing Tibia, got to teach them young : ) I'm currently a CNA for a home health company. I work with the elderly and I enjoy it very much.

I wish to participate in Miss Fibula with my character Princesa Maricella to take part of an event I think will be fun. I also want to be able to represent my world, Antica, and my guild, Seventh Circle. This will be a good opportunity to meet and make some new friends. I think it's awesome to draw out the, minority group, women of Tibia. I want to be given the chance to hopefully be the "face" for these women.

     ~Princesa Maricella

Dacil Senator
Dacil Mar 21 '16, 05:34PM
Thanks you to all ladies that applied for Miss Fibula 2016!

The event will take place the 27th of March at 19:00 CET ( 9 hours after server save ), and the location will be Fibula. (more info here.)

Official list of applicants for Miss Fibula 2016!

1.- Alix
2.- Lii
3.- Nesie Brus
4.- Azyrie
5.- Lunita Housemaid
6.- Miss Isa
7.- Sheshie
8.- Miss Fiibula
9.- Esparzaz
10.-Princesa Maricella

See you there & Good luck ladies!

TE Staff.
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Lii Mar 22 '16, 07:26AM
:D noticed! Im excited 
Maricella Mar 23 '16, 05:59PM
Now for the gloves to come off. Jk xD good Luck everyone!! 
Jeilyn Mar 24 '16, 01:48AM
Wow! i'm excited too ! and sorry I was wrong with the character name... My character name is Miss Fiibula (Anyway edit it in the past message) :)

Lii Mar 26 '16, 06:40AM
is on sunday, at 12:00 p.m.  Mex. time,I´m oke?
Gabeeofr0x Senator
Gabeeofr0x Mar 26 '16, 07:32PM

Quote from Lii is on sunday, at 12:00 p.m.  Mex. time,I´m oke?

It would be, but this is something I wanted to mention now.. Europe Daylight saving time is happening tonight for them, so instead of being 7hr difference from Mexico, it will be 8hr difference so the event will be starting at 11am Mexico.

All contestants, please note, Daylight saving time for Europe is happening tonight! (they will add 1hr), so please check the times for your countries!
Lii Mar 27 '16, 06:53AM
fine, hehe tnx!  was a good idea ask that :)


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