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aero655 Feb 17 '16, 05:44PM
Hello i am Donqe from refugia and i like justice i dont belive that people should have to leave a hunting spot just because its a botter there 24/7 so i started this just to share my adventure off killing botters and maybe pass it on to someone like you. Feel free to watch my videos at tibiacast.com Search for "Donqe" in the recording sector and enjoy:)
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aero655 Feb 19 '16, 05:54AM

Level 200Ms down. You can also search for "Donqe" on tibiacast records to find more. i dint record this one because tibiacast lost connection...

aero655 Feb 19 '16, 06:17AM

133Ek down in port hope Gs cave.

aero655 Feb 21 '16, 10:48PM

We finally figured out a new trap and it worked just fine. Check out the video on tibiacast.com just search for "Donqe" in recordings. Remember No botters are safe.

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Sebbe Mar 8 '16, 04:11AM
Good work! :) Keep it up! 
dante Mar 9 '16, 07:23AM
Good job !! You should report him also.
aero655 Mar 11 '16, 01:35PM
Thank you. Im reporting everyone i kill so dont worry:)




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